The Eevee Brothel

BY : TheAnthroDex
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Disclaimer: I do not have any ownership of Pokémon nor any of its contents. The following story is based on the works of Pokémon. No money is being profited from the production of this work.

A/N: I used Artemis (pokesona) as reference to the Umbreon. For a better visual representation, look the aforementioned up.



I consider myself a simple man. I work a desk job as an accountant from 9 to 5 every weekday. I go home to eat dinner, watch some TV, and get my recommended eight hours of sleep. I have no wife or kids, and I live by myself on the fourth floor of a decent sized apartment. My time for reaching for my dreams have passed, so I have no goals for my near future. Everything in my life is normal and stable. I’m neither sad nor overjoyed about my situation, just content with what I have. And then, of course, I have that one special place I go to for my special end of the week celebration.



I slipped into the shadows of the alley and snuck inside the building once more. A quick conversation with Joe passed before I was on my way up through the elevator. Admittedly, the course that I had chosen for tonight was a rather unusual choice, something more fanciful than what I was used to. According to the description on the flyer:


Floor 3: Umbreon

Height: 5’4

Weight: 119.0 lb

Bust: C


Umbreon is the beautiful and gracious princess of a kingdom. She is always prim and proper and very careful in making sure that the image she shows to the public does not falter. However, behind the scenes, she loosens up and tries her best to relieve herself of the stress that comes with the role. And as her number one servant, it is your duty to satisfy any and all of her requests.


A bell chimed next to me as the doors of the elevator opened. Unlike most of the other floors, this one opened up to a changing room where the client was supposed to change into a special uniform. I took off my jacket and quickly unrobed before dressing into a loose-fitting butler outfit. I checked myself in the mirror on the wall as I adjusted my bowtie. The clothing did appear a bit too large for me, but overall I had to admit I looked good in it. I posed a couple more times before tidying my hair to make it more presentable and entered the next room.


“So I believe that is in your best interest to accept…” a courtly man was saying as I walked down the length of the room.


“Is it time for me to go already?” asked the princess. I bit my lip to suppress a smile as I looked at the enchanting female before me. She was wearing a long, purple dress that complemented her black fur very well with a small tiara crowned atop her silky black hair. The outfit and even the room itself seemed almost too extravagant. With a small nod of my head, the princess got up out of her chair.


“My apologies, kind sir, but it appears that I must make my next appointment. We will have to continue this another time,” Umbreon said with a curt smile before taking a bow.


“Oh, but if you just stay for another minute, I’m sure that we can come to an agree-” the man started again with a panic.


“I’m sorry, sir,” I interjected, “but her highness is very busy. You may schedule another appointment with her another time. The door is right this way,” I said, gesturing towards the door I just entered.


“Come along now,” Umbreon called out to me, “we wouldn’t want to be late. Miss Sherry, if you would please show our guest outside.”


“Yes, your highness,” answered a Kangaskhan in a maid outfit near the wall. She walked up to the man and gave a bow before heading towards the door as I followed Umbreon towards the opposite end of the room. As soon as the door closed behind me, the princess suddenly fell backwards onto my chest. Luckily, I reacted quickly enough to catch her before she fell completely onto the floor.


“Uggggh,” she moaned out, “I don’t think I can take another day of meeting with all these suitors and businessmen and princes and whatnot. Can you carry me back to my room?” she said, looking up at me.


“W-Well, it is the life of a princess as beautiful as yourself, your highness,” I said with a weak smile. “Though, don’t you think it would be expected of a royal princess to walk around in her own castle?”


“I’ll be ‘expected’ to do things when I need to. As in, whenever people that aren’t you are around,” she replied snarkily. “Now, I demand that you carry me back to my room!”


I rolled my eyes as I readjusted my hold of her and picked her up as a groom would carry a bride. Admittedly, she was a bit heavy to carry, but I kept my mouth shut until I reached her room at the end of the hallway. I kicked the door open before entering her abode and plopping her onto her bed.


“Oof!” the Pokemon cried out. “You could have been a little bit gentler, you know,” she said as she sprawled herself out over her covers.


“To be fair, your highness, you should have traveled here on your own accord,” I responded.


“But I’m tired from spending hours in those boring meetings,” she said while sitting up and lifting the dress over her shoulders and tossing it to the side, revealing her pink lingerie underneath. “Much better,” she said with a sigh of relief, “you would think that royalty would find something more comfortable to wear.”


I quickly covered my eyes with my forearm as I averted my gaze, a slight warmth rising to my cheeks as I saw a quick glimpse of her slender body. “Y-Your highness, you shouldn’t undress in the presence of anyone besides your female servants. You should quickly find something to wear,” I said sheepishly.


“Oh? But you’re the one that always tells me I have a beautiful body,” she replied in a teasing voice. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her figure coming towards me. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck before whispering into my ear, “Besides, you don’t honestly believe that I wouldn’t know about all those perverted thoughts of you having your way with me?”


“I-I have never thought of such things!” I responded as my cheeks flared with color.


“Really? I think that down here is telling me otherwise,” she said, dragging her index finger up along the length of the bulge in my pants.


I gulped before freeing myself from her arms and taking a couple of steps away from her. I turned to face her and straightened my bowtie as I regained my composure. “Your highness, you are a princess. It is unbefitting of someone of your status to joke about such devious acts,” I said with indignation. “Besides, those acts should be saved for your husband, once you find a suitor to your liking.”


“Hmm… but all those guys are confident and full of themselves,” she said while approaching me once more. “I don’t think they would exactly be my type. I would rather play with someone more submissive and lacking self-esteem, like you,” she said with a smirk as she knelt down in front of me and undid my belt. She brought down the front of my trousers and my underwear to reveal my half-erect cock. “Oh! So this is what one looks like,” she said with a curious expression on her face.


“Y-Your highness, I suggest you stop here or else I will be forced to tell your father,” I stated sternly, trying my best to make the lower half of my body agree with the words coming out of my mouth.


“I’ll just tell him that it was your idea and that you always try to do lewd things to me whenever no one else is around,” she answered with a mischievous smile. “And honestly, who do you think he will believe? His own precious daughter or some lowly servant?” she continued as she began to stroke the length of my fully-erect penis with both of her small black hands. “Plus, your friend here looks like it doesn’t want me to stop at all.”


“B-But your highness, that’s not fair. I-If someone find out what we’re doing…” I stuttered. Unfortunately, the princess was paying no attention to me as she continued to examine my length.


“Now, if I remember correctly, I’m supposed to do something like this…” she said to herself before opening her mouth wide and taking a fair portion of my girth into it. I immediately stopped stammering and let out a loud sigh of pleasure as I placed my hand on top of her head, a wave of pleasure sending shivers throughout my body. I felt her swirl her tongue around the head of my cock, sucking on any pre that came out of the tip.


“Y-Your highness, where did you learn this technique?” I asked, running my hand through her silky black hair.


The Pokemon sucked down hard on my cock one last time before removing herself from it with a loud ‘pop.’ She licked her lips before responding, “Princess’s secret~” followed by a seductive wink. She stood up and walked over to her bed, sitting on the edge with a satisfied look on her face. I continued to stand there unsure of what to do, while my throbbing length awkwardly hung out from my trousers.


“Is something the matter?” Umbreon asked with another teasing smile.


“W-Well your highness, I was hoping that maybe you would... let me be able to finish,” I answered sheepishly, unable to look directly at her.


“Oh, is that so? Well, I might be willing to comply, but I don’t think it’s fair that you’re the only one that gets to feel good,” she answered as she spread her legs and rubbed the front of her panties. I gulped as I tucked my length back into my pants and approached her. A smirk stayed glued onto her face as I knelt down between her legs. I pinched the bottom of her panties and moved it to the side, revealing her bare pussy, a little bit of wetness already glistening from the lights.


“I thought you didn’t want to partake in any of these ‘devious acts’ with me,” she said haughtily. I gulped again as I began to reconsider what I was about to do. It appeared as though Umbreon thought I might actually decide not to continue, thus she grabbed ahold of my head and pushed it forward until I was a couple of inches away from her slit.


“Lick it,” she ordered with no hesitation. A sweet smell emanated from her entrance, making me lose any thoughts of turning back. I stuck out my tongue and dragged it along her fleshy mound as Umbreon let out a yelp and fell onto her back. She covered her mouth with her hands momentarily before taking a couple of deep breaths. She rested her arm over her eyes before regaining her composure and saying, “Continue.”


I swirled my tongue over her clit as I heard suppressed moans from the princess. My tongue played with the folds of her lower mouth before sliding the tip into her entrance. Another shriek escaped from the princess’s mouth as she moved her legs to rest on my shoulders. I poked the entrance again with the tip of my tongue repeatedly until her hand took hold of the back of my head and nudged me forward. My tongue slithered deeper into her slit, causing the girl to arch her back as she desperately tried to hold back her moans. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her tight hole, flicking it around inside before pulling it back out and licking her clit again.


“W-Wait, stop,” she said in a voice uncharacteristically quiet voice, “I-I’m starting to feel funny.” She began to push my head away with her hand, but I stayed firm, continuing to attack her clit with my tongue.


“I said to stop!” she yelled out, pushing against my head with more force. I pulled her hand away with my free hand, not losing my rhythm as I licked and nibbled on her sensitive spot. Suddenly, her legs wrapped tightly around my head as the princess let out a loud groan. My mouth was glued to her lower mouth as she orgasmed, her thighs pinning my head to her crotch until her climax finally settled. I took a deep breath of fresh air as I looked up to see the princess’s upper body sprawled out over the covers, a blush barely visible over her dark cheeks. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and sat down next to her.


“How was your first orgasm, your highness?” I asked, mimicking her teasing smile. I was answered with nothing but heavy breathing as Umbreon tried to regain her composure. She took one final deep breath before sitting up and facing me with a pout on her face.


“I told you to stop,” she said, crossing her arms and feigning annoyance, “but I suppose it did feel kind of good,” she finished quietly. I smiled at her until she got up and knelt down between my legs and unzipped my trousers once more. “I guess I should return the favor, at least this one time,” she said. I could hardly conceal my excitement as I unbuckled my belt and revealed my erect length over the top of my underwear and pants.


Umbreon licked the tip before inserting my cock into her mouth, a moan escaping my lips as warmth surrounded my length. I took ahold of her head and gently guided her back and forth along my cock, groaning softly as I grew closer to my climax. I closed my eyes briefly to enjoy the slurping sounds she was making and the pleasure of her soft, slick tongue. I opened my eyes and looked down at her and met her eyes looking back at me. My heart skipped a beat once I saw her cute face taking in my cock. I placed my other hand on her head as well and began to thrust into her mouth. Gagging sounds filled the room until I finally made one final thrust, spewing my load into her mouth while letting out a satisfied sigh. She slid her head off of my cock and cupped her hands before spitting out my cum onto them, a thick strand of saliva and semen connecting the tip of her tongue and the mess underneath.


“Ewww…” she groaned as she looked down at it. She wiped the residue on the leg of my pants before wiping her mouth with the other leg. I was still feeling too satisfied to make any remark as I plopped back onto her bed.


“How was it?” she asked with a big smile as she sat down next to me, apparently proud of herself that she was able to make me climax.


“Amazing, your highness” I replied. “Thank you for that.”


“Well, don’t expect that too often from now on,” she answered. “But I do hope we can play again some other time.”


“I suppose as long as no one else find out, I don’t mind this situation,” I said. “If I’ve already done it once, I don’t have much to lose.”


“Yay!” the princess yelled out as she wrapped her arms around me in a hug. “Oh, but no actual sex though. I’ll save that for my future hubby. Other than that, I’m all yours~.”

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