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Tsuzuki took a deep breath and walked to the hotel room door. He took the key, and with a shaky hand, put it in the lock. Just as he was about to turn the key, he heard the sound of footsteps and quickly backed away from the door. A man with silver eyes and hair, a bright white suit, and an evil smirk on his face opened the door. “Ahh… Tsuzuki, I’ve been expecting you. Please, come in.” said the man in a soft, but eerie voice.

Muraki turned around and sauntered into the dimly lit room. Standing still Tsuzuki wrestled with the choices of joining him or capturing him. It was the perfect chance, but something told him to watch his actions. Muraki was smart. He wouldn’t do anything to endanger himself. “Don’t be shy now, Mr. Tsuzuki. I promise it’s quite all right. I’m not going to hurt you……much…” he added under his breath.

The Shinigami slowly walked into the room. It was gorgeous. Old Victorian tables and chairs were placed artfully around the entire area. Vases full of sweet smelling flowers covered tabletops in every corner. The most beautiful were the bright pink Queen Elizabeth roses. An enormous, beautiful window covered a wall in the far back of the room. Soft moonlight streamed in through the glass and pooled onto the floor. It was the most stunning room Tsuzuki had ever seen.

“This must have cost you a pretty penny, Muraki. All this just to talk to me?”

“Oh please, Tsuzuki.” Muraki chuckled softly, as he walked passed the shinigami and sat in an elegant chair at the end of a long cherry-wood table. “Do you really think this is all for you? I only stay in the finest rooms.” he added haughtily.

Tsuzuki made a harrumph sound as he walked to the closest end of the table. He slowly sat down in the chair and placed his hands in his lap. He was sitting directly across from the creepy serial killer and the only thing he could think of was that lifeless body in an alleyway. Anger rose in his body but he knew if he could be in serious trouble if he lost his temper. He took a deep breath and calmed his nerves before he spoke.

“Muraki…..what is it that you wanted from me?”

The scientist smiled his mysterious smile and chuckled softly. “Why, I just wanted to spend a relaxing evening with my favorite Shinigami. Care for a drink?”

Tsuzuki stood up and banged his fists on the red wood. He couldn’t hold it in anymore. “You Son-of-a-bitch! All you wanted to do was talk, and have a drink? Why the murders then? Why that boy in the alley? What did they do to deserve this?!”

Muraki sat in his chair, completely unfazed as he gave his answer. “I knew if I just sent you a letter, you would never come. You need an incentive to see me, do you not? The adults were just random people I met on the street. The boy, though, was diseased and homeless. I did him a favor really. It was all just to get the Departments attention and send you here. I even left a strand of my hair so they wouldn’t have any doubts that it was me.”

Tsuzuki’s violet eyes widened as his brain worked out this sick information. His heart sunk as he thought of those innocent lives. Again, people were dying and it was his fault.

Muraki smiled at the reaction on Tsuzuki’s face. “What’s the matter? You look a little pale, Tsuzuki. Why don’t you have a drink?” Dark red wine the color of blood splashed gently into a tall stemmed wineglass. Muraki placed the red liquid filled glass in front of Tsuzuki, who just sat and stared at it. The shinigami slumped into his chair and bent his head down. He didn’t want Muraki to see the tears pooling in his eyes.

“Why…..I don’t understand what it is you want from me…..”

Muraki sighed and placed his hand on his wineglass, a slender finger traced its way on the lip of the glass. “Tsuzuki…. You really don’t get it, do you? You poor, poor man.”

Tsuzuki didn’t like the tone of Muraki’s voice. It made him uncomfortable. He knew something was wrong…but he didn’t know what. Instead of finding out, he stood up ready to leave the creepy man, but it was too late. The room began to spin and cloud as he felt his body collapse. Though he didn’t understand, Tsuzuki half expected to land on the cold wood floor. Instead he felt something soft, but strong grip him around his waist.

“W-what?” Tsuzuki gasped at the warmth surrounding his body. He was disoriented and he smelled something slightly sweet. “What is that…smell?”

Muraki laughed quietly and placed his mouth just over Tsuzuki’s ear. “Why, that’s the smell of the roses. I know I promised you 100 of them…but they are quite expensive, you know. Do you know why there are so many vases of flowers?” Tsuzuki could feel any energy left in his body steadily flowing out at an alarming rate. “Those beautiful roses serve more of a purpose than sitting there as decoration and perfume. You know that I am immune to most poisons, but you, my dear Mr. Tsuzuki, are not. Those roses are covered in a special poison, designed to render a person completely helpless. Everything becomes clouded and you start to loose all control over your body. In just a few minutes time, you won’t be able to move, paralyzed temporarily, and then you will slip slowly into a peaceful sleep…but not for long.”

Tsuzuki barely understood what the silver haired man was saying. He was so tired that he could barely think. All he knew was that he had a bad feeling about what was going to happen. /Hisoka…please…save me…/ A few short moments passed before Tsuzuki’s violet orbs were blocked by heavy eyelids.

“That’s right, Tsuzuki…sleep now…for when you get up, there will be no peaceful sleep for you ever again. Nothing but pain and sinful pleasure awaits you now.”

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