Elemental Battles

BY : SSJ04Mewtwo
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Elemental Battles
Proving Her Worth
by SSJ04 Mewtwo


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Akewataru: I'll be waiting on the sample. Is the fact you can't write a lemon at all or is there some element of a lemon you can't write. Well, before Giovanni attacks, Sabrina and Wil will go at it one more time.


In the deepest part of the league archives, Valdrade looks over an old tome. Around here were other younger tomes. She doesn't hear the foot steps approaching.
"You've been down here for hours. What are you doing?" Anabel states. Valdrade recovers from Anabel coming up unannounced. "Sorry," Anabel says seeing that she had given Valdrade a shock.
"I didn't get a chance to fully look at all the texts that the league had on the last elemental wars. I've found out some interesting things." she states and Anabel sits beside her friend.
"What?" Anabel asks curiously.
"Well the last light mistress's name was 'Valkyrie'. Here," Valdrade says and lets Anabel see a picture. She had blond hair and seem to have a lean build to her. "It says that she had a personality like the two of us do. She was gentle out of battle, but a warrior when it came to battling. She had an angel form that balanced the demonic form of the shadow master." Valdrade explains.
"Does that men you've got this form as well?" Anabel asks.
"Apparently not. It would have manifested the moment the demonic shadow master woke up. But, I've found out something else. The did manage to have children."
"Yes. Three to bee exact. Two girls and one boy. So, I went family tree tracing and guess what I found."
"Ash can be traced all the way back to the last shadow master's son."
"Whoa, no wonder he got the element of shadow."
"That's not all. The eldest daughter had psychic powers as well. My family line can be traced back to her."
"That isn't all. The youngest daughter also has a living descendent."
"Me?" Anabel asks shocked.
"Yes." Valdrade answers.
"What does this mean?"
"It's possible because there must be two to balance the shadow master me may be able to gain the form, but the two of us must be one."
"One? How do we do that?"
"Complete elemental blending. It's the only merger technique ever discussed in the texts.
"Can we pull apart afterwards?" Anabel asks.
"I believe so, but with Giovanni getting ready to attack us again we have no choice but to take the risk." Valdrade states.
"What do we do?"
"We go find a quiet place and try to do this."
"But what about Sabrina's fight?" Anabel asks.
"I think she'll understand if we miss it. Besides, Gary will be there and he's more important to her." Valdrade states and the two put the tomes back and leave the archive.


"This is an elemental battle. No pokemon are to be used in this battle. Any and all moves are legal. If anyone interfere, the one that benefits from the interference shall be disqualified. If you win Sabrina, you will be next in line for Agatha's spot. Wil, if you win, Sabrina will never try to become a member of the Elite Four. Do both competitors understands the rules and terms of this battle?" the referee asks. The two now and the ref allows battle to begin.
"You know you can't win against me." Wil brags.
"We shall see about that...,mental fatigue!" Sabrina calls.
"Damn you, trying to drain my psychic energy." Wil growls trying to fend off the attack. "Psy-shield!" he calls and the attack instead of draining Wil's mental energy drains the energy of the shield.
"Hmmm, let's see...,I've not used this before...,shadow sphere!" Sabrina shouts. The super form of the ghost attack 'shadow ball' hurtles itself at Wil. The other psychic master avoids the ghostly attack.
"I see you've delved into your ghost powers. That won't help you." Wil taunts.
"Confuse ray," she whispers and a blinding blue light hits Wil. Once the spots were gone, he sees several duplicates of Sabrina standing before him.
"Psychic illusion...,are you kidding me! This is a child's trick." Wil states. He attacks what he thinks is the real one, but his hand pass through the false Sabrina and a feeling of cold dread runs through his veins.
"That wasn't psychic illusion. That was ghostly haunt. Unlike the psychic version of this attack, these duplicates can attack back. That copy of me just used a terror attack." Sabrina states.
'No wonder why I'm afraid of her.' Wil thinks. 'Terror instills fear in its victums.' He gets a panicked look on his face seeing several shadow sphere aimed right at him. Each Sabrina ghostly duplicate fires off an attack. He moves but he would have to dodge another. This kept up until the real Sabrina comes from behind and hits him with a night shade.
"You waisted a lot of energy trying to keep from getting hit and trying to keep from hitting yourself." Sabrina states calmly looking down at Wil."
"I've still got one move up my sleeve...," he states and Sabrina feels a psychic hand grip her mind. She struggles against it, but it starts stroking something deep within her mind. Wil smirks as he starts messing with Sabrina's libido.
"What are you doing!?" she shouts.
"I'm going to make you beg me to cum, Sabrina." Wil states.
"Never! Sabrina shouts and to Wil's horror, Sabrina leaves her body. "Nightshade destroyer." she calmly states. Ghostly and psychic energy hits Wil sending him to the ground.
"Wil is unable to battle. Sabrina is the winner!" the referee states.
"You did it!" Gary celebrates lifting Sabrina into his arms.
"Get me to a bed right now so I may be ravaged." Sabrina moans and Gary teleports away with her in his arms. The next day the resistance would be in for the fight of their lives.

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