The Eevee Brothel

BY : TheAnthroDex
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I consider myself a simple man. I work a desk job as an accountant from 9 to 5 every weekday. I go home to eat dinner, watch some TV, and get my recommended eight hours of sleep. I have no wife or kids, and I live by myself on the fourth floor of a decent sized apartment. My time for reaching my dreams have passed, so I have no goals for my near future. Everything in my life is normal and stable. I’m neither sad nor overjoyed about my situation, just content with what I have. And then, of course, I have that one place I go to for my special end of the week celebration.



I stood in front of that place once more as a shiver ran down my spine. I wasn’t too sure if it was because of the cold or from the course I was planning to take this time around.


“The Ice Course?” Joe said. “Didn’t think you would ever go for that one. Just due to the nature of it, I’m going to have to ask you to sign this form for legal purposes.”


“Well, I’d like to go through each course once eventually,” I responded as I placed my signature onto the piece of paper. “I just hope it doesn’t become one of my favorites.”


“I wouldn’t worry too much about it, bud,” Joe said reassuringly. “Though I would have to say, the girl for that course is the best looking in my eyes,” he added with a grin while he added up my money. “Hope you have a good time.”


“You know it,” I responded as the doors to the elevator opened.


My heart was beating unusually fast this time. The thoughts of a good time with a cute girl always got my blood pumping, but this was different. I still was unsure of my decision as I read the description again on the elevator wall.


Floor 5: Glaceon

Height: 5’4

Weight: 107.6 lb

Bust: C


After months of built up sexual frustration, you finally let your carnal instincts take over after seeing a scantily clothed Glaceon pass by in the streets. You’re going to satisfy your needs whether she likes it or not.

Admittedly, the course seemed rather tasteless and would be something that I would find unacceptable in the real world. Luckily, this was all roleplay, so my morals didn’t feel too violated. Though I wouldn’t exactly say that the Glaceon wouldn’t feel violated. Still, a part of me was already feeling some regret about this decision. However, it was too late to turn back as the doors of the elevator opened up.


There was no one on the opposite side to meet me this time. The scene seemed to model a typical suburban area. They even fixed the lighting to make it seem like sunset. I looked over to the side to see a Glaceon looking down at her phone. She was dressed in a pink tank top and a pair of shorts that seemed to just be enough to cover her ass. She looked from side to side before walking away, presumably back to her house. I followed behind her, keeping a safe 10 or so yards between the two of us.


I saw her take a few glances behind at me before she started to pick up her pace. I sped up to keep up with her, closing the gap between us slightly. Unfortunately for me, she made a turn and entered her home, closing the door quickly behind her, a loud click reaching my ears signaling she locked it. I cursed under my breath as I entered the premises and began circling the house. I peered in through a window to find the Pokemon sprawled out on the couch in her living room.


I crawled towards a window on another side of the house and peered inside. It appeared to be the bedroom based on the furniture. I tried to open the window and found myself pleasantly surprised as it slid open. I climbed through it as quietly as I could and closed it behind me. A quick glance through the hallway told me that Glaceon had gotten up and started cooking. I began rummaging through the drawers and cabinets to find something that I could use. After a few moments of searching, I found a few things that seemed helpful.


I peeked my head over the countertop to see Glaceon focused on whatever she was cooking on the stovetop. I slowly crept up behind her before placing my hand over her mouth.


“Mmph mmm!” the Pokemon mumbled as I wrestled her onto the ground. I rolled her onto her stomach before grabbing ahold of her wrists and binding them together behind her back.

with some duct tape.


“Who are you? What do you think you’re doing?!” she screamed out as she tried to turn her head back to face me. She wriggled her body underneath me as I straddled her. She rubbed her wrists together and kicked around in a desperate attempt to get free. I smiled as the duct tape held true and I stood up over her. I turned off the stove as she rolled onto her back so she could get a better look at me.


“Y-You’re that stalker from earlier,” she said in a terrified voice. “How did you get in here?” She arched her back as she tried to get onto her feet, but to no avail.


“You should probably keep your windows locked. At least the ones on the first floor,” I said with a smile before propping her over my shoulder and carrying her to the bedroom.


“L-Let go of me!” she ordered as she kicked and struggled. I gritted my teeth before throwing her onto the bed. “Someone help m-” she screamed out before I stuffed her mouth with one of her socks that I found in a drawer.


“Mmm phhmmm!” she mumbled angrily while staring daggers at me. I ignored her piercing gaze as I unzipped my pants and dropped them to the floor. An oddly pleasant feeling came over me when I saw her eyes open wide with dread before she tried to roll off of the bed. I grabbed onto her arm and pushed her back in the middle of the bed, maintaining a tight hold on her as she lay on her back. She shook her head violently and appeared to be screaming as hard as she could. I growled under my breath before slapping her across the cheek. The girl immediately calmed down and started whimpering as a bright red mark appeared on her ice blue face. Tears filled her eyes as she watched me grab a pair of scissors and cut off her tank top, throwing the scraps to the side. I pulled down her bra and gave her left breast a firm squeeze. Glaceon began to cry, any sounds coming from her being muffled by the sock. I slid my hand down to pull down her shorts, only to be stopped by her pressing her legs together. I shot her a look of disapproval as I grabbed ahold of her legs and forced them apart enough to pull down both her shorts and panties to reveal a stunning view of her pussy. The Pokemon began to squirm again, turning onto her side and curling up into a fetal position. I grabbed onto her arm and pulled her up into a sitting position before holding her in place until she finally stopped struggling in my arms. I removed the sock from her mouth before standing up on the bed in front of her with my cock just a few inches from her face.


“Bite it and I’ll make you sure you don’t have any teeth to bite with,” I said with a growl as I positioned my length with my hand. My other hand took its place on top of her head as my tip pressed against her lips, begging for entrance. I grabbed onto her hair and pulled on it more and more before she finally opened her mouth, letting my cock slide in. The Pokemon didn’t bite down on it, but she didn’t do much else either. All she did was sit motionlessly, making a slurping sound every once in a while as I thrusted into her face.


I placed both of my hands on her head before thrusting as deep as I could, the sound of her gagging echoing throughout the room. I pulled back out again completely and let her regain her breath. After letting her take several deep breaths, I forced my cock back into her mouth and took a firm hold of the side of her head as I began to facefuck her. I looked down to see tears rolling down the side of her cheeks as her blue lips curled around my length. Another odd sensation of satisfaction fell upon me as I picked up my pace. The next few moments were filled with groans of pleasure from me and loud slurping noises coming from the girl below me. I took another deep thrust into her mouth again as I climaxed, shooting my load directly into her throat. I heard Glaceon make a loud moan and shiver as my hot semen spurted into her. I pulled out of her mouth and basked in the pleasure before I heard her making a spitting sound and seeing a huge glob mixed of her saliva and my cum on the bedsheets. I grinded my teeth as I put my hand on the back of her head and slammed her face down on the wet pile.


“What’s wrong? Not good enough for you?” I whispered menacingly into her ear as I rolled her face over the fluids, smearing her cheeks until the fluids disappeared. I pulled her by her hair to bring her head up to see an expression of lost hope as I saw the cum and saliva stains beginning to dry up on her face.


I pushed her head back onto the bed as I crawled myself behind her, lifting her ass high in the air. The Pokemon seemed to be completely exhausted as she made no efforts in putting up a resistance as I spread her legs and took my position, ready to go at her doggy style. As the head of my penis made contact with her entrance, however, she sprung back into action and gave me a swift kick into my stomach.


“Oww!” I yelled out, covering my stomach with my arms. Glaceon rolled off the side of the bed, landing on her feet, and making a dash into the hallway. I regained my composure and scrambled off the bed with her sock in hand to rush after her. Fortunately, she wasn’t that fast as I caught up with her at the end of the hallway, grabbing onto her arm and swinging her onto the ground.


“Someone! Anyone! Help me!” she managed to yell out before I stuffed her mouth again. I pushed her onto her stomach once more and lifted her ass in front of me. I placed my legs over her ankles to make sure she wouldn’t get away. My hand rubbed my cock briefly to get it back into fighting form as Glaceon whimpered on the floor.


“We could’ve done it comfortably on the bed, but now you made me have to do it here,” I growled as my cock reached full length. I positioned my cock in front of her entrance before sliding it in slowly, letting out a groan as my length entered her completely. Her insides felt oddly cool, like refrigerated deli meats, but it was just as tight as the other girls. The Pokemon was completely sobbing now, her cries being muffled by her own clothing. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled out to the head before pushing back in again and starting a slow rhythmic motion. I was enjoying it for the most part, though I had to admit that the wooden floor was bringing some pain on my knees. However, I continued through the pain focusing more on the pleasure I was feeling around my groin. After a couple of minutes of pumping roughly inside her, I felt another climax coming.


Apparently, Glaceon felt it as well as she began to squirm around again. I gave her ass a harsh spank before tightening my grip around her waist, holding her steady as I thrusted faster. She turned her head back towards me with a tearful look that was begging for mercy. I merely smirked at her as I continued pumping into her until my seed finally burst inside her bare pussy, filling with her the sticky substance. Glaceon’s eyes rolled back as I felt her body shiver. I pulled my length out of her with a long strand of liquid connecting the tip to her entrance. The Pokemon’s rear slumped onto the ground as I got off of her before she curled up on her side, tears still flowing out of her. I grabbed her shoulders and made her sit up before slapping her face with my cock.


“Clean it,” I ordered as I pulled the sock out of her mouth. Her spirit seemed to have been completely broken now as she did as she was told. Not only that, she was actually sucking this time and moving her head along my length, instead of me doing all the work.


Suddenly, the front door opened and a Kangaskhan came through. “Sorry, sir, but your time is up. I’m the one that tells the end time for this course as the guests that normally partake in it tend not to listen to Glaceon.”


Admittedly, I felt disappointed, but I complied and pulled my penis out of the Pokemon’s mouth. The Kangaskhan came over and cut the tape around Glaceon’s wrists. The icy-blue Pokemon rubbed her wrists briefly before giving me a curt bow.


“You were considerably nicer than my usual guests. Though, I don’t think this is your cup of tea, yes?” she asked with a smile.


“I guess not really. It was my first time, so I wasn’t too sure how rough I should be,” I answered as I rubbed the back of my head.

“Well, if you ever feel up for this again, I’ll be here. I hope you enjoyed!” she said before rushing towards the Kangaskhan, who was pulling a potion out of a bag.

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