As We Dance With The Devil Tonight

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Okay, really never written such things in a serious sense before, so I'm sorry if it's a little . . . weird. I guess you could consider this my first attempt.


He wasn't kissing her back anymore. He just wasn't resisting her. Misa couldn't decide whether that was a bad sign or not, but she couldn't stop now. Not after she had gotten this far. Not after she had worked herself up so much. Not after she wanted him so bad. Her mouth worked furiously against him from a moment, hoping to spur him into responding. But he lay there, motionless, as if he were asleep. No, even asleep he would have given her more than this. This was nothing.

Her heart jumped in her chest again and she closed her eyes, squinting out the tears that were once again threatening. Kiss me, Light-kun, she thought desperately. Oh, please, god, kiss me. But he didn't. He lay there without so much as a twitch, his breathing steady and normal, his heart beat regular against her hand.

With a feeling of slow moving dread, Misa opened her eyes – and caught her breath as she was met with his own deep brown pools. He was watching her with a steady gaze, his eyes half lidded the same way he did when he was evaluating something, some part of a plan, or someone, or a particular piece of work. Her heart jumped in her throat as she realized he was evaluating her. Testing her, perhaps. For what? Nerve? Courage? She'd do anything for Light. Anything! He should know that. So something else perhaps? Maybe not how far she would go, or how much she would give, but how she would go about it? The thought brought a hot flush to her cheeks and a fear to her heart – a fear and excitement.

She squinted her eyes shut again, the electric pulses running through her as she looked him in the eyes too intense to allow while she was trying to concentrate. If he wanted her to prove herself, then she would. She would god well do her best. If she had one shot to show him she loved him, if she had one shot to make him see, she would make it amazing.

With one quick steadying breath, taking in his scent and taste at the same time, she pulled her lips from his, though it pained her to do so. Then, with careful, measured movements, she traced his jawline with her lips, reaching all the way up to his sensitive earlobe and splaying a hot wash of air across the delicate skin. Her lips hovered right above it, teasing, and giving a careful smile as he twitched, an infinitesimally small gesture, but a gesture she caught all the same. Spurred on by the little reaction, she moved lower, laying her breath across the taught skin of his neck, dancing back and forth for a moment before delicately kissing the hollow just behind his ear. This elicited another little jump and her smiled broadened. With another moment's hesitation, she slowly began to lay a trail of kisses across his neck towards the hollow of his throat, making sure to drag a few so as to bring friction from her lips to his skin.

Finally, as her lips met the collar bone just within the hollow, she felt his heart give a little jump. Warmth and electricity shot through her, and an inexplicable giddiness. A quiet teehee of a giggle slipped from between her lips, and she brought herself forward to reclaim his mouth before he could make a comment. This time when she opened her eyes, his own were hidden behind his dark rimmed eyelids and, with a feeling like stone coming alive, he kissed her back.

Misa fell completely into the kiss, bringing one hand up to cup his neck and using the other to cling to the fabric of his shirt, unable to keep it flat against his chest any longer. A bolt went through her and it was her turn to jump as his tongue reached out to meet her before she ever had a chance to initiate. The giddiness rushed through her stronger, pulling her hand to his hair instead of his face and tangling her fingers within the dusty locks, gripping them firmly there. With every breath she took, she deepened the kiss, like a constrictor snake squeezing the life from its prey, until it was almost painful. Her grip on his hair stayed just loose enough to keep from hurting, but she left out none of the intensity. She wanted him to understand how she felt.

She released him again after a moment and satisfaction warmed her at the sound of him catching his breath as she went back to his neck, trailing a meandering path about it with her lips until his breathing had once again slowed, though his heartbeat didn't quite follow suit. And as she slipped out her tongue to taste his skin, it jumped again, leaving her feeling almost lightheaded with joy. She was doing okay. She was eliciting responses, and they were definitely positive. But she wanted him to be blind, if that was even possible. At least to make him feel a little lost.

She left his neck after a few more moments and trailed farther downward, once again laying kisses across his collar bone and the hollow of his throat. The hand that had been tangled in his hair traced a trail delicately across the skin of his arm, outlining his fingers and feeling every valley and ridge. Then, without warning, she jumped the little ravine between his arm and his body and brought her fingers to the edge of his shirt, toying with the fabric for a few long moments before slipping them under the woolen material and feeling the heat of his side. It felt like touching a charged hot water bottle, the heat and the electricity tingling up her arm with jolts and waves. And finally she felt him move beneath her, something more than a little jump.

At first she thought he was pulling away from her, a thought that made her heart stop completely in her chest. But then his arm reached around to rest on her shoulder and he pressed upwards, lightly, towards her hand. Delighted, she pressed harder, using her nails sparingly, as she reached all the way up to his shoulder, causing as much friction as she could. Her hand wrapped firmly around the muscle between his neck and his shoulder and squeezed, dragging downward until she released it and brought her nails across the last vestiges of the deltoid skin. A little sound came from his throat and Misa repeated the process with her other hand, gripping his left shoulder and dragging her nails across the skin.

As she brought her hands back towards his chest and stomach, she lifted her lips from his collar bone and swept down to where his shirt had been lifted up, laying a few butterfly kisses on the skin just above the rim of his pants. With the scent of him clinging to her nose, she pushed upward, moving his shirt up with a few deft movements of her hands. She lay kisses across his stomach, his chest, his arms, darting her tongue out here and there, leaving warm, wet trails that turned cool in the evening air of his room. The trails grew longer as she grew bolder until she was making little whirlpools with her breath and tongue and drawing bits of his skin into her mouth. No more sounds were uttered from his throat, but when she happened to cross above his heart, she could feel it beating erratically, the steady rhythm from before fading in the distant bits of her memory. A smile tugged at her lips, barely contained from bursting forth in all her moe glory, as she suckled on the delicate skin of his side.

She had moved her hands to his legs to steady herself as she hovered about him, playing with every bit of his exposed skin she could get a hold of. She couldn't stay like that for long, she knew. Her arms were too weak to hold her body above him for an extended period of time. But she made sure to give his neck and extra bit of attention before settling down on her knee. She wouldn't be able to reach it from here.

But as she lowered herself, a brighter flush than ever before raced through her face, burning her to the point she wanted to close her eyes and run down that long dark hallway from before. Not that she didn't want to be here, doing this, but she was terrified. She had reached the point where she needed to decide whether she was really going to decide to do this or not. Because there, pressing into her stomach, she could feel him.

Her heartbeat skidded in her chest, like a bird trapped in a cage, desperate to escape its bonds. She'd never done this before and the fear and uncertainty that pulsed through her stymied her hands, freezing her on the spot. She didn't know what she was doing. Everything from before had been strictly what she had seen, what she had read, what she had heard from her friends, and of course instinct. But she was heading into murky waters now, where she couldn't precisely bullshit around her inexperience. She was lost now that she actually came to the act itself, with no idea of how to go forward, or how to go back. The trails seemed to have been erased around her, leaving her alone and terrified in the great dark forest.

With a shaking breath, she kissed the edges of his stomach where they met his pants again, her stomach roiling as she tried to steady herself. It wasn't that difficult, really. You just . . . did it. Nothing to freak out about. Just don't over think it. Her throat constricted painfully for a moment as she thought of what to do, and she squeezed her eyes shut, letting her mouth take her where it would. The feel of soft leather on her lips changed to the rougher feeling of a cotton wasteband. Just do it, her mind commanded. It's easy. Just don't over think.

With her heart jumping in her throat, she moved lower, her stomach racing about like she was on a roller coaster. The blood was rushing in her ears and, despite her eyes being wide open now, she couldn't see a thing. She just acted. And without another moment's hesitation, she brought her lips to the hard protuberance in the fabric.

There. That wasn't so hard. And no, it really hadn't been. Once her lips met with the cloth, her vision came back, the blood lowered in her ears, and her heart changed from fearful fluttering to elated hammering. His breath had caught; she had heard it just as her ears had cleared, and the realization made her feel lightheaded. She'd brought about that reaction. From something as simple as touching her lips to cotton, and through cotton, him. That was it. Feeling dizzy, she opened her mouth and closed it slowly, drawing friction across him. He gasped again, a quiet sound, but nonetheless real. He felt her. A feeling of power, elation, joy, and love flooded through her and it took all her power to stop from ripping the fabric open and plowing forward. She wanted this to be special. No mishaps from careless gestures.

Her body shook with excitement as she pressed her lips harder against him, drawing them carefully across the fabric to touch ever inch of him she could, even if she wasn't touching him yet. His breathing was lower and ragged now, but not obviously so, as if he were trying to hide it from her. She closed her eyes in a brief moment of giddiness, letting the feeling wash over her, before turning back to the task at hand. He was enjoying himself, maybe, and she was happier than she'd been in a while. But she wanted more. Oh, so much more. With a swift movement, she shoved herself up on her knee, propelling herself to his face where she locked her mouth to his and caught the uneven breath he had been about to exhale. Their tongues mixed again, plying and exploring freely, Misa trying desperately to distract him as her hands fumbled at his waste.

It took her several valuable moments to struggled around the button and a few more to get a hold of the little tag of the zipper, which she pulled down slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible, as if if he heard it he would stop her. It caught briefly, forcing her to shift so she could use both hands and making it so that she was holding herself above him using only the muscles in her stomach and thighs, which was more difficult than she had anticipated. Her legs shook angrily as she brought the tag to rest at the end of the zipper and she brought one hand up swiftly to catch herself before she fell atop of him, nearly catching his hair beneath her. A little sound made its way from his throat, but she couldn't tell whether it was amusement or annoyance.

With her hand now shaking instead of her legs, the young woman snaked her arm down to the waistband of his pants, tugging it lightly with her fingers as she searched for the second band she knew to be there. After another moment, in which she tugged on his lip lightly with her teeth, she found the elastic fabric and added it to the cotton in her hand, pulling them both at the same time. Slowly, painfully slowly, she pulled the fabric down, her heart hammering away and her breath short through her nose. Even her lips shook against his and she felt them move, tighten, almost as if he were smiling.

Her fingertips brushed against hair and she slowed, her breathing catching in her throat, in his mouth. Just don't think about it, she commanded herself once more, drawing her lips from his and, moving as if she were in a dream, bringing herself down just as she pulled the elastic below him. Before she could give herself time to think, she darted her tongue out to taste the very tip, drawing it across slowly for a moment before bringing it back in.

Light inhaled sharply and his hand tightened on the sheets, the sound of the linen rubbing against linen breaking through the pounding in her ears. A sharp jolt shot through her, and excitement urged her on, making her tongue dart out once again to take a longer draw across him. He tasted strange, not like she had expected, and she paused to marvel at it, making little loops around the tip, and across it, to preserve the taste. It was sharper, almost bitter, like the aftertaste of celery. Everyone she had ever talked to had called it salty. But it wasn't salty at all. Bitter, and almost sweet, though that was probably just her head, but not salty. Not at all.

It took her a minute to realize Light was making noise, short even breaths interspersed with little noises from his throat, something she had missed in her fascination. The realization hit her like a brick in the stomach and a painful jolt went all the way down between her legs, making her squeeze them together in excitement. It had never before occurred to her that those noises would elicit such a reaction within her, even from Light. A smile perhaps. A kiss, a touch, a look. But then again, why not? She knew well enough what it meant and of course she'd be excited to hear such a thing when she had caused it. But it had never occurred her to think of it, to daydream of him in such a way when she was alone in her room, staring at the ceiling and thinking of nothing but him. She'd been innocent in her thoughts before. Romantic dates, passionate kisses, loving touches. But never this. She hadn't gotten that far yet.

With a giddiness that almost blinded her, Misa brought her lips around to encompass his head, holding it there with careful surety and continue to trace lines around it. Another sharp intake and a little groan, and then he was silent, his breath either so low she couldn't hear it, or he was holding it. The giddiness faded slightly at the loss of his voice and she drew in, hoping to gain it back. A little breath, but nothing more than that. In frustration, she shoved her mouth down completely, drawing every inch in that she could and bringing a painful gag reflex up to clamp down hard around him.

She was well rewarded. His breath exploded out from him and a groan escaped from around his lips, the sound seeming to come from somewhere deep in his chest. Tears pricked her eyes from the intensity of her reaction and the feeling of happiness swelling in her chest. The groan was what she had been aiming for, the least of what she had hoped for. If they had to stop now, she could content herself with that for a little while. That feeling shot between her legs again and she couldn't help but moan around him, bringing another, quieter groan from his throat that urge her on better than any threat of physical pain. She was bringing joy to the man she loved. And that was all she could think of.

Misa held herself there as long as she could, pushing down lower when the initial gag reflex faded to bring about another short spurt before she was forced to relax, drawing herself back up the shaft with as much friction as she could muster. His breath was short again, only just loud enough for her to hear. But as her eyes cleared, she could see his hand gripping the sheet into a tight little bunch. Despite the way he was measuring his breathing, she knew he was enjoying himself.

She drew all the way back up to the head, wrapping her lips around it tightly and pulling until she released him with a sharp pop. Before he even had time to recover, she grasped him again, shoving down until she gagged once and then falling into a slow rhythm of up and down movement. It was easier than she had expected, the movement feeling almost natural in a strange sort of way, though it was a bit harder to keep suction than she had thought. But what she hadn't be expecting was the friction . Keeping her lips taught against him while continuously moving brought discomfort faster to her lips than she would have thought, making it mildly uncomfortable for a moment before she found a way to distract herself. Which was simple enough: his breathing.

It was slower now, none of the short little bursts from before, but deep and strained, as if he was forcing to let each one and to take each one in. Little vibrations from his throat echoed forth every so often and the sound of the sheet moving brought her eyes to the sheet, which he was gripping hard enough now to show the whites of his knuckles.

He likes it, she thought delightedly. He likes it. He likes what I'm doing. Light-kun likes it. Variations of the same sentence flowed through her mind over and over and over again, until it was like a chant bringing her to an ecstasy of happiness. He likes it. He likes me. Light-kun.

I love you.


Both of them froze. The breath caught in her throat and her eyes widened to an almost painful point. No.

Someone had knocked on the door, the sound shattering the little world she had created, the little world she had been absorbed into. No, no, no, she thought desperately, but Light was already sitting up, answering his mother, returning his clothing to their previous status and moving her aside as he went to fetch her bag for her. But Misa just sat there, too stunned to move. Tears pricked at her eyes at the loss of that moment, her heart dropping like a stone, going straight through her feet and leaving her with a painful tear where it had been. It wasn't fair. She had been right there. Right there.

She hadn't gotten to hear him.

The next few minutes past in a daze, gathering her things, making her way down the stairs and to the front hall, thanking his mother and apologizing for being so late. A peck on the cheek, some whispered words she didn't catch, and he was gone, closing the door behind him with a quiet snap. That was it. Nothing left but to make her way home, to the quiet of her room, to be alone for the rest of the night. The tears that had threatened for so long suddenly spilled forth and suddenly she was flying down the street, running in a wild way that left her little black skirt riding up high enough for the casual passerby to see. But she didn't care. It didn't matter. Not tonight.

She hoped Rem would leave her enough space on the way home to get it all out.

That was the last coherent thought before her world turned to tears and flying. And in a flash of blonde and black, Amane Misa was gone, disappearing down the corner with nothing but wet dots on the pavement to show where she'd been.


Don't worry, that's not the end. I have a little story line planned out, so you'll be getting more soon :P Please comment and rate!

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