Manaria Friends: The Mysteria Princesses

BY : Darkwolves
Category: -Misc Anime > Yuri - Female/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own Manaria Friends and I make no money by writing this.

Contains: Anne x Grea x Hanna, Teasing, Massage, Embarrassment, Fingering, 69

Anne walked through the corridors of the academy with an energetic spring to her step. She had every reason to be cheerful, because she was heading to meet Grea for an extended study session in-
Anne came to a sharp halt in the middle of the corridor. She watched as the door to Greas room opened and Class President Hanna stepped out. Grea swiftly followed as they began chatting together, too far away for Anne to hear. Anne could not help but feel a sense of despair rising inside of her. All this time Grea had never once invited her into her room and yet Hanna could-
Anne forced herself to calm. The sensible thing to do was to talk to Grea and ask her about it. But Anne knew that sensible was not the word she would use to describe anything related to her feelings for Grea.
Anne’s attempt to confront Grea on the matter only awarded her an evasive reply on exactly what it was they were doing. This only made Anne even more determined to uncover the truth. She was going to find out one way or the other.
A flash of light emerged in the darkened corridor as Anne’s spell made short work of disentangling the lock to Greas room. Anne opened the door as she quietly shuffled her way inside. In her heart she knew that this was all kinds of wrong on so many levels even as she-
A low moan passed through the room. Grea.
Now that she’d heard that Anne knew that abandoning her quest was impossible. A large wooden screen was set up around the far half of the room blocking Anne’s view from the door. The flicker of a candle cast a light on the far side of the screen. Anne crept forwards slowly.
Is that ok? Do you want me to go a little slower?” Another voice emerged from behind the screen.
“No, that’s fine” Grea replied. “Just like that, please”
Ok, I’m moving a little lower
That sounded like, Hanna?
Anne dared to step closer. She was on the very cusp of finally seeing around the cusp of seeing around the very edge of the panel screen. Anne steeled herself before she dared to take her next step forward, peeking around just enough to catch a glimpse of what-
Grea was laid face down on the mattress of her bed, naked except for her white panties clutching tightly to her sweat covered skin. Hanna was kneeling over her, straddling Greas legs beneath the hem of a loose-fitting nightdress.
Hanna had her hands pressed just below the base of Greas demonic wings. Anne watched as Greas wings fluttered with every caress of Hanna’s fingers. Hanna rubbed her hands up and down the curve of Greas back. Anne watched enraptured as Greas body seemed to mould beneath Hanna’s hands as she moved.
Anne dared to shift forward for a better look. This was the moment when her feet tripped out from under her as she crashed into a heap on the floor. She heard a sharp gasp of surprise, the frenzied shuffling of cloth. Anne looked up. Grea looked as though she was on the verge of screaming.
“Anne, what are you doing here?” Hanna asked.
“I wanted to know what you were doing in Grea’s room” Anne admitted.
Hanna glanced across at Grea with a quizzical expression. Greas look told her that she was just as confused as her.
“Grea said that she was feeling some soreness after malting her tail” Hanna explained. “I offered to give her a massage to help ease her soreness”
Anne looked across at Grea only for the dragon girl to swiftly avert her eyes in embarrassment. Anne could not help but feel a sense of jealousy rising inside of her at the thought. Why hadn’t Grea thought to ask her first?
Anne felt as though she was ready to burst. Unsure exactly what she was about to say Anne blurted out. “I’ll help too”
Hanna and Grea stared across at her bemused. Hanna, ever the tactful student president, prepared to step in. “Anne, I think what Grea was intending was-”
“It’s fine” Grea swiftly interjected.
Anne and Hanna looked back towards Grea, both convinced they must had misheard her.
“It’s fine” Grea repeated. “Anne, please help if you wish”
While Hanna may have been surprised, she was more than happy to accept Anne’s offer at Greas insistence. Hanna beckoned the girl towards her. As Anne stepped forward Hanna held up a hand and pointed towards her skirt. “You might want to take off your clothes first”
A look of surprise emerged across Anne’s face.
“You don’t want to get your uniform dirty” Hanna swiftly clarified.
Anne could see the logic in her suggestion. Despite her best attempts to make her eagerness less apparent, the record speed with which she undressed left neither Hanna or Grea under any illusions whatsoever. Anne unfurled her school tie, unbuttoned her white shirt and unclipped her skirt. She stepped towards Hanna dressed only in her white cotton frilly bra and panties.
Hanna knelt down beside Grea, guiding Anne to kneel across from her. Grea lay flat on her stomach between them. Hanna reached over to retrieve a bottle of massage oil sitting beside her. Anne held her hands together in a cup as Hanna poured the oil into her palms.
“Once your hands are sufficiently oiled you want to start moving across her back” Hanna laid the oil aside. “You need to always be aware of where you place your hands and the pressure you are applying. Too much and it can be uncomfortable, too little and you won’t get the desired effect”
Hanna laid her hands across the centre of Grea’s back as a demonstration. She began to move. “Also, be aware of where your hands are, particularly any sore or sensitive spots you may wish to avoid. It is best to ask your client before you begin”
Anne began to mirror her movements, each taking the half of Greas back closest to them. Anne’s hands glided effortlessly across her bare skin, feeling the muscles tense and relax beneath her fingers. Anne’s fingers began to move further down Grea’s back, ghosting tantalisingly close to the base of Greas tail.
“Next, you can begin to focus on the extremities, the arms and the legs” Hanna interjected. “Which would you like to-”
“Legs!” Anne replied with almost embarrassing eagerness. Anne shifted herself to kneel across Greas lower body, seeing Greas toned legs laid out in front of her like a succulent feast. Part of her was tempted to simple devour the delicacy with relish.
Anne reached out to retrieve another fresh drop of oil, spreading it across her hands. Anne laid her hands across the back of Greas shins. Her lithe fingers encircled her legs, passing up and down the length until the entire skin was glistening with oil. Anne glanced up and took note of the way that Hanna tended to Greas hand, gently grasping each slender digit as she drew her oil slick fingers across each one in turn.
Watching Hanna give each one the proper care and attention, Anne decided to try it for herself. Anne gently held Greas foot in her hand while she drew her fingers across each of Greas twitching toes. Anne traced the tip of her index finger across the sole of Greas foot. Anne could feel the ticklish rumble rippling through Greas body.
Deciding that she had teased Grea enough for the moment, Anne released her hold over Greas feet and ghosted her way back up Greas leg. Her hand rested on the back of Greas thigh. This felt completely different, where the bottom of her leg was toned muscle her thigh was soft plushness and creamy skin.
With just a gentle squeeze, her fingers practically sank into the plushness of her thigh. Anne was sorely tempted to simply bury her face amongst it like a soft, cushiony pillow. Anne refocused her attentions on Grea, knowing that even better things were yet to come for her.
Anne passed her hands across those ample globes at the top of her thighs, circling the delicate curve of her butt once again. She chose to air on the side of caution, ensuing that Greas posterior was adequately covered before moving on. As her fingers circled, they brushed daringly close to the base of Greas tail.
Yet more chaste moans emerged from between her lips as Anne began to caress along the length of Greas tail, feeling the scaly texture pass effortlessly across her skin. Anne began to pay special attention to the very tip of the tail, feeling the sensitive end flicker with every touch. A devilish smile emerged across her lips as a tantalising idea came to her.
Anne leant forward, touching the point of her tongue to Grea’s tail. Anne could hear a cute muffled moan as Grea buried her face into her pillow to muffle it. Anne had a pretty good idea which of them was causing that. Anne daringly latched her lips around the end of Greas flickering tail, eagerly sucking on the scaly tip like a delectable treat. Her attentions elicited a sharp howl of pleasure from between Greas lips. Hanna seemed surprised that Anne could elicit such a reaction from Grea.
“Well, you certainly know how to please her” Hanna quipped. “Now, we can do the front”
Hanna reached down to grasp Greas side, Anne mirroring her hold across the other side. Between them they rolled Grea over onto her back.

“Sometimes for particularly sensitive places hands can be a little rough” Hanna explained. “In those cases it’s best to use something a bit, softer”
Hanna reached back behind herself, unclipping the back of her bra and slipping it from her shoulders before laying the garment aside. Hanna reached down to retrieve the oil bottle once more, pouring another generous amount into her hand before laying the bottle aside. Hanna held Greas arm in her hands, drawing her up to rest her arm against her moistened chest.
Hanna turned to Anne. “Why don’t you handle her front-”
Anne practically tore off her bra in her eagerness, grasping the bottle and slathering the oil across her chest as she moved to straddle Greas front. Anne knelt across her lover, prowling over her like a cat stalking some helpless prey. Anne caressed her chest along the expanse of Greas flat stomach as she slowly began to make her way up Greas front.
Anne lay herself face to face with her demonic lover. She dared to lean forward, pressing their lips together as their tongues danced in their mouths. As they played Anne could feel Greas tail raising up against the core of Anne’s panties between her legs, shifting back and forth with each tender caress.
“It’s important that you take care of the whole body” Hanna said. “Both inside…” Hanna shifted herself back, cupping the moist palm of Greas hand against the front of Hanna’s underwear. “And in”
It had become remarkably clear that this had passed beyond a simple massage at this point. Hanna was practically enabling them both by this point. For her part, Anne was more than willing to indulge herself.
Anne’s fingers trailed down Grea’s front, cupping her hands over Greas covered pussy as the warmth radiated into her palm. Anne slipped her fingers underneath the lip of Greas underwear, feeling the demons moistness wrapping around her. Anne circled her fingers around the outside of Greas pussy, her outer lips twitching with each soft caress of her fingertips. Anne slipped her fingers inside of Greas pussy, feeling the tender warmth swiftly turning to a deep burning heat.
Hanna felt Grea’s fingers beginning to twitch inside of her in reply to Anne’s ever-present teasing. Hanna reached up to tweak her own nipples in unison as her pleasure continued to grow.
Anne withdrew her fingers from between Greas quivering lips. She raised her hand, admiring the moisture glistening as it dribbled down her fingers. Anne made no half measure of the show she made of licking her fingers clean in front of Greas eyes, savouring every delectable drop as it passed across her tongue.
Anne smiled devilishly as she shifted herself on top of Grea, moving to straddle Grea in the 69 position. Anne wasted little time in quickly devouring Greas tender pussy. The taste of what she had cleaned from her fingers had been a mere shadow compared to the intense flavour now washing across her tongue.
Grea felt her entire body burning with an intensity she had never felt before. All she could see through her bleary eyes was Anne’s bright pink lips winking down at her. Grea felt something primal overtake her, a single instinct which consuming any other thoughts in her mind.
Grea reached up to wrap her arms around to grasp the top of Anne’s milky white thighs, pulling herself up to press her face in between Anne’s legs. Grea’s tongue was a flash across Anne’s lips, lashing back and forth in a desperate effort to relieve Anne of as much of her delectable juice as she could uncover.
Eager not to be outdone, Hanna leant forward and pressed her lips to Anne’s pussy. Hanna’s tongue wrestled with Greas as they each searched deeper and deeper. The three lovers combined in a writhing daisy chain of lust as they eagerly savoured eachothers most delectable places.
With their tongues playing across Anne and Greas pussies and Greas fingers still tickling Hanna’s insides it was not long before the three of them erupted in shared euphoria. With their lips pressed tightly against their respective pussies their mouths soon became awash with the sharp, tangy juice of their shared releases.
With the sharp spike of adrenaline coursing through her body swiftly beginning to subside Anne fell listless and limp on top of her demonic lover. With what little strength remained to be summoned Anne shifted herself to lay face to face as she nuzzled herself against Grea.
Hanna knelt down to lay herself beside them, admiring the two lovebirds as they cuddled with eachother. “Well, that’s certainly one way to relax her”

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