The Eevee Brothel

BY : TheAnthroDex
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A/N: Sorry for the hiatus. Life caught up with me so I wasn't able to write. Hopefully, my stories will be up more regularly again. Hope you enjoy!


I consider myself a simple man. I work a desk job as an accountant from 9 to 5 every weekday. I go home to eat dinner, watch some TV, and get my recommended eight hours of sleep. I have no wife or kids, and I live by myself on the fourth floor of a decent sized apartment. My time for reaching my dreams have passed, so I have no goals for my near future. Everything in my life is normal and stable. I’m neither sad nor overjoyed about my situation, just content with what I have. And then, of course, I have that one place I go to for my special end of the week celebration.



Another week came by where I stood in front of that place, bundled up in a thick fur coat to keep warm from the winter winds.


I stepped inside and saw the usual familiar face. I quickly scanned the available girls, made my selection, and dropped the money on the desk before heading over to the elevator.


“What, not even a warm welcome?” Joe asked in a slightly offended tone.


“It’s been a long day,” I exclaimed while I waited for the elevator, “I just want to finish the week off with a cute girl in my lap and then head home.


“Can’t argue with that,” Joe retorted as the elevator opened. “Have fun up there!” I heard him yell out as the doors closed in front of me.


I looked over at the description of the course I had chosen. It was one of the more popular courses, so I found myself rather fortunate to have it open. Some might even call it the ‘hottest course.’ I chuckled in my head as I read the description.


Floor 4: Flareon

Height: 5’5

Weight: 115.2 lb

Bust: D


You’re feeling a bit sick today, and Flareon is just the nurse you need to feel better. Her unorthodox methods for checkup might make your fever rise, but the best way to cure something like that is to sweat it off.


A bell rang out as the elevator doors opened again, showing a typical doctor’s office, fitted with its own magazines, toys, and a Kangaskhan working the desk. She appeared to be typing onto her computer before stopping and looking up at me as I approached.


“I have an appointment with the doctor at 10,” I said.


She rolled her chair over to a cabinet and browsed through some files, before responding, “Ah yes, here you are. You’re a bit early, but the room should be empty. If you could go down the hallway and go into the first room on your left, the nurse will be with you shortly.”


“Thank you,” I said as I hung my coat and walked towards the designated room. The amount of detail that was put into these rooms seemed almost ridiculous. I wouldn’t even be able to tell if it were a real doctor’s office as I looked at the bed with the annoying paper spread over it, the scale, various health related posters, and more. Half the time I don’t understand what any of the posters are talking about, but I found myself reading one about the benefits of Moomoo Milk. I was about halfway through before the nurse entered.


My heart skipped a beat as I saw the Flareon enter the room wearing a nurse outfit that seemed at least one size too small. Her bright orange skin seemed to glow against the white fabric she wore. She gave me a quick wink with one of her blue eyes before closing the door behind her.


“What seems to be the problem, dear?” she asked with a coy smile.


I shook my head as I regained my composure from being enraptured in her beauty. “I’m feeling a bit sick. Do you think you can help me?”


“Of course,” she answered with a warm smile. “First things first, say ‘Ahh’ ” she instructed.


“Ahhh,” I said as I opened my mouth. My eyes widened as she suddenly threw herself onto me while sliding her tongue into my open mouth. I felt its rough surface graze against my tongue as it explored my mouth. I fell back onto the bed as I closed my lips, locking us into a deep kiss. Through the crumpling of the paper beneath me, I could hear her moans of pleasure as we continued our kiss. I slid my hand down along her back before giving her voluptuous ass a firm squeeze, causing the Pokemon to let out a squeak.


Flareon broke the kiss and sat up, straddling my body between her legs. She licked her lips before looking down at me and saying, “Hmm… you do seem a bit warm. Why don’t you take off your shirt so I can get your heartbeat?”


I complied and pulled off my shirt, throwing it onto the chair beside the bed as I laid topless beneath her. She moved herself back a bit and unzipped my pants. I gulped as she forced her hand down my boxers and took a firm hold of my half-erect cock in her slender fingers. She pulled my boxers down beneath my balls before placing her other hand over the left side of my chest.


“Now take deep, steady breaths,” she cooed before spitting down onto my cock. I felt my heart thump hard against her palm as she began to stroke my penis. Flareon grinned down at me as my cock reached its full length. I tried to keep my breathing steady as instructed, but it was becoming increasingly difficult as she picked up the pace of her strokes.


“Oh my! You do seem to have a fast heartbeat,” she exclaimed before removing her hand from my chest. “There’s just one more test I need to do to make sure though. If you would please stand up,” she said as she got off of me.


I rolled off of the bed and stood up, the clothes below my waist still half removed. Flareon got onto her knees and took ahold of my length once more before looking up and giving me a seductive wink. She unbuttoned the top of her outfit and slid her bra down to reveal her large pair of knockers. My cock twitched as she raised her breasts and sandwiched my length between them. She smiled as she pressed her pair together with her arms and slid them along the length. I moaned out from the soft warmth enclosing my member. I looked down and saw her put her blonde hair back behind her ear before plunging my cock deep into her mouth.


My legs wobbled as I nearly collapsed from the sudden warmth. Her tongue skillfully moved across the head of my length before rubbing along the sides. She continued to rub the sides between her breasts as her mouth sucked on the tip. I grabbed onto the golden locks on top of her head as I let out a loud groan of ecstasy. Flareon continued to stare up right at me as she began to thrust her head back and forth along my length, stopping every once in a while to lick the pre escaping the tip.


I tightened my grip on her hair as I felt my climax approach. The Pokemon’s ears perked up as I began to thrust my hips into her mouth, alerting her that I was almost at my limit. She removed her mouth and quickly began to stroke my length with her hand. A small wave of disappointment came over me as I saw that she wasn’t going to take my load in her mouth before I saw her open her mouth wide and aim my penis in front of it. The sight drove me over the edge as I climaxed, shooting several thick streams of my cum into her mouth, some of it falling over her nose and the top of her breasts. Flareon stuck out her tongue at me, showing my white sperm spread across it before sliding her tongue back into her mouth and making a loud gulping sound. She licked her lips before wiping the remaining semen off her face with her hands.


“Hmmm… judging by the taste, I would say you have a slight fever,” she explained. “I think I have just the answer for something like this.” She tore off the crumpled paper on the bed before laying down on her back.


“The best thing for a fever is chicken noodle soup,” she said. “Unfortunately, I can’t give that to you right now, so the next best thing is for you to sweat it out,” she continued with a wink. “And I think I know just how to make you work up a sweat.” She spread her legs apart to show a missing pair of panties underneath her skirt. My heart skipped a beat as I saw her bare pussy, glistening slightly from the wetness escaping her slit.


I climbed over her, moving the bottom of her nurse outfit up a bit to give me better access to her pussy. I slid my tip up and down along her slit, the slick juices and her soft mound exciting the sensitive head. She groaned out while biting down on her finger as I teased her.


“You shouldn’t play with your doctor,” she said as she unbuttoned the top of her outfit, exposing her white lingerie underneath.


“Sorry, I can’t help it,” I replied before sliding the head of my cock inside of her. I bit down on my lip as I took a moment to get used to the sensation. It felt almost scorching hot inside her and the pressure from her tightness only added to the experience. I gritted my teeth as I slowly slid more and more of my length into her pussy. Flareon’s eyes grew wider as more of her was filled up until she let out an audible gasp once she felt the base of my member. I took a moment to get used to her tightness before grabbing onto her bra and pulling it down to expose her rather large breasts.


I bent down and shared a kiss with her as I pulled my hips back, the walls of her pussy doing their best to keep as much of me in her as possible. I began to thrust my hips in slow, long motions as I felt her legs wrap around my waist. I broke the kiss and laid down flat on top of her, burying my face between her breasts. I rubbed my face in the space between them, the jiggly softness from them warming my cheeks.


“Do you like them that much?” she asked with a giggle. I looked up at her and nodded before moving my head to the side and sucking on her nipple. Flareon bit her lip to suppress her moans as my tongue swirled around the tip of her breast. I picked up the pace of my thrusts, my body quickly becoming drenched in sweat from the warmth emanating from her. I cupped her other breast in my hand and gave it a squeeze before pulling on the nipple. A squeak passed my ears as I pulled, and I felt her walls tighten around my length. I wrapped my arms around her as I rested my head on her breast before switching to quick, short thrusts. I felt Flareon’s arms wrap around me as she moaned in rhythm with my thrusts. I took a firm hold of her as I thrusted as fast as I could, the bed rumbling from the force.


“N-Not so fast!” Flareon yelled out as she dug her fingernails into my back. My grunts grew heavy and uneven as I continued to go as fast as I could before giving a final deep thrust inside of her and spurting out a huge load. Flareon’s body shivered in my arms as shot after shot of my spunk filled her. I felt her walls convulse around my length as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her grip on me loosened as my climax faded. I continued to lay atop her, our breath ragged from the physical exertion. After a few minutes, I climbed off of her, smiling a bit as I watched my semen ooze out of her slit.


“Thank you for your patronage,” Flareon said, still panting on the bed. “Kangaskhan outside will tell you the details of our next appointment. I hope to see you soon,” she said before sitting up and buttoning her outfit.

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