The Spontaneous Adventure

BY : RagingBlaziken154
Category: Pokemon > AU - Alternate Universe
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. i am not writing this for profit nor am i receiving money for writing it. all characters are my own and any resemblance is coincidental.

Xavier and Shane decide to stop at the local Poke-mart before heading through Viridian Forest to get some necessities and a few odds and ends they may need on the trip. Potions, Antidotes, Poke-balls and the like. Xavier bought some energy bars and bottled water as well since he’d rather be safe than starving. They left the mart and headed in the direction of Viridian Forest. As they entered the forest, a bright red beam suddenly appeared from Xavier’s waist and then materialized into the adorable little ball of energy Xavier called “Flare”. Flare was Xavier’s Torchic, received from his brother on vacation in Hoenn. Apparently, his brother was real good friends with Professor Birch who gave him Torchic after hearing his little brother had a birthday and really wanted a Pokemon. As Flare emerged she shook herself and gave a cute little yawn before looking up at her trainer and friend with a happy chirp. “Hey there you little fireball! I was wondering when you’d wake up!” The little chick just gave a giggle and in one leap jumped from the ground to her favorite perch on Xavier’s shoulder. A surprising feat, considering Flare’s small size and Xavier being over 6 foot tall. Shane looked at them with a chuckle and wondered to himself how the two were so close.

They continued walking along the winding, labyrinth-like path through the forest, talking and laughing, and were halfway to the entrance to Pewter city when they heard someone yell Shane’s name. They stopped and looked around but saw no one. They shrugged it off and started walking again when they heard another yell, this time being Xavier’s name. This time Xavier felt something familiar in the voice and a grin came across his face. “You gonna sit behind that bush all day or are you going to come give us a proper greeting?” he asked after a moment. The female voice didn’t reply and there was an eerie silence hanging in the air, with only the leaves rustling with a gentle breeze as it blew through the canopy of trees and the occasional chirp of a Pidgey or Spearow. Suddenly there was a rustling behind him and as Xavier turned to look he was knocked to the ground as someone tackled him. “You sure know how to make an entrance, Ivy.” He said with a grunt as she grabbed his hand and helped him to his feet. She was standing there in her blue skinny jeans and green hoodie that was made to look like the petals around a Meganium’s neck. Her long, red hair, neatly braided and her favorite, green running shoes on her feet. “So what are you guys doing walking through the forest?” Ivy asked, not realizing she was their destination. “Coming to see you but you beat us to it and saw us first.” Shane pointed out in that joking tone of his. “Oh OK. Well then let’s head to my place and chat for a few. Just let me find Petal.” She replied as she turned around and called out the name of her companion.

Petal was Ivy’s trusted friend and Pokemon, Chikorita, who she received from Professor Elm during a family trip to the Johto region. When there was no response, she called out the name once again, and the Chikorita jumped down from a branch just above the three friends and landed beside her trainer with a happy hello and a smile on her face. “Ah! There you are. Come on, we’re going back to the house with the boys to hang out.” She told her companion as they all walked together toward the City of Stone. As Ivy led the way through the exit of the forest, the three friends chatted and laughed like old times and reminisced about old memories and friends. Ivy returned Petal to her ball since she was having trouble keeping up and Xavier returned Flare to her ball so she was ready to battle if the need arose. They arrived at the end of the forest around mid-evening and continued along the path to Pewter. 

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