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It's only been a day since Class 2-A discovered Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka naked in the common area of the dormitory. It was funny when the couple discovered the following morning half the class wanted to burn the sofas due to them being nude all over it, the other half arguing to "just Febreze it". But it wasn't fun and games when their homeroom teacher learned of it and they were given detention for two whole weeks, forced to do various chores all across the school and campus until nine PM, every day, until next Friday. And on the day they were given detention, just to alleviate any suspicions that the couple may have had sexual relations (they did, but they wouldn't reveal it) the whole class was forced to watch a film called The Miracle of Life .

But their torture soon ended.

Saturday morning...

Izuku and Ochako were both yawning as they exited the elevator and shuffled like zombies (not really) into the kitchen. Some of their classmates noticed that Ochako was wearing pink tablet/artist gloves (fitting gloves that leaves the thumb, index and middle fingers exposed but the ring and pinky fingers are covered).

"Need tea," Izuku mutters.

"And food," Ochako added with a mutter.

The rest of their class noted that Ochako was wearing one of Izuku's pajama pants and buttoned shirt while Izuku did not care that he was only clad in a different-colored pajama pants and is shirtless. The other girls blushed a bit seeing Izuku shirtless and exposing his hard muscles for all to see. It had been ingrained that on the weekends, everybody was responsible for making their own breakfast and lunch while dinner was still a group thing.

Iida stood up from his seat at the dining table and walks up to his two best friends.

"Midoriya, Uraraka, did you two spend the night in one room together?" he asks them.

"Yes," they answer, not looking at Iida as Ochako grabs stuff from the fridge while Izuku was preparing green tea.

They at least kept quiet when they had sex in his bedroom.

Iida didn't know how to respond to their blunt answer.

"Huh... that was very blunt," says Jiro.

"Yes it was, kero," Asui agreed.

After making the tea, Ochako grabs the tall glass and drank half from it before Izuku takes it and takes his own gulp of the flavorful tea. Izuku then makes more.

"Did they indirect kiss?" whispers Hagakure to Ashido.

"Yes they did," the pink-skinned cutie answers.

Ochako and Izuku made a large serving of Omuraisu (Japanese Rice Omelet). Plate in his hand and only a single fork, the couple sat down at the table with the tall glass of green tea and they ate together... off the same plate... sharing the same fork... and sharing the same drink.

Ashido nudged Hagakure in the side, and whispers to her, "I hope we get an invitation to their wedding one day."

"Yup." Hagakure nodded. "We'll all make wonderful bridesmaids."

For five minutes the sleepy couple were stared at as they ate their breakfast, before returning to the kitchen to wash the plate, fork, glass, and the pan they used to make the Omuraisu, and then they disappeared back upstairs. This time they used the side stairwell next to the elevator.

"Wait... are they going back upstairs?" questioned Kaminari.

"Well, at least they weren't naked," said Kirishima with a light shrug.

"Why would you say that?" said Yaoyorozu, blushing.

"Hey, I'm not one to judge, really." Kirishima takes a quick sip of his tea. "Sure it's a bit weird, but if that's what they like to do, fine by me. Besides, Hagakure's naked half the time."

Ashido giggled. "He's right, Toru."

Hagakure would be seen blushing if she wasn't invisible so she settled for exaggerated arm waving.

"Oh c'mon! That was last year! Ever since Togata's suggestion about my hero costume choice, the support course made me a new hero costume that can turn invisible. I'm no longer wearing JUST boots and gloves," she pouted.

Ojiro just smiled softly, sliding an arm around his girlfriend.

"Okay, calm down, Toru..."

"Yet last week you said you were happy to have fellow nudists living in the dorm," said Ashido with another giggle.

"Could we please change topics?" exclaims Iida.

"Yeah, I don't want to hear any of this shit," Bakugo complained, chowing down his spicy breakfast.

Upstairs, the door closed. Izuku and Ochako climbed back into the greenette's bed and they snuggled up. The couple gave a light kiss before they in minutes went back to sleep.

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