Fragmented Reality

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or its characters, nor do I profit from these writings

Authors Note: Inspired by a request over at anon kink and a conversation with a good friend.

Characters/Pairing: Mello/Halle

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Language, some mild sexual situations and lame attempt at crack.



"Mello, I am just taking a shower, would you put that damn gun away?"

"Would you rather that I was holding my dick?"

"Although you doing so might answer the question as to if the gun is making up for any short coming that you may possess, no."

Mello snarled, taking a bite of his chocolate. Chewing, he watched as water cascaded down over nude skin. Halle offered a quick glance over her shoulder, her gaze briefly dropping down to the tight leather of trousers before returning to finish her shower. "Seems as if my other question has just been answered."

"Bitch." He muttered. He shifted slightly, a boot resting on the wall behind him, using the casual position to hide the uncomfortable tightening of leather, although no doubt she had seen the tell tale bulge.

"Says the man who wears leather."

Mello snorted, deciding that the retort was not worth the effort. Sucking on a piece of chocolate he unabashedly watched as she continued on with her shower. His gaze followed as she dropped the sponge in favor of using her hands to continue to job.

"Cat got your tongue." Having taken notice of the faint blush that colored the young males cheeks, Halle continued "Or are you just enjoying the show."

He quickly locked eyes at her, expression melting into one of boredom as his tongue licked the remaining bits of chocolate from his lips. "I've seen better."

Turning fully to face him, rewarding him with a full view of her nudity she winked. "Live donkey shows in Tijuana don't count Mello."

Rising to the challenge, he cocked a brow lips curling into a impish smile. "But Halle, I learned that night that I could take it as well as I could give, so yes that does count."

Halle scrutinized him carefully, weighing his words for any truth that may behind them. He roared with laughter, setting the gun down on the marbled sink counter before turning back to face her, eyes darkening as he spoke. "Whats the matter Miss Bullook?" He sauntered towards the shower, "I'll let you in on a little secret." He purred, a hand now gripping the edge of the flimsy shower curtain. "I don't take. Ever. I only give." His eyes raked over her nude form, predatory and reflecting hunger causing an involuntary shiver to go through her in spite of the heat of the water.

Her mouth opened and closed, no sound coming out.

"Whats the matter?" Before she could answer he trailed a finger slowly from her chin, stopping briefly between her breasts "Cat got your tongue." the rough pad of his thumb tracing the area around the nipple before he drew back, head tilted as he flashed an innocent grin. "Think you can handle what I got to give."

The last line pulled her from the fantasy images of writhing beneath the scarred youth and back to reality. As if bored Halle sighed, stretching her arms above her head. "As long as you drop the poor attempts at pick-up lines, I might consider." Then pointing towards the door, her features became stern. "Out. Now"

His gaze, which had been fully focused on her breasts suddenly met hers. His protests quickly cut off. "I said out." Then turning her back to him, "I think there may be some coloring books and crayons laying around that I bought for Near."

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