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'Condensation licked the edges of the window panes. On his skin he felt a slight whisper from the outside air on his flushed cheeks. He could feel goosebumps forming on his forearms as he lifted his hand to the glass; a whimsical gesture, one that before he had found quite without purpose or meaning, but it now soothed him. His hand slid down the glass leaving behind evidence of his obtuse whimsy and he sighed heavily; not a child's sigh either. Mid-winter in the Kingdom was white and wet, like the light sheen of sweat over his pale skin. He was shaken and lost, and despite the blistering cold that bit at him through thin glass, his blood boiled. How did he feel this way? He was always so certain and now all certainty was buried and he couldn't do more than count the further isolation. Impoundment.'


The room was quite. Desolate. Beside the continuous clicking of the keyboards keys between the two men there was no sound. Mogi was with Misa at the set of her upcoming movie, Soichiro was tending to his wife and Matsuda was most likely prowling around the Yagami home to catch a glimpse of their ever growing girl, Sayu.

The chain between the two swayed noiselessly; the silence screaming. Light sat back into his chair and sighed heavily. L disregarded him, but was alert; he continued his work; he clicked away typing with only his two index fingers. 5 minutes passed and Light sat up and turned his chair to his colleague. L halted his work.

"Yes, Light-kun?" he said, almost humming.

"Well....Ryuuzaki..." he said with faux doubt.


"Well I've been wanting to ask you something, but...I've sort of been putting it off. It can't really wait any longer now."

'Oh dear'. "Yes, anything Light"

Light shifted uncomfortably and leaned forward a bit. "Well..."

He cleared his throat. "It's about Misa..."

The name 'Misa' caused his hiccuping heart to sucker punch his chest. He stared nonchalantly.

"But of course"

Light laughed to himself. 'What a fool!' he thought. 'He's playing dumb pretty well though. This may be more fun than I thought'...

He leaned forward more. "It's these...dates. I know we're connected by the wrist and all, but...well I..I was thinking about doing something like conjugal visits."

The swaying of the chain slowed to a stop.

L stared at the gleaming computer screen blankly. Light watched him, soaking in his hidden disgust.

"I don't see why not."

Light suffocated a laugh and morphed his face into a portrait of perversion and embarrassment.

He laughed half-heartedly and nodded to himself. "Well, thanks I guess."

"Of course" He said in almost a whisper trying not to betray himself. His face felt hot and his carpals felt numb when he tried to resume typing.

Light wasn't looking at him. "She'll be thrilled" he said enthused.

He looked over at the guilty man, suppressing a smile, a grin anything to give hime away and uttered stupidly: "Is everything okay? If you don't feel comfortable letting me-"

"Don't be foolish. We'll just keep this between the three of us, then?"

Light nodded. This wouldn't be the first secret. The only difference? There was an invisible third party.


'She swung her feet idly, every other time kicking up a clump of hard snow and watching it as it flew through the air. He watched her from inside everyday for a week so far. He didn't know her name. At this time of day all the other kids would go outside, play, socialize, and laugh, be children. But L was no ordinary child. He was told that one day he would be great, that the others were jealous, inferior, and threatened. But he didn't feel that way now. If his intelligence could be evenly distributed among all aspects required to uphold a relationship with someone other than himself, right now, he would except that prospect. If he could talk to her. But whatever would he say? Would they have anything in common? She was new. Her parents were killed in a plane crash and her eyes were distraught and swollen from liquid grief but, no matter, I'll save you? He was, again, at a loss for the second time that day. He collapsed onto the cold wooden floor and began to work on a series of tiny silver rings, all tangled up and confused, which he could usually solve but today struggled with. He stretched his neck and tried to catch yet another glimpse of his hope. She was gone. Had he imagined her? No, surely not. There was a knock. He stood. Another. Then the door clicked open. His hope. He a loss. She stood there uninvited and vulnerable. Her dark hair was in a small fuss due to wind and her lips were pursed together, smooth and pink; her almond shaped eyes glittering, fresh tears per-chance, dark and inquisitive. She took a nervous step forward. "L? I'm Hope."'


For once Misa was calm as her director, Aru Sishime, overlooked the previous scene for the millionth time. Production was supposed to be over, but she was not at all ready to return to her captivity, especially when she had been having illicit meetings with her detainer for over a week.

She was shivering slightly in the 72 degree weather and trying to ignore her persistent co-star, who would stop at nothing to get her into his car, or at least feel her up more than necessary during the intimate scenes of the production. She had a date today. With Light and Ryuuzaki. She sighed aloud and curled her head inward onto her lap, grumbling nothings and cursing.
Such behavior was not alien so no one payed much attention. She screamed.

She finally reached the hotel room where she spent her nights alone, only this time she approached her room, hearts racing, with the image of Light sitting unknowingly beside Ryuuzaki. She knew they'd be there waiting. Oh, she wanted it to go away. Ryuuzaki to disappear.
That's what she thought she wanted.

She found her door. Sighed, and opened it up. The light was off.
What was going on? She hesitated and closed the door behind her, not turning on the light just yet. She walked to the side of her bed feeling with her hands the edge; and as she felt along the bedside on her way to the nightstand lamp, her hand landed on something warm, a leg.
Her heart sped up and she flung her hand away and all at the same time the bedside light flicked on and she heard the man she loves say: "Misa, calm down, it's me."

Light had stood up and was now making for the blonde vixen. He took gentle hold of her hands.

Her mind was on fire. "Light? Ryuuzaki let you..."

"Misa, be quiet."

She frowned but obeyed.

He leaned over and kissed her forehead lightly. The spot burned her face as it flushed passionately. Where was...this..coming from??
Before she recovered from pure lustful confusion his arms were claiming her waist in a protecting embrace. Her face was on his chest and she listened, soothed, by the pitter patter of his heart. His intentions completely masked. She felt the pace speed up.


She felt a weird fear overcome her. Everything now was so new, she didn't know WHAT he would say but she uttered a weak: "Yes?"

"Despite how I've been to you. I really, really, love you." he sighed like it had been locked inside him so long.

She let out a small moan that sounded quite like a pathetic attempt at speaking.

"And I want to show you. Right here, and now just how much." he said softly. "Would you let me do that?"

She thought she might faint. She went limp in his arms. He couldn't see her face, but most importantly, she couldn't see his. Which was distorted into a leering mess of lasciviousness. He wondered how his audience was enjoying this scene.

He pulled her away and dug holes into her with a penetrating stare. Waiting.

She smiled and opened her mouth to respond and L pressed a blue button on the monitor and the image of the two snapped out of his sight. He couldn't see them, but if Light could somehow see him, he would see a red flag. High and soaked in defeat.


'He watched her. As if waiting for something dramatic and genuine to happen; like his silence was justified between the two of them; like she knew how he felt and knew that this reaction was imminent. She closed the door as soon as she decided he wasn't going to invite her in. She walked to him slowly with uncertainty but he could see in her eyes that she was a fierce being. She didn't fear him like he did her, and also, her expectations were not yet clear. She stopped about 2 feet from him. "You are L?"

"That is my name, yes" he stated calmly.

"Yes?" a bit of happiness lurched inside her chest. "It's nice to meet you L. I'm new." she uttered suddenly nervous. What were these standards that had unexpectedly penetrated her mind? Her mouth was slightly open and the flakes of snow on her hair were melting.

"Are you always alone...L?" she said, saying the name L like an infant saying, or rather gurgling their first words, unsure and brand new.

"If by alone you mean without the company of my peers, yes. If you per-chance mean alone as in a feeling of desolation, loss, and infinite sorrow. Yes, I am always alone."

She shivered. This boy? He was something like her. She felt as if he was verbalizing the text that engraved her heart; her purpose. To be alone.

"Would you terribly mind if I joined you here, L?" she asked kindly, her stomach making knots.

He nudged the silver rings on the floor so they jingled loudly echoing around the room.

"Not at all." he answered dreamily, staring off now into the sky from the icy window. She half-smiled concealing her real excitement. Even if he didn't completely want her there, she thought, he had not turned her away. That meant too much to describe.

With his back to her he felt the glow of her existence warm him. He glanced at the spot on the window where he had previously left his hand print, signing the check to utter and complete emotional quarantine. Only small circlets of the print remained. For a fleeting moment, that feeling of loneliness was put to rest. Now, unlike before. He had Hope.'


The wind blew harder than any day he could remember. But then again he didn't often leave his working space. He'd been perched on the roof for about and hour and a half and his face was numb and at this point the wind on his face felt smaller than a whisper of cold air. His shirt whipped uncontrolled around his frail torso, occasionally revealing his cold chest. He was alone. And he didn't mind it.He had been setting himself up for emotional destruction, and was disappointed in himself for falling for the tricky temptation of sentiment. He had analyzed it. But failed to make it go away.

"Fix this" he mumbled.

"Fix what?"

He turned and saw the small girl, in a thin robe, that lacked modesty. The white cloth joined the wind willingly in it's frenzy and the belt to the this robe swung slackly on her waist, begging to be set free, to pull the curtain on the glory of her porcelain body. Oh yes, it begged; and so did he. He stared at her as she tugged at her robe denying it's freedom; sizing her up.

He forced himself to look at the sky. "You'll be sick. Go inside."

"I'll do what I want. And I want to be here. And I think you want me here Ryuuzaki" she hollered just loud enough for him to hear over the wind. They stood several yards apart still.

"Your wrong, sorry. Where's Light? You are both still under surveillence you know."

She advanced toward him, for he spoke softly next to her yelling.

"Ryuuzaki...why'd you let him go?" she said slower. She sounded so adult, it forced him to look at her terribly intense gaze.

"Because he asked it of me." he breathed. "Who am I to deny him that small favor?"

She shook her head nonsensically. "Do you know what he planned-"

"Yes, I did." he stated plainly. "So. Did you enjoy my little gift?

A quick look of disgust swept her beautiful face then she bounded forward and smacked him hard across the face.

He accepted her striking him. And recovered modestly, only slightly rubbing his cheek.

"Your a pervert."

He stared.

She turned left, then right then paced in a full circle with her hand on her forehead. "Why'd I come here...?" she wondered aloud, sounding more troubled than he'd ever heard her.

"To reflect." he suggested.

She looked at him, weary eyed. "You can't be as clueless as your making yourself look." her hand now propped on her waist. "The last time I saw you-"

"You were quite blunt." he stated in a offsetting fanciful voice.

She laughed in spite of herself. "You really don't get women."

He frowned. "No. I suppose I don't."

She turned away.

He approached her from behind and leaned down to her height, head over her shoulder, and he whispered to her neck: "What is it that you want me to do?"

A chill kissed her spine and her heart as well and she turned her head just slighty towards his. She saw his eyes, not looking at her, but off into the distance in a blank, weird stare. Another chill came. She looked around slowly, unsure. "Would you mind if I joined you?"

He stopped, paused. "No, Not at all."

She turned to him and smiled kindly. They both sat down beside one another. For a few minutes they sat in silence.

"I'm just really....torn now Ryuuzaki. I don't know what I need to do to shake how I'm feeling."

He sighed. "You need Hope."


'Everyday for nearly 2 months the boys' Hope had returned to him faithfully, occompanying him in his desolation, which grew less real with every uttered word, or conversation between the two. Every afternoon, alone in that room. The room especially for him. The fifth floor of Wammy's House.
One particular blurry white afternoon the pair sat side by side; his arms wrapped around his knees and her legs crossed cordially.


"Yes L?"

"Do you ever miss your mother and father?" he questioned casually.

She sighed. "Dreadfully."

He stared at her. Her eyes squinting back tears, and her face flushing in the process of withheld emotion.

"If you cry...I wont' watch." he assured.

She laughed loudly, with a trail of sniffling following shortly after. She wiped her eyes. "Your so clueless."

"Am I really?" he asked.

"Quite." she laughed.

The laughter died away. And she sighed. She paused for a moment, then scooted closer to him and proceeded to lean her head onto his shoulder. His body stiffened then relaxed when she took hold of one of his cold hands with her warm one. He smelled like honey, she thought. And to him her hair smelled like vanilla.

"When they told me about my parents, there were these people there. Important men in suits, places to go, people to meet. That type. They were in a terrible fuss and my parents had went on a trip for business and left me with my grandmother here in Winchester. I was miserable. So when we got into their vehicle the men told me they were taking me to an orphanage. That my grandmother didn't want custody of me and told them to get rid of me..."

She sighed.

"So here I am. I thought she really loved me. I loved her. I think I still do. Anyways they told me that i'de come here, that I was special. But I didn't feel that way at all. Still don't."

"You are special." he said plainly. " me."

She looked up at him with glittering, trusting eyes. She jumped up and embraced him. He slowly followed suit. As he just began to enjoy and feel comfortable with her body touching his, there were two quick knocks on the door then Quillish Wammy walked in abruptly. She let go of him immidiately.

"Ms. Misora. You have people here to see you."

She frowned still recovering from the embarrassment of Wammy walking in on the two of them. All fatigue vanished when the two visitors entered the room.

A man with dark hair, and a woman with beautiful dark eyes entered the room hand in hand.

Hope cried out and ran full speed toward the couple.
They kneeled and embraced her, whispering words of love and displaying tears of impossible happiness on their faces.

L already knew what was happening.

"I thought you were..."

"We know dear. Oh my dearest daughter Naomi, i'll never leave you again!" the women wailed.

"Naomi..." L whispered to himself.

"We're here to take you with us dear...if thats what you want" her father uttered.

Naomi/Hope/Ms.Misora yelped. "yes of course I want to..."

She sighed and looked back at L, who was looking out the window. She looked at her parents and they nodded. She approached the boy.

"L. Their here to take me away. I...I...."


"Yes. Thats my name. Hope is my middle name." she said quickly.

"Naomi. So hope, it comes AFTER Naomi."

"....thats right" she said slowly.

"I see. Well then? What are you waiting for. Leave."

She was grief stricken. And wordless.

She looked down then turned and walked to join the two adults. Wammy came and patted the boys shoulder, whispered condolences and left. The door shut.

Again he was a smudge on someones conscious.

Again he was alone, desolate.

He placed his hand on the foggy window.'


The night had gotten away from them. He sat, knees up and she layed back on her elbows, head thrown back into the wind.

"It's late." she whispered.

He poked a rock with his toe. "Yes. Quite."

She sat up and scooted toward him, close. "This is nice."

He nodded. "Yes. For now it is."

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