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4. Nearer to You

Near shook his head, and brought his face closer to Mello's, kissing him this time. "I'll fall asleep if I lie down," he said softly.

Mello moved closer, so they were sitting thigh to thigh, and put an arm around Near's waist. He kissed Near again, waited for him to kiss him back, and pulled away to look at him. Then he kissed him again, longer, and slowly opened his mouth. Near was mimicking what he did. Mello dipped his tongue into Near's mouth, and shivered with suppressed lust when the tip of Near's tongue touched his. He pushed further in, caressed Near's tongue with his, savoring the way he tasted, and pulled away when he was about to lose himself.

"Like it?" he whispered, pulling Near closer.


Two of Near's fingers were in Mello's hair again, and he thought that was a habit he could really get used to.

Near kissed him, licking along the inside of his lips, and Mello was about to reciprocate when Near asked, "Did you do this with Matt?"

Mello looked at him incredulously. What did it matter? But then he decided he could just as well get it out of the way. "Yes and no."

"Explain," Near said, lips against Mello's cheek.

Mello smirked. It wasn't jealousy, just curiosity, very likely, but he'd liked the mood they were in and didn't want to think about anyone else right now. "I didn't do this with Matt like this."

Near nodded, and waited for more.

"Matt is straight, he's even straight when he's drunk, but he used to start about how he was looking for a girl who looked exactly like me and that he would never find her--he stopped doing that after I got the scar--and then he'd be all over me. I played along to humour him, but then... well, he was too drunk to get it up and so, er... I treated him like a girl, you know, getting back at him. All in good fun. I swear. I'm not sure he ever really remembered. I didn't hurt him. He's my friend."

"I see," Near said, and then cracked up.

"It was just sex. For fun," Mello said, knowing he'd only made himself sound like a rapist.

Near's face was expressionless again, but he sat up, still with Mello's arm around him, and straddled Mello's thighs. He put his arms around his neck, and kissed him, pushing his tongue into Mello's mouth, and doing really, really well for a first timer. Mello felt as if he would melt. He'd been afraid the talk about Matt would ruin the mood for the night, but Near had repaired the damage within a few seconds.

Mello lay back slowly, pulling Near down on top of him. Compared to Near's kiss, Matt's drunk attempts had been like the violent licking of a dog in heat, hilarious rather than arousing.

Still helping Near to learn how to kiss, Mello slowly pushed his hands under Near's pajama shirt, and caressed up his back. Near shivered, rounded his back, and pulled away. He pulled Mello's hands out from under his shirt, and said, "Kissing today, more tomorrow."

"Too tired?" Mello asked.

Near nodded, and got off him, lying down. When Mello got down next to him, Near reached for his face again, his hair, and started kissing him again. Mello could wait forever if he had this. Having his head in Near's lap had been wonderful, and this was better still. Near pulled away, out of breath, but Mello didn't have enough and kissed him again, for a long time. Moments after he stopped, Near was kissing him again, and they kept it up for so long they both had dark rings under their eyes in the morning.

Breakfast was laid out in the dining room, and there was mail on a silver tablet, a message for Near from T, and a letter from Dr. Vasquez for Mello. Mello opened his letter while picking at his eggs. It was a referral for a plastic surgeon.

Later, Mello thought, and stuffed it in his back pocket. First there was getting rid of the jetlag, and then there was getting nearer to Near, he didn't want to have that interrupted by a hospital stay or drugs.

He noticed Near wasn't eating much, and kept staring at the paper he'd put down next to his plate. Sitting on each end of the large oval table was ridiculous, like playing lord and lady of the manor, so Mello moved his plate and his cup to the seat next to Near, at the other end.

"Work?" he asked.

Near nodded, and pushed the paper over to Mello.

A serial child molester, who'd started murdering, up North. At least they wouldn't have to leave the country. "You'll do it?" asked Mello.

"Yes. It has to be stopped," Near said, cutting a piece of grape fruit.

"Is that the only reason?" Mello asked. He knew L had had a certain standard for selecting cases, and he wondered what Near's was.

"That the police is involved," Near said.

"How do you know?"

"You'll figure that out on your own."

Mello knew Near wasn't going to tell him any more. As gruesome as the case was, the supernatural was not involved. Mello ate until he was full, and then spent two hours hacking T's computer to get all the information Near had. Before logging out, he set up some extra security measures and sent T a message explaining how he had done what, and to be more careful.

Now he had all the information, all the information Near had, all the police had. He wasn't as good at making connections as Near, but he was a lot better than the police, so the first thing he did was look for the police involvement Near had said there was.

The murders went back two years. Bastard, Mello though. Not even the existence of Kira had stopped this pervert. He had always picked children too small to identify him, children too young to testify, too young to know what was happening to them... the rage that had left him after Kira had bit the dust started coming back again, the burst of adrenaline making him forget all about his itching scar.

The molestation went back a lot further, and had in most cases probably gone undetected. There was one victim's name that jumped at Mello from the screen and almost made him scream. He kept it down, and decided to go out to kick something. Or someone, or a lot of someones. Instead he found the ocean, and stood still until the wind had chilled him to the bone, thinking, while below the waves raged instead.

Nate River, taken into custody June 7th, 1994. He hadn't turned three yet. Mello was boiling inside. He was starting to see it. Nothing in particular was mentioned, but from the way the report was written... a relative, a relative whose name was never once brought up. But he had as yet no clue as to why the police would have hidden that.

And what was he going to do now? Let Near solve the case, so he could tie up what loose ends there were? Who said he wanted that?

He drove back to the house, and saw that Temple was already preparing to leave the next day. Night was falling, and Mello decided he'd be on his way too. He called Matt, having trouble with the connection, but was able to convey that if Matt could spare the time, he'd appreciate his help.

He parked his bike right behind the car, and went inside, taking two steps at a time to the command room where Near worked. He was watching four monitors at once, all security footage of police desks. Mello could guess what he hoped to find, but he didn't have the patience for it. He waited for Near to notice he was there, and squatted down when Near pushed the pause button.

"A relative," Mello said.

Near nodded.

"I'm leaving right now. I intend to beat you to it, the sooner the better. Can I have another piece?"

Near grinned. "Hall. Simon Hall is suspect."


"Chief Inspector. Retires in two months."

Mello grinned. If Near was right, he would enjoy relieving the man of a comfortable old age. "I'll let you know when I have something for you."

He got up, and then stooped down again, put a hand behind Near's neck and kissed him swiftly before he left. Near hadn't told him why Hall was suspect, but Mello was confident he'd find out soon enough. And if he found proof he'd relay it to Near.

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