Manaria Friends: The Mysteria Princesses

BY : Darkwolves
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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Contains: Anne x Grea, Futanari (Grea) Tail sex, Fingering, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Blowjob, Anal Sex

Anne passed the brush through her elegant blonde hair. Anne savoured the regular pass of the brush through her long hair, finding it so relaxing to focus herself on a mundane task at the end of the day. Washing, dressing, styling her hair, all things which would normally be left to a servant. Anne enjoyed carrying out these tasks by herself when the opportunity presented itself, feeling as though she could lay aside all the pomp and ceremony of her life at home. Anne made the final pass before she laid the brush aside on the table beside her. 
Peering in the mirror Anne could sit and admire Grea sat at a similar table across the room, brushing her short maroon hair. Anne watched as Grea slipped the brush underneath the curve of her horns, smoothing out the elegant strands as she moved.
Anne couldn’t resist the temptation. Rising silently from her seat Anne crept across the room towards Grea. Anne’s lithe feet pattered across the carpeted floor, moving with practiced ease. Anne stepped elegantly around Grea’s long tail on the floor. Grea was so consumed with her brushing she remained unaware of Anne’s approach.
Anne descended upon Grea as she encircled her arms around the dragon girls’ shoulders. Anne could feel Greas body immediately tense beneath her touch, the soft beat of her wings against Anne’s side. She was sure she could even hear the soft tap of Greas tail twitching against the floor.
“So that’s how you do your hair” Anne whispered softly as she leant in closer to embrace Grea tighter to her. Anne could smell the lingering scent of her soap rising from her body, lavender.
Anne’s gaze glanced down into Greas lap, noticing the distinct rise of the tenting emerging in the front of her nightdress.
Anne felt a coy smile pull at the corners of her mouth. “Is that a brush in your dress, or are you just pleased to see me?”
Grea’s cheeks erupted in a sea of redness by way of reply, the gentle beat of her wings stifled as her entire body froze. Anne knew about her companion’s ‘Unique’ trait, known to be more common among those with dragon ancestry. It was many a time that the two of them had snuck away together to Anne’s room for the evening to be together in private. Now that they were living in the same room it presented ample opportunities for them to indulge themselves.
“It’s nothing” Grea replied, eager to dismiss the matter as swiftly as she could.
“It’s not nothing” Anne objected, even as the smile rose in her cheeks. A most delectable idea had taken hold in her mind.
Anne fell to her knees beside Grea, crouching low as she silently crept around the edge of Greas desk, moving just out of sight of the gorgeous dragon girl. Grea only became aware of her shifting presence when she felt the front of her nightdress shuffling away. Grea glanced down to witness a large mound emerging in the front of her dress.
Anne pressed her open palms against the creamy soft skin of Greas bare thighs for support. Anne searched her way through the darkness and the endless folds and ruffles of the dragon girls loose-fitting nightdress. Anne felt the heat growing beneath the stifling material.
Anne soon uncovered the source of the intense heat, pressing her lips against the bulbous head of Greas erect penis. Anne kissed the head, planting another on the very edge of the shaft. Anne’s lips opened to accommodate the tip of her penis, shifting further down the shaft of Greas cock. It tasted wonderful, like Grea but so much more intense than she had ever imagined.
Anne passed her lips up and down the full length of Grea’s shaft. Anne increased the pace of her lips, consuming more and more of her erect length with each movement. Grea grasped at the top of the mound in her dress, eagerly urging Anne further in her endeavours. Grea let slip a pleasurable moan at Anne’s delicate teasing, pressing her hands against her lips in a vain attempt to stifle herself.
Anne could feel the insistent pulse of Greas shaft between her lips acting as a precursor to her inevitable release. Anne closed her lips around the head, sucking eagerly while her tongue circled the tip like the most delectable of treats. Greas hands clawed at the mound of her dress, fighting to resist the overwhelming urge to force Anne further onto her cock.
“Anne, I can’t hold-” Greas muffled warning came too late as her powerful erection let loose with a flurry of ejaculate into the princesses waiting mouth.
Stifling back her surprise Anne swallowed down her friends release as swiftly as she could. Greas youthful endurance refused to be stifled, releasing more and more of her tangy nectar at a rate which threatened to overtake Anne’s ability to swallow it. Greas release began to taper off, her entire body quivering as the warm afterglow of her sudden orgasm overtook her. Greas hands fell limply at her sides, laying back heavily in her chair as her body felt unexpectedly heavy.
As Grea lay in place to recover Anne clambered out from underneath the shroud of Greas dress. Grea turned listlessly to face Anne, noticing the white stain lingering on her cheek. Anne reached up to clean the persistent release from her cheek, popping her wet finger into her mouth before sucking it clean. Grea could not comprehend quite how someone could make such a thing appear so enticing.
Anne reached down to hold Greas hand in her own, drawing the taller dragon girl to her feet. Anne led Grea across the room, sashaying her hips as she went, before laying Grea down in the centre of Anne’s wide bed. Anne crawled over the bed to mount on top of Grea, planting an energetic kiss on Greas lips. Grea tasted herself on Anne’s tongue, a unique mix of savoury and sweet entwined together.
Anne’s hands roamed across Greas front, her fingers grasping eagerly at the soft fabric of Greas nightdress. Anne lifted Greas nightdress up her front, revealing Greas rising erection once more. Anne crawled up Greas front, kissing her way across Greas flat stomach as she elicited a cute sigh from Greas lips.
Anne’s hands continued to ascend, taking the hem of Grea nightdress over the gentle rise of Greas breasts. Anne took a playful kiss on Greas erect nipple as she passed, a gentle nip causing Grea to yelp sharply in surprise. Anne lifted Greas nightdress over her head, slipping it from around the edge of her wings. Anne cast the nightdress onto the floor beside the bed.
Anne now had a clear view to all she had ever hoped to see of Grea. Anne watched as Greas face blossomed in a sea of redness, her arms shifting inwards in an unconscious effort to cover herself. Anne straddled her legs either side of Greas flat stomach. Anne’s hands massaged across Greas front, feeling the mound of the beauty’s breasts beneath her fingers. Anne leant down to kiss Grea softly on her lips.
Anne could feel Greas erect length teasing between her spread buttocks. Anne reached back to wrap her fingers around the tip of Greas penis, feeling the bulbous curve at the head of her cock. Anne teased Greas cock across the outer lips of her pussy, feeling each brush leaking ever more juice from between Anne’s lips. 
Anne dared to press the head of the cock inside of her pussy. Anne slowly descended further down the length of Greas shaft. Grea hummed softly at the feel of Anne’s wet lips engulfing her head, the top of the shaft. Anne ascended her way back up Greas cock before descending the length once more. The sense of fullness which accompanied Greas presence was exhilarating.
Anne savoured the feeling of Grea thrusting deeply inside of her, her dragons tail twitching against her side as she rode atop Greas lap. An idea piqued in the princess’s mind. In this position there was still one place left untouched for Grea which remained within Greas reach.
Anne reached down to grasp the thick shaft of Greas tail. A low shriek of surprise confirming what Anne had always suspected, Grea was exceptionally sensitive.
“Anne, please” Grea pleaded. “I’m really…”
“I know” Anne whisked the end of Greas tail back and forth in her hand teasingly. No doubt the breeze against her sweat covered skin was infuriating. Anne slipped Greas tail between her legs, guiding her towards the centre of her pert butthole. Anne teased the tip of Greas tail around the twitching ring of muscle.
“Anne…” Grea yelped in surprise at the mere thought of what Anne was implying.
Anne’s devious smile assured Grea her assumptions were correct. Grea’s tail circled closer towards the centre. The very tip was right on the verge of the opening. Anne slipped the tip of Greas tail inside of herself, the feeling of fullness slowly rising as Greas tail drove ever deeper.
It was only once Greas tail was inserted as deeply inside of her as she dared reached that Anne began to realise quite how much control Grea had over her prehensile tail. Anne felt Grea begin to shift her tail back and forth inside of her, feeling it touching and caressing her from the inside. Using some seemingly clairvoyant knowledge Grea seemed to pass effortlessly from one sensitive spot to another. It was like the world’s most perfect dildo. Anne felt herself being fucked relentlessly from both sides. Grea could feel her own tail pulsing against her cock between the slim divide inside of her.
The dragon princesses release was swift and explosive as she unleashed a flurry of cum inside of Anne’s pussy. Anne could not help but find some illicit thrill at the thought of Greas tail having a release of its own. What would it feel like to have her ass swollen wide with cum to rival her pussy. Anne followed closely behind her lover, their tow cum intermingling inside of her pussy.
Anne collapsed listlessly on top of Grea. Her heart was pounding, breath ragged, skin soaked heavy with sweat. Anne knew that she had made the right choice asking Grea to move in with her.

***************Authors Nonsense***************

<Anne sneaks away to a quiet corner outside after class finishes. After glancing around her to make sure she wasn’t followed Anne reaches into her bag and retrieves the remains of Greas shed tail. Even after all this time separated from its host it still maintained its shimmering lustre. Anne buries her face into it as she took a deep inhale>
<Above her Hanna and Miranda overlook her from a balcony>

Miranda: “Is she sniffing the tail again?”
Hanna: “Yes. Please don’t acknowledge it, it will only encourage her. It’s like catnip to her kind”

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