Proper Courting

BY : YoshimoSullivan
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Kosame dug through her clothes, trying to find something new and suitable for her date, but the search was impeded by her own fluttering emotions. She pulled back, and nearly squealed like a schoolgirl. She was finally going on a date with Kirie! The girl who awoke such longing and passion in her finally agreed to a date, and maybe even something more if things went well!

Kosame had to make them go well! She had to get a nice dress, or just maybe a different suit from her standard bodyguard attire. She had to get some perfume and jewelry to look her best. She had to had to...ah...

She stopped digging, and sat on her knees, eyes wide in sad realization: she had absolutely no idea what she was doing, or what she was supposed to do. Kirie was really the only person she had ever gone on a date with, and she never learned how it went before today. Still, she had to impress her, so she had to learn.

“Maybe someone in the manor can help...” she muttered, getting to her feet, and moving out.

She tried Lisa's room first. She took a grip on the handle and a deep breath, and opened the door wide.

Inside, Lisa stood over a fully clothed Yukinari bound head to foot, as he flopped like a fish and whimpered in fright. Lisa looked over her shoulder at Kosame, and smiled. “Ah, Kosame. Sorry, but I'm in the middle of something, and am not to be disturbed. Perhaps we could talk later?”

“Kosame!” Yukinari called out. “Lisa's going to make me your master by extension, right? So we'd better get into practice giving orders and carrying them out: please help!”

Kosame shut the door, eyes wide with shock and terror, before walking away.

She tried the kitchen next, where Lilica worked this afternoon. She took a grip on the handle and a deep breath, and opened the door wide.

Inside, Lilica instructed the rest of the maids as they went about making tonight's dinner. Her apprentice, Mamoru, approached her. “Master Lilica,” he asked, “today is not a special occasion, is it? Why would you have the maids prepare such a grand meal?”

“Not a special occasion? Today will mark the second year that the master and mistress of the house will have lived here without supervision of their parents,” Lilica explained. “This is to celebrate their tremendous show of responsibility in keeping the mansion running while they were out.”

“ keep the mansion running, Ms. Lilica. Ms. Lisa doesn't seem to do more than study in her library and try to kidnap Yukinari. And Kazuharu...well...half the waking hours...”

“Indeed. But once he sees this gesture of good will and faith,” Lilica explained, looking wistful, “perhaps he will see that he has a good thing going as it is, perhaps focus his attention on running the mansion with me at his side.”

Kosame shut the door, eyes wide with shock and terror, before walking away. She looked up to notice Kirie charging down the hallway. She waved. Kosame pointed down the hall behind her. “Two rights and the large doors on the left.”

“Thanks Kosame!” Kirie called out, rushing past her. “Thursday after school, I'll be waiting.”

“I'd never forget, Ms. Kirie.”

“You're sweet. Lisa! Don't think I won't pull any punches because you're a girl! You're Fukuyama's sister!” With that, Kirie was out of sight.

She tried Fukuyama's room next. She took a grip on the handle and a deep breath, and opened the door wide.

Inside was Kazuharu Fukuyama, walking away from where he had placed his school bag and towards a large desk, text book in hand. “Ah, Kosame,” he greeted. “What is it?”

Kosame shut the door, eyes wide with shock and terror, before walking away.


“It can be hard, being the level headed ones,” Hayate agreed, filling up a cup of tea, and pushing it to Kosame. The two bodyguards were on break, and Kosame decided to visit Hayate after her first three attempts to get dating advise were a bust due to reasons of insanity.

Kosame gingerly picked up the cup, and took a sip, not lifting her head from the unease and shame. Hayate sighed, and patted her hand. “It's alright, Kosame, you get used to the fact that you have to play the only sane man in a house full of eccentrics.”

Kosame finally sat up straight, and adjusted herself so that she was sitting as professionally as possible. “Hayate, I don't suppose you can help me, could you?” she asked.

“Well, I don't have much in the way of experience, but I can certainly give you some advise. Playing an act can be very tiring for the actor, and disappointing for the date if she figures it out. So just do what would come naturally, and, if she accepts, then it was meant to be.”

“Right. Now, what if she only agreed to this date once she made me realize that what came naturally to me would get me no where, and a different approach might?”

“Oh...oh that's, let me think about that for a minute.” Hayate folded his arms in thought, before nodding. “Alright, got it. Kosame, you manage to be a model professional when Ms. Kirie is not around, yes?” Kosame nodded. “Well, perhaps you can continue being the model professional while on your date. It could even be what caused Ms. Kirie to consider it in the first place.”

“Professionalism...” Kosame adjusted the collar of her suit. “It certainly wouldn't hurt to try. Thank you, Hayate.”

“Always a pleasure to help, Kosame.”

A red signal light started blinking over head, klaxons wailing in the room. “Ah, Ms. Kirie must have found where Master Yukinari was being held,” Hayate observed, as the two bodyguards stood up.

“Usual routine, slightly modified, Hayate?” Kosame offered.

“Of course, Kosame,” Hayate agreed. “You calmly escort Ms. Kirie from the premise, I see to it Master Yukinari conveniently escapes in the commotion.” With a nod, the two rushed off.


Kirie adjusted the way her schoolbag was slung over her shoulder, as she walked out the front entrance of the school. Looking across the field, she saw Kosame waiting by the gates, standing with perfect posture. Kirie grinned and waved, which Kosame returned.

Yukinari yelped in horror and ducked behind Kirie. The taller girl smiled down on him. “It's alright, she's alone. She's only here to pick me up for our date,” she told him reassuringly.

“Oh...a...alright then.” Yukinari stepped out from behind Kirie, and walked with her halfway across the field, before he stopped, realizing something. “Wait, you're going on a what with her?”

“Yyyyep,” Kirie said with an unusual (in Yukinari's mind) amount of pride.

“And...that doesn't seem odd?”

“Not any more than you dating a pink haired alien, no.”

Yukinari winced with blush. Kirie looked back to him with a smirk. “Oh, come on, it's obvious, isn't it?” With that, she cheerfully jogged towards the waiting Kosame, leaving Yukinari to stare.

Once Kirie was in arms reach of Kosame, she stopped. “This might be a first, but, it's really nice to see you, Kosame.”

Kosame smiled, and took Kirie's hand. She kissed it curtly, and smiled. “I understand. Trust me, this will be a fine date. Tell me, have you ever had Mongolian barbeque?”


Since they started dating: 1 day

“Did you enjoy the meal, Ms. Kirie?”

“It was neat. The way he cooked it up and served it, I almost forgot I was eating my usual lunch.”

Kosame nodded up to Kirie, who stood on the front step of her house. Kosame's eyes looked back to her car, and then to Kirie. “A..student should probably get some time to herself before the next school day,” she observed, “so I should bid you goodnight.”

“Yes you should,” Kirie agreed. She leaned down, and kissed Kosame on the forehead. “So, when's your next day off?”


Since they started dating: 2 weeks

Kirie laughed, as Kosame drove her home. “She thinks she can get him to man up?” she asked for clarification. “I shouldn't laugh because it's a noble job to do, but, wow, isn't it impossible for Fukuyama to stop with the skirt chasing?”

“Well, Lilica's determined to find the magic trick to do so. At this point, magic does seem to be the only answer,” Kosame answered. She looked up from her driving, and noticed a billboard advertisement for a movie. “...Ms. Kirie, if you'd like, I could arrange my next Saturday evening to be available, if you wanted to watch a movie.”

Kirie smiled widely. “Sounds great! Had any in mind?”

“Well, the theatre is currently showing a horror film that's supposed to be genuinely horrif--”


“Do you not like horror films, Ms. Kirie?”

“Nah, they're fine. I just don't want you expecting me to get scared and curl up in a little ball in your arms during the movie.”

“I see...”

“You were hoping for that, weren't you?”

“Truthfully, yes. Perhaps that action sequel that's been playing for the past few months? I've heard it's been getting good review--”

“Hell yeah!”


Since they started dating: 4 months

“No, no,” Kosame concluded over dinner, “I don't suppose there was anyone in my life.”

“You're kidding,” Kirie said with a laugh, leaning into the table, her body from the base of the neck down covered in black lace, either full or see through. It was one of the nicer (if racy) gifts she had received from Kosame. “You never dated anyone before me?”

“Well, there was one other woman I might have considered,” Kosame admitted. “She was one of the maids when I first started working for the Fukuyama Manor several years ago. She was soft spoken, reserved, and was charming, but it didn't seem to work.” She let a smile cross her face, and she leaned in as well, the light of the restaurant shining on her red velvet dress. “For the best, anyway. Otherwise, I don't think I'd be in love with you as I am now.”

“Aww, Kosame,” Kirie giggled, turning red in the face. She closed the distance between them and gave her date a quick peck on the lips.


Since they started dating: 7 months

“Why the fuck does this keep happening to us!?” Kirie screamed over the commotion, roundhouse kicking a charging Seirenian scout in the face.

“I don't know, but they've ruined our date, Kirie,” Kosame raised her voice, laying another one down with a one two punch. “Reason enough for us to punish them, don't you think?”

“Kirie, watch out!” Yukinari shouted from behind Hayate.

Kirie couldn't even turn her head to find out what was happening when a strong, gloved hand clamped around her mouth, and another squeezed painfully tight against her breasts. Hijiri licked her lips, and leaned in very close. “Hello again, lover...” she purred into her ear.

“Get away from her, you bitch!” Kosame called out, before Hijiri received a solid kick to the head. Her grip on Kirie vanished as she was sent spiralling to the side.

Kirie let out a sigh of relief, and looked to Kosame. “Thanks,” she let out with a quick exhale, before kissing Kosame on the cheek. She then gripped her shoulders, vaulted over her, and landed behind her, her foot in the face of a Seirenian sneaking up behind them.


Since they started dating: 8 months

Kirie opened the door to her place, and smirked devilishly at the woman standing on her steps. “Good you could come, Kosame,” she cooed, letting the bodyguard in.

“I managed to convince Ms. Lisa to give me the whole night off,” Kosame informed. She chuckled coolly. “And the morning, too.” This wasn't the first time Kirie had invited Kosame over to her house. In fact, this was the third time she had come and spent the night. But this was going to be the first time Kirie invited her over with such obvious...lust in her tone.

She wasn't quite sure why she dressed up so nicely, in her bodyguard suit and a black tie. Kirie certainly had a more fitting mindset, arriving at the door wearing very loose fitting pyjamas. Kirie leaned against the doorframe, looking at Kosame with a seductive glint in her eye. “I made some dinner, if you'd like.” She shut the door, and locked the rest of the world outside.

Kosame turned to Kirie. “We just know I'll have you thrown on that table. And then the food you made will be smeared all over your back,” she informed. Also, she wasn't really up to eating Kirie's cooking. After she spent an hour with her head in a toilet after eating one of Kirie's dinners a few months ago, Kirie redoubled her efforts to get better, and she did. The food went up from lethal and vile to bland but edible. It still would've killed the mood if they sat down to eat that.

Kirie walked closer to Kosame, and lifted up her tie between her fingers. “Maybe I want the food all over my body,” she suggested.

Kosame growled, aroused, as she started tracing circles on Kirie's side with her fingers. “Maybe I can't make it to the table,” she admitted.

Kirie's light lift turned into a tight grip, as she pulled Kosame into a deep kiss. Kosame gripped Kirie's shoulders tightly, and pushed her back against the wall. Kirie grunted into Kosame's mouth, both of their breathing getting ragged with lust.

Kosame's left hand kept Kirie pinned at the shoulder, while her right moved down to her left breast, and squeezed gently. Kirie stuck her leg out, and slid it between Kosame, forcing her to rest her crotch against her leg. Kirie then began to grind for Kosame, until she started to feel some wetness leak through the pants.

Kirie finally managed to shake Kosame's lips off of her, her tongue hanging out from it. She pulled it in, looked Kosame in the eye, and grinned devilishly. “Think I'll just eat out,” she concluded.

Kosame's lips turned to a mean smirk, as she took her hand at Kirie's breast and snaked it into her shorts, and began to rub against her panties. Kirie closed her eyes, and started to emit a short series of gasps, as Kosame continued to grind herself against her leg, kissing Kirie's neck as she did.

After a minute of this, she moved her hand into Kirie's panties, and stuck her fingers in deep. Kirie let out a loud moan, before having her mouth covered with another kiss from Kosame, their tongues already engaged in a fierce struggle for dominance that Kirie was bound to lose. Kosame's grinding became more intense at this point, and Kirie's hips started to buckle and thrust in response to Kosame's fingers, guiding her closer to giving her a better orgasm.

It wasn't long before it was too much for either of them. Kosame had to break the kiss and gasp and choke as she came on Kirie's leg, her fingering getting less intense. Kirie made up for this with her own hip thrusts, and soon, she too started to cum, but also in quiet, gasping breaths. The two stood there, Kirie pinned against the wall, Kosame's hand turning white from the force behind it holding her in place. Both their heads were turned down as they regained their breath, before they both looked up, smirking.

“I hope for a first, that was...acceptable, Kirie,” Kosame cooed.

“Acceptable, yeah,” Kirie said with as best a shrug she could do with one shoulder. “But, pfft, I make myself cum on your fingers all the time. Granted, it's usually through me.” Her smirk turned taunting. “And sometimes I make me cum harder, too.”

Challenge accepted, Kosame slammed her lips over Kirie's again, driving their heads to the wall. She removed her hands from Kirie's shoulder and panties, and gripped tightly to her pyjama shirt. Breaking the kiss, she threw the shirt over Kirie's head, revealing a lacy purple bra underneath. Kosame cooed. “Kirie, you're wearing my gift.”

“Figured you'd like it,” Kirie answered, gripping Kosame's jacket. She pushed it off till it was around her elbows, pinning her. An idea crossed her mind, but right now, she wanted to see Kosame completely naked. Another time. She pulled the jacket the rest of the way off, as Kosame undid her tie and threw it aside.

“My bed's upstairs,” Kirie explained as she and Kosame fumbled their hands over the others trying to undo Kosame's shirt. “It'll be big enough for the two of us if we're real close together, or lying on top of the other.”

“Did you think we'd sleep on it any other way?” Kosame teased, finally getting her shirt off. She hugged Kirie to her, rubbing against her incredible bosom with her, admittedly adequate, own. Their nipples nearly touched between the fabric of their bras.

Finally breaking contact, Kirie grabbed Kosame's wrist, and dragged her upstairs behind her. When they got to her room, she threw herself onto the bed, and pulled off her shorts and panties in one pull. As Kosame fiddled with her belt and her pants, Kirie slowly, tauntingly, teasingly began to unhook her bra and pull the straps down her shoulders. She left her breasts covered until Kosame had finished stripping down to her underwear, a red, striped thong. Kosame tossed her red brasierre aside, and looked to Kirie, who unfurled her arms and let her bra fall off, revealing her enormous bust.

Kosame just about lost it there. Removing her hands from herself, she leaped onto the bed, holding Kirie down as she immediately brought her lips around her left nipple. The bud was already stiff, and as Kosame's tongue danced around it, it grew harder and harder, until it stood painfully erect in Kosame's mouth.

With her other hand, Kosame took Kirie's unattended breast, and closed her fingers around it, covering her nipple with her palm. She pushed and pulled and played with the large bosom, unable to pull her mouth away from the breast she was showering with affection.

Kirie whined in pleasure as her toes curled and pulled at the bedsheets, sliding her fingers into her mouth, licking them and getting them wet. She pulled the fingers from her mouth and, with her dry hand, took Kosame's head.

It took a bit of effort, but Kirie was able to get Kosame off of her breast, moist with saliva, sweat starting to run down to it. However, once Kosame's head was off it, she simply brought it down onto Kirie's dry breast, starting her loving attention over from the top.

Kirie surrendered, and let Kosame play with her breasts. She arched her back, lifting her chest into Kosame's mouth, giving her more and more, her quim shivering with lust, femcum lining it, inviting it. “Kosame...m..more...” she moaned.

Kosame groaned into Kirie's bosom, and started to suckle on her tits harder, leaving hickeys around her nipples. Kirie cried out each time, and started pushing on her head. “” she groaned, trying to get her to attend to her aching mound. Kosame simply moaned negatively into her breasts, still laying into them. Even when she moved her head between her breasts, Kirie couldn't get her attention of them.

“Damn. It. Ko. Sa. Me...” Kirie gasped out, before her eyes went wide, and then firmly shut. She gripped the bed sheets and pulled, nearly ripping them off the bed, as she screamed and orgasmed from the wonders Kosame was doing to her breasts. She didn't think it was possible to get off on what was usually foreplay, but the large and getting larger puddle of femcum at her crotch proved her wrong.

Collapsing to the sheets, Kirie panted and looked down, to find that Kosame was still digging into her breasts. Having had enough, Kirie grabbed the waistline of Kosame's thong, and pulled up hard and fast, giving her a killer wedgie.

Kosame broke her head away from Kirie's breasts to scream in alarm. Kirie continued to tug and pull on the thong, digging it into her crotch. Kosame gasped in pain and want as Kirie did so, before Kirie sat up, forcing Kosame to rise too.

Kirie got Kosame to stand up on the bed, as she pulled the wet and sticky thong down her legs. She then lay down back on the bed, and pulled at the back of Kosame's knees, getting her to sit down, her crotch over Kirie's face.

Licking her lips, Kirie dove into Kosame's muff eagerly. The older woman jerked her head back with a choked gasp, and started to rock her hips on Kirie's face. The student eagerly eat out, as she said she would, shaking her head side to side, her tongue deep in Kosame's pussy.

Kosame whimpered and groaned at the edge of Kirie's tongue, leaning into the girl, gripping the headboard for dear life. Kirie continued to lick, her hands firmly gripping to Kosame's hips, her nose brought down so that it tickled Kosame's pussy whenever she wagged her head. Finally, Kosame couldn't take it, and starting bucking her hips against Kirie's face as she came. Her mouth that deep into her pussy, Kirie had no choice but to drink in the femcum, a lot of it splashing against her lips, rolling down her cheeks.

When Kosame finally came down from her orgasm, she still sat against Kirie's face for a moment, letting her head stop spinning. She crawled off of Kirie, who coughed and gasped for air. “Totally, totally worth it,” she thought to herself.

Kosame crawled down so that she was lying on top of Kirie, looking her in the face. “That was...wonderful, Kirie...” she gasped, before licking and wiping the cum from Kirie's face.

“I'll say,” Kirie answered. “You really know how to make a girl appreciate her breasts.” The two shared a quick kiss, before Kosame shuffled herself lower, and buried her head into Kirie's breasts. “What, again, Kosame? Won't you get tired of them?”

“Will you ever get tired of breathing, Kirie?” Kosame asked her breasts tiredly. She cuddled up, and gripped at the bed covers.

Kirie chuckled, utterly flattered that her senior would be so enraptured at her assets, that she let it slide. She grabbed the covers too, and they pulled it over themselves. Kosame fell asleep, nuzzled in Kirie's cleavage like it were a comfortable pillow. Which, in a way, it was.

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