The Sohma Litters *a Traditions Sequel*

BY : Anna
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If you don't like a crossdressing Yuki, maybe this story isn't for you. Also references to Incest among cousins, and Yaoi(Male/Male Sex) and Homosexual marriage. All hot topics, apparently. But, most people who don't like that sort of thing are not browsing around in the site.

Standard Disclaimers apply. I barely own my own name, after taxes.

Chapter one: Hiro's secret

Yuki's POV

"Kyo?" I asked as we loaded the car with the luggage and gifts. "How do we keep getting ourselves involved in these situations?" He reached for the last bag, and stuffed it into the trunk as I finished buckling Kato into his car seat.
"We are simply too nice. We have to stop caring so much for our family and friends. This shouldn't take long and then we will be on our way, I know how much you want to go on this vacation, and we will get there, but saving a wedding comes first, after all."
"Yeah, let's just get going, we can do it if we hurry." And I climbed into the front seat as Kyo climbed into the driver's side and started the motor. I was tense and Kyo knew it, he kept massaging my knee whenever he could conspire to have his hand slide off the steering wheel. I apreciated his concern, but. . . .
"Concentrate on driving, octopus. I want us to get there safely."
"I'll have you know I am one of the safest drivers on the road. And if you have a problem with it, why don't you drive for a while?" I rolled my eyes at him, he knew I was a very competent driver, one of the best, even better than him. But the Toyota was his new love, and I wasn't about to remove him from his god throne.
"Just spend more time driving and less time trying to crawl up my shorts." His hand traced the hem of them even as I said it.
"But, gods you look so sexy. How do you do it?" I blushed demurely and dramatically sissy swatted at his hand.
"Stop, now look you made me blush, you say such naughty things." He burst out laughing and put his hand both on the steering wheel.
"So what is it with your cousin anyway?"
"MY COUSIN? What are you from a different family all of the sudden? I understand when it's 'My brother', but Hiro is your cousin, too. In fact I think he is closer to your family than mine."
"Yeah, yeah. But why does he want us to tell Kisa about that day?" I shrugged and immediately regretted it at the sleeve of my tank top slid off my shoulder. I was adjusting it when Yuuhi called from the back seat.
"Otousan, I have to go potty." Kyo quickly turned and looked at our son. He gave me a look which I returned with a knowing stare and he pulled the car into the nearest gas station. And after parking turned and looked at me.
"Don't glare at me, I am not dressed to take him into the men's room." And he sighed and unbuckled his belt. Twenty minutes later he returned with Yuuhi and Tsuki, who decided he would go too, since we were here, and loaded them back into the car. "Yuuhi wanted to wash his hands a few times I take it?"
His glare was not friendly, so I shut up. Our sons liked nothing more than to play in public bathrooms. But I watched him slyly over an active nail file.
"You don't want to know." was all he said.

The rest of the drive was as uneventful as a car full of three year olds can be. And I was just filing my last nail as we drove up to the house.

Kyo's POV

After that incident in the bathroom, I almost wished that I hadn't agreed with Yuki about dressing for our vacation and stopping at the main house on the way. Dressed in his Mother goes to Hawaii outfit, Yuki would not be able to help me with the boys and by the time I was helping Tsuki put his pants back in order, Yuuhi had decided to crawl into a urinal to clean out the drain for me. My son was very helpful, when ever I was otherwise occupied. But we had agreed that the boys should never have to go into a ladies room and Yuki was not dressed for the mens room. I finally got them both cleaned up and headed back to the car. This was going to be a long drive. And then we still had a very long plane trip after that. Yuki made a smart ass comment at me and I glared at him in answer. The rest of the drive to the main house was not so bad, though and we decided to park by Hatori's car.

I stood by the trunk, watching Yuki climb out, and open the back door for Kato. Gods, he looked cute. He was dressed in lavender short shorts, and a pink tank top, with those amazing little additions in the front. A large white belt around his small waist and baggy short sock with pink Tennis shoes. He knew I liked the piles of thin gold bangle bracelets, and he wore his hair in braids. He was the perfect young mother, and the boys took his hands and followed him through the gardens. I grabbed the stack of gifts, and rushed to catch up. This was going to have to be fast, we had a plane to catch.

"Hiro, they're here!" Kisa called from the doorway. Hiro came out behind her and helped with the load, as she reached out to hoist Yuuhi into her arms. Kisa was one of Yuuhi's own admirers. He ate up the extra attention he got. "Let's go see if my okaasan has some of those cookies you love so much, come on boys."

"Only a couple, Kisa. We don't need them getting a sugar rush on the plane." Yuki called after her.

"Yes, Ma'am." Kisa taunted him. She was a good kid, but couldn't resist the little jibe. I slid my arm around his waist and pulled him through the door, with me.

"I'll give you something to Ma'am me about, Miss Kisa." He called when he realized what she had said, then quietly to her soon-to-be-husband, "Hiro, what have you told her and why?"

"I just told her that we all needed to have a talk. I think she needs to know. I don't want any secrets, and I thought if we all told her, she would be more likely to understand."

"Oh, yeah. That is the kind of thing a girl will enjoy being told just before her wedding. 'Honey, me and our gay cousins had sex, and now I thought we should all talk about it over tea and cookies'. Why do you need to do this today?" I fumed. I never understood why people had to play these games with each other. If Hiro really felt that Kisa needed to know about certain things why didn't he tell her a long time ago, after all it had happened two years ago. He had plenty of other opportunities.

"Look, I tried to do it before, but I kept chickening out. I need the two of you, for support."

"You need us, because you're hoping we will do all the work, and then make it all better for you. Tough luck kid, I plan to just sit here and wait until I am asked a specific question, by name." And I dropped to the sofa, near the table I had just placed all the wedding gifts we had brought. Hiro looked panicky, I didn't care.

"He has a point, Hiro. Kisa, there you are. " Yuki had gotten comfortable on the folding chair near the wall. Kisa came into the room with a new, suspicious look on her face. I didn't like the look of this.

"So, are you going to tell me what this is all about?" She wasn't looking at me. I wasn't sure who she was looking at, as Hiro was still standing near where Yuki was sitting. So, I kept silent.

"Kisa, honey, sit down." Hiro started nicely, as if he was already in trouble. "A few years ago . . . . . I was a little confused. You remember, when we talked about how much we would do, before we got married?" Dig your grave deep, that way you won't be able to climb out. Hiro had started pacing the room, "Well, I sort of started going out with a girl from school, Tagome, Ami." Oh, that got a reaction. Kisa, I didn't know you had learned how to glare death at someone, I looked over at Yuki, and realized he had witnessed it also, but of course he would have. He probably taught her his famous look. I just shook my head lightly.

"You . . . went . . . out . . . with . . . her? Did you get far?" Kisa stammered a little then sent a statement that had knives in it. "I am sure you did, she never needs much encouragement." Hiro was sweating it now. I almost felt sorry for him.

"Kisa, I didn't want her. Please, try to understand, it was just one date, and I was doing it for us." Okay, every woman wants to hear something like that.

"For us? I don't remember even getting a doggy bag. What part of you taking another girl out is for me?" She had stood up. I leaned away, from experience, when your lover stands up in a fight, things start flying. A few moments later two of the couch pillows had made their way across the room.

"I mean't that I only slept with her for us." I almost laughed this time. "I mean to get the experience." This boy was going to need help, or we would be taking our wedding gifts with us.

"Kisa?" Yuki got her attention, his usual way. Flash some of his irrisistable charm, and putty. I was jealous. "Kisa, Hiro came home the day that Eichi was born. He asked us for advice, about this situation. " Kisa slowly lowered to the couch. "HE was very concerned about whether he would be a good husband for you. If he would be able to keep you happy, . . . . sexually." She turned and looked at me, questioningly. I nodded.

"Hiro? Is this true? Why didn't you come to me, and tell me about your worry?" He simply shrugged his shoulders. "But, you went out with her, then. What did you and Yuki tell him to do?" Great, she was a little confused. And now she is asking me.

"Hiro had already gone out with her, before he talked to us. I told him that the most important thing is to give to your lover more than you take. And that if he felt he needed to go to outside people. He should be careful. We also told him, to be honest with you, about everything." this I directed at Hiro. The boy looked down contritely.

"I told him that I wouldn't have known what to do, if Kyo hadn't had experience before. Kisa, it is not unheard of for him to want to have experience before he is to try to make love to you. The problem is, that he was in too big of a hurry. And that is dangerous. We warned him that he could get himself into a serious bit of trouble barreling through like he is a ram in heat." Yuki added. I was relieved to be off the proverbial hook. Kisa eyed him strangely.

"Yeah, Kisa, I was in a hurry. But, then I did something really stupid." She looked a little shocked, like she couldn't imagine anything worse. "Kisa, I was sure that I needed to know how to do things, and well, I kinda snuck a peak at Kyo and Yuki, . . . . eh, when they . . . " He never finished that one. Kisa cried out as she finally caught on.

"Hiro-chan! NO! Tell me you didn't." She looked about to run in embarrassment or shame. Hiro tried to explain and Yuki threw his hands up in frustration.

"Kisa. Hiro. Wait. Listen to me. What happened, happened. It can't be taken back, and we told Hiro he should have told you long ago. But, try to understand. He was trying to do this for the two of you. Kisa, the first time for anyone is hard. Sometimes even unfulfilling. He didn't want it to be that way for you. Can you forgive him?" I interjected before the fool boy lost everything. Kisa turned to stare at me. She had made a decision

"Hiro, you did this because you wanted to make me happy. I understand that. I also understand if it was for your own pleasure. Men need that. My mother told me so. But, Hiro, you kept a secret from me. Even after Kyo and Yuki told you to tell me. Why would you do that? And how many secrets do you have? I have to know that you and I have no secrets between us." She had that famous Kisa look, like she would break out in tears any second. I hated that look, got to me everytime.

"Kisa, the reason we came here today was because Hiro wants that also. He made us promise to help him tell you everything. Then you can start your new life free of secrets. Are you willing to hear the whole truth? If this is doomed from the begining I would rather just catch my plane." Kisa nodded her little head and sniffed back the threatening tears.

"I want the whole truth, even if it is bad. I need to know. Now."

"Kisa, after I caught them together. We, " and he pointed to Yuki and I, "had sex. . . . together. I am not gay, Kisa. I love you. But, I did enjoy what happened. It was that, . . . um, . . . they knew what to do. Kisa, I think it is important to know how to make love to you. I had to learn so that we could be happy without all the nervousness. Well, not that exactly, I'm still nervous, but I think I know how to make it special for you. Are you mad at me still, My Kisa-kun? I don't think I could stand it if you were so mad at me that you didn't want me anymore." He had been talking so fast he had failed to see the facial transistion Kisa was going through.

"Hiro, I think we forgot to teach you that you should listen and pay attention to the things that your lover is telling you. And if you had learned that, you would have seen that Kisa is a very forgiving person. Now, shut up and I think that we need to get our children loaded up and go. We still have time to catch our plane. Come on, Yukito. Let's go our work here is done, good luck, you two. Sorry we will miss the actual ceremony, but enjoy the presents. This one, might want to open in private, eh Hiro?" And I tossed the little one to him to see him blush, sending Kisa into a fit of shyness, as we headed for the kitchen. The boys were covered with crumbs, but not too bad. We loaded up and headed for the airport.

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