Elemental Battles

BY : SSJ04Mewtwo
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Elemental Battles
A Personal Setback
by SSJ04 Mewtwo


Sitting at the top of a hill at the outskirts of Pallet were Ash and Pikachu. The newly obtained black cloak was around his shoulders. The raven haired boy stairs at the black fingerless gloves pensively.
"Can we handle this Pikachu?" Ash asks his now black buddy. "This new power is frightening, and this inner darkness I can feel is even scarier." Ash says and Pikachu agrees.
"There you are." a male voice says from behind Ash. Ash turns and looks at a figure in a platinum cloak. His hood was up masking the stranger's identity.
"Who are you?" Ash asks and the figure lowers his hood.
"Should have known someone like you would run away from the Sinno region like a weakling. I guess Chimchar's still with you?"
"Paul." Ash quietly states. "What are you doing here?"
"Looking for you. I want to battle you again. I wish to test my new found power."
"Funny, I thought Team Rocket would've recruited you by now."
"I don't follow weak minded fools like the leader of Team Rocket. Now face me, without your pokemon."
Ash bites his lip. He wasn't the one in control when he fought Giovanni, but he couldn't back down from a challenge. "There are more important things to do than teach you a lesson, Paul." Ash says turning away from Paul and walking away.
"So, Chimchar not only picked a weak trainer, but Chimchar picked a coward as well." Paul says. Ash turns narrowing his eyes.
"I don't think you know what you're dealing with."
"Yeah, I know what I'm dealing with...,a coward." Paul retorts and Ash's right arm charges with electrical energy.
"There are more important things than petty rivalries!"
"Petty? I don't call teaching trainers how weak they are petty."
"Pikachu, keep out of this. I'll deal with him." Ash states and a lance of black electricity shoots out at Paul.
"Mirror coat." Paul states and the bolt reflects back at Ash knocking him flat on his back. "That was too easy. Having the powers of all elements will make me...," but Paul is interrupted by Ash sitting up. Paul felt scared for a moment seeing Ash's red eyes flash for a moment before they go back to their normal color.
"Shadow wind!" Ash cries and a black wind lashes out at Paul. He quickly dodges and smirks.
"Good to see that you can take one of you're own attacks. Horn drill!" and the one hit knock out move fires out of Paul's hand. Ash dodges the move.
"Black ice!" Ash calls out and shards of black ice hurdle themselves at Paul.
"Mirror coat." Paul says with confidence and like the electrical attack, the ice attack is thrown back at Ash. The shards imbed themselves in his cloak and his flesh. A black aura surrounds Ash and the shards and the tears in his cloak vanish.
"You're doing a better job than Giovanni. You must be at a higher level than he is."
"I've been training, but how did you recover like that?"
"Forbidden recovery."
"Interesting. Zap canon!" Paul calls forth, but Ash simply deflects it away.
"Nice, here's another one for you. Thunder shatter!" and a black ball of electricity is launched at Paul.
"Mirror coat." Paul calmly states and like before the shadow attack is thrown back at Ash, but this time the shadow master didn't get up. "I hope you learned something. Your philosophy on training yourself and your pokemon doesn't work." He turns and starts walking away when a white Pikachu stands in front of him. Paul glares at the Pikachu and tries to get away, but the Pikachu follows him.
"What did you do to him?" Valdrade asks as she and Anabel come up to where the battle had occurred.
"I don't know you...," Paul begins looking at Anabel., "...,but you I know everything about. Valdrade, the new light mistress. I taught your shadow counter part a lesson. I would be happy...,"
"I don't think so." Lance interrupts.
"Fine. I haven't the time to hang around such weaklings." Paul comments.
"Dragon Twister!" Lance shouts and Paul is blasted off in a whirlwind. "Get him and yourselves back to his house." Lance orders.


Ketchem residence...,


"In two weeks's time, we'll be hitting Viridian. Most of us have quickly learned and adapted to our new powers, but the two of you are of a different element than anyone else in this army. Plus, neither of you seem to be able to handle your new found powers well at the moment. While we plan out here in Pallet, I want the two of you to go and train yourselves. Take only your Pikachu and train out in the forests around Pallet. I don't want to see the two of you until two weeks have past. Do I make myself clear?" Lance asks Ash and Valdrade.
"Yes Lance." they both reply in unison.
"Good. Get going." Lance says and the two leave the room.
"Was it necessary to be so hard on them?" Sabrina asks.
"This is war Sabrina, and they are the key to winning this war. They must learn to control their forbidden elements." Lance counters.
"I hope you know what you're doing." she retorts and leaves.
"I hope so too."

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