Elemental Battles

BY : SSJ04Mewtwo
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Elemental Battles


by SSJ04 Mewtwo


10 years later, Pallet...


Three adults watched as three ten year old children left Pallet for their pokemon journey.

"There they go," a black haired man said. He was well built and had a dangerous aura about him.

"It's hard to let them go." a woman with purple hair said. Her hair went halfway down her back. Anabel had blossomed out more since her pregnancy with her and Ash's daughter.

"But they'll be back." a blond said. Her hair went down her back to the base of her spine. Pink highlights could be seen. Valdrade could be called the most curvacious of the Waterflower women. She had the rougher pregnancy due to the fact that she had twins.

"You do know what this means don't you?" Ash asked.

"What?" the two girls asked.

"We can try for some more." Ash said with a smirk and the two laugh.

"Gary bragging about his sex life getting to you?" Anabel teased.

"Just because he and Sabrina weren't out numbered when they had their kid doesn't mean that he can brag that he still gets to have sex every night." Ash complained.

"Oh you big baby." Valdrade teased.

"C'mon, you two have been wanting it as well." Ash countered.

"It is hard not to go at it when we're in the shower together." Anabel noted.

"Wonder if Gary's son will join our son and two daughters?" Valdrade asked.

"As smitten as he is for your daughter," Anabel started and Ash rolled his eyes.

"I am fine with being Gary's friend, but if we become in-laws," Ash said and shook his head.

"Mmmm, the anniversary is coming up, think we'll see all of our battle group this time?" Valdrade asked.

"Well, with everyone married I'm not too sure...just as long as Dawn hasn't killed Kenny for calling her 'Dee Dee'." Ash said with a smile.

"It'll be good to see our battle group all together again. Most of them were still journeying the last few reunions we've had." Anabel said.

"Hopefully Harley and Drew won't start fighting each other." Valdrade commented.

"Yeah, unless Harley opens his big mouth and insults May." Ash said. "C'mon, let's go have some fun." he offered with a smile. The two take each of Ash's hands and the three go back inside and head for their bed room.


The scent of sex was heavy in the room as the couple laid in bed wrapped up in each other.

"You're a minx, do you know that?" Gary asked.

"Mmmm, and you enjoy it." Sabrina teased. "They finally were able to have sex again."

"I don't care about Ash's sex life." he protested.

"Really? You seem to like hanging it over Ash's head that you have more sex with your one wife than he has with his two." Sabrina jabbed back. Gary mumbled something and Sabrina giggled.

"Hope those four don't get into trouble. I mean they probably with Ash's son with them." Gary remarked and Sabrina rolled her eyes.

"The only reason those four might travel together is because our son is entranced with Valdrade's daughter." Sabrina said.

"Thought I gave him a better taste in women than that." Gary said.

"Oh really?"

"I say your the better looking psychic compared to Valdrade. And, you're nastier in bed." he added with a grin and Sabrina smiled.


'Ten years,' Lance thought looking out his office's window. 'Ten years have passed since that last battle at Blackthorn. Much has changed, but that which didn't need to change hasn't. The police force doesn't have their hands tied if a pokemon crime ring pops up, and the league is nor longer corrupted like it was before. Now though, with the elemental masters running around, we've had to make a separate contest for humans and human pokemon battle pairs. The next tournament is in six months...wonder if we're going to see Paul and Ash battle it out. Peace was what we worked for, and we got it, but it had been a hard struggle to get it.' Lance sighed and decided to check up on Clair and the triplets. Hopefully she wouldn't start yelling at him the moment he walked in the door.


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