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3. Nearly There

Two days later, forgoing ceremonies and awards, Mello and Near were on a plane back home. Mello sometimes wondered if he were dreaming. After a five year nightmare, he was finally able to let his guard down, a little. With Kira gone, and because Kira was gone, they were still number one and two on organized crime's hit list.

Near had completed a three-dimensional puzzle, and had flattened his seat into a bed. He smiled back when Mello looked at him.

There was something weird and wonderful about being number one in Near's heart. Not pride, but it had made Mello break the vicious cycle of self-loathing, mental self-abuse... or maybe he had finally got out of puberty. Mello pushed the button that turned his seat into a bed too and took Near's right hand into his. He lay down and closed his eyes, listening to Near's calm breathing, and the vague constant drone of the engines.

His scar was itching again, so he couldn't sleep, but since Near was still awake too, that was fine.

"You need plastic surgery," Near stated dryly.

Mello shrugged. "Not pretty enough for you?" Right now, he felt the scar was not a bad thing. It was uncomfortable, but it served as a perfect reminder to think twice before getting arrogant and doing something stupid again. And it intimidated people in ways that his former, prettier face hadn't been able to.

Near shook his head.

"Aren't you cold?" Mello asked, to change the subject. He supposed Near was right, but surgery... what a drag. And he didn't look forward to being anaesthized and at the mercy of someone with a scalpel or a laser.

"My feet are, a little."

Mello smirked. Thanks to Rester, he was starting to develop a foot fetish. He pushed himself up on his elbow, reached for Near's legs, and pulled his feet into his lap. Then he wrapped his coat around them, lay down again, and closed his eyes. He pushed a hand inside the coat and caressed Near's feet until his breathing settled.

Still unable to sleep because of his itching skin, Mello opened his eyes again. Near was definitely asleep now, one hand in his hair, the other around three finger puppets, his own, Mello's, and L's.

Mello turned his upper body and pushed the button to call the flight attendant. He put the backrest of his chair up a little, and asked for a drink and a satellite phone. He shifted Near's feet so they wouldn't fall off his lap, and pulled out the table hidden in the armrest. Then he got out his laptop and checked the blueprints of L's house over.

There was plenty of space, mostly for archiving. Near could have L's old room, it was large enough to hold all of his toys. Mello only wanted an office, and decided he would sleep in Near's room when he was home. If he didn't feel like sleeping in the same room, he wouldn't feel like being in the same house either.

The flight attendant brought him his drink after checking that he was over twenty, and the phone. Mello phoned Vasquez, the resident doctor at Wammy's, and asked him to look around for a decent plastic surgeon.

Near woke up half an hour before landing, pulled his legs up and his feet away from Mello's lap, and fingering his dolls mumbled, "When are you going to teach me how to kiss?"

"As soon as we settle down. Have to check what Roger has for us first."

Security was tight at Heathrow, and Mello and Near were escorted out after everyone else had left the plane, and led straight to a waiting car. Mello didn't like the police escort, but supposed that's what he would have to live with, since Near could probably shoot a gun when necessary, but he didn't carry one around and was likely only familiar with them in theory.

It was foggy, but not raining, and warm in the car. The closer to home they got, the more Mello felt as if he was returning from a trip from hell. He couldn't get to the house fast enough. Near, not normally interested in the outdoors, looked out of the window for the entire trip.

There were several guards in place once they arrived, and Mello let Near check the monitor room inside the house, while he went out and checked the fence and the walls. The largest of the guards, Barrows, told him that if they wished they could have dogs, but Mello refused. He didn't like the noise, the smell, the drooling stupidity. He was pretty sure Near wouldn't like the idea of dogs any better than he did.

He went inside and met the new butler, a man called Temple, T for official liaison purposes.

They all ate together in the kitchen, the guards taking turns, Barrows and McGraw telling them about some of the things journalists had tried to get information on the men that had stopped Kira.

Temple wondered if Near was tired. Near said he was, and Temple said that he'd run him a bath, and that a change of pajamas was laid out on his bed. Near nodded, thanked him, and went up.

Mello went up a little later, feeling out of place among the burly guards and the gentle old man. He entered Near's room and locked the door behind him. Near's fresh pajamas were still on the bed, so Mello knocked his knuckles on the bathroom door. He went in when there was no answer, and found Near in a bath full of foam and model ships.

"Oh, it's you," he said.

"Yeah." Mello squatted down and tipped Near's ships over one by one.

"There's spare pajamas in the closet on the left," Near said.

"I should shower first."

"Can you hand me a towel?"

Mello passed Near a towel, and walked out again. He took off his gloves, coat, and boots, and found a pair of pajamas and underwear. He waited for Near to come out of the bathroom, wrapped in two towels, and then went in himself, closing the door behind him.

The last time he'd seen Near naked... he couldn't remember ever having seen Near naked. They'd been in a different age group, different bath times, and Near never swam.

He let hot water flow over him until he felt just tired rather than messed up, and rubbed his hair as dry as it would get with a towel. Then he put on the new underwear and pajamas, and returned to Near's bedroom.

Near was sitting on the bed, playing with a set of fingertraps, unlocking them one by one.

Mello's eyes went to Near's feet, pink now, rosy from the warm bath. But he hadn't asked.

"It's okay if I sleep here, right?"

Near nodded, so Mello got on the bed. He waited for Near to move the fingertraps. Near pulled a box from under the bed, lined the fingertraps up carefully inside of it, closed the lid, and put it back.

He turned to Mello and moved until he was seated right in front of him. He raised a hand and twirled a finger around one of Mello's still wet locks. "Now you teach me how to kiss?"

Mello swallowed, and nodded. He reached for Near's face, sat up, and put his lips on Near's.

This was even better than putting his head in Near's lap. He let go for just a moment and said, "Lie down."


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