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[2 days later]
L stared dumbly before him at the dark empty wells of the Yotsuba meeting room. He wasn't quite sure how late it was but it was not the time of week that invovled a meeting between the terrible men of Yotsuba. These were the days where he felt the most hopeless, regardless of any sort of lead. These were the days when his mind was least occupied, which for the average man would still be very occupied but if on a busy day L's mind was on overload then today his mind was full. Except something wasn't quite the norm today. His mind wandered doggedly of topic into an area that he cursed himself for visiting. Miss Amane consumed his thoughts.

How her robe waved dangerously through the air. How the dim hallway lights of the hotel highlighted her curves. Her lips, and how they parted only slightly as she spoke to him, soft he suspected and rosy and slightly swollen from what he guessed to be a nervous habit of her constantly biting them. He remembered indulgently the exact sight of the light sheen of sweat overlaying her smooth porcelain skin, creating the elusion that she was glowing. Her tears....

He found himself glaring at westwardly at Light, who was working calmly at the computer, most likely analyzing the premeditated deaths caused by Yotsuba with the help of Kira, if infact they were not the same thing. Light looked up with a strange feeling he was being watched, not that he wasn't used to it now but he found Ryuuzaki watching him. Not in his usual analytical way but glaring, suspicious? No. No absolutely not. He looked....angry. But this lasted for only 2 seconds time before L realized and he quickly reverted back to his default face, almost so quick that Light forgot the prior look.

"Ryuuzaki...." Light said almost literally snapping L to attention. "These victims, every one of them is or could be a logical corporal threat to Yotsuba, and nearly 2/3 of them are killed by heartattacks."

L looked away, then down at his hand, which were holding a triangular sugar cookie. "I see then."

He lifted the cookie to his lips. He sat it down without tasting it and returned his glance to the dark screen. Light watched with an overwhelming complexity.

Ryuuzaki usually realized when Light, or anyone for that matter, was watching him, but now he was oblivious. He had been turned into a hormonal, sick being. At least thats how he felt; like a teenage boy. He didn't want to eat. But he did want to lay down. He wanted to black out. He lifted his right thumb and pressed it between his lips.

To Matsuda or his father Ryuuzaki may look perfectly normal with the behavior he was presenting right now. But Light knew better than that. You don't get chained to a guy and not know when somethings off. But what was this tweak in behavior? It was a very different Ryuuzaki. Had he given up on this case? He looked completely hopeless to Light. Light turned to his laptop and began to type as the prospect of Ryuuzaki becoming hopeless and depressed again swirled at the edge of his thoughts. Then he stopped. Had this had anything to do with the fact that Ryuuzaki's shirt was off of the chain when he awoke? Or with the fact the Ryuuzaki was sleeping at all, or rather the fact that Light had actually witnessed the mans slumber? He sat back in his chair, frowning. He plucked a loose string from the collar of his button-up, and formulated a plan.

"Oh it's no use!" Misa proclaimed to her empty room. She ran from where she stood in front of her door to her bed and collapsed into the mass of it, defeated. She had thought several times of the instance that occured only nights before and had been trying to leave the room where she was confined, to go to see Light at work. She longed to see him despite their last visit and everytime she stood to do so she cowered and fled. She lifted her face from the blanket covvering her bed and huffed a breath of air. It was no use. She couldn't face Ryuuzaki.

Misa seldom allowed cowardice to overcome her peppy, positive outlook on just about everything; but the look on his face stuck with her. He had watched her cry and had seen her partially naked and she had made a complete fool of herself she decided. I mean what was she thinking, running into his arms like that?? She must've been insane to do that. Ryuuzaki had no emotion, and knew not of love, he probably hadn't ever even touched a woman, yet she went to him for comfort, or had he come to her?

Beside dwelling on her complete and utter disregard for Ryuuzaki's lack of compassion, she had also wondered in the past two days why exactly Ryuuzaki was on her floor. Yes, he had explained that he was on a routine walk of the likes that he took every night; but Misa couldn't help but wonder, why her floor? She couldn't shake the feeling that it was NOT a coincidence and he had planned it. But then she felt stupid. Ryuuzaki doesn't care about her. He thinks she's an infintile, obsessive, provocative killer. She huffed once more.

Nevertheless, she had gone out each night, wondering about the halls. Looking for him? Was she looking for him with the hopes of explaining her actions? Justifying them? Apologizing? No, she just needed to move around, so she told herself. She never really bothered herself with thinking of him and his confusing ways of doing things, like that childish way he sits, and the way he eats nothing but sweets. The way he nibbles on his fingers and holds things between his thumbs and index fingers. He was a freak! He was her exact opposite. And she couldn't keep her mind off of him.

She sat up as her neck grew tired and scooted back to lean on her headboard. She was thinking of him only. But was he thinking of her? She wondered, this time with little guilt and ever bit of anxiety possible. Was he laughing about how dumb she was to pursue Light? About how stupidly she had fallen into him and pressed herself into his body in search of foolish consolation? About how she had presented herself so premiscuously before him. Surely his stomach was in knots with hilarity. He must have found her even more pathetic now then before. Again she cursed herself, like she had been doing for what seemed like an eternity.

She peered out of her open window. She saw buildings and gloom. It was late and the lights were coming on. She made a move for the bathroom.

Light walked alongside ,or rather behind, Ryuuzaki down the hall to the room they shared. They had walked the whole way in silence, save the jingling of the chain that connected them. Usually Light led the other man but on this particular night Ryuuzaki walked with slightly more purpose than normal. Typically Light would poke harmless fun at the man's unsuspecting vigor, but he had noticed several changes in Ryuuzaki's behavior from the days start to now and was sure that if Ryuuzaki was as careless as to convey such emotions openly then there was something up, and it wasn't anything to laugh about.

They reached the room and both entered quietly. Ryuuzaki drug Light unconciously toward the bed they shared and gently sat at the edge, lifting his feet up to meet his nose.

'Today was a late night" Light said breaking the heavy air. He stood before the older man not looking at him, but watching him.


"I mean considering the fact that we didn't have much to do" he smiled wearily. He was tired, but her knew better than to sleep.

"Well. I'm gunna get some sleep. What about you?" he said casually without the least bit of casual intent.

"I'm wide awake" Ryuuzaki whispered lightly.

Light nodded and walked over the the furthest edge of the bed he could reach and began undressing until he stood in his briefs. He threw back the covers of his bed and immersed himself into the cool sheets. Sheets he wouldn't be sleeping on tonight. Ryuuzaki proceeded to slide onto the floor as not to wake Light as he shifted. He pulled out his laptop from it's home under the bed and opened it up. He watched it turn on and his eyes followed the loading bar as it awakened and prepared to be of use.

He glanced up at Light and watched him intently. He watched his chest fall up, then down, since he was facing him. His eyes were closed but there was no way he had fallen asleep that quickly. It was a late night he thought. He looked back at the screen and saw that he had sucessfully logged in. He didn't think there to be any reason Light would fake being sleep, but he'd rather not take the chance of doing what he was contimplating until he was sure.

Until he heard a gentle snort come from above. He looked at Light. Did he fake it? No, this would have been all too allaborate. He had no reason to do that. He decided to test it.

"Light. Could you come and look at something" he said perfectly loud.

The brown haired boy resumed his breathing. He was asleep, Ryuuzaki decided.

He slid his finger nervously to the edge of the laptops base. He pressed that button to the disc tray opening his hiding place for the key while simultaneously revealing it to Light, who concealed a smile and rolled his eyes behind his slightly parted eyelids. 'How careless' he thought.

Ryuuzaki seized the key. He held the key before him and it shined in the light from his laptop. He didn't give it much thought this time around. He slowly rose to his feet and gently unlocked the cuff buckled around his wrist. He then went on to attatch it to the bed post. He placed the key back in the tray and closed it for the second time that week.

He rubbed his wrist, which displayed 2 or 3 cuts from the cuff. He didn't dwell to long on the injuries before making his way to the door, where he slid out in a way that wouldn't have awoken a sleeping Light but did assure an awake Light that his plan was to be put into action soon.

He traveled the hall with less purpose and possesion as before. He felt like he was clearer in the head, but that also seemed ridiculous because the fact that he had done this stupid thing again was proof enought that he had lost it completely. He hadn't wandered around halls like this even when he was a boy and he couldn't help feeling silly and young. But there was something comforting about that feeling.

He came to a halt in front of the elevator and pressed his thumb to the down arrow. In less that 10 seconds the elevator arrived. He stepped inside and thanked god that he hadn't taken the stairs, which would have given him too much time to think of what he was risking.

He reached the floor and the elevator opened, presenting him his destination. He took a step out and made for the hall, only paces away.

Misa stood in her room facing her door with her hands on the cold metal knob and thought whether she was being driven insane. Surely if she was going crazy she would know. He heart punched her chest vigouously, as if when she opened the door he'd be standing right there. Well....thats what had happened before. but she hadn't been anticipating it then. She turned the handle half way. She realized then that she had no doubt about it anymore. She left her room night to night searching for Ryuuzaki. She pushed the door open and nearly fell into an empty hall way. No Ryuuzaki. Had he been here she would have ran into him. It was late, and if he had been there at all it would have been that very second. She had on the same robe, but this time wore a cotton black shirt and a pair of white shorts under it. She closed her door wholely and walked on despite her dissapointment.

As she ventured the halls quietly reflecting to herself, her embarassment faded. She was weary of thinking on Ryuuzaki. And she missed Light with every fiber of her being. But it would still nag her she thought. Everytime she saw him he would revert back to her ugly weeping face and her bare body entangling his body into hers selfishly. She was almost in disgust of herself, for acting that way and for feeling this way about it.

She arrived at an open arch way that lead into a sitting room/cafe'/computer lounge that she often went to during the day to occupy herself. She walked inside only to be shocked so suddenly it must've shook her heart. She controlled herself as she adjusted to the view of spikes of black hair growing from the rear of a red armchair. His back was to her, but there was no doubting it, Ryuuzaki was there as well. He was sitting in his usual position from what she could see. She stood quite still and had managed not to gasp at the sight of him. He sipped a cup of coffee, but other than that he just sat there.

She realized she wasn't breathing and exhaled softly. Was he waiting for her? Her heart lept weirdly. Waiting for her like she'd been waiting for him? Then she stopped. Did Ryuuzaki have a...

But before her thought became whole the man said aloud "Are you going to watch me all night Misa Amane?"

She gasped softly. She had found yet another way to embarass herself. She walked forward with the feeling as if she were turning herself in and presented herself to him. She stood before him jaw clenched and heart racing. He wasn't talking. 'Say something!'


Her eyes widened then she nodded. "Hi Ryuuzaki". She was determined to look in control, and calm. They watched eachother.

"Sit, please" he said nodding his head at a chair across from him. She looked and then went to pull the chair from it's positioning to the front of Ryuuzaki's chair, then sat. They were now only about a foot apart. He shifted.

"What are you doing awake, might I ask" he said reaching down for his coffee.

She smiled big. "Couldn't sleep".

He looked up and then down at his coffee. This was different. Why was she so happy? had he been hoping for the helpless women he had encountered the other night? Had he been subconciously hoping for her to be a wreck only so she would collapse into him again? He was at a loss. "Yes well....thats not healthy at all is it?"

She paused. "yeah that explains why you are down here right?" she retorted.

"I have nothing to uphold" he said simply.

"What do you mean?" she pressed losing her smile.

"Lack of sleep has an awful affect on it's victim. I have suffered said affects but I am but a lowly detective whereas you are an actress. It is your proffession to stay beautiful." He sipped.

"Thank you" she replied.


"You said i'm beautiful" she was smiling again.

He looked at her eyes. "Well yes I suppose I did."

She lifted her feet to her chair and let her now bent legs part open so that each one was leaning on an arm of her chair, never taking her eyes off of him.



"About the other night..."

"There's no need to apologize..."

"No! I wasn't going to." She said while leaning up to place her hand on his, which was rested on his chairs arm. "I wanted to thank you. For being there. I don't know why you were, but you were and i'm happy you were. I felt safe in your arms..." she professed. She sighed. A weight dropped off her heart, yet she was still anxious and unsatisfied. He was silent. She removed her hand and pushed back her chair. He watched, lips parted in anxiety.

She stood and adjusted her clothes, hair. He noticed then that she was wearing make-up tonight. She'd prepared. Before he knew he was standing as well. He stood a few inches taller than her but she demanded him when she walked forward and grabbed his wrists. She took his hand and placed them on her back, pushing them upward so they were slightly under her top. She shuddered at the touch; his hands were surprisingly cold after having held hot coffee. He searched her eyes for some hint as to what she was thinking. But he had no edge.

She pressed herself onto him and felt his thin frame against hers. Then she got onto her toes and hooked her chin over his shoulder and wrapping her hands around his neck, capturing him in a passionate hug. Her lips were cold on his neck and his body shuddered at their touch. She held him close to her and kissed his lobe lightly. One of her hands slid down his chest and grabbed a handfull of his shirt while shaking her head as if to make what she was about to do better. He leaned his head til it was buried in her mane of hair. She smelled of lavender. She pushed him back only a bit until they wee again staring eachother in the face.

She was afraid as she came closer. Her lips nearing his, their breath on eachother, loud and heavy. Then he did something. His hands rised from her body slowly and and grabbed her hands and detatched them from his body. Her face twisted into a look of horror. She stepped back and cursed herself.


A muffled 'i'm sorry' hardly escaped her mouth and she made a B line for the arch.

He lost all self control and ran right after her. She was 5 feet from the arch when he caught up, grabbed her wrist and violently whipped her around to face him. He placed one hand on her waist and pulled her close. The other was on the side of her face. He leaned downward til' their noses were rubbing. He pushed his hand back into her hair and pulled her head back so her lips were aligned with his own. She breathed heavily onto him and after a second of doubt he pressed his lips to hers in a passionate bruising kiss. It was a messy, unskilled kiss but her heart tore in lust for him. He claimed her with such pride that she couldn't, no wouldn't, dare stop him now. They broke away to breath and a small moan escaped her lips. They stared at eachother longingly. Misa tried to remember when Light had last kissed her like this, or at all. She shook her head and ruled him out. "Ryuuzaki.." she begged. He was loosening his grip on her and stroking her hair lovingly. She them pushed her hands and face into his chest and said slowly but with confidence: "I love Light."

He instantly let go of her and she stepped back as if astonished by her own words. "I'm so sorry." she pleed. But he had recovered quickly enough so that all she saw was a blank stare in return to her pitiful gaze. She crumbled and left the room so quick that in a matter of seconds her cry was fading off into the depths off the hallway.

He spilled into a nearby chair, legs sprawled carelessly about.

Outside, only paces down the hall was Light leaning on the wall. "Oh Ryuuzaki, how clever do you think you really are?"


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