Fragmented Reality

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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Authors Note: First written for DN Contest, also appears in my collection "Liberate Vos Ex Inferis" in various other sites.

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Rating: Mature

Warnings: Language and spoilers


American Health Care

The part of his brain that was being controlled by the pain screamed at him to run, run to the nearest hospital. The other part, the logical part, began listing every damn good reason why that would be a very bad idea. There was no doubt that the authorities would be looking for him. Sure, he could give all the necessary false information. Sure, he had falsified documents to back it up. But how the hell would explain the burns? Stood too close while lighting a grill? Smoking accident? Boiling water thrown on him by a jealous lover? Nope. Not gonna work. Somehow he doubted that the doctors would actually believe anything short of the actual truth- after all, there had to be shrapnel embedded in the wounds somewhere. Plus, knowing this kind of thing was sorta the doctor's job. Shit. Damn. Motherfucker.

Ah, and then there was the fact that he had no health insurance. Although the hospital would be required to treat him regardless of his ability or inability if you will to pay (thank you Lord for The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act), they would still bill him later. Images of annoying collection calls and notices flashed through his mind, followed by the even more not-so-nice image of sitting across from a bankruptcy lawyer. Shit, he could lose his bike! Fuck he could loose his stash of chocolate!

His mind made up, he fished through his pockets for his phone, cursing as he fumbled,nearly dropping it. Ignoring the gut churning urge to vomit, he picked up the handset.

He just hoped that Matt would pause whatever stupid game he was playing and answer the damn phone for once.

Authors note: This drabble was my very first venture in the Deathnote fandom. A non betaed version of this first in the DN Contest community over on LJ. Again , a special thank you is in order to Dlvvanzor for their skills as a beta.

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