Fragmented Reality

BY : NothingsXSorrow
Category: Death Note > General
Dragon prints: 1065
Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or its characters, nor do I profit from these writings

Authors Note: First written for Anon Kink

Pairing: Male Hal/Fem Mello

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Language, genderswap, sexual situations




He knew that the others would whisper that if they knew. If they knew the truth of why he was so eager to return to his dump of an apartment each night, eager to the point of turning down invitations to join the boys in a night of drunken debauchery with the easy sluts that frequented the local dives. Of course they didn't know about his easy little slut that awaited every evening on the cool concrete stairs of his building.

So what if she was only nineteen and he old man of twenty-eight. Age didn't matter once those pale toned legs of hers straddled him as she road him hard and fast. Black painted nails scratching his chest as she screamed his name.

No he would never share his dirty little secret or his dirty little whore. Would his coworkers give him sick ways glances that reflected their contempt for being with such a girl..Mello was her name. Would they be revolted if he related the times he flipped her to her knees, delicately slim fingers fisting his cheap dirty sheets as he pounded her from behind, inner muscles twitching around his length as he reached around to toy with that cute little piercing of hers.

Once he asked it had hurt. "Does it matter, pain. Pleasure. All are equal in making me come" She had responded after a swig of liquor she had swiped from his cabinet. Yes, that's right contributing to the delinquency of a filthy street rat. God he couldn't wait to have those whiskey flavored lips wrapped around his cock.

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