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Itallics dream sequence

Chapter 5

It was cold and dark…no lights could be seen. Tsuzuki shivered uncontrollably. He looked around hoping to catch a glimmer of something…anything…there it was! A small beam of light could be seen in the never ending darkness. Tsuzuki ran as fast as he could toward the welcomed illumination. He was so close to the owner of the beam when a brilliant flash of white light appeared. The mysterious owner was finally visible. It was Hisoka. “Oh God! Hisoka! Are you ok? Are you hurt?” The boy just smiled. He was dressed in a brilliant white suit, which was covered by a long, pure white trench coat. Tsuzuki stepped forward to embrace his savior when the beautiful smile turned into a smirk of a complete maniac. Hisoka had now taken the form of Muraki, who was laughing hysterically. Tsuzuki screamed Hisoka’s name, as if just hearing it would mean the angelic boy was with him. Muraki stopped laughing. His face was contorted with anger. “How dare you call out his name?! You belong to me, Tsuzuki! No one can have you! You want to know where that wretched boy is?!” Muraki’s face had twisted into that of absolute insanity. “He’s over there! Just look!” Muraki screamed then started his maniacal laughter as Tsuzuki turned his head and rested his eyes on the hideous sight that was Hisoka. Blood….so much blood, everywhere, so stained that the light seemed to have turned a dark crimson color. Hisoka was lying on his back, his torso ripped open and his entrails spilled all over the floor. A once white candle sticking out of his open belly, lit, showed Hisoka’s pale face and lit up his eyes. Tsuzuki slumped to the floor, tears poured from his eyes as he looked helplessly at the tortured body. “No…no, Hisoka…you can’t…” whispered Tsuzuki shakily. “Yes, Tsuzuki, he can! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” laughed Muraki as Tsuzuki sat there staring. The lifeless body’s head turned to face Tsuzuki and an arm rose. A harsh gargled voice spoke, blood pouring from the owner’s mouth. “Tsuzuki…help…me…”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Tsuzuki screamed so loud, even Muraki was shaken.

“Oh, Tsuzuki, did you have a scary dream?” said Muraki in a mocking voice.

Tsuzuki didn’t move. The grizzly images remained imprinted in his mind. Hot tears streamed his face and spasms racked his body. Sweat poured from every pore on his body and his skin felt like he was engulfed in flames. The poison was overtaking his body and clouding all of his senses.

Muraki smirked as he applied a cloth towel to Tsuzuki’s forehead, mopping up the sweat that was pooling there.

“You look terrible, Tsuzuki. How are you feeling?” said the evil man in a sympathetic sounding voice. Tsuzuki couldn’t even understand anything Muraki was saying. It was muffled, like he was underwater. His sight was blurry. He couldn’t make out anything. His head was drowning in the non existent water…

“Tsuzuki”, Muraki cooed, “don’t worry…this is just the beginning of your suffering. Soon you will know real pain and anguish.”

Heavy eyelids opened as Tsuzuki awoke from his painful slumber. He could barely remember what happened. All that remained in his head were gruesome pictures of his partner…lying there…so much blood…Tsuzuki shook his head and tried to stop thinking about it. Right now, he had to figure out where he was…

This room was adorned with furniture that matched that of the living and dinning room of the suite. A Beautiful desk and table, shinning and newly polished, along with a crimson plush chair and an old, but elegant reading lamp was placed neatly in the room. The last piece of furniture was what Tsuzuki was currently laying on. It was a huge canopy bed, fitted with soft, red sheets and a dozen pillows. All of this was covered with blood red silk covers. Tsuzuki looked around for any sign of the mad doctor. Seeing that he was alone in the room, he decided to make a brake for it. He sat up and jumped off the high bed onto the soft floor, then dashed towards the door. He was so close, just one more second, but the shinigami had run out of time. He heard a faint click come from the entrance to the room and he stopped dead in his tracks as the silver haired man entered the room.

“Hmmm….awake and moving so soon? Surely your body hasn’t recovered just yet. I suspect it took a lot of energy just sitting up.”

Tsuzuki stood there, breathing heavily as the doctor shut the door slowly and began advancing toward him. As Muraki took one step forward, Tsuzuki took one step back until the back of his legs hit something. Muraki raised his arm and gently shoved the terrified man backward. Tsuzuki landed softly on the bed behind him and Muraki climbed over and straddled him. A cold hand gently stroked Tsuzuki’s face and his eyes closed in disgust.

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