Manaria Friends: The Mysteria Princesses

BY : Darkwolves
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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Contains: Anne x Grea, No Sex, Food, Fluff

Grea sat at their regular table in the cafeteria courtyard, feeling the refreshing afternoon breeze brushing across her skin and through her hair. But while Anne sat eagerly devouring her meal Grea merely stared at her meal laid out in front of her.
Even as she sat Grea could not help but feel the added weight of her tail resting against the floor. It was the price she paid after every malt, feeling her tail growing ever more despite her best efforts to curb its growth.
“Grea, you have to try this” Anne insisted, holding out a treat for Grea to accept. Anne noticed the tentative way Grea lingered as she waited for her to accept the sweet. “What’s the matter?”
Even without her saying anything Anne could tell exactly what Grea was thinking. She could read her best friend in an instant. Anne glanced around her side, noticing the way in which Grea unconsciously curled her tail inwards at her attention.
“Grea, listen to me” Anne assured her. “I love your tail. Its one of the cutest parts of you”
Anne reached out to grasp Greas hands supportively in her own. “Let me ask you. Do some girls have butts that are perkier? Probably. Are there ones which are rounder? Almost certainly. Are there ones that do that jiggling thing when they move their hips? I know they do, I’ve seen it happen”
“Anne, you’re really not-” Grea replied.
“But you know what I like about your tail?” Anne asked. “It’s attached to the back of you”
“Anne” Grea replied softly feeling her anxiety beginning to dispel at Anne’s words.
“Now” Anne smiled as she held up the treat once again. “Are you going to try this before I eat it all myself?” 
Grea smiled in reply. Lifting herself from her seat she leant forward to happily taste Anne’s offered piece of pastry. At any other time Grea might have felt embarrassed at being treated like a child but she felt she was free to indulge herself with Anne.
Grea graciously accepted the offered treat, slipping onto her tongue. Anne glanced around to watch as Greas tail twitched in reply to the flavours cascading across her taste buds.
“And you have to try one of these” Anne held out another treat on the end of her fork. Grea popped it into her mouth as she consumed the end of the fork, drawing the treat into her mouth. This left Anne sitting there to wonder what those soft lips would feel like to touch. Anne soon came to the realisation that she was in danger of feeling immense jealously of silverware. Anne decided that enough was enough.
“I’ve been told that closing your eyes can make the food taste even better” Anne explained. “It opens your other senses to every texture and flavour. Try it with this one”
Grea looked back at Anne quizzically before closing her eyes. Anne leant closer, assuring herself that Grea’s eyes were firmly closed. Anne reached down and plucked a fresh strawberry from the bowl beside her. Placing it between her puckered lips Anne leant forward to brush the tip of the delicious fruit across the outside of Greas lips.
Grea bit the other half of the delectable treat only to be met by the unexpected press of tender lips against her own. Greas first instinct was to retreat. Once the moment of surprise had passed she found herself embracing it. Grea swallowed the treat. Her eyes fluttered open to find Anne staring back at her.
“You’re right” Grea admitted. “It does taste better”

***************Authors Nonsense***************

<Anne and Grea eating lunch in the cafeteria together. Grea finished off her fruit cup she had chosen for desert. Anne, tasting one of the assortment of cookies she had selected, peered across at Grea>
Anne, with barely concealed euphoria: “Grea, you have to try some of these cookies. They’re amazing”
<Grea looks across apprehensively before reaching out to accept the offering. A devious smile creases Anne’s lips>
Anne, in her head: ‘Eat up, Grea. That’s it. I want you longer, I want you bigger. It will please me’

I like to imagine after the episode where Anne comments on Greas tail and she walked off forlornly she swiftly traded in the fruit cup for a tray of muffins

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