Proper Courting

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Since they made love: 8 hours

Kirie stirred in her sleep, and groaned, stretching her arms and letting out a yawn. A mix between the sunlight hitting her eyes and a…strange feeling that was getting more and more recognizable as she woke up had roused her. And to be honest, she was conflicted on how to feel.

She settled on exasperated but amused, and gently rapped her knuckles against Kosame’s head. “Jeez, not even the common courtesy to wake me up?” she asked.

Kosame looked up at Kirie, but didn’t remove her lips from Kirie’s left nipple. Rather, she bit down softly on the nub, and pulled, before letting it go and slip back into place. Kirie gasped pleasurably at that. “I always wake up around this time, Ms. Kirie,” Kosame explained. “But this was the first I’ve woken up to your gorgeous, naked breasts. I couldn’t help myself.”

Kirie shook her head, chuckling. “You’re lucky this isn’t a school day. Don’t you have work you need to get to?”

“I told you last night; I arranged for my morning off, as well. I intend to leave after breakfast.”

“…So why did you need the whole morning? I can whip us up breakfast in half an hour, tops.”

“Because I don’t intend to have breakfast until I have a shower. And I refuse to have a shower if you’re not sharing it with me.”

Kirie smiled. “Aww, you perv.”

“I also don’t intend to eat anything unless I can eat it off of you.”

Kirie blushed hotly. “Ho, wow!”

“And right now, I need to cum, and I need it badly. Just like how I need to make you cum.”

“Okay, seriously, Kosame, what’s gotten into you?” Kirie asked, her face bright red.

“Last night was incredible, Ms. Kirie,” Kosame explained. “Considering you are a student and I am a bodyguard to one of the richest families in the city, it’s certainly a once in a blue moon event. I want to make every minute of this time together count.”

Kirie was stunned for a moment. She never really thought about it like that before. They would go on dates whenever they both had free time, even make out a little, and that was never a problem. But there was a certain commitment to sex to keep it from being flash in the pan affairs. You needed time to bask in the afterglow, if not the chance to fall asleep and then wake up still sticky and half covered in the sheets.

“Kosame, we'll still be going on dates and maybe make out once in a while, right? This isn't the end of it?” she asked.

“Of course, Ms. Kirie. I apologize if I made it sound like it was,” Kosame apologized.

“Just making sure you weren't satisfied and going to move on to something else.”

“As I said, with your boobs, I'm not going anywhere.”

“I love you, you psycho perv,” said Kirie with a smile, as she wrapped her hands around the bed posts, while Kosame lowered her lips back down around her left nipple. As Kirie wrapped her legs around Kosame's back and began to grind herself against her stomach, in the back of her mind, the last part of her able to think over the flooding cacophony of pleasure, she planned something.

They continued to date after that day, going to action movies or motorbike conventions or wrestling events. When Kirie was at school, sometimes Kosame would drive by and stop to overhand a present to her student lover, before driving off. On some dates, if they got the chance, they would sneak into restroom stalls and make out, desperately trying to finger the other off without getting found out. Of course, it led to confirmation that Kosame couldn't really orgasm unless she could at least give Kirie's breasts a quick grope with accompanying “awooga” noise. Of course, the "awooga" put Kirie a bit off, so they couldn't let it get to that if they did it at all.

All the while, Kirie kept her plan in the back of her mind, readying herself for it with different kinds of dates with Kosame, where she got to learn more of her lover's various hobbies, like marksmanship and martial arts. After all, she couldn't spring this plan until graduation.

It helped that those 2 years helped give her the stomach for what her plan entailed...

Since they started dating: 2 years

“...I'm sorry, run that by me one more time,” Fukuyama asked.

Kirie nodded. “I want you to employ me as one of your bodyguards, or one of Lisa's.”

Fukuyama stared across the table at Kirie. He knew something was off when she agreed to join him for a dinner in celebration of their graduation from high school. He figured this wasn't because she wanted to go with his idea of a wild night of passion before he had to attend college and (god help him) get serious about carrying on the family name, but he certainly wasn't expecting this.

Neither were Lisa, Hayate, or even Kosame, all of them also in attendance. Of the ten in the room, including them, the head maid Lilica, Yukinari and everyone living with him, only Miharu didn't seem to find anything odd with Kirie's request.

Fukuyama glared at Kirie. “This is a trick, right?” he asked. “A prank, a punk, you're deliberately setting me up for a fall. I'm not falling for it, Kirie. Not this time.”

Kirie smirked. It was actually kind of cool to see Fukuyama manning up and learning like this. Maybe being under his employ wouldn't be so bad. “No tricks, Fukuyama. This is where my skills and abilities would be put to best use.” Plus, it allowed her to spend every day with her beloved Kosame.

Fukuyama shrugged with a smile. “Alright, Kirie. If that's what you want, I certainly can't argue. My little sister is well taken care of by Hayate and Kosame, but I'll admit I could use someone guarding my body.” At that line, Fukuyama folded his legs and leaned in his chair as though he was posing for his portrait. “It wouldn't hurt to have a gorgeous woman in a badass suit around me all hours of the day, dear Kirie.”

Kirie smirked. “That's workplace harassment and I don't have to take it,” she quipped.

“I could take it,” Lilica said in a small voice.

Fukuyama laughed, and leaned back, tipping his chair a half inch. “Oh don't worry, Kirie. I'm sure I'll get my fill of you keeping a look out on me whenever I leave the premises. Apart from a few photos and maybe a date or two I really doubt you'll have anything to worry about.”

“I'm not even worried about the possibility of dates. After all, it's kinda hard to get scared over nothing.” Still, Kirie did chew her lip and shoot a glance towards Kosame, who, after her initial shock, went back to her poker face.

“Well, Kirie, you're hired. You'll get your orientation and uniform tomorrow. And don't worry; I can get a whole wardrobe to you no problem; I still have your measurements from last time.” Before Kirie could punch his face in, Fukuyama stood up from his table with a shot. “But now! We've graduated and become men! A bright future shines on the Fukuyama house! And Kirie is using her violence productively! I say this calls for a bitchin' New Years party!”

Since the bitchin' New Years party: 5 minutes

“So where exactly would I be staying?” Kirie asked as she and Kosame wandered down the halls, away from the main hall where, although the music was winding down, the party was still going on.

“Well, considering you'll be working directly for Master Fukuyama, you'll be living in the west wing, closer to his room. It's not entirely far from Lisa's wing, and thus my room. And basically, when we're off duty, we'd be free to visit each other so long as we were ready the next day,” Kosame explained.

“And when would we be off duty?”

“When the Master and Mistress turn in for the night. Luckily, Lisa has a curfew as she's finishing school, and Fukuyama is going to be busy with college and maintaining the house with Lilica. And considering his sleeping habits, he'll have to take early nights in order to function most days, so we're good.”

Kirie giggled, a little from the drinks. “Oh, man, he may be a bastard, but Fukuyama does throw an awesome party, I'll give him that.”

“He can afford the best toys. And you're lucky, Hayate's ridiculously responsible; he'll get you all home.”

“That's right. I've got a busy day tomorrow, myself, what with” Kirie stopped, and stared at her feet for a moment.

“Ms. Kirie? What's wrong?” Kosame asked.

“Nothing, it's just...a lot to take in. ...I'm really gonna miss my folks.”

“...We can definitely arrange plenty of opportunities for you to go visit them,” Kosame reassured with a reassuring smile.

Kirie laughed, and looked to Kosame. “I'm sure we can. It's alright, though; I discussed this with them a lot before this, and they're really excited for me. They'll know I won't be around all the time anymore, but at least I'll have festivals and holidays. And besides, to work for one of the richest families in Japan, it's a sweet gig. They helped me pack after the last of the exams.”

“You already anticipated moving in?”

“Would Fukuyama have turned me down?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“Heh. So...does he know about us?”

“Considering my attitude, he'd have to be as stupid as you give him credit for to miss it. And considering your sudden request to work for him, I think he can piece together your feelings to the matter.”

“If that's true, he seems okay with it. Don't suppose he's still gonna try like he has a shot for even a night with me?”

“After you work with him a while, it becomes kinda endearing, like a dumb but friendly dog.”

“Not sure how endearing sexual harassment is, but I suppose you're right.”

“It worked for me, didn't it?”

“Only after I asked you to stop and we started acting like proper girlfriends.”

The two stopped in the middle of the hall, and turned to each other with loving smiles on their faces. Kirie touched Kosame's chin. Kosame gently wrapped a hand around Kirie's waist and pulled her in. The two touched lips in a tender kiss. They stayed like this for a moment...before Kosame pulled on Kirie harder, and Kirie lifted her leg up Kosame's side. Kosame shoved Kirie into the wall, and soon the two were locked in an intimate and passionate embrace.

Kirie broke off first, gasping for breath. “Shit, how long has it been?”

“Since proper release? Probably half a year.”

Kirie laughed in amazement. “Holy shit, I'm surprised you didn't tackle me to the ground the minute I walked in the door, today!”

“That was the old me. The new me waited until we had some privacy, so I could do this.” Kosame grabbed Kirie's hand and ran her a few more doors down the hall, before throwing open the special master bathroom, and pushing Kirie inside. Kosame flew in after her, slamming the door and locking it.

The two were on each other again. Hands crawled all over the other's body and tongues poked into the other's mouth, as Kosame pushed Kirie against the counter. The graduate began to grind her body against the bodyguard's, moaning into her mouth in eager pleasure.

Kosame broke off the deep kiss and removed her arms from around Kirie to take the new bodyguard's shirt and throw it off. The bra was soon undone and tossed aside as well, allowing Kosame to get a good look at Kirie's breasts.

They had stopped growing that year, but it had been a year where the closest Kosame got to them was that heavy groping through a shirt half a year ago. Tears actually came to her eyes. “They're more beautiful than ever,” she said quite honestly, before diving in and suckling to make up for lost time.

She was an animal between Kirie's breasts, licking and sucking at her nipples, dragging her tongue against the skin of her chest (cleavage and all), even leaving plenty of love bites along the breasts and nipples both. Kirie tossed her head back and forth during this, taking Kosame's wrist and guiding it to her pants.

Way ahead of her, Kosame undid Kirie's fly, and got her hand underneath it and her panties, going straight for her pussy, which was already growing wet. As she continued to ravish Kirie's bosom, Kosame's hand went to work on her pussy, grinding it with her palm before fingering her deep.

Kirie gasped and moaned, twitching in pleasure, as she lifted a hand to her mouth, as though trying to keep control of herself by breathing into her wrist.

Kosame smirked, looking up from Kirie's breasts. “The room is quite thoroughly soundproofed, Ms. Kirie,” she assured.

“Well, in that case, FUCK ME HARDER!” Kirie slammed both hands on the counter for balance. Grinning, Kosame dived right back in, biting and sucking on Kirie's breasts harder now, leaving white teeth marks and red hickys, while her fingers soon found Kirie's clit, and went to town on it, rubbing, pressing, pinching, flicking.

Kirie kicked against the floor, and her knuckles went white in gripping the counter. Frantic yelps escaped her lips as she ground her hips against Kosame's hand, watching her lover just go to town on her like this. Soon, Kirie rolled her head back, letting out a long, erotic mewl, creaming against Kosame's hand.

It was two minutes later until they spoke up again, both reveling in the afterglow, until Kosame broke the silence. “How long have you wanted that?”

“Half a year. Masturbating while thinking of you didn't even come close to satisfying.”

“Same, Ms. Kirie.”

Kirie smirked, and pushed herself off the counter, taking Kosame with her. “Please, you're probably horny as shit after sucking my tits like that.”

“Desperately need to come, yes, Ms. Kirie.”

“And another thing, we're going to be working and living together now, right?” Kirie spun Kosame around, and led her to the toilet, sitting her down on the seat.

“Y...yes, Ms. Kirie...?”

“So yeah, we're going to be pretty close, so maybe we can stop with the honorifics?” Kirie pulled off her socks, and set them down on the counter, before kneeling in front of the toilet, eye level with Kosame's chest and chin.

“Any reason?”

“Well, you don't use any with Hayate, you just call him Hayate, and you're just coworkers and good friends, right?” Kirie undid the buttons of Kosame's shirt, and pulled it open, exposing her white, lacy bra. She pulled Kosame's suit jacket off her shoulders, but left them halfway down her arms, around her elbows.

“Ah, I think I understand.”

“Yeah. Considering that...well, I love you...” Kirie hesitated a little, blushing, but she didn't stop in doing up some buttons on the suit jacket. Kosame squirmed a bit, unable to really move her arms apart from limited bending at the elbows.

“I darling.”

Kirie smirked. “Pet names, I like it. Of course, that's assuming I let you talk for the rest of the night.” Kosame quirked her eyebrow in confusion, before Kirie balled up one of her socks, and shoved it in Kosame's mouth. Holding it there to keep Kosame from spitting it out, Kirie opened one of the counter doors, and luckily found some face cloths that were long enough. She removed her hand from Kosame to take one such cloth, and flip it and fold it so, so that when she tied it around Kosame's mouth, it was a classic over the mouth gag.

Kosame squirmed in her suit and mumbled into her gag, as Kirie started kissing her skin, starting at the cleavage and working up to the neck. When she got to Kosame's ear, she was starting to gently close her teeth around the lobe and tug, causing the bodyguard to let out a whine.

“How often did you have me helpless, ready for ravishing?” Kirie asked.

Kosame thought on that question, although her mind was kind of preoccupied in the clothes bondage Kirie had her in. “Mmnn Nno?” she mumbled in response, shrugging her shoulders.

“Well, maybe I'm thinking it was more than it was. But I did always want to have you helpless as you had me. 'fact, ever since our first time, back at my place two years ago, I've always wanted to see if I could tie your arms just by closing your suit around you.”

Kosame smiled into her gag, and flexed her arms, showing Kirie had her quite at her mercy. Kirie grinned, looked down at Kosame's pants, and undid her belt. Kosame lifted her hips, allowing Kirie to pull her pants and panties down to her knees, exposing her pussy, labia slick with juices visible under the bathroom lights. Kirie then took the belt, pulled Kosame's hands together, and tied it around her wrists, getting a tight loop in place.

“Of course, now I'd let you have your way with me at your mercy, any way with me,” Kirie teased, rubbing Kosame's pussy with her palm, the bodyguard grunting and whimpering into her gag. “Now that I'm moving in, I want us to explore all kinds of ways to have fun. Bondage, spanking, foot play, temperature play. That you love my boobs so much is touching, but surely you want to get off on stuff other than boob play, right?”

Kosame had to nod. As she watched Kirie's breasts bounce as she had her way her, Kosame had to admit she had never been more turned on in her life; she was surprised she wasn't coming right there.

Kirie put her hands on Kosame's knees, and looked up at her trussed up lover. “Sex, and love. Now that we're living together, I wanna explore every avenue of those with you.” With that, she dipped her head into the toilet, closing her mouth around Kosame's muff and munching away.

Kosame squealed into the sock and cloth, kicking and squirming on the toilet as Kirie at her out. So blown away by just how scandalous an act they were doing, not to mention turned on as FUCK, Kosame lifted her hips off the seat, helping keep Kirie's head out of the (rather clean) bowl, and feeding more of her pussy for her love to tongue and nibble. It was barely any time at all before she cried out and squirted in orgasm, hips jerking and twitching as Kirie held her in place and drank her all up.

Meanwhile, outside, Fukuyama was glaring hot fire at the door. Earlier, he had decided to turn in for the night, ending the party a bit earlier than his taste, but Lilica suggested he get used to a more “adult” sleeping schedule. He ordered Hayate to take the guests home, but to also look for Kirie, who had slipped out of the party earlier. She needed a ride home, herself.

Passing down the hallway, Fukuyama spotted the master bathroom, and decided to freshen up a bit before bed; no sense going to bed AND waking up looking like a mess. Wanted to enter college life with a good first impression (even if it was still several weeks away). He grabbed the handle, turned it...and walked right into the locked door.

“Oh COME ON!” Fukuyama stamped his foot, and turned to the electronic panel on the side. “She's interrupting my evening schedule now! That's it, I am getting to the bottom of this!” He punched in the password and the electronic lock was undone.

Fukuyama grabbed the handle, and threw the door open. “Kosame! I demand to know what the hell!” His eyes widened. “The hell...?”

Kosame rested her seat on the...well, seat, bowing her head and taking deep breaths through her nose. Kirie tenderly and lovingly kissed her neck and cheek, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, before both noticed Fukuyama's entrance and looked at him.

The three stared at each other for a while, before Fukuyama stepped in, and closed the door. “Well, I can't say I'm totally surprised,” he said. “Kirie, I just wanted to let you know that the party's over, and Hayate's taking everyone home. They're waiting for you outside.”

“Waiting long?”

“No, just started gathering everyone up just now.”

“That's a relief.” Kirie smiled and rose to her feet, gently patting Kosame on the cheek. She gathered up her bra and shirt, and put them back on. She left the other sock at Kosame's feet, however; no sense putting it on when the other was in her lover's mouth. It'd just be impractical.

“Your new uniform will be delivered to your door in the morning, and Lisa's bodyguards will be there shortly after to bring you to orientation. I assume you'll be in the process of moving in throughout the week?”

“More or less.”

“Good, good, oh, by the way, this stunt? I'd rather you not do it again. Or at least do it in your own bathrooms; your room will have one.”

“I understand.”

“You better; I'm docking your starting pay for this.”

“I'm surprised you didn't have this recorded.”

Fukuyama glanced towards an inconspicuous corner of the bathroom, then back to Kirie. “Never mind. See you tomorrow morning at orientation. Glad to have you guarding my body.”

“Glad to be working for you.” Kirie walked past Fukuyama, who couldn't help but give her butt a little pat as she walked.

She turned to glare at him, fist clenched...before her face softened into an amused smirk. "I suppose I can't tell you to do those pervy things in hell before beating the snot out of you anymore, huh?"

"I'd rather you didn't."

"I'll still tell you to go to hell, of course. Sorry but somebody's gotta set you on the right path, might as well be your bodyguard." She gave an over dramatic bow, and let herself out.

Fukuyama turned to Kosame, still sitting on the toilet. They exchanged a look for a moment. “I'm not helping you get undone.”

Kosame rocked her arms a bit, before bending her elbows up and her head forward, grabbing at the face cloth and pulling it off her face, the knot coming undone in the pull. She then pinched the sock in her mouth and pulled it out. “Understood, Master Fukuyama.”

She proceeded to squirm and twist in very specific ways, getting her fingers to where she could undo the belt and pull her wrists free, then undo the button on her jacket. She pulled it back over her shoulders and buttoned up her shirt, before rising to her feet, pulling up her pants and redoing her belt. She gave the toilet a flush and the seat a wipe, before turning to Fukuyama and giving a proper servile bow. “Good night, Master Fukuyama.” With that, she left the bathroom.

Fukuyama watched her go, staring at the door for a while, before sighing and shrugging his shoulders.

“And I get the brute girl who'd probably just rip 'em and break out of that. I just hope Lisa's guards can teach mine to be more elegant and badass.”

Since she became Fukuyama's bodyguard: 1 night

Kirie did up the last of the buttons of her white dress shirt, before sliding on the dark blue suit jacket that came with it. As she tugged on the white gloves, Yukinari knocked and entered. “Hayate and Kosame are outside,” he told her.

Kirie smiled over her shoulder, before turning to face Yukinari. “Well, I guess this is goodbye?”

Yukinari's face went flat. “Well, considering Lisa, I'll probably be seeing you pretty often...”

Kirie laughed. “Yeah, most likely. Besides, we'll still find time to get together and hang out for old time's sake.”

Yukinari smiled up at her, and nodded.

Kirie's face fell, looking at Yukinari rather sadly. “And...I'm sorry. For everything. Apart from Miharu, I probably ruined girls for you forever.”

Yukinari smiled, and shook his head. “It's okay, it's okay. But, apology accepted.” He held out his hand. Kirie looked at her own, covered in a white glove, and smiled at it, before taking Yukinari's and giving it a firm shake. They looked at each other, before Kirie grabbed him and pulled him into a hug.

“Oh, god, I'm going to miss you and everyone, squirt...” she sighed into his shoulder.

“K...Kirie...allergies...!” Yukinari groaned, hives welling up.

Kirie laughed, cheeks red with embarrassment. She put Yukinari down and brushed his shoulders. “Sorry 'bout that. Well, see ya. I'll call you when orientation's over.” The two childhood friends gave one last wave goodbye, before Kirie left the room.

With one more tight hug and prolonged goodbye with her parents, Kirie stepped out the door, seeing a black limo parked outside, Hayate sitting inside in the driver's seat, and Kosame standing outside of it waiting for her. Both were smiling quite warmly.

Kirie waved hello to Hayate, before jumping into Kosame's arms. The two shared a kiss, before Kosame opened a door to let Kirie in.

“Such a gentleman,” Kirie teased.

“You like it that way, yes?”

“Oh yes. Working with Fukuyama, gonna need all the good manners I can get.”

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