Proper Courting

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Fukuyama stretched, groaning out some of the tiredness, and straightened out his silk bedrobe, as he made his way through the mansion from his bedroom to the grand bathroom. Some mornings, he wondered why he didn't just move bedrooms. Or bathrooms. The long walk was a bit of a hassle.

Then he would always remind himself that no other bedroom apart from Lisa's could hope to compare to the splendorous room he was graced with. No bedroom was larger, more well furnished, or more atmospheric than Fukuyama's bedroom. So changing one was out of the question.

As far as the bathrooms went, this was the only one in the entire estate that was fully and completely soundproof and pick proof. Once someone was in there, only five special people could access a special panel on the opposite wall to force it open. And it never came to that.

Besides, it was a grand bathroom, with a separate bathtub and shower, both fit for the well to do, and the acoustics were incredible. It really allowed Fukuyama to sing to his heart's content as he woke up. Simply put, it was grand, it was marvelous, it was--


Locked. Fukuyama discovered this as he tried and failed to open the locked door inwards, and ended up walking into it with the hollow noise. He jostled the handle a few times, before throwing his arm across the door in frustration, stamping off to a certain someone's room.

Arriving at Lisa's room, Fukuyama threw the doors open, and stormed in. “Lisa! You must do something about that bodyguard woman of your's! She's done it again!”

Lisa looked up from her morning breakfast, and closed her latest book on the occult. She put on a regal, confused face. “Why, dear brother, what ever has she done? Apparently again?”

Fukuyama rolled his eyes. “What has she don--she's invaded my personal bathroom! Like she's done every other day!”

“Oh, brother, you can't be so quick to judge poor Kosame. It could be any one of your maids, perhaps even Lilica. It could even be Hayate.”

“A refill of your tea, Ms. Lisa?” Hayate asked, offering a fresh pot.

“Ah, yes, thank you, Hayate.” Lisa lifted her cup for filling.

“He's standing right there!” Fukuyama argued in exasperation.

Lisa took a sip of her morning tea, and looked to Fukuyama. “Look, do you honestly need that specific bathroom?”

“The rest are the guest and servant bathrooms! And you would never consider letting me use yours! Besides, this is complete insubordination on her part!”

“Kosame is my bodyguard, and I don't consider her having a shower in your bathroom a big deal. If you absolutely must have that bathroom, I'd suggest waking up earlier. Or perhaps later.”

Fukuyama became increasingly agitated. “It's 7:30 in the morning! Any later, I'd be late for classes, any earlier, and not even my shower would get me through the day!”

Lisa rolled her eyes, and put her tea down. “Alright, if it will make you feel any better, I will have Kosame punished. She'll have to take her showers before her morning duties, rather than after. And she'll be hot and sweaty for the rest of the day. I hope you're happy.”

“If it keeps her out of my bathroom. I swear, why does she need my bathroom! She doesn't need its grand nature, and the only other feature is it being soundproof.” Fukuyama looked to Hayate. “She's not a closet karaoke enthusiast, is she? With a horrible singing voice?”

“No on both counts, young sir” Hayate explained.

Fukuyama shoved his hands into his robes, and slinked away. “So what the heck could she have to gain from absconding with my bathroom, honestly?”

“Could think of a few reasons,” Hayate muttered under his breath.

“Don't feel obligated to share, Hayate, I'm sure Kosame would rather not divulge.”
Back in Fukuyama's bathroom, Kosame was making the most of the large shower, cascading torrents of warm water on her naked body, instantly washing anyway any evidence of the deed, as she stared longingly at her cherished, laminated photo, both hands busy all over her body.

The photo was of Ms. Kirie, acquaintance of the Fukuyama household, dressed in her beautiful jumpsuit when she was posing for a motorcycle convention. Kosame had a collection of photos of her at the event, but this one, where she was leaning forward on the bike, a look on her face that was both seductive with her eyes and yet adorable with her smile, and, of course, the pushing up of her deep, luscious breasts...

Every time Kosame looked at that photo, she lost control of herself, which is why she had it laminated, and put away except for mornings at the shower, or evenings on her mattress. She didn't have any photos of the time she and Kirie had that wrestle in the mud, but she had mixed feelings about that. On the one, it was obviously more sexy in a conventional way. On the other, there was something so charming about the fully clothed yet still effectively bearing it all appeal of the jumpsuit, and the face she had on was priceless.

In comparison, any photo of the mud wrestling would probably have Kirie looking in sure anger, which was rather sexy, or horrified, which had the duel effect of making Kosame feel guilty, and reduce her lust. It was hard to be turned on when the object of your desires looked mollified.

Shaking her head of the bad thoughts, Kosame pinched hard on her left breasts, gasping out in lust, throwing her back against the wall of the shower. She continued to rub her muff, thinking of all the things Kirie could do to her down there. Touch it, lick it, rub it with her foot, or, dare Kosame dream, fuck her with her amazing breasts. The thought thrilled Kosame, as she started to explore deeper within herself, running her fingers up and down tantalizingly while her thumb flicked and rubbed at her clit.

Gasping and groaning with agonized desire, Kosame could feel herself coming close and closer to release, until...
“MmmmNNNN!” Kirie groaned out through teeth clenched around the green cloth, eyes wide as she came harder than she expected.

As she began to decelerate her personal finger banging, while the shower washed away whatever cum dribbled out of her pussy and down her legs, Kirie looked towards the laminated photo she had taken extreme measures to keep top secret.

The photo was of Lisa's bodyguard, Kosame, one of the (very) few people who could not only keep up with Kirie in a fair fight, but also legitimately kick her ass. That, alone, intrigued her, and, to be honest, the stoic professionalism of a bodyguard, and her general badass attitude towards others besides her master were a bit of a turn on.

Well, it would be if she kept that badass persona up around her. Apparently it was lust at first punch for Kosame as well, only she was much, much more open about it, turning into a bit of a psycho lesbian whenever they entered each other's field of vision. Sometimes, Kirie figured, whenever Kosame so much as caught a glimpse of her through binoculars or a telescope. She had her own stalker lesbian, and, whenever she had to deal with that part of her, all the potential just got sapped out of the room.

It was a tremendous shame, considering it was only now that Kirie considered she probably missed the boat with Yukinari, the only boy she ever really considered dating. And when she thought about it, that was probably due to extreme guilt over having a hand in making him the utter wuss he was today. She still had to find some way to make it up to him.

But, as it stood, he probably was going to end up with Miharu. She didn't know why she even bothered; as soon as they met and realized she was the only girl who didn't set off his bizarre allergy, they were soul mates. Frankly, she didn't stand a chance.

So she had to regret meeting a woman with real potential for romantic partner when she didn't come to terms with that fact, and maybe the fact that Kirie preferred the company of women in general. Maybe if she weren't so stuck up about it, the psychotic part of Kosame's lesbianism wouldn't be so pronounced, and they could've had something.

Finally, Kirie stopped fingering herself, the shower water washing away any cum on her body, except for her hand. Opening her mouth, the green washcloth she gagged herself with slid out. She licked any left over cum off her hand, as she took the laminated picture and looked at it more closely.

It was a very rare shot of Kosame. Kirie didn't know how Lisa managed to get Kosame to take this photo. Or for that matter, why she was so willing to give her a copy.
~Two weeks ago~

“Lisa, I must have this!” Kirie pleaded, lovingly gripping the photo of Kosame.

Lisa pouted, and held out her hand. “It'll cost you though. Six--”

Lisa stopped, and thought. “Kirie = Perceived rival for darling Yukinari. But Kirie = Interested in Kosame quite emphatically. Therefor Kirie would not = Rival for darling Yukinari! Competition would be reduced by one extremely strong armed woman! Encourage this behaviour at all costs!”

“--hundred yen. For 850, I can throw in a second copy, laminated.”
Every time Kirie looked at the photo, she couldn't help but have a hopeful smile on her face. It was a rare photo of Kosame smiling rather proudly, posing professionally with her handgun raised, her hair and uniform absolutely perfect, and her posture tall and powerful. The picture of what Kirie figured was her ideal partner.

“If only...” Kirie muttered to herself.

There was a knock on the door to the bathroom. “Kirie, are you done in there?” Yukinari asked quietly. Kirie almost didn't hear him through the sound of the shower and her funk. “I kinda need to use the toilet before we can go. ... ... ...It's my bathroom, by the way.”

Kirie smirked, and shut off the water. “Give me a minute to get changed. Good that you've stopped barging in.”

As Kirie got dressed, she pulled her shirt over herself, stopping when she spotted her cherished photograph. She stared at it for a bit, before grabbing it, and tucking it into the right breast of her bra. “I'm going to have something plastic rubbing against my breast all day today,” she thought to herself.

She opened the door, and let Yukinari rush in and force her out so he could go through class with an empty bladder. “Have to remember to switch breasts at lunch.”
The medicine ball left a loud crash at it bowled over everything in its path, except for Fukuyama, who managed to get out of the way. “Oh, Kirie, please stop doing this to yourself, to us! We could make such beautiful music together!” he called out romantically.

In a second, Kirie was right in front of him, fist already drawn back. “Go compose your music...” She threw her fist forward. “IN HELL!

With a resounding “thud,” Kirie's fist dug deep into Fukuyama's face, before the pretty boy was sent spiraling ass over teakettle, crashing into the walls of the school. Satisfied with the result, Kirie looked over to her friends to see how they were doing.

Hayate was currently shepherding Miharu away, possibly back home and out of the way, while Lisa was already all over Yukinari. To be expected, Yukinari broke out in hives. Kirie sighed. “Fucking Tuesday lunch periods...” She rushed to close the distance between her and Yukinari.

“Kirie...forget about me!” Yukinari wheezed out through his allergic reaction, and Lisa crushing his lungs in her affection. “Save...Miharu!”

“Yukinari, she's being led away by Hayate. We've seen this before; he's just going to take her home, maybe make her and the others back there some snacks while Lisa carries you away.”

Yukinari nodded. “Good point. Save me!”

“On it--” Kirie reassured, before Kosame zipped into view, right in Kirie's face.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Kirie,” Kosame greeted with a smile.

'oooooly shit,” Kirie thought.

Kosame threw a fairly predictable punch, which Kirie caught. Kosame pulled her fist back, bringing Kirie in for a kiss, which the younger girl narrowly avoided by ducking away and rolling out of Kosame's grip. Kirie got to her feet, and retaliated with a kick aimed to the side of Kosame's head. She blocked this one in turn, and slid herself up the leg, coming to a stop at Kirie's skirt. She felt the soft clothing, pressing it against Kirie's leg.

“Did anyone tell you you have excellent taste, Ms. Kirire?” she asked, kissing her thigh.

Kirie squeaked in alarm, and managed to kick her way out of the grip. She then shoulder tackled Kosame, and pushed her all the way back to the school, and through a window. She hopped in after her.

“Kirie, wait, where are you going?” Yukinari called out. “Still kinda stuck here!”

With a singsong spring in her step, Lisa dragged Yukinari off the school grounds, towards a waiting limo. “Come, darling Yukinari! We must consummate our love!”

“Why won't anyone help me...”
As Kirie leaped into the window, Kosame was already back on her feet, waiting for her. Grabbing her arms, Kosame spun Kirie around, shoving her against the wall, behind some supply lockers. “So luscious...” Kosame groaned out, not even masking her arousal.

She pressed her knee hard against Kirie's crotch. The schoolgirl choked in alarm, as Kosame began to lick and nibble at her ears. Growling in frustration, Kirie forced herself to wait, until Kosame pulled back to begin a licking assault on her chin. Turning her head so they looked each other in the face, Kirie threw her head forward, and captured Kosame in a kiss.

The bodyguard of house Fukuyama was stunned. She...never imagined anything close to this ever happening to her. To be kissed by was so unreal. So...incredible. She wanted to make the most of it, throw herself all over the girl now that she was returning her feelings at long last, but...she was just floored by the sudden advance.

So much that when Kirie broke the kiss, still looking mighty angry, Kosame released her grip on her arms, put her leg back down, and touched her lips. She then looked at Kirie in the face, wondering just what was going on in the girl's mind.

“Do you really expect me to go for you if you keep this up?” Kirie asked once Kosame was giving her full, undivided attention, perhaps for the first time properly since they met. “Do you honestly expect for me to respond to your aggression and your perversion with swoon and cries of take me, Kosame, take me? Each day, you get closer and closer to a level not even Fukuyama would go, and I wouldn't put a lot of messed up shit past that creepy pervert.”

Kosame kept her hand to her lips, but they now provided good cover for her biting of them, masking how they started to tremble as she was being forced to acknowledge the gravity of her actions.

“Did you never once think I would just...fall for you naturally? That, maybe, if you came to me as a proper suitor, courted me the normal way, it wouldn't work nearly as well as attacking me and my friends and constantly trying to rape me?”

Kosame's eyes widened at what Kirie implied with that sentence, and then slacked her joints, bowing her shoulders in shame. “I guess I...let myself get too wound up in my desires, didn't I?”

Kirie tapped her foot, and nodded. After a moment of silence, Kosame looked to Kirie, and bowed like a proper servant. “Ms. Kirie. If you would permit me...may I...court you? Properly, this time?”

Kirie smirked, but kept her stance. “No molestations?” Kosame nodded dutifully. “No knock down brawls?” Again, Kosame nodded. “An understanding that this could take a while and I won't give myself to you immediately because you're treating this like proper romance?”

Kosame nodded. Kirie's smirk turned to a genuine smile, and she nodded as well. “Okay. As a student, you can figure out my schedule. Come pick me up whenever you have time, and we'll play it by ear.”

Kosame grinned at the prospect. “Thank you, Ms. Kirie. I...I apologize for my...horrid behaviour earlier. I hope, can be our means of patching things up?”

“Of course.”

Kosame knew there should be some physical contact to seal the arrangement, but she wasn't sure what. A kiss was highly inappropriate, and a handshake would jeopardize the whole thing to the “just friends” boat. After another pause, Kirie reached over and hugged Kosame around the neck, keeping their hips at wide birth. Kosame blinked, and then smiled and returned the hug.
Kosame and Kirie exited the school from the front entrance. “My next day off given is this Thursday. Would a date then be fine, Ms. Kirie?” Kosame asked.

Fukuyama groaned from a pile of knocked over masonry at Kirie's feet. She silenced him with a light kick. “Thursday's fine. I'll see you then.”

Kosame nodded, and gave her another hug, before heading out the school grounds, and into the waiting limo.

Kirie sighed in content. If Kosame was true to her word, and seriously wanted to be a good partner to her, maybe things would work out for them. The way Kirie wanted them to work out. She then squealed in excitement, the thought that she was going on her first, proper date with someone she had interest in was coming to pass. She had to tell Yukinari, and--

Oh yeah. He was probably being taken to the Fukuyama manor against his will. Again. Her afternoon just booked itself. Kirie sighed in exasperation.

“I have been shown who is the boss...” Fukuyama moaned meekly from underneath the rubble.

Another kick to the ribs shut him up.

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