Of Gods and Angels

BY : Pseudo Hanyou
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Chapter 3: Impromptu

The faint, warm streaks of sunlight peeking through the grey, closed blinds rested on Mikami’s eyelids, rousing him from sleep. Immediately, he rose from his futon and made his way over to the window, taking five steps before reaching his destination and turning the blinds in the opposite direction. The uneven streaks that appeared on the carpet were things that made him almost cringe, and turning the blinds ninety degrees to the right caused them to disappear, almost calming his rising anxiety immediately.

Only a fraction of a moment later, his dark eyes darted to the small alarm clock he kept on the small, solid oak table that he had positioned next to the upper right side of his bed and saw that the time read 5:59 and twenty-nine seconds. With quick strides, he moved to the right of the bed, disabling the alarm before it could be triggered by the arrival of six a.m. Knowing that he would not hear that insistent buzzing provided him with added relief, allowing him to exhale slowly, the tension in his body lessening by a great degree.

This was only until he heard a slight racket coming from the direction of his small kitchen and knew immediately that it was the Shinigami misplacing things in the refrigerator in order to gain access to the apples he kept in the bottom fruit bin. He had ordered them directly from America, specifically from a state in the pacific northwest, in order to ensure they were the best organically grown apples he could acquire for Ryukku.

“Hey, Mikami!” The Shinigami’s overly loud voice blared through the walls and caused him to wince. It would be some time, if ever, that he would be able to become accustomed to having another being inhabiting his flat. “You’ve only got two apples left here!”

“Yes, I am aware,” He answered through the door while moving about his room, fixing the bed and opening the drawer of the oak night stand, glancing inside in order to make sure the Note remained where he had secured it the previous night. Satisfied, he closed the drawer and moved to his large, walk-in closet, where he surveyed his clothes for a moment before meticulously choosing his outfit for the day ahead. Instinctually, he chose a black, collared, button-down shirt and a pair of matching Tsuki-Ano dress pants, opting to not wear a tie due to it being a day where he had no cases to attend or clients with whom to consult.

Glancing over to the other side, where he kept his casual clothing, he quickly grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a white t-shirt, folding them neatly before placing them in his black gym bag. Along with these items, he placed a fresh pair of white socks to be worn after his work-out and shower, and a crisp, white towel, also folded neatly and placed to the left of his other items. Zipping his bag, he lifted it and moved it, along with his pants and shirt draped over his arm, into the bedroom, arranging everything neatly onto the bed.

“More will arrive today.” He added to his previous statement, still not opening his door. Before he presented himself to the Shinigami, he first needed to shower and dress. It would be disrespectful to present himself in an untidy manner to one who was so close to Kami.

With those words, he began to undress, first pulling his shirt over his head and placing it on the bed, to be later moved to the small hamper in his closet, then removing the pants in which he slept, leaving himself in only a pair of briefs, which he would remove once he reached the bathroom. Before the Shinigami took up residence in his home, he had no reservations about his nudity, but now the fear that he would come walking through the wall at any moment was a bit unnerving.

He glanced at the clock once more. 6:23. If he hurried in the shower, he would still have time for a quick bite to eat before he departed for the day. Glancing to his right, making sure his door remained closed, though all logic told him that it would be, he made his way into the bathroom, sliding the shower door aside and turning on the faucet.

The moment that he heard the sound of water hitting the ceramic of the tub, the faint ringing of his cell phone drew his attention back towards his bedroom. Quickly, he closed the faucet and rushed to the oak bed table, retrieving his phone with a slightly damp hand and using the other to unfold his glasses and put them on, that he would be able to see the small numbers on the screen.

Unknown, the screen stated. That could only mean…

Mikami inhaled a sharp breath and flipped the phone open, bringing it to his ear. He said nothing, knowing that anyone who was in possession of his personal cell phone number knew to not contact him from an unknown number.

Everyone, except for Kami.

The moment the receiver met his ear, he nearly fell to his knees, but refrained from doing so. Such acts showed weakness on his part, and the last thing he wanted was for Kami to view him as weak…unworthy.

“Mikami.” The voice on the other end was smooth, collected. It made him want to whine, which was more than disturbing to the young lawyer. It was his profession to be the very thing he was hearing in his ear. Calm, composed. It was what was expected of him; not only in life, but from Kami. Kami did not choose him because he was a begging, convictionless fool.

Brushing the hair from his forehead in a nervous gesture, he exhaled the only thing he could muster. “Kami…”

It was unlike Kami to contact him so soon after judgments had been carried out. Normally, Mikami would be left waiting, glancing at his phone obsessively for days before he would receive a call, and it would always be the same thing. “You have done well, Mikami. I expect you to repeat this in two days.” With that, Kami would end the call, leaving the lawyer all but shuddering from the sound of his voice and the excitement of being in such close contact with his Lord.

“You do not have cases today. Is this true, Mikami?”

Mikami quirked a brow, grasping the phone so tightly that he feared he would break it. “Yes, Kami. I do not.”

“I wish to see you.”

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