The Spontaneous Adventure

BY : RagingBlaziken154
Category: Pokemon > AU - Alternate Universe
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. i am not writing this for profit nor am i receiving money for writing it. all characters are my own and any resemblance is coincidental.

Xavier awakens one morning to someone knocking on his apartment door. Curious as to who would be knocking on his door so early, he gets up and rubs the sleep from his eyes as he walks to the door. Looking through the peephole he sees no one and decides to go back to bed when there’s another knock. Angrily he turns back around and throws open the door to find his rival and long-time friend Shane, crouched beside the doorframe giggling like a schoolgirl. Shane was always thinking of new ways to mess with people. Some called him “Loki” for being so mischievous and his medium length jet black hair made him look like the God of Mischief from the Avengers movies.

They both lived in Viridian city although Shane was born and raised here while Xavier was originally from Pewter city. “Dammit Shane! Haven’t you learned your lesson after last time?” Xavier asks in a slightly annoyed tone. “You mean the time you burst through the door in your boxers carrying a baseball bat and nearly hit a home-run on my skull?” Shane asked in response. Xavier said nothing to this, glad he at least remembered what almost happened to him, even if he didn’t learn. “So what the hell are you doing here this early, anyway?” Xavier asked, curiosity showing in his voice. He figured it must be pretty important for Shane to be waking him up at 9:00am, knowing Xavier is not a very good morning person. “Do I need a reason? Maybe I just wanted to stop by and see my buddy and kick it for a while.” Shane replied sarcastically.

Xavier and Shane have known each other for years and Xavier could read Shane like a book. “Bullshit, out with it. What is so important it couldn’t wait for another few hours?” Xavier said, curiosity still in his voice. Shane decided the jig was up and decided to come out with it. “Alright, here it is. You and I have both been going crazy lately after losing our jobs and being stuck inside so much. Let’s go on an adventure.” Xavier was a bit skeptical but allowed the idea to float around his head for a moment. After thinking it over, he looked at his friend and seen that he was serious about the idea and decided it wasn’t such a bad idea. “Alright I’m in but there’s someone you know we can’t leave out. She’d kill us if we did.” He was talking about his childhood friend, Ivy. Shane knew, in a moment, who he meant and figured it couldn’t hurt to have a female companion to keep the testosterone levels down. Shane jumped up with excitement and said, “Let’s hit the road then! We’re burning daylight!” Xavier looks at his friend, waiting for the gears in his friends head to line up again. “Let me get dressed at least? Damn dude.” Xavier said with a sigh.

He stepped back into his bedroom and threw on some blue jeans and a white t-shirt along with his custom ordered, red and orange Converse high tops. Brushed his long blonde and orange hair out and tied it into a ponytail with a red hair tie. Threw some clothes into his travel bag, dropped his hat on after pulling his ponytail through the hole in the back, and grabbed the Poke-ball off the stand that held his prized Pokemon and best friend. He figured since she was still in the ball she was asleep so he decided not to wake her. He mounted the ball to his belt and headed out the door and started toward Ivy’s house in Pewter city with a giddy Shane in tow.

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