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“Nwoh!” Ryuuzaki yelped through a mouth full of delicious ladyfingers.

“Yes!” Misa Amane screamed back in anguish. She seemed to be unaware that the heavy lids of the Great Detective were staring back at her with humor and not empathy.

Light observed idly from his spot in the bend of the tan arm chair, not 2 feet away from Ryuuzaki and his platter of goodies, ranging from ladyfingers to a violet sorbet placed at the very top of the platter. How had he managed to get himself into this arrangement.

He was genuine turmoil as he watched Ryuuzaki interact with what was assumed to be his partner. He thought he might not be able to handle much more of their babbling, what with Kira on the loose why not sit down for a cup of tea, eh? He persisted in wondering why Ryuuzaki insisted that these impenetrable events must happen. He thought the most he got out of these get togethers was time to think on the case. Sans a working station of course.

“I told him ‘Mr. Toshida I will not and cannot be apart of this scene! You see I have a boyfriend and he wouldn’t like this one bit! He’s a jealous man….’”

Light watched L nod slowly and stare intently into the eyes of the overzealous young woman, as if searching for some slip up in which she would accidentily mention something that might insinuate that Light was in fact Kira. At least that’s the behavior that Light had observed in past situations. As for now, he felt as if he was witnessing a deeper fascination in the eyes of Ryuuzaki.

“Light? Jealous? Why, I never have seen that side of him.”

“Well anyways!—”

Misa proceeded to blurt out a series of other idiom that involved Light’s alleged adoration for the girl, as what she seemed to believe to be an adamant defense in her choice not to lock lips with her co-star.

She sighed and glanced at Light in a manner which he gathered she believed to be stealthy; as if looking for approval or confirmation.

“Well, it is clear that your dedication and devotion to your…dearest Light-kun has proved to be quite the obstacle” Ryuuzaki said as a matter of fact; he tasted his finger curtly and swept loose crumbs from his chin.

Light took interest in the statement and shifted his crossed legs to the right to face the two others. Ryuuzaki was persisting into common territory, but with what seemed to be simple curiosity. Very unlike the foggy eyed Detective.

Misa jumped up from her frog like positioning beside Ryuuzaki and stood on the couch, wobbly. She pierced the air with her gloved hand and hollered: “No way Ryuuzaki, Misa-Misa will book another job for sure!”

“Misa” Light suggested.

She looked at him wide eyed and anxious. As for Ryuuzaki he turned his body, which was previously facing Misa, and situated in a position in which he could observe Light. He didn’t seem to have remembered that Kira was still in the room.

Light soaked in the attention. He paused. “Well Misa”

She plopped down on the couch.

“I don’t have much of a problem with the situation. I mean do you have feelings for this guy, your co-star?” he said with a demanding tone. He didn’t feel in the least bit guilty that he was providing false hope for her, as if he were actually bothered by the ‘threat’ of another man.

“No way! Misa-Misa has only feelings for Light-kun!” she cried desperately.

“Okay I thought that much to be true. So what’s the problem?” He re-crossed his legs nonchalantly and blinked at her.

Her mouth hung agape and before she could begin professing her love for him again Ryuuzaki interjected.

“Well Light-kun I think what Misa means is that of course she isn’t in the least bit longing to be involved with this man but there is no way she would want to create any kind of physical relationship with anyone other than you on or off camera, am I right Misa?” He cocked his head at her.

She still held her mouth open. “Yes, yes that’s right Ryuuzaki”. She squinted her eyes and stared for once not at Light, but at the darkened eyes of her boyfriends’ clever keychain, Ryuuzaki.

Light admitted to himself. He was taken aback. For a moment he contemplated the thought of Ryuuzaki knowing anything about a woman. He quickly shook the unfathomable thought that Ryuuzaki had ever been involved with the opposite gender and recovered, as always, quickly from his momentary dumbfoundedness.

The two were weirdly interlocked in some sort of trance. As usual Ryuuzakis’ ability to be void of any emotion but hunger, was still intact, but Misa gazed dumbly at him, nodding slightly and cocking her head. “Misa-kun? Do I have sorbet on my face?”

Misa snapped as if having been violently shook. She looked over at Light, too careless to try and hide her interest in his emotion. His expression was indifferent. He recrossed his legs again. “Well in that case….don‘t do it”.

Ryuuzaki and Misa both stared shocked. Light stood, and unintentionally yanked Ryuuzaki to his feet. “It’s been a good hour now. We should really get back to work Ryuuzaki”. Ryuuzaki greedily snatched a chocolate covered strawberry off the platter.
“I believe you are right Yagami-kun” he gathered what snacks he could carry with him. No doubt he would devour them before 2 minutes time. Misa stood hazily and looked about the room as if lost, her brow furrowed. Before she knew Light was before her, Ryuuzaki observing from a short distance.


She gazed up at him. Brow still furrowed. “Yes Light” she answered.

He grabbed one of her hands and leaned down to her ear. “Just….stay out of trouble, okay?”

Her pink cheeks burned red at this. He squeezed her hand. As an act of affection or was it a warning? He let go and looked at Ryuuzaki. Light walked out of the door dominantly and Ryuuzaki glanced back at her briefly then walked away as well. Her head dropped even further and a tuft of hair fell before her face. She bit her lip and pressed her palms to her eyes as if to try and reverse the tears that were imminent, she huffed loudly. She went to wash the make-up off her hands. Then headed to sleep.

Outside Ryuuzaki trailed lazily behind Light, who was taking long meaningful strides; the likes of which Ryuuzaki was used to.

“Bit harsh don’t you think?” he suggested in a way that Light knew was more than small talk.

“What do you care? Don’t you ever just mind your own business Ryuuzaki?”
But what business did a man such as L have? He thought.

“I’m just saying” he stuffed the strawberry in his mouth. “She’s very faithful, you need people like her when you take over, am I wrong?”

Light ignored this comment and when they reached their destination, they entered. With

Later the same night Ryuuzaki sat restless on the floor of the room where he and Light slept. He stood up slowly and looked at Light, asleep, on arm off of the bed, the other bent back behind his head as if he were being arrested. Ryuuzaki had imagined that day. When Light Yagami’s acts of murder would be uncovered and he would be tried as a murderer, uncovered, exposed. But as the days went by it seemed only to be more clear that Light was in fact NOT Kira, but exactly what he appeared to be, an intelligent young man, with a hunger for justice.

Ryuuzaki sat lightly at the edge of the bed just inches from Lights chest. With his toe pointed like a dancer he pushed aside his glowing laptop, the only source of light in the room, until it was under the bed. Now he could hardly see the outline of his co-worker in the overwhelmingly dark room.

His wrist was raw from the constant wringing of the cold metal and he and Light’s shirts weighed down the chain linking them making the metal scrape his thin wrists even more. He rubbed his damp palms on his damp chest and sighed as the affects of insomnia darted about his mind in the form of worry and sympathy. He couldn’t help but think of Misa. How her constant allegiance to Light was disregarded and perceived as idiocy or infatuation. Two things that most likely factored into the equation of her adoration but nevertheless, he was bothered by it.

He imagined her bare shoulders trembling and collapsing and her small body curled up tight on top of her covers. Denying herself the warmth and comfort of a blanket. Denying to be comforted by anything other than Light, who wouldn’t so much as hug her goodbye? Yes Ryuuzaki could see this clearly; the tears on the blondes face and the anguish in her heart. How you love someone who doesn’t love you back, he was at a loss. But playing with a word like love was hardly fair game for Ryuuzaki. He had never toyed with such fickle emotions. They seemed to him to always turn into something other than actual love, but betrayal, hurt, or a series of other painful avoidable emotions that he did not in the least favor.

He glanced again at Light. Then at the digital alarm clock, that’s faint glow read: 3:55am.
Light shifted so that he was no longer facing Ryuuzakis back.

Before thinking it through, Ryuuzaki fell to the floor and retrieved his laptop. He pressed eject on the mechanism and a circular disk tray slid out making only the slightest scraping noise. Lying on that tray was a key. It shone brightly under that luminous screen. He seized it and slowly but quietly unlocked the cuff on his wrist. He hadn’t done this once since he first linked himself a Light, and he wasn’t thinking right but he placed the key back in its hiding place, removed his shirt from the chain, and linked his cuff to the bed post.

After applying his shirt to his body, he made his way to the door. He looked back anxiously once he had arrived to its rectangular mass. He was aware that opening the hotel door involved a lot of noise. He was careful and he opened the door slid out and was confident that he had not woken the other man.
He felt nervous. Not that he thought Light would awaken and somehow escape, that was highly improbable. But nervous of him waking and seeing the Ryuuzaki….L had severed the commitment of his job, to go scampering about the hallways. But Ryuuzaki was hardly going for a simple walk. He had an agenda, a destination.

He felt his limbs move on their own. His feet pelting the ground purposefully, unlike his usual slumping that involved dragging his feet as if he were forcing them to tag along with the rest of his body.

Room 876, room 875….874…870….867….. Elevators.

He mad his way down to floor 16. Misa’s floor. He took two steps until he was out of the elevator and standing on a floral carpet bordered in gold. One of his bare feet rubbed the other. His heart beat in his throat and he thought of turning back. He turned and glanced at the numbers above the now closing elevator door and imagined seeing them glow in sequence, carrying a cuffless, confused Light. He persisted despite his irregular heart beats and journeyed down the hall to Misa Amane’s room.

He walked slowly as to make as little sound as possible as he sauntered nervously down the hall. He stopped. He felt ridiculous. What was he planning to do? Why was he even down here? Had he lost all common sense, self control, and nonchalance? The very three traits that he was made up of. No. He was tired. But that was no excuse. How could he be tired? How could he be confused? Had he been standing too long? Had his deductive reasoning plummeted so much that he was embarking on a fruitless journey such as this? He felt idiocy overwhelm him. His feeling had the best of him….or the most of him at least.

He stood up straight, only to slouch again and began to turn in the other direction.

Before his foot came in contact with the ground he heard: “Ryuuzaki?”

He blinked, hard and turned to see Misa Amane standing in the hallways center in a sheer black robe, open, with a pair of cotton black panties on, topless. The robe fell over her breasts so he could only see the gap between them, but god was the robe thin. Nothing was left to Ryuuzaki’s imagination, but after looking her over in a way he hoped passed off as surprise and not perversion, he turned to her casually.

“Well hello Misa—” before he could finish he saw her eyes flash with realization.

“Where’s Light!?” she bellowed in shock and confusion. She looked only at his wrist that was missing the charming metal bracelet she had become so accustom to seeing.

He mistook her confusion for anger.

“Misa as you would probably know, Light isn’t the most pleasant sleeper. Every night I unhinge myself and take a walk. But I beg you, do not share this with him.” He said as nonchalant as ever.

Her eyes twitched with disbelief and she came closer steadily. His eyes remained fixed on her own, more intently than usual. He felt uncomfortable that she had not covered up and was nervous as she advanced, her robe blowing carelessly about. She stopped until they were about 3 feet apart.

She said nothing, forcing more words from his mouth. “What, dare I say, are you doing up at this hour—”

“I wouldn’t know” she whispered.


“I wouldn’t know how he sleeps Ryuuzaki. He never spends the night with me. Even before the….handcuffs, you should know that”.

There was a short pause.

“Well that’s a shame”

She looked up, her face pinched, and for the first time he noticed she had no make-up on. He realized also, that she had no use for it.

She advanced upon him, close. He froze. They were not 3 inches apart when she threw her arms around him. He gasped and his eyes widened in surprise and extreme discomfort. She gripped him with the strength of a giant.

“Oh Ryuuzaki I know you don’t understand what it’s like to be loved, but I want so bad for him to love me it hurts!” she professed.

He felt her breast tightly pressed against his chest and he feared she would feel his heart beat. She did, but mistook it for her own. She hugged almost tight enough to even the curve in his back, and was surprised to find that for a guy who wore no shoes, he was very warm. He placed his hand on the back of her head and the other on the small of her back. He felt like a child with a gun. Clueless, and dangerous. He looked over her head and saw his hand gripping a handful of her hair. She let go slowly and he saw that tears were strewn across her face and dripping off her chin and the tip of her delicate nose. She wiped them messily.

“I’m so sorry” she cried softly. She looked angrily down at her feet and folded her robe over her bare chest. “I’m so sorry” and with that she stepped back and retreated, weeping, into her room.

He stood there in the hall alone with the echoing of her slamming door. He suddenly felt weak, like the lat 15 years of 20 minutes of sleep and constant consumption of sweets was kicking in. He nodded, and turned to go to the elevator.

Once he reached the room he entered to find Light the exact same way he had left him. Still cuffed to the bedpost. He guided himself through the dark towards the light of his laptop and returned the handcuff to his wrist. Blankly he lied down in the bed beside Light and let sleep take him.

Light woke to find L deeply asleep. He thought back and concluded that he’d never seen Ryuuzaki sleep. But he was too groggy to appreciate the total atrocity of the situation and reached for his shirt hanging from the chain. He seized it and stopped before slipping it on. Where was Ryuuzaki’s shirt?

He glanced around the room and saw the long sleeved white shirt on the floor. Beside the bed.

Light glanced back at the sleeping figure of L, master mind detective. What the hell was going on?

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