Of Gods and Angels

BY : Pseudo Hanyou
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Chapter 4: Encounter

Light snapped the phone closed, returning it to its place in his inside jacket pocket, the slightest trace of a smirk on his lips. He was, as always, grateful for Misa’s absence. He remembered vaguely that she had mentioned something about a photo shoot that would possibly take all day, asking him if he would accompany her, then pouting when he declined.

He had more important matters to worry about. For weeks, he had been debating whether or not a direct meeting with Mikami would be wise. After all, did he not keep the lawyer on a short leash with no more than the occasional phone call? He had no reason to believe that any further contact was necessary, that allowing Mikami to see him in person would have any further positive outcome on the degree to which he served.

However, he decided that it was inevitable that they meet, seeing as Kira’s reign was growing by the day, with other, less deserving followers popping up all over the media, claiming to be his “voice.”

Light chuckled slightly when he thought of Mikami’s potential reaction to seeing such things on the news, all over the television. Being the one, true disciple of Kira, he imagined that it must have bothered him to no end to have seen others claiming to be his equal, if not directly. Light wondered if he believed that his Kami had actually deployed these other fools, or if he was indeed intelligent enough to realize it all to be a farce.

There was, however, one event occurring that held truth: An anti-Kira faction had risen that had begun only months earlier, but had grown to nearly massive proportions during the past few weeks, led by one Hideo Watanabe, a former colleague of Mikami’s.

It was for this reason alone that Light made the final decision that a formal meeting was in order. Though he knew Mikami was nothing less than faithful, it unsettled him a bit to know that one with whom the lawyer associated with at some point was now the head of a growing annoyance. It left a space open for his disciple to be manipulated, swayed…albeit a small one.

That reason, and that reason alone was why Light had contacted Mikami off schedule and summoned him to meet in the Hotel Okura, located in the heart of Tokyo, where businessmen came and went frequently and two men coming together for a private meeting would go unnoticed.

Retrieving his jacket from the coat hanger near the front door of the lavish apartment which he and Misa shared, he shrugged it on, smoothing out any wrinkles which may have accumulated overnight. Only once he stood inside of the building’s elevator, watching the numbers descend, did he decide that perhaps the meeting would have to be a bit less formal than he had intended. Despite his trust, Light knew better than to put absolute confidence in anyone’s loyalty…even Mikami’s.

The lawyer would not be allowed to look upon him. Accomplishing this would be an easy thing, as all he would have to do was blatantly instruct Mikami to avert his eyes. There was no doubt in his mind that Mikami would comply. After all, as far as the lawyer was concerned, he would be in the presence of a god.

It was nearly thirty-five minutes later that he sat, right leg crossed over his left with his hands folded in his lap, in a comfortable chair to the right of the door in which Mikami would be entering shortly. Given his position, the door would open to the left of him, allowing him to promptly instruct his disciple to cross the room and to keep his eyes ahead of him. The blinds had been closed, preventing any possible reflection which Mikami could use in order to sneak a glimpse at him. Though again, the possibility of Mikami doing anything that he was instructed specifically to not do was very low, almost non-existent, but all the same, Light would have his security.

It was only a matter of seconds later when he heard the click of the keycard in the access slot on the opposite side of the door, then the light from the well-illuminated hall spilling into the darkened room as the door was opened slowly.


“Mikami.” Light heard the shuffling of shoes on the carpet as Mikami turned to quickly close the door behind him. As expected, the lawyer turned his head in the direction of Light’s voice. “Close your eyes immediately,” he instructed, not letting a hint of apprehension touch his voice.

Mikami obeyed, standing perfectly still after the door had successfully closed them off from any source of light, leaving the two men in the silent, darkened room. Light noticed that his breathing was a bit erratic, clearly audible over his own. Yes, he mused, Mikami must have been in quite a state, meeting his cherished Kami for the first time.

“I am honored to be in your presence.” Mikami’s words were breathy, and it was clear to Light that despite his sometimes…fanatical methods of obeying, the lawyer was doing a fine job of keeping himself calm.

That thought, however, was quickly abandoned as Light heard the man fall to his knees, no doubt pressing his forehead to the carpet in what was considered to be the utmost form of respect.

Though…enjoyable, Light did not wish to have their entire discussion in this fashion. And besides, Mikami was too close. He could, at any time, simply raise his head and open his eyes. “Settle yourself, Mikami.” He all but cooed, his ego swelling from the show his disciple was presenting before him. “While I appreciate your formality, I would appreciate it more if you would address me calmly. There are things to be discussed, and I’d rather not discuss them with you at my feet. Get up.”

“My apol-“

“Don’t. “ He interrupted. Precious time would not be wasted with unproductive exchanges.

“Yes, Kami.”

“Turn your head to the left and open your eyes. Don’t look at me, do you understand?” To the left of Mikami lay the closed blinds, dark in color, which allowed not even a streak of light to break their cover.

“I understand.”

He heard the faint rustling of fabric as Mikami not only turned his head, but his entire body in the direction which he had instructed. Light suppressed an amused chuckle. Already, Mikami’s suspected excesses were becoming painfully clear. “Walk over to that window and stand with your back to me. You may keep your eyes open once you reach the window, but you are not to turn around unless I tell you to.”

The lawyer complied silently, taking long, even strides towards the window. Light kept an ear open for any potential trickery on his part, more rustling of fabric, perhaps the extraction of a weapon. Though he was almost completely sure that no such threat existed, he knew it was always best to be prepared.

Was Mikami…counting his steps? For a moment, Light was unsure, but it was soon made clear when he heard the distinct sound of the man breathing barely audible numbers that accompanied each step he took. Such precision.

“Hideo Watanabe: Tell me what you know of him.” There was no point in prolonging this encounter. The necessary discussion would be had and contact would be ended. Any more would only cause unwarranted interaction.

The sound of Mikami moving drew Light's attention, and he was hesitant for a moment, but soon realized that the man was only clasping his hands behind his back.

“Watanabe? I know much of him, Kami. He was the lead prosecutor in the Matsuo case three years ago. After Matsuo was…judged, he was implicated in and charged with his murder, but later released based on lack of evidence.”

“So there was an attempted prosecution, then.” Of course, Light already knew the answer to this question, but it amused him slightly to hear the lawyer shift on his feet, no doubt knowing where this conversation was headed.


“Tell me, Mikami. Who was the lead prosecutor in his case?”

“I was, Kami.”

“I see.” Light tapped his fingers together. “And why did you allow his case to be dropped?”

Mikami cleared his throat, shifting yet again. How uncomfortable he must have been. “I couldn’t produce sufficient material evidence. I only went on circumstantial coincidences, which I feared from the beginning would not be enough. But I was assigned to the case, and there would have been no logical excuse for me to have turned it down.”

“He was your comrade, no?” Light pressed.

“Yes, he was.” Mikami paused, obviously attempting to choose his words wisely. “But it would have been very unlike me to turn down a case. I was in no position to claim that I believed he was innocent and-“

“You did it to cover your own ass. Don’t skirt around facts with me, Mikami.”

“Yes, Kami.”

“Have I ever instructed you to judge the innocent?” Light pressed, raising a brow at his own inquiry.

“No, never.” Mikami assured. “You are just, Kami.”

“Yes, I am.” Oh, how difficult it was becoming to suppress his own amusement, though it was not impossible. Light maintained his tone. “So I believe it’s safe to assume that you felt guilt when it came to Watanabe. You felt as though you were “judging” an innocent, else you would have made sure he was prosecuted and sentenced, am I correct?”

“Forgive me…” The lawyer whispered, the shame thick in his voice.

“You are not here for penance, Mikami. You’re here because Watanabe is all over the media, spreading anti-Kira messages. He has a following: a rather large one. They have finances, they have means. I would have this dealt with.”

“Then I shall judge him for you, Kami.”

“Idiot.” Light remarked. “Don’t you think that if it were that easy, I would have done it already? I know his name. But tell me, Mikami: What kind of impact do you think it would have on his followers if the head of the anti-Kira faction were killed by Kira?” He paused. “He would be a martyr to those fools. It would only fuel their purpose. What I need from you is simple: Meet with him on behalf of Kira supporters, not as my disciple. But of course, you already know that, yes?”


“Very good.” Light leaned back in his chair, a bit more at ease than when Mikami had begun speaking. “You need to make some form of arrangement with him, Mikami. Something that will halt his activities… without any deaths. The last thing I need is for something like this to rise, not after my victory, not after you have served me so well in bringing justice to those who would see it.” Yes, he purposely flattered the man, but it seemed in order in that moment. “Meet with him, Mikami.” He continued. “Do what you must, but keep judging. I won’t have him think that his parlor tricks and media tactics are having any affect on Kira’s reign. He cannot be given that power. “

“I understand Kami.” Mikami choked on his words, for the ones that followed were pointless, though entertaining endearments. “My will is only to serve. Trust that I will have this matter attended to and I beg that you forgive my past indiscretion.” The sound of a deep breath being inhaled preceded his next words. “Had I allowed him to be prosecuted-“

“There is no need to grovel, Mikami.” Though interesting, Light held little patience for the desperate way in which Mikami sought his favor. “This is only partially your doing. You had no way of knowing this would occur. Had you, I am positive you would have put an end to it before it even began. You need no forgiveness from me for this. I know you are loyal and I know that you will take care of this.” The last statement was more of a subtle threat than an observation.

“Yes, Kami.” Mikami answered immediately. Perhaps…a bit too quickly for Light’s liking.

It seemed to Light that everything that needed to be discussed had been covered. In truth, he wondered if this meeting had indeed been necessary. Perhaps, he thought, it was a bit of desire on his part to finally converse directly with one who had served him so well over the years.

“I believe we’re done here. Do what you must, and do it swiftly. I expect immediate results. Nothing less will be acceptable. Now close your eyes, turn, and walk to me.”

Again, he heard the movement of fabric, the soft steps coming toward him on the carpet, and Mikami’s muted attempt to prevent him from hearing the numbers spill from his lips as he moved forward. The sounds reached the point where Light knew that Mikami was only inches from him.

“Stop” he commanded abruptly.

How interesting that Mikami chose to fall to his knees yet again, though no instruction had been issued for him to do so.

“Mikami.” Light uttered his name, all but reveling in the rash intake of breath he heard in response. The first time that the lawyer had referred to him as “Kami,” all of those years ago on the phone, Light had been a bit unsettled by his choice of title. But now…now it was something to be cherished, played upon.

“You are the right hand of God.” He whispered, leaning forward until his hand came in contact with soft, long hair. Briefly, he wondered why a man of such meticulous habits allowed his hair to grow so long, then decided that it was really of no importance. “ When you have a task set upon you, it is your place to ensure that it is completed, with no complications. God would not have it otherwise.”

“Your disciple…” Mikami breathed, his voice giving off the slightest hint of the shudder Light had felt come from the man when his hand rested on his head.

“Yes, my disciple.” He leaned further, allowing his face to come closer to the lawyer’s. And yet, he mused, Mikami did not open his eyes. He could have. He could have opened his eyes and seen Light’s name, clear as day, above his head, despite the darkness of the room. But he did not. It was both curious and compelling and it caused Light to decide that perhaps a bit of a reward was in order. It was more than clear that Mikami’s choice of title for him was not simply one of preference, but of belief. “Once this is brought to a conclusion,” He assured him, purposely breathing his words onto the skin that was now less than an inch away from his mouth. “You will be permitted to look upon me.” With those words, he drew back, removing his hand from Mikami’s head and leaning back into the chair. “Now go.”

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