As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

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Kinda AU since it's set kinda sorta outside of the storyline. I wrote this as if things weren't moving as fast and in somewhat of a dull phase of just killing people, while their waiting for plans to go into action . . . or something. This is my first fanfic, so don't, like . . . jump down my throat or anything, I'm not exactly an expert in this little world here XD But I do love writing and after watching Death Note for four hours straight, I really needed to write this >< Please rate and comment and review and all that jazz ^^




The sound of the pen scratching against paper was the only sound in the room, the din of the TV already fading quickly in the evening air, and it was all Misa could do to tear her eyes away from his face and find the name on the paper. Ishida Kyoko. She'd stabbed her husband early that morning when she found him in bed with another woman. The young girl could still remember the anchorman's voice as he gave the story to the public, that look in his eye as he spoke, as if he knew he was signing the young woman's death warrant. And how could he not be? The woman had stabbed a man, despite what he may have done. He wasn't quite dead yet, but that didn't matter. He would never walk again. And that was good enough for Kira.

She could only hold her eyes there for a second before they flew back to his face. His beautiful, wonderful, perfect face. A mild look graced his visage as he wrote, the hints of a smile on the edge of his lips, and Misa couldn't help but shiver as she watched. There was malice in that look, but all she could see was her knight, perfect and happy and enjoying what he was doing, whatever that may be. He looked, in that moment, like a man contented in life, no plots or worries creasing his brow, nothing but the sheer joy of doing whatever he liked. Misa longed to reach out and take that image, touch his face and preserve it in her memories forever. As it was, she remained frozen, simply watching, afraid to disrupt his moment of happiness.

A few more minutes passed, in which he scribbled a few more names, or perhaps an intricate way for the woman to die, she couldn't tell. Her eyes never left his face again. Finally, he set his pen down and sighed, leaning back in his chair and looking out ahead of him with that little crease on his brow, and Misa knew he was back to thinking, something he never seemed to tire of. She wished desperately that he'd go back to writing, so that perhaps she'd have a little more time to watch him. But he seemed done for the night. He'd already written plenty of names in the Death Note, and there was no need to hurry. He would have plenty of time to write whoever he wished into his little book should everything go as he planned. Which Misa had no doubts about it doing just that.

"Light-kun," she mewed after a moment, wanting to draw his eyes to her's, if only for the brief satisfaction of seeing the lovely brown pools looking at her. "I thought we could go to the Aoitori tomorrow for a little while after your classes. I have a shoot late in the day, but I'm sure I can reschedule." She smiled giddily at the thought, shifting on the bed so that the blanket beneath sat smoothly against her. She wished her little black skirt would stop riding up so high. "And maybe we could go see a movie. Let's see, what's in theaters . . . " Misa trailed off, going through the names in her head and coming up with half a dozen she'd love to go see with him, but Light was already sighing and leaning forward, his pristine hands delicately closing the dark notebook.

"Misa-chan," he started, and she frowned to herself silently. That tone meant he wasn't happy. No, no, she wanted him to be happy. She wanted him to smile again. Or maybe embrace her like that first day. Anything but be mad at her again.

"Well, we don't have to go see a movie, if you don't want," she piped up, changing direction easily enough. "We could go shopping or just hang out at the mall. Or we could even stay here if you want. Work on homework or something." She smiled sweetly, too caught up in his face and the quiet expression he wore, eyes closed and muscles loose, to care about anything else.

"Misa-chan, we just went on a date today," he said, speaking slowly and softly, as if he were speaking to a child. Misa paused and looked at him curiously.

"I know. And we had so much fun!" She shifted to look at him better, cocking her head to the side. "Didn't you have fun today?"

Light sighed again and turned his chair to face her, his eyes opening with a sudden movement and Misa found her stomach doing delightful little summersaults around her abdomen. How amazing it was just to have the person you love look at you!

"We can't go on another one so soon," he said smoothly, his face the usual mask, expressionless, almost bored. "I'm supposed to be dating around, remember?"

This brought a pout to the young woman's lips and her brow furrowed in anger. She hated this plan of his. Yes, yes, he'd explained it to her a million times. If she was one of many, there wasn't so much suspicion on her, or Light for that matter. And Light of course wanted as little suspicion on him as possible. And Misa wanted whatever Light wanted. So it was within her best interests to follow along with his little plan.

But Misa couldn't bear it, the thought of him going about with other women, telling them god know's what, giving them the wrong impression, making them think that for some strange reason he liked them when that title would belong to Misa. And most importantly, spending time with him. She couldn't stand that. You could get back anything if you did it right. But you could never get back time. And Misa wanted every moment of his, every moment of his adoration, his attention, his beautiful brown eyes. She wanted it all. She didn't want one second of it wasted on some skanky college girl.

"But Light-kun, I want you." She put on her best sad/cute girl pout and pleaded with him with her eyes. Please, Light-kun, she thought through them. Please, please stay with me.

But Light only shook his head and stood, setting to work on putting the notebook back into it's special little place. "I know, Misa-chan. But please try to be patient with me." He paused to give her a smile, a brief little jolt of electricity dancing through her at the site. "You'll get me all the time soon. But for now we have to play this game." He took the few steps between them carefully and touched her shoulder briefly, as if steadying himself or her with the gesture before turning back towards the desk.

"It won't be too much longer."

But Misa didn't want it to be one second longer. She didn't want to know about him going on one more date with another stupid woman, another stupid woman who wasn't her. She didn't want to have to go home every day and muse about the days when she'd finally have his full attention. She wanted it now.

Without noticing what she was doing, the young model reached out and grabbed his shirt sleeve, stopping him in his tracks and making him turn back to look at her. She didn't want to play this game any longer. And she didn't want him shunning her anymore either. She wanted his attention, his adoration, his love. She'd promised she'd have his love one day. Why couldn't that be now? Why couldn't she have it this minute, so that she could look up to the murky depths of his eyes and see the same yearning there that she felt all the time? It wasn't fair! Had she not had the Death Note, would he have paid her any mind? Had she not had the Eyes, would he have cared what happened to her?

Suddenly, it was not enough to simply be here, in his presence, which she had seen as the utmost blessing until now. Suddenly she didn't just want to watch him work and see that little smile directed to the empty space before him. She wanted it to be directed at her. She wanted to be something important. She wanted him to love her. In every way possible.

Before she knew what she was doing, she was on her feet, standing inches away from him with her hands clutched to her chest. He didn't understand. And god, how she wanted him to understand! How she wanted him to see how much she adored him, and to return that feeling with the same earnesty. But most of all, how she wanted to have his attention on her, just on her, and with nothing to do at all about Death Notes and L and avoiding being captured or killed. Just her. And nothing else.

Her arms acted on their own accord, swing around to wrap about the taller man's shoulders and bringing her up on her tip toes to bring her lips to his. He tasted wonderful, sweeter than any candy, richer than even the darkest cake, with his lips softer than she could have imagined. He was perfect, wonderful, amazing! And all hers. For this one, single moment, all hers.

He jerked back in surprise, shoving her arms back with his head but not breaking the kiss. She had to lean up higher to keep the contact, but she did anyway. Her legs would start to ache in a moment, but she didn't care. Nothing matter in that moment except that they didn't break this wonderful little moment of contact they had. Nothing in the world mattered more than this. Not L. Not Rem. Not cleansing the earth nor her own career. She would have given up everything she had ever gained to make that one moment continue on into a lifetime.

Of course it had to end. And of course it was Light who ended it first. For a moment he allowed them to stay together like that, neither of them moving as if the touch had frozen them on spot. And then, slowly, he rested both his hands on her shoulders and gentle applied pressure, drawing her away until the contact was broken. Misa felt a horrible sense of loss as the feel of his lips faded from hers, and she struggled desperately to preserve it. Light had kissed her once before. But now she had kissed him. And he had let her. For a moment.

"Misa-chan," he started, his voice a little different but no less calm as he looked down at her, his face trying to convey the same message as his words. Once again, as if he were speaking with a child. "We have to-"

But Misa didn't want to know what they had to do. She wanted nothing more and nothing less than for Yagami Light to give her his undivided attention. And for it to be something more than to give her instruction. She wanted him to look at her and really feel the look. She yanked him back down, bringing their lips together again and pushing with earnest this time, holding him there and really working to make him see her, really see her. Look at me, she pleaded desperately. Look at me Yagami Light.

For a moment, his eyes held nothing but surprise and, she noticed with trepidation, anger. He looked annoyed, as if she were some child, refusing to go to bed at nap time. Her heart hammered painfully in her chest and tears stung her eyes, making her want to pull away and run forever down some long dark hall, as far away as she could get from this pain.

And then suddenly, amazing, they eased, softened almost, the lines in his brow smoothing so that none of his earlier irritation showed. In the briefest moment before he closed his eyes, there was a flash of malicious joy. And then they were gone behind his heavy lashed eyelids and Misa felt every part of her expand in the most inexpressible happiness. He was kissing her back! Slowly, lightly, with little energy, but he was doing it! He was giving her something, something besides a brush of the lips, something besides an embrace. He was giving her something that required effort. Something that meant something. Something that made her heart flutter uncertainly in the wind.

Light-kun, she thought ecstatically. Light.

For a moment, they did nothing more than push against each other, lips moving in slow motions but nothing more. For a few second, it was enough, just feeling the supple way the skin of his lips moved against her's, flowing like fine silk beneath her. She might have been content with that feeling any other time. She might have left them there, standing together and kissing in that delicate way before allowing him to return to his work. But not tonight. Tonight, she wanted him to see her. And if she had to move heaven and earth to succeed, she would.

With fear and uncertainty bubbling through her chest, and love and excitement fueling her actions, Misa let her tongue slip out ever so delicately, tracing the outlines of his lips. He jerked momentarily at the contact, jumping ever so slightly but not pulling away this time. He let her explore the contours of his mouth, tracing every line she could find before he slowly opened his mouth, allowing her into a little world she had only dreamed about. For a moment, she danced about the entrance, toying with his lips and teeth, playing with the very tip of his tongue, before she reached in and began to explore in earnest. He made a little noise in his throat as she traced a line up his tongue and she surged forward, encouraged by the sound. Pressing herself closer to his body, so that every bit of her could feel him, she drew his tongue out to her own mouth, where she grasped it with her lips and pulled it gently towards her, sucking it in and plying it back and forth until she had felt every inch of it.


He had one hand on her back, and the other rested gently on her neck, much more than before when he'd simply pulled her to him with one rough hand at her shoulder. She pulled tighter with her own arms, feeling the cords in his neck slide gracefully away to rest comfortably around her, hoping it might spur him on to draw her closer this time. But his grip stayed loose and she pushed harder, wanting nothing more than for him to embrace her as she had so desperately wanted to him. But he was already pulling away, breaking the kiss, opening his eyes. And no, he didn't see her.

“Misa-chan,” he started again, but she heard none of the other words he said. Her breath was heavier now, coming faster and sharper than before. He wouldn't do it. He wouldn't give her what she wanted. What was so hard about it? Oh, Light, why won't you give me what I want? Tears welled up in her eyes and threatened to spill over for the shortest of moments. And then she knew what she had to do. He just didn't understand. It wasn't that he was trying to ignore her, or that he didn't want to see her, he just hadn't yet. He needed something, some stimuli to open his eyes and see how much she loved him, and how much he loved her back.

But she had done everything she could, hadn't she? She had given him everything she had to give, every bit of what she had so that he could see how much she wanted to help him, how useful she could be, so that she might stay near him. What else did she have to give? What else could she do to draw his attention?

Suddenly, words her producer had once said to her flashed in her mind. “Men pay attention when you flirt, Misa-chan. And they'll give you plenty more than attention if they think you'll give them more.” Her false eyelashes had sparkled in the early morning sunlight as she winked at her. “Remember, they only want one thing.”

But her Light-kun wasn't like that, was he? He wasn't like the rest of the men. He was her knight, he was to be the god of the new world. He was different than everyone else she had met. But he was still a male. And . . . and well, they still wanted that. Even if that wasn't the only thing they wanted.

Heat flushed to her face at the thought, but the moment the words passed through her mind, she knew she'd do it. Anything for Light-kun. It would make her happy, yes. It might make him see her. But most importantly of all, it might make him happy.

With surprising strength for a girl her size, Misa pulled Light back towards her, as he had turned, ready to walk back to his desk. In one fluid motion, she spun him around, so that he was between her and the bed, and flung them onto it, straddling him like she might a chair in a photo shoot. Her breath hitched painfully as she landed, her skirt riding up high and revealing, but she didn't care. It didn't matter now, as she leaned down and stole his lips in another kiss. Nothing mattered but him.

This kiss was different from the one before. He no longer returned it, but he didn't pull away, and he didn't stop her as she plied open his mouth once more. Her hand snaked up to hold the side of his neck and the other rested softly on his chest, just over his heart. It was low and slow and even. God, how much she wanted to make it race. The blush in her cheeks grew brighter as she pressed herself closer to him, wanting desperately to melt into him and for but a moment occupy the same space. He felt cool, but maybe that was just because she felt so hot. Her skin burned against his and she shivered, both delighted and terrified. She was lying in bed with Yagami Light. He was hers. All hers. The thought sent her pressing harder against him, relishing in the feel of skin against fabric against fabric against skin. All hers.






I meant to write more than this, but I just got rambling and I didn't want to take up any more of the first chapter . . . so I guess you'll just have to wait for the next chapter to get to the good stuff xD Don't worry, I won't take too long.

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