The Spontaneous Adventure

BY : RagingBlaziken154
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. i am not writing this for profit nor am i receiving money for writing it. all characters are my own and any resemblance is coincidental.

OK guys heres chapter three. im starting to get the formatting figured out but not completely yet so just bear with me here. but its better than the wall of text that i was posting. i hope you guys enjoy and dont be afraid to rate, review and comment. if you have any ideas for this please PM me and ill be happy to hear them. 






Arriving in Pewter city around mid-evening, the three friends were closing in on their destination at Ivy’s house. Ivy, Like Xavier, was a Pewter native and lived near the Pewter museum since she was a child. After her father, who was also the museums creator, had passed away, the house and his fortune were left to Ivy. She preferred to buy clothes that were comfortable as well as her style instead of expensive dresses and jewelry. They arrived at her quaint little home and walked in, each sitting on the couch together and then deciding what to do next. Xavier was the first to bring it up since he knew her the longest and knew she’d be more willing to give him an answer.

“So here’s the deal. Shane and I are going to go on an adventure around Kanto and wanted another companion to bring along. You game?” Ivy smiled and spun around, practically sprinting through the house, gathering clothes, necessities and anything else she thought she’d need. When she was finished, Ivy stood at the door ready to get going. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Xavier said with a smile as they headed out the door and into the garden where her “butler” Mr. Mime was tending to the vegetables and flowers. “Hey, Mr. Mime! I’m going on an adventure with my friends and might not be back for a while. Would you mind looking after the house for me?” Ivy said in a somewhat pleading tone. Mr. Mime smiled and nodded his head in agreement as Ivy thanked him and gave him a hug. “Don’t worry about me too much, OK? The boys will keep me safe and won’t let anything happen to me” she told him reassuringly as the Pokemon pulled a few veggies from the garden and placed them in her bag. “Thanks Mime. At least we can have something healthy to eat for a meal.” She told him with a smile. She turned to her friends and gave them a nod. “I’m all set if you guys are ready.” Shane nodded and replied, “I’m ready if X is ready.” Xavier looked at them both and replied, “As ready as I can be I suppose.”

They headed to the edge of town in the direction of Mt. Moon, curious what lie ahead on their journey. As they reached the outskirts of the city, a young boy suddenly stopped them, pointing his finger at Xavier. “You! Are you the one they call “X” from Pewter city?” Xavier just looked at the boy, slightly confused, and nodded his head.  “I’ve heard that you’re supposed to be a Battle Strategist prodigy and I want to find out!” The boy exclaimed pulling a Poke-ball from his belt and threw the ball. It popped open, unleashing a red laser which turned into an Ekans. The young trainer was correct in what he heard. Xavier had been the top of his class in high school in Battle Strategy classes, even going undefeated on the Battle simulator computers. He still holds the record for being the only undefeated student in school. Xavier gave Flare the commands and she followed them, Trainer and Pokemon seemingly in sync with one another. After a few attacks the snake Pokemon lay unconscious on the ground, unable to continue as the young trainer called for the Pokemon to return as it dematerialized and was pulled into the ball. “Wow! You ARE pretty good. I didn’t stand a chance.”

They said good luck to each other and the trio were on their way to Mt. Moon once again, with Ivy and Xavier battling a few trainers along the way with Shane never battling with his Pokemon. Soon, they reached the Pokemon center at the cave entrance and decided to take a rest before continuing through. Xavier wanted to find out why Shane hasn’t used his Pokemon yet and offered him a cigarette as they stepped outside for a smoke and Ivy went to ask about lodging at the Center for the night. “So why haven’t you been battling since we started this trip? Is Froakie alright?” Xavier asked as he lit his cigarette. Shane had the look of a man who was totally lost and had no idea what to do. He sighed and told Xavier he would discuss it in the morning so he could think and they could all figure it out. They were given a room and decided to go to bed early, although it was just about sundown, with Shane sleeping in one bed and Ivy and Xavier sharing the other. Although they weren’t in an exclusive relationship they didn’t mind sharing a bed together since Ivy has had feelings for Xavier since Jr. High and Xavier enjoys cuddling with her to make her feel safe. They all slept soundly, excited for the adventure ahead tomorrow.

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