As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

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Just a short little Light POV real quick before I get back to Misa :P


Light sat with his arm laid out on the table before him, his eyes locked on some far away point in the distance. His brow was furrowed lightly and an ever so slight frown graced his lips as he once again ran his gaze over the room. The bed was made, the sheets clean and smooth, and everything was in order, as it always was. No evidence presented itself that he might be a killer, nor would you find any if you searched the room. With his trap set over his death note, and no one able to see Ryuk, there was nothing to hint at his other occupation, outside of his college life.

And yet he scanned the room with an intensity that you would have thought the room would have lit afire. Each bit of it was given a stern look over before he headed on to the next piece, and then the next piece, and then back to the first. Nothing escaped his gaze, not the little hair trapped under his tv, not the small motes of dust making their way down from the ceiling, illuminated in the streetlight outside, not the way Ryuk watched him with that selfsame grin. He took everything in with the careful precision of a meticulous killer.

“Oi, Light.”

Light ignored Ryuk's words, instead looking down at his desk and scoring the wood for any marks he might have made when writing something. Nothing presented itself besides a small scratch near the edge of the wood, probably made when he picked up something, or dropped something there.

“You just gonna let her go like that? What if she doesn't come back?”

The words sounded concerned, but his voice didn't. He sounded more like he thought it was funny. Light knew full well he was probably enjoying himself far more than he should.

“She'll be back,” he said, without a hint of concern. And that he did know. There was no doubt in his mind that Misa would come back, probably quicker than she should, and would cause him problems to fix all over again. He needn't worry about that. What he did need to worry about was how Misa would expect their relationship to change. Light didn't care how she saw him, as long as she was willing to do whatever he said. But what if this little incident had screwed that up? What if she wanted more?

Light groaned to himself and leaned back in the chair, closing his eyes to try to work it out in his head. If everything worked out right, Misa would act as if nothing had happened and everything would continue on as it had been. This was the best scenario. If she thought he might ignore her if she brought it up again, she would probably avoid the subject all together and he could continue on with his plans.

But should she bring it up anyways? Should she become difficult because of this? Light squeezed his eyes tighter shut, trying to force out the oncoming headache. Dealing with L was easier than dealing with this woman. If she would just calm down and think rationally, they would have no problem. But she had to complicate things. She had to let things as silly as her feelings muddy up her logic.

Light sighed to himself and stood, picking out the little hair from under his tv an throwing it in the trash can beneath his desk. His life would be easier without Amane Misa. But then, she did have those eyes. Those wonderful eyes that were going to help him kill L. They were what were saving her. The rest of her usefulness was leveled out by her levels of sheer stupidity. She may have been smart when it came to sending in those tapes. But when it came to him, she was a downright idiot.

Light laid a hand on his chair and looked down at his desk, at the place where he did his work, where every night he worked further towards reaching his goal. A little smile graced his lips as he thought of it. His perfect world, the place where he would reside over as god, where all the criminals were passed judgment by he himself and where he could choose who lived and who died. This was his pleasure in life. This was what he longed for. But not only the end result, but the chase in the meantime. These games with L. They were entertaining. What fun would it be to make his perfect world over night, with no opposition at all. To have an opponent gave his joy in the race, and when he finally achieved his goal, it would be that much sweeter.

As long as Misa didn't mess it up. All she had to do was follow his lead until he could get her to see L. And that was it. If she could simply stay out of trouble until then, everything would be fine.

Light frowned slightly, tracing a crease in his chair. Maybe he should follow her. Walk her home. Just to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. But no, she would be fine. He had her death note. She couldn't really do anything. And to be seen with her now might be a great folly. It was best to let her continue home on her own.

“Too bad your mom walked in, huh?"

Light cut Ryuk a sideways glance.

“Hey, Ryuk?”


“Shut up.”


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