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BY : Sweet Kagamine Kiss
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Class 2-A was stunned at the scene which greeted them upon entering their dorm building. Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka, acting causal, lounging in the living room section of the ground floor's common area, completely nude. The two naked teenagers stared at their classmates, realizing that they were no longer alone.

Iida suddenly shouted, "What the-"

Hello, everyone. My name is Sekai Ishtal, or the author Sweet Kagamine Kiss when I am not used as a fleshed out OC in my various world personas. I tried to get Morgan Freeman to do this voice over bit but he won't respond to my calls, so... anyway you are wondering why in the world are our favorite adorkable cinnamon rolls nude together in the common area of the dormitory, right? Well, in order to understand we need to go back to Friday afternoon. The location is the nurse's office at UA High...

"Sorry, dearie, but you are too exhausted for my quirk to take effect so unfortunately you'll need to be in that cast. That also means you will not be able to participate in the weekend training camp; you will be bed-ridden until tomorrow."

It was after hero training class that seventeen year old Izuku Midoriya ended up in the infirmary breaking a three week streak of not getting seriously injured. And once again the green-haired teen has overexerted himself. To make things worse this weekend was a training camp trip to the mountains. A joint training trip with both hero classes. Izuku was not alone. His sixteen year old best friend Ochako Uraraka was there in the office. To avoid agitating the injury, a light tap made Izuku weightless and she easily carries him to the nurse's office. She did take her time carrying Izuku in her arms since half the time she ends up in his arms after a mortal peril situation.

Izuku was a bit down after hearing he wouldn't be allowed to join the weekend trip. "Oh man..."

"But if Deku-kun can't go, who will help him until tomorrow?" Ochako asks the school nurse. "Once school is over we'll be leaving."

"If you are that concerned you could volunteer to care for him," says Recovery Girl.

Ochako thought it over. "Huh... I guess that could work."

Izuku shook his head.

"I appreciate the gesture, but you shouldn't pass over the trip, Uraraka-chan."

"Deku, the trip wouldn't be the same without you. So, I will keep you company and nothing you say will change my mind," the teen told her cherished friend.

Izuku blushed at her kind words. She always is so helpful to him ever since manifesting his Black Whip and Float powers last year.

"Sounds like you've already settled your dilemma," said the old woman, smiling.

The final bell rang, indicating today's school session is now over and time to head home to the dorms. After handing Izuku some gummies Ochako helps the older boy off the bed.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you?" Izuku feigned annoyance at being carried like a damsel in distress.

He was getting some stares and partially-hidden giggles from bystanders as they head down the hallway going back to their homeroom.

"Maybe," Ochako answers with a smirk.


Izuku sat comfortably on the long sofa with the TV on. The whole situation was explained and reluctantly their homeroom teacher, Shouta Aizawa, decided to let it go and left with the remaining eighteen students of Class A. It has only been thirty minutes since Ochako and himself were left behind. And aside the TV, they have been having fun being able to fully catch up and just chat like regular teenagers, not worrying about school work or hero training.

"So I look up porn. Everybody has one time or another. My curiosity stems from watching anime and playing the occasional video game when I wasn't obsessive on heroes and quirks. High School DxD, Digimon, Pokemon, Fate/stay night, Naruto, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Assassination Classroom, Hyperdimension Neptunia, among others. Although Mineta I do not want to know what fringe stuff he likes."

"Shut up!" Ochako yells, cringing. "I still get nightmares about that pervert's attempt of peeking in the girl's bath a month ago."

"So, do you look up porn?" asked Izuku, smirking.

She blushed.

"Even if I do, I won't tell you. You're a guy, Deku-kun."

Izuku laughed a bit.

"Uraraka-chan, at least I'm honest. It surprises me that half the school still think I'm like super innocent."

"Well, you DO have an innocent-looking face," Ochako reminds her friend.

"With a nice bod and sweet ass. I heard Ashido once comment that my ass is the perfect representation of Japan to oppose Captain America," Izuku informs the girl, blushing at the end at being compared to pre-quirk era comic book character Captain America.

Ochako laughed at that. Well, he DOES have a nice butt, was the thought going through her head.

"And speaking of Pokemon, ever heard of the meme about the Wailord and the Skitty?"

Ochako sniggers, trying not to bust a gut laughing again. Yes, she HAS heard of that. Seeing Ochako's growing grin, Izuku starts pushing her.

"So... how the hell can a tiny Pokemon like Skitty get it on with the largest Pokemon in that universe like Wailord? Puts a whole new meaning to the terms 'I can't get it inside' and 'it's so tight'."

A blushing Ochako cracks up and laughs. "D-Deku-kun!" she yelled mid-laugh.

"Not to mention in a Pokemon Battle, imagine matching the type. So you send out Kaminari – I mean Pikachu," Izuku corrects himself, but he was grinning. Ochako still was having her giggle fit. "But suddenly you hear your opponent shout out, 'Wailord, use Bodyslam!' And suddenly you look up to see a rapidly descending shadow falling upon your poor helpless Pikachu." And Izuku acted it out. "Oh shiiiiiiiit! Pfft~"

Both teens are laughing once again. Izuku was grinning, all happy, as was Ochako who loved this side of her friend not many really see. She's often the only one who sees more of Izuku Midoriya than what he publicly lets out. Their laugh fest soon calmed down, and they're just sharing warm friendly smiles.

"Crazy when you think about it, that we're the only two in the entire dormitory," Ochako said.

"I am reminded of being at home, except I have a cute girl keeping poor injured me company." The sass that came from the boy made Ochako once more giggle. Izuku certainly was different around her. She liked it. She really liked it. "Although I wish I could go nude..."

Ochako gasped. "Nude?"

"I said that aloud, did I?" said Izuku as he winced.

Ochako was more red-faced.

"You like to be... n-nude?"

Izuku sighed.

"Yeah. It was my mom who once took me to a friendly nudist location when I was seven years old. But it was kind of one-time only." Izuku looked embarrassed. "But I took to it though I would only be naked in my own house when mom isn't home or in my bedroom."

Ochako leaned in a bit sitting next to Izuku from the other sofa chair. "Are you...?"

"Ever since we moved into the dorms last year, no. Too many people and some of our classmates know lock-picking..."

Both knew a certain grape-headed boy was one of those lock-picking people.

"I miss it though. But you never know when someone decides to barge into your room unannounced when you're in your birthday suit either getting dressed or... doing something else that would get Iida all on your case about it."

Ochako merely nodded, having an inkling to what Izuku was trying to reference without actually saying it. And she would likely be right since even she herself would try to just get some self-relief only to get interrupted – mostly from Mina.

"Well, Deku, uh... I'vebeentoanudebeachbefore."

Izuku blinked. Did she just mutter quietly?

"What was that, Uraraka-chan?"

"I've been to a nude beach before," she says more slowly, but a bit quieter.

Izuku heard her, though. He blushes brightly now. Ochako... at a nude beach...

Oh shit! Calm yourself down! Do not get an erection, Izuku! Do not go pervert on your best friend who is hot and sexy – damn it, traitorous thoughts!

Izuku looked a bit flustered. Ochako looks away, her own face matching Izuku's current shade of redness.

"Y-Yeah... my parents tried it one time. It w-was a beach... j-just no clothes were worn..."

"Did you have... fun? At the beach, I mean..."

Ochako nodded, shyly looking to Izuku.

"Y-yeah. It was fun. I was six years old though. But thankfully this beach had regular patrols to keep perverts from sneaking onto the private property."

Izuku nodded slowly. "That sounds good. If a pervert who liked naked children tried to get close... ugh, I can't imagine what kind of bastard would like such things..."

Ochako agreed with Izuku.

"Yeah. That's one thing we both can agree on. Those types of people are the worst."

They got their blushing under control.

"So... uh... do you... ah, I mean... did you keep going or... you just like me, but privately?"

Izuku, why would you ask such a shitty question? the greenette chastised himself.

"Mom and dad went one time and that was it. I... well... only in my own bedroom. But ever since we moved into the dorms last year after the summer break and the whole incident we all watched of All Might fighting his mortal enemy at Camino, I try not to stay nude in my bedroom. Again, I don't trust Mineta at all to try to spy on me or the other girls."

The growl that left Izuku surprised her.

"You know that if you or the other girls feel remotely threatened by Mineta's pervertedness you can tell me," he informs Ochako.

"Thank you, Deku-kun, we will," she thanked the teen, prompting him to flash that smile that she adored greatly.

He relaxes back into his seat, turning towards the TV.

A growl is heard.

Ochako looked to Izuku.

"Was that you?"

Izuku laughed, sweat dropping. "Yes. I guess I'm hungry, Uraraka-chan."

Ochako smiled, as she gets up.

"Well, the fridge is still fully stocked so I'll make us dinner. What would you like?" she asks.

Izuku gives her a happy grin.

"How about you surprise me, Uraraka-chan? Make whatever you feel like cooking and I'm sure I'll enjoy it," he tells her.

Ochako giggled. God, her giggles were cute to listen to.

"Okay, Deku-kun, one Uraraka Special, comin' up."

And she left for the kitchen. Izuku grabs the remote and channel surfs.

"And in other news, Dempa Vocalist and World-renowned Gamer Sekai Ishtal will be making a special trip to Tokyo in three weeks to take part in the upcoming Magical Mirai concert."

Channel change.

"A dad makes a toilet look like R2-D2 and it breaks the front page of Reddit, but I'm Charles Manson because I gave you your own world instead of an IPad."

Channel change.

"Fear is not evil. It tells you what weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder."

Channel change.

"In order for a mediocre man to defeat a genius, he has to become a monster."

Channel change.

"Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!"

Channel change.

"Whether a fish lives in a clear stream or a water ditch, so long as it continues swimming forward, it will grow up beautifully."

Channel change.

Izuku stops on a channel displaying an old pre-quirk era anime film. Cowboy Bebop the Movie . As the minutes pass, the smell of something delicious waft to him. He was getting hungrier. If only he didn't have a cast on his leg and the order of not applying weight on it, he'd be in that kitchen right now assisting Ochako in meal prepping. Thankfully, he loved to cook. When you have the world's greatest mom willing to teach you how to be a good culinary artist in the kitchen, you pick up skills that'll benefit you for life. And though he can make katsudon himself, his mom's katsudon is just so much better than his version.

Mmm... katsudon.

Maybe he should teach Ochako how to make katsudon sometime...?

"Five more minutes, Deku, and it'll be ready," Ochako calls out from the kitchen.

"Okay, Uraraka-chan," he calls back to her.

And five minutes later, Ochako brought into the room Izuku's dinner. It was a large bowl that was piled with white rice mixed with black pepper and scrambled egg. The rice pile is indented and topped with thin cuts of pork strips, some corn and snow peas with a light glaze of orange sauce. For drinks she made them some barley tea from Momo Yaoyorozu's public tea stash.

"This smells good," says Izuku, grabbing his chop sticks offered to him and picking up the bowl. "Thanks for the meal."

"Hope it's enjoyable. I made this once or twice before. It was... an experimental thing."

Izuku takes a bite, making sure to get a little bit of everything.

"Mmmm... oh goodness, Uraraka-chan, it's really good."

She blushed. "Thanks, Deku-kun."

And she digs into her own bowl of her Uraraka Special.

It was a wonderful meal they enjoyed together, basking in the warmth of each other's company. After dinner was enjoyed and Ochako took the empty bowls back to the kitchen and cleaned them, she returned to Izuku's side. She actually had him scoot a bit so she could squeeze herself in and she pulled a blushing Izuku into her arms. She too was also blushing since she was bold enough to do this.

"W-w-what are you d-doing?"

"I just want to hug you... that's all," she answers calmly.

Izuku said nothing. But after a minute his tenseness went away and he began to lean into her embrace.

"Hm... you know, Uraraka-chan... mom would do this to me when I was younger."


"Yeah." Izuku smiled. "It brings back memories... makes me... feel safe..."

Ochako smiled.

"You feel safe, Deku-kun?"

"Yes," he answers her honestly. "Yes, I do feel safe."

She increased her hold on Izuku.

"I'm glad..."

They just enjoy the tranquility of this moment.


Izuku and Ochako left the nurse's office, closing the door behind them. Izuku no longer had the cast on his leg and was healed thanks to Recovery Girl. It was still the morning hours as they began their trek back to 2-A Dormitory.

"I'm so glad I got my legs back," said Izuku with a bit of giddiness in his voice.

Ochako giggled at how happy her friend sounded.

"You're acting like you've been without legs for weeks, Deku-kun."

He flashed her a goofy grin. "Uraraka-chan! Last night I wanted nothing more than to join you in the kitchen while you were cooking us dinner. But since Recovery Girl said not to apply weight to the leg, I was stuck on the sofa just thinking how you made last night's dinner so delicious."

She laughed. "Wow, it was THAT good, eh?"

"When I wasn't obsessive over quirks and pro heroes, I would watch mom in the kitchen. She even taught me how to cook. She is the best mom, after all."

Ochako poked him in the side with a light elbow.

"You really love your mom, huh?"

"She's one of my pillars of strength."

Ochako smirks. "One of your pillars? Who else gives you strength?"

"All Might," was his immediate answer. "Then I have you."

That got her to start blushing. "Me?"

"Yeah." He looks at her. "Uraraka-chan... the things we've been through the past year... you are always there for me when I either needed you the most or you just are there to bail my butt out of a tough scenario. Not to mention you helped me train in my Float ability. You quelled my rampage when Black Whip manifested during that training exercise with Class B."

He stops, grabs her hands with his, and stares into her eyes.

"If it wasn't for you, I'm certain something bad would have happened to me. I could have hurt others with Black Whip raging out of control, and I probably wouldn't have gained control over Float since All Might predicted it was similar to your quirk Zero Gravity. So, yes, you are one of my pillars of strength. You help me move forward, just as much as I know I help you move forward."

Ochako was completely blown away by his admiration and his straightforward admission. "Izuku..."

That smile he now gives her make her feel so warm inside.

"I'm glad I inspire you."

"Same here, Ochako..."

He slowly lets go of her hands.

"Let's get going..."


They continue walking.

When they finally enter their dorm house, the two teens went to the sofa and plop down. Izuku grabs the remote using Black Whip, and turns on the TV.

"In other news, Pro Hero Lemillion has saved an elementary school class from certain danger when their classroom was blocked by a dangerous fire. Every student and their teacher is expected to make a full recovery."

"Wow. Togata is amazing," comments Izuku, smiling.

Ochako was also smiling. "Yeah. I'm glad he's still able to make it as a pro hero despite what had happened a year ago..."

Izuku nodded.

"Great... now I'm thinking about Eri. I miss her."

"You think she's with Aizawa-sensei with our classmates at the training camp?" Ochako asked Izuku.

"Maybe. Aizawa-sensei IS Eri's caretaker."




Ochako was shy as she looked partly at her friend.

"Remember yesterday's conversation about nudism?"

He starts to blush. "Y-yeah..."

"Uh... well... since it's just us two... d-do you... want to..."

"Huh?" Izuku was wondering if she was really saying what she was saying. "You want to...?"

"Well... it is you. I... I trust you..."

Izuku couldn't believe it. Oh crap... those dirty thoughts again. Stop it, brain!

And his eyes widen as Ochako very slowly, and very shyly, reached down and pulled her shirt off, setting it aside. Now she was clad in just her lacy pink bra. Poor Izuku. His face was atomic red as he sees her boobs. They were big. Not as big as Yaoyorozu, but Ochako had a good size to her; she shouldn't be ashamed of her size. Ochako brought an arm up to shield her chest, though, feeling a bit embarrassed; after all, Izuku is still a guy, but she took her shirt off. Izuku decided that if she was really going to go through with this, he'll meet her there. A bit faster than her, the greenette takes off his black t-shirt, and was now shirtless. Ochako gazed all over his hard muscular chest and his chiseled abdomen. Even with the t-shirt on, she has seen his bare arms enough to know that he does have the strength to back up his words and his fighting prowess. And the only time she's seen him shirtless that last year when they had that day using the UA pool.

This was totally different.

"You look good, Deku-kun," she mumbled, still staring at his hard muscles.

"Thanks," he says softly.

Izuku stood up, unbuttoned his pants, pulls the zipper down and his pants slide down. He's left in just a pair of gray flannel-patterned boxer shorts. Good thing he decided not to wear his All Might boxers today. Ochako followed suit, and her jeans were now off, leaving her in pink panties that matched the lace of her bra. Izuku admired her figure. She looked beautiful. And in the past year, she's achieved a light form of muscle that made her look radiant. She took martial arts seriously and it had really helped her development as a hero. No longer was she strictly a rescue hero, she was also a fighting hero. Like Aizawa-sensei said before, be more than just a one-trick pony.

"Gosh, this is... if we weren't alone, we'd be getting yelled at and stuff," stammers Ochako.

"I know..."

Ochako undid her bra, letting them fall and then she took her panties off the same time Izuku took off his boxers. Her eyes briefly glanced downward and her face turned a deep shade of red. Izuku too was very embarrassed. The reason is he was sporting a stiffy.

"I'm so sorry!" He apologized, covering himself with his hands.

"It's okay... we're teenagers... two... naked... teenagers..."

It took them five minutes to look each other in the eyes again, another two minutes to stop covering themselves.

"Shit, when we were little none of this happened. But now we're teenagers and our hormones are going off..."

Izuku swallowed the lump in his throat. "Y-yeah..."

Ochako tried her best to calm herself. When she was successful, she takes a deep breath and exhales.

"It'll take awhile... but I'm certain we'll get comfortable around each other. It's just we're not wearing any clothes..."

"Y-yeah! C-comfortable..." Izuku then sighed heavily. "I am so glad it's just us two. If anyone else was here this would never happen."

Izuku does his best to get comfortable.

"Maybe we should put blankets over the sofas. That way nothing weird happens?" suggested Ochako.

"Huh? Oh... yeah. If they knew, something tells me our classmates will throw the sofas outside and light them on fire."

The image that popped into her mind made her giggle. Izuku started to smirk. He also had a similar thought in his head.


At the training camp location with Class 2-A and 2-B, everyone was performing various team exercises as well as one-on-one exercises. The teachers Shouta Aizawa (Eraserhead) and Sekijiro Kan (Vlad King) were overseeing the exercises. Also with them was Toshinori Yagi (All Might) and Ken Ishiyama (Cementoss).

Minoru Mineta suddenly shouted. "Curse you Midoriya!"

Some of his classmates looked at him weird.


The day wore on, and Ochako got to see something only seen in hentai: Izuku doing the naked apron bit. As he told her this morning, he was a good cook. He made something that was more American-themed, which were burgers and fries. With the vanilla ice cream from the freezer, some leftover cookies from the pantry and some milk he made homemade cookies and cream milkshakes. The burgers were topped with some sliced onion, a tomato slice, some lettuce, with a slice of cheddar cheese on a lightly toasted buttered brioche bun. Ochako loved it. And she hoped that in the future he would sometimes take over cooking dinner just for her (and she guesses everyone else, of course).

After lunch Izuku decided that he needed to take a shower since he wasn't able to take one yesterday, and Ochako took care of cleaning the kitchen. When she finished with doing the dishes and making sure her hands were washed, she started to think about Izuku. It was just her and him and no one else. No one was here to catch them in the act of their nudity. Her cheeks flushed as her mind turned onto a naughty thought. She started to feel warm.


Her old thoughts were starting to resurface. She couldn't help it. She started reaching down with her right hand.

Five minutes later her soft moans calling out Deku in such an aroused tone caught the attention of Izuku who stepped into the kitchen. She was unaware of his presence until Izuku walked up behind her.

Izuku’s heart was hammering in his chest seeing such a lewd act his best friend was performing on herself in the kitchen of all places. He was still damp from toweling off after his quick shower but he didn’t care. She was calling out his name. So when he walked up behind her, he knew he acquired her attention the moment he slipped a hand around her stomach and trails downward, fingers gliding along her smooth skin. They brush against her trimmed bush of pubic hair. Ochako was stunned this was happening. Izuku’s fingers then brush against the folds of her pussy. He moved closer, his growing erection pressing against her buttocks.

“Touching yourself in the kitchen, Uraraka-chan?” he whispers softly to her. “My... how wet you are...”

Izuku gently starts rubbing against her clitoris, making her moan out loud. After five minutes of pleasurable stimulation, the greenette penetrates her pussy with his index and middle fingers, thrusting them at a slow pace in and out her wetness. Ochako shivers feeling her friend’s two fingers sliding in and out her wet folds.


Her secret fantasy was really happening. And she did not want him to stop.

With his other hand, the teen grabs hold of her left breast and gropes it, squeezing gently and rubbing her nipple with his index finger. She cries out.

“Ahh... D-D-Deku-kun... yes... m-more...”

Izuku was on auto pilot. He kept fingering Ochako, and groping her left breast. Ochako reached up to grope her other breast with her right hand, pinching her nipple. But soon Izuku slowly slid his fingers out of her cunt. She frowned before she finds herself turned around and she looks down to see Izuku get to his knees, moving right up to between her legs. His strong hands part her legs enough that he can get a clear view of her wet glistening pussy, wet with her arousal. He leans in further and his tongue darts out and licks at her clit. She had a slight acidic tang, and he liked this taste. Flickering his tongue along her clit, he also resumed fingering her. This was all building up within her.

“Oh, fuck... Deku-kun...” She moans louder. “Izuku…”

He moves his fingers out and plants his mouth over her pussy. His tongue pushed past her folds, thrusting his powerful tongue. It shot pleasurable shocks up and down her body. She clung to the kitchen counter to keep herself upright. She had no clue that Izuku was this good. He did admit to watching porn yesterday. Maybe he’s just picked up some stuff and now is putting them to use on her needy wet cunt. Izuku inhaled through his nose Ochako’s intoxicating scent, as his tongue treated her flower so delicately, so intimately, it sent chills racing up and down her spine, and her back arched in exasperated response. Izuku’s tongue explored every crook, crevice, and cranny he could find, swirling his tongue around her clit, occasionally suckling away on it, her dripping entrance lapped up every so often. The brunette was whimpering and moaning, her soft cries music to the greenette. She grabs a fistful of his hair, wanting to keep her head between her legs, practically telling him in this manner to not stop, encouraging him to keep tongue-fucking her hot pussy. So close, she was so close. Just a bit more. And when Izuku slid a finger into her pussy whilst licking her, it sent her over the edge.

Ochako cried out loudly.

“Izuku!” her voice was loud, pure arousal, as she spasmed.

She was done for. And Izuku did not move away, taking and gulping her sweet tasting vaginal juices and thrusting his index finger throughout her orgasm. Ochako was on shaky legs as she slowly recovers from her orgasm, feeling Izuku’s tongue lapping at her wet folds until he moves away, licking his lips, a smile on his face. His finger slowly pulls out of her, making her moan slightly.

“What a yummy taste,” he said with a husky tone, sucking his finger clean.

But Ochako can also see clearly he was as red-faced as she was.

... Slowly, it fully set into their heads what had happened.

Neither said a word after... until Izuku fled from the kitchen. With some recovered strength she follows after him.


Izuku and Ochako were in the living room.

"Sorry, Uraraka... I... I-I didn't mean to... you know..."


"I shouldn't have done that. I'm so sorry. You have every right to hit me."

"I-i-it's okay... I d-didn't... I didn't mind..."



"... Hm?"

Izuku stares at her. "If you want to... well... i-it's only fair..."

Ochako was red-faced again.

"W-well... it's only f-fair... you touched me... so... I c-can touch you..." Ochako couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth.


Things have drastically changed from a simple suggestion of enjoying this weekend to themselves re-exploring nudism.

Izuku stares as Ochako moved closer to him. Good thing I have condoms if things go further than touching...

She slowly grabs hold of his semi-hard erection, keeping a finger extended as she starts to slowly move her hand up and down his length. She was watching intently, hearing Izuku give a soft moan. His cock throbbed in her hand as her manipulations was rousing the beast from slumber.

“Mmmm, Izuku... so big and hard.” Ochako was excited seeing Izuku’s cock fully erect. Seven and a half inches of hard manhood in her hand.

She smiles at him.

“This feels good...”

“I’m glad,” she says in a soft voice.

Seeing him fully hard, she then moved close and accentuated her breasts, as she slid his cock between the valley. Nestled in-between her breasts, she starts moving them up and down. Izuku’s eyes widen at the good feelings felt as Ochako was performing paizuru on him.

“Holy s-shit... sweet paizuru...”

She giggled.

“Well... I may not look at hentai all that much but I do look once and awhile,” she finally admitted to Izuku, still sliding her boobs up and down Izuku’s cock, keeping his length sandwiched between the luscious juicy mounds.

“Fuck... never thought I’d be getting this from you, Ocha,” he said to her, content to sit back and allow Ochako to do whatever the hell she damn well pleases.

“Then you’ll love this.”

She stops her paizuru, only to replace the warmth of her breasts with her mouth. She first sucks on the head of his cock, her tongue lolling around the head in swirling motions. Then she started to draw him further into her wet mouth. Izuku hissed in pleasure.

“Ohh... O-Ocha...”

In Ochako’s mind, she never believed in her wildest dreams that this would happen. It really sounded like something out from a hentai manga, hentai anime, or some pervert’s fanfiction. She was naked with Izuku, inside the common area on the ground floor. And her mouth is wrapped around Izuku’s cock. Ochako was flushed with arousal, bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock. Her mind was hot with mental images of Izuku using that strength he has to dominate her, and oh how she would love to get a nice hard fuck. Listening to Izuku’s moaning, feeling him get tense, it really rocked her world good. She was enjoying every minute. But after five solid minutes sucking away she decided she had to finish this off. Izuku wanted Ochako to keep sucking him off, but she manages to pull away, a soft pop heard as her lips left the head of his cock and she furiously starts to jack him off.

“Fuck... Ochako...”

She continued making corkscrew motions as her hand slid up and down his length, wet from her saliva. She had one finger extended so that she did not accidentally trigger her quirk on him.

“C’mon, Izuku, I want you to cum for me,” she encouraged him, her voice dripping with lust.

Izuku’s eyes squeeze close and his head lulls back against the cushion of the sofa.

“Ahh! Shit! Ochako!”

“Cum for me, Izuku. All over my face, my breasts, and inside my warm mouth,” she sweet talks him. She sounded so perverse, even dirty.

Ochako giggled as Izuku finally emptied his balls with a shout. She had been inundated with a lot of the teen’s warm cum, splashing all over her face, and dripping on her breasts. Some of his semen she let fill her mouth. Izuku smiled as his orgasm died down and he had no more of his thick seed to offer, panting as he rests to regain some stamina. He watched her open her mouth slight to show off the thick gooey white fluid before she closed it, and he watches her swallow his cum. A bit leaked from the corner of her mouth but she licks her lips. It made his body ache in a very good way seeing that act. Ochako reached down to swipe up some of his cum off her right boob, and brought the thick whiteness into her mouth, sucking her fingers clean.

“You taste really good, Izuku-kun,” said Ochako, licking her lips again. She has some cum dripping down her face.

Izuku then giggled a bit.

“What is it, Izu?”

“Well... you kind of resemble a glazed doughnut with my cum all over your face.”

Ochako gave a cheeky grin and flashes her friend the middle finger.

“And whose fault is it for giving me a thick coating of frosting, eh?”

Izuku laughs.

“Okay. Point.”

“And your special frosting IS delicious. I wonder how good it’ll be if I smear it on a cinnamon bun...”

Izuku moaned at the thought in his mind seeing Ochako jacking him off, making him cum all over a cinnamon bun, and then eating it with a lewd passion.

Ochako is surprised to see Izuku’s cock regain its full hardness.

“Wow... ready to go again, huh?”

“Is it weird I want to watch you eat a cinnamon bun smeared with my cum?” Izuku asked, cheeks full red tint.

Ochako blushed.

“Wow... uh, well... we do have some leftover cinnamon buns in the kitchen. Hold on.”

She left the room and in a minute returned with a paper plate with a cinnamon bun. It was lightly glazed. Ochako started to massage his cock with her one hand, stimulating him. Then she leans in and her lips press against the head of his cock, a light kiss before drawing him in. She starts sucking his cock again. Izuku moans at the wet warmth bobbing up and down his length.

At this point, Ochako was only sucking off Izuku enough to get him close to bursting. It didn’t take long for him. After a good six minutes the teen was grunting softly.

“I’m going to cum again, Ochako,” he warns her.

She releases his cock from her mouth and Izuku scrambled to his knees, reaching down and furiously jacked himself off. Ochako grabs the cinnamon bun on the paper plate and waited. Her patience was rewarded. Izuku erupts again with a loud moan, his cum dripping all over the held cinnamon bun. Ochako made sure every drop of his white cream bathed the bakery treat until he had no more to offer. With the last glob of semen spurt on top the treat, Izuku collapsed back onto the sofa, tired. He lifted his head to look at Ochako. She slowly brought the cum-covered treat to her mouth and took a bite. Izuku was mesmerized by the erotic sight. Bit by bit, Ochako, making happy noises, enjoyed her delicious treat, swallowing and savoring it all. The last bite she chews and swallows, licking her lips.

“That was good,” she admitted. “I... I think I may like more soon...”

“That was so fucking hot,” Izuku told Ochako.

She blushed. She really liked eating the cinnamon bun topped with Izuku’s cum.

The rest of Saturday Izuku and Ochako had gotten past their shyness being naked around each other. When it came to dinner, Izuku very much enjoyed Ochako doing the naked apron bit as he tutored her into making katsudon. It wasn't bad for her first try, but she enjoyed the cooking lesson, especially when Izuku readily dug into his bowl of katsudon she had made. Sunday morning Izuku woke up to Ochako groping his morning wood (they slept on the long sofa in the common area). That's when things took a different turn...

"Izuku... let's have sex," she calmly tells him, blushing.

Izuku would blush as well. "Are you sure, Ochako?"

"Yes... I am in love with you, and I really want to be with you forever."

Izuku surprises Ochako by planting a tender kiss on her lips.

"I've felt the same way, Ochako," he whispers in a sultry tone, making her shiver in delight.

They shared another kiss. Then another. They felt up each other as they make out…

Izuku moves his hands to her hips as she straddled him just above his pelvis. Then they move around to the small of her back, pulling her into a tight embrace. With the growing confidence since their admission of loving each other, he lifts his head to kiss her cheek, then moves down to her jawline, then her neck. Ochako moans softly as Izuku’s lips explores her neck. Ochako soon realigns herself better to face Izuku’s head. Their lips meet with a passionate kiss, soft moans exchanged between them.

Ochako’s tongue brushes against his teeth, which Izuku readily allowed as he opens his mouth a bit to let her tongue push past the closed gap and meet up against his own darting tongue. Ochako’s hands run through his hair, gripping onto those messy but very fluffy locks of green while Izuku’s hands move down and firmly grip hold of her butt. When she moaned from his gripping touch, the distracted girl was taken advantage of as he flips her around onto her back, him now over top her. Her legs were spread and hooked around his hips as they continued their fighting kiss of dominance.

When they pull away from their kissing, Izuku’s cock was hard. It throbbed for attention. Ochako moans to him as she decided to shift into a sixty-nine position. His cock was in her face and she draws him into her mouth. Her pussy facing Izuku, it was tantalizing, and inviting. The greenette moved in close to lick at her wetness and finger her. They orally pleased each other for a couple minutes before Ochako lets Izuku’s cock pop free from her mouth.

“Fuck me, Izuku. I want you to fuck me, now.”

Izuku moved away from her.

“Let me get something from my room,” he told Ochako.

Izuku quickly ran, up the stairs and in half a minute he returned. Ochako smiled. Izuku was holding a box of condoms.

“Would you believe that mom of all people got me a box of condoms on my birthday?”

She giggled.

“What’s a crazy gift,” she said.

Izuku blushed a bit. “Yes it is, but she told me that if I ever do have sex, to use protection. It was very embarrassing for the both of us as she explained her reasons for buying me a box of condoms.”

Ochako just smiled. Inko was such a sweet and caring, loving woman. She adored her son very much. Of course she’d worry for her son, even when it comes to such inevitable topics like sex. She plucked a wrapped condom from the box after opening it.

“Well, at least she understands enough you’re at that proper age... I mean, fuck, we’re naked in the dorm’s common area, about to have sex.”

Ochako tore the package open and she gently unrolled the condom, fitting it all onto his hard cock. She lays back down on the sofa, legs spread as Izuku moved in close. Izuku lined the head of his condom-clad cock at her entrance. It rubs against her folds.


“Do it... but be gentle, baby.”

“I will, Ocha...”

Izuku slowly pushes his cock in, the head disappearing into her slick warmth. Both teens moaned from the sensations pulsing through their bodies. It was like a jolt of electricity. Further he penetrates Ochako’s pussy until coming up to resistance. Her hymen. The two virgins were about to cross past the border. Ochako gave him a soft nod. Izuku nods back, and though he withdrew a little bit, with a grunt, he thrusts in hard, burying his hard cock into her pussy. Her hymen was broken. Ochako cried out in pain.

“Ahhh! S-shit...”

“Sorry, Ochako.”

“S’okay... j-just a minute... mmm...”

After a minute, Izuku pulls back slowly before pushing back in, starting up a slow rhythm. He was moaning at her tightness. It was the greatest feeling he’s ever experience. Despite wearing a condom, the friction felt so good on his cock. For Ochako, the initial pain of her hymen breaking gave way to pleasure. And she was soon moaning out.

“Izuku... oh, god... it feels good.”

“We’re having sex in the common room... where we could get caught at any moment,” Izuku says to Ochako, fucking her sweet pussy.

Ochako moaned out. The thought of getting caught in such an intimate and very adult position actually thrilled her.

“I once had this very dirty dream, Ochako,” Izuku says with a moan. “I had you bent over your desk and I – hnngh – was fucking you, not even caring that we were in the classroom. I know that we’d never do that for real, but it was such a fucking good fantasy dream I had...”

Izuku started fucking her faster. Ochako cries out.

“F-Fuck! Izu! Such a naughty dream... ahh! Fuck me! More!”

After three minutes of both teens moaning and grunting, the sounds of flesh meeting flesh with each thrust, Izuku pulls out of her pussy, making her whine at the sudden emptiness. But Izuku only got her to move onto her hands and knees. She’s now positioned resting against the sofa arm, as she feels her lover push his cock back into her cunt. He resumes his previous speed, grabbing hold of her waist as he fucks her hard and fast.

“I love this! It’s so good! More, Izuku!”

He bends over her, and the thrusting of his cock hit her at a new angle that made her mind almost go blank.

“Eek! Izuku! So fucking good! You’re so rough!” She was crying out, looking so flushed. “Ah! Ahh! Aaahn!!”

“Fuck yeah! Ochako! Your cunt is so fucking wonderful! Haah...”

“Mmmm! Yes! Fuck, we should have had sex a year ago!” she cried out, tilting her head back enough that their eyes lock.

“Yeah... yeah! Ochako... I’m so happy right now!”

“Same here! My sweet Izuku! My Deku-kun! My love!”

The pleasure built up more in her core. Ochako was close. Her body was so hot right now.

“I’m going to cum, Izu baby! I’m going to cum!”

Her fingers scratched the sofa armrest.

Izuku was furiously pounding her pussy.

“Then do it! Cum, ‘Chako darling!” He grunts heavily. “Let it all out! Cum with me! Together!”

Ochako cries out as she grips the sofa arm, Izuku pushing in for a final thrust and with a deep guttural moan, released his seed into her. Only the thin casing of a condom kept her from being officially inseminated, but it had drove her over the edge with her own orgasm, wet fluids of her vaginal juices leaking out. Izuku slowly pulls out, and stares with marvel at how Ochako looked after a nice fucking.

A small part of him wanted to see her pussy dripping with his semen, but the logical part of him was glad they had used a condom. It would have been risky if he did shoot his semen into her womb and she ended up getting pregnant. But Izuku loved the idea of knocking her up one day... when they were out of high school. He reaches down to pull the condom off his cock and he tied it closed before wrapping it with some tissues from the nearby tissue box on the coffee table to dispose of later.

Ochako was pulled into his arms, her turning around to cling to her lover.

“I love you, Izuku.”

“I love you too, Ochako.”

After they shared another wonderful kiss, Izuku gazes into her eyes.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

She smiles and kisses him again.

“Yes, Izuku-kun. I will gladly be your girlfriend.”

They cuddle for awhile until they get up to use the bathroom. Of course, Ochako managed to snag another condom from the box and they ended up having sex again in the men’s communal showers.

“I’ll try and see if I can get on the pill, Izuku,” she moans as she’s bent over, hands planted firm against the wall and her boyfriend behind her plowing her needy cunt hard and fast.

“Oh? That’s good.”

Ochako moans. “Yeah... because one day I want you to – ahh – cum inside me without using a condom. B-But for now... haah... fuck my cunt, baby! Make me cum again!”

Izuku growls sexily.

“Oh I’ll make you cum alright,” he says, increasing the speed of his thrusts.

The showers were echoing their moaning, and it was so good for them.


The time was seven at night and in steps the rest of Class 2-A, having returned from the training camp.

Class 2-A was stunned at the scene which greeted them upon entering their dorm building. Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka, acting causal, lounging in the living room section of the ground floor's common area, completely nude. The two naked teenagers stared at their classmates, realizing that they were no longer alone.

And now you know what happened, ladies and gentlemen. Now back to the story.

Iida suddenly shouted, "What the hell is this? Why are you both naked?"

Izuku and Ochako glance at each other, before looking back to Iida.

"Because we felt like it," they answer, though they were pulling the blanket up to cover themselves.

Why? Mineta and Kaminari were trying to get closer looks but are kept pinned down in ice by Todoroki.

"... Do we want to know what happened over the weekend?" Yaoyorozu questioned the two.

They blushed a bit.

"No," they answer Yaoyorozu.

They are not going to get any 18+ details that had happened between them that also led to them now being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Hagakure giggled. "Cool. Nice to know I have fellow nudists in the building."

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