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Music was playing. From the album WATERISE, the song “しあわせな王子” was currently playing. It was a nice peaceful song. But today was Sunday. And for two particular students of 2-A, they were staying in one particular room.

“Glad you want to stay in my room, Izuku,” said Ochako.

“Of course. I love my All Might collection but something tells me you’d not want to get stared at by him everywhere you look.”

“Izu. Hehehe...”

Ochako was blushing a bit. She adored Izuku, and she could appreciate his All Might collection. Although she had managed to get him (long before they officially became a couple) to add a couple other things such as a figurine of Thirteen, and one of Sir Nighteye to remember his memory.

Izuku gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Good thing we brought the laptop here.”

Izuku’s laptop that was decorated with the sticker decal of All Might.

“Glad that we went out yesterday and got some snacks and drinks to enjoy,” says Ochako, before sipping from a bottle of melon-flavored Ramuné.

They had five cases of Ramuné – grape, melon, strawberry, blue Hawaii, and peach. The snacks included three bags of Kit Kat Bars that was birthday cake flavor, orange flavor, and matcha green tea, matcha green tea mochi, strawberry Pocky, and a bakers dozen cinnamon buns.

“You do realize, Izuku, that you eating a cinnamon bun counts as cannibalism,” Ochako pointed out.

Izuku smirks. “Call the cops.” And he takes a bite from a cinnamon bun. Ochako giggles.

They’ve started enjoying being nude again, but only in the privacy of their rooms. Sometimes alone, but much better together. Izuku being on the girls side was better because his room was sadly next door to Mineta and no one still has no clue what the hell his room looked like, nor did anyone want to tempt peering in in fear it’s like opening the Ark of the Covenant. They HAD told their friends they were going to just spend the day being lazy, and that he was going to be with Ochako in her room. Their best friend Iida somewhat argued about that tidbit but Ochako had invited Izuku to be in her room willingly so the small argument was put to rest. And though a certain grape boy had subtly accused of them going to do naughty things, in complete honesty sex was the last thing on their minds. A healthy relationship between lovers doesn’t always have to be about sex, after all. They were just two teenagers being lazy... with no clothes on.

The morning they spent playing video games on his laptop, then listened to music. It was an hour past noon and their lunch consisted of the snack foods and drinks they have. Ochako, much like everyone else, loved the mini fridge that she had in her room. It was a pre-furbished item that each classmate in Class A received upon moving into the dorms last year the day before school resumed post summer vacation. One case of melon Ramuné was out and the other cases safely stored in her mini fridge.

“Say... want to watch some anime?”

“Oh? What do you have in mind?” she asks him.

“Something I think you’re going to find both disturbing funny and ecchi.”

Ochako giggled a bit.

“Really? Okay, I am curious...”

Izuku smiled. “Now, I only recently discovered it but thought I’d share the first episode with you.”

“Well bring it up already,” she tells him.

After turning off the music player, Izuku accessed the app and is logging on with his account. He brings up the anime he was talking about. Only after the first ten minutes of the anime playing was the two laughing their asses off. It was so lewd without being full-on hentai and the comedy cranked to eleven.

“I can’t believe that was said!” Ochako cried out mid-laughter.

It was very hilarious.

“Can you imagine if THIS was our world?” asked a giggling Izuku.

“Oh god!” she shouted, laughter renewed.

They were laughing together. For the next hour, they binge watch anime together.

Downstairs, the doorbell rang, alerting those who weren’t out on this nice day. It was Yaoyorozu who answers the door.

“Oh, All Might-sensei, hello.”

“Hello, Yaoyorozu.” He was invited inside the dorm house. “Tell me, is Midoriya here or is he out?”

“Midoriya is upstairs in Uraraka’s room, All Might-sensei,” Yaoyorozu answers.

“Thank you, Yaoyorozu.”

“Pardon me for asking, but what do you need Midoriya for?”

Toshinori smiled.

“It’s nothing much. I just wish to talk to him in regards to his quirk training.”

The dark-haired girl nods, understanding. It’s not much a secret now that the class knows that their resident cinnamon roll has three quirks to harness ever since the events from last year...

As Toshinori heads upstairs, Kaminari spoke up.

“Hey, uh... should we warn him that Midoriya’s a nudist?”

The others in the common area stopped what they we’re doing.

“Who cares,” said Bakugo. “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Apparently, a lot.


That got everyone who still stayed in the dorms today to rush upstairs.

On Uraraka’s dorm floor, a minute earlier...

Izuku had Ochako sitting in his lap, both still facing the laptop. An audio splitter was plugged into the laptop and each wore cat earred headphones. So while the room sounded empty, their laughter still erupt when they heard something funny from the anime they’re watching. So, they never heard the knocking on the door.

Toshinori was outside the door and knocked again, but got no answer. So when he checked the door knob, it’s locked. Though the students have a right to lock their door, every teacher had a universal master key to get into locked students’ dorm rooms if they have reason to suspect something foul was unfolding. But Toshinori used his key to unlock the door and opens it. And his eyes are wide when he sees young Midoriya with young Uraraka sitting in his lap, and they were naked.

All Might temporarily buffed up and his voice was as loud as ever when he shouts, “MIDORIYA! URARAKA! WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?”

They heard the shout through their headphones, turn and see All Might at the door.

The two teens scream in shock and surprise and fall out of the chair.

The thundering of footsteps is heard before Class 2-A show up. Now, those missing from the group is Shoto Todoroki, Minoru Mineta, and Tsuyu Asui. They had gone home for the day to be with family (in Mineta’s case, do something perverted at home).

“All Might, we can explain, kind of,” shouted Ashido, as the two embarrassed teens had jumped into bed and threw the blankets to cover their nudity.


“All Might! We can explain!” Izuku cried out, face as red as his girlfriend’s.

“We weren’t going to do anything perverted! We swear!” Ochako yells.


POOF! All Might deflated with a gag of blood spilling from his mouth. He wiped it away and took out his phone.

“I ought to call your parents and Aizawa about this!”


“What’s the worst that could happen, eh, Baku-bro?” questioned Kirishima.

Bakugo just flipped the bird at Kirishima.

The phone clattered.

“Nu… Nudists?”

Well, apparently this was information overload.

“All Might!” Class 2-A cried out.

All Might fainted.

An hour later, All Might came to. He was in the nurse’s office.

“What… happened?”

“You fainted, Toshinori,” said Recovery Girl. “Lucky for you Iida had help bringing you to me. They didn’t go into specifics why you fainted...”

Toshinori shot up from his bed into a sitting position.

“Midoriya and Uraraka were naked in the dorm room!”

The elderly woman’s eyebrows were up high hearing that shout out.

“Huh. Youngsters these days. Hopefully they used protection, even though technically sex is forbidden on school grounds.”

And that's all for this 18+ Edition of "Sorry, We're Nudists".

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