Of Gods and Angels

BY : Pseudo Hanyou
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Chapter 2: Recollection

“Our top story tonight: Between 6:16 and 6:45 this evening, over forty prisoners in the Kanto region have been reported dead. All, I repeat, all seemed to have suffered sudden heart attacks. It has not been confirmed whether or not this is the work of Kira…”

Light reached over to his left and retrieved the remote control for the television, clicking it off. There seemed no point to him in keeping an eye on the news to survey Mikami’s work, for the reporters were always off with their initial estimates. Over forty. A smile touched the corners of his mouth. It was fifty. It was fifty because fifty was the number that he had instructed and it would be illogical for him to assume that the true number was anything less.

Glancing over at his bed, he allowed himself a moment to gaze at Misa as she was: sleeping, quiet. Her blonde hair sprawled about her face; it was almost possible for him to momentarily forget what a nuisance the girl was. She served no purpose, save for frequent, though not always welcome, gratification.

Since the death of Rem, since his victory over L, and the subsequent defeat of Near, there had not been a single thing that Light could think of as a use for the girl. She lived because she remembered nothing, she lived because…

She lived because though Mikami had proven himself thus far as no less than the perfect disciple, Light did not believe that it would always remain as such. Humans, by default, were greedy creatures. All it would have to take was for Ryukku to decide that he was becoming bored and divulge to Mikami that he possessed the exact powers as Light; that he could just as easily be the very Kami he so worshipped.

If that day ever came, Light would need Misa to take her place at his side once more, though the very thought of her regaining her memories almost caused him to cringe. As of now, she was content in simply being considered his girlfriend. She was content to satisfy him physically and walk on his arm in public.

She was content with being a pet.

Light brought his fingers to his face, brushing a stray lock of hair from his eye as he dwelled a bit more on his true disciple. Though fanatical, Mikami seemed to accept his station and did as he was told with no question. The perfect opposite of what Misa was. Within a day of her discovering Kira’s identity, she had sought him out and proclaimed her adoration, attempting to demand things from him in return for her allegiance, though she had claimed that her devotion to Kira was absolute. Soon after, she had gotten herself captured by Ryuzaki and put Light under even greater suspicion. Truth be told, aside from her willingness to obey Light in most things, she was worthless.

Perhaps even more so now because he had found the perfect disciple in Mikami. The lawyer’s obsession with time and detail had proven to be of great use when carrying out Kira’s will. During those final moments in the battle with Near, it was Mikami who had ensured Kira’s victory. His attention to precision was the very thing that prevented Near’s plan from coming to a conclusion.

Light covered his mouth, stifling his laughter as he remembered the dead silence during the final thirty-nine seconds after which Mikami, hidden on the other side of the warehouse entrance, had written the names of every member of both his team and the SPK. Every name, save for one.

For once, Ryukku had gone along with his plans and agreed to stand to the left of Light, directly blocking him from the line of sight of Mikami as the lawyer peeked through the crack in the door in order to obtain the names of everyone inside. Light had decided that it would be best to deny his disciple a glimpse of him, to prevent any future complications. Let him have visions of grandeur, of his Kami.

All the better to keep him in line.

Light had heard his fanatical whispers as he scribbled down the names, heard him nearly cry out as his opponents fell, eyes wide. Near has been his second greatest defeat, next to L. The look on his face as he felt his heart halt in his chest was something Light wished he could have framed to keep in his pocket for eternity.

In that moment, for a brief second, he felt such a sense of victory and pride that he could have almost claimed to have loved the one who was responsible for it. Articulate, devoted Mikami. The one who never doubted his greatness, the one who had not once demanded something in return for his compliance, save for acknowledgement. It was almost enough to cause Light to move from behind Ryuk and move to where Mikami remained hidden in order to embrace the man.


However, as instructed, Mikami had remained on the opposite side of the door, obeying Light’s command to refrain from sneaking a glimpse of him. For that, he was rewarded with a brief praise.

“Mikami,” Light allowed his eyes to sweep over the mass of bodies that lay at his feet and across the room, the smug grin refusing to leave his mouth. To his side, Ryukku chuckled under his breath, heightening the sense of victory even further. “You have done well.”

With that, he turned to exit the scene, visions of a new world overcoming his desire to encounter his disciple face to face. There would be time for that later, he reminded himself as he stepped over the corpse of Matsuda and proceeded to the front entrance. He didn’t bother to avoid stepping in the blood that had been spewed from the men’s mouths at the moment of their deaths. Who would track him? The police? The ICPO? The SPK?

He was undefeatable. He was…

He was the God of the New World.

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