The Sohma Litters *a Traditions Sequel*

BY : Anna
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Chapter Nineteen: Swinging through the trees.

Karen sat at her desk, her pen held ready but not moving. She had made arrangements for the sale of "The Blue Moon" and was currently working a deal for new owners of the other three clubs. Her and Nancy had decided that they no longer needed to be hindered by the demands that the clubs had made of them. They were now devoting themselves to Eichi and Ritsu. They had all talked it out and while the child was young they would travel. See everything they had ever wanted or dared to dream about, even some things that they hadn't dreamt of.
Ritsu was nervous, but he had put his trust in the women long ago, and was not going to let it stop him, now.
Eichi was growing up fast. He was talking more now, and as Ritsu sat on the floor in his room with him playing, he was talking about some fancy he had taken to.
"Toosin, me want a puppy wike Kita has. Kin we dit one?"
"Eichi, that isn't a puppy, that is Shigure-san. We really can't have a dog, I'm sorry son."
"Otay, tin we dit a kitty wike Zuki, Yuuhi and Kato gots?" When had his son taken to wanting a pet. Oh dear, he thought.
"When we are back from our trip. Maybe then we can get something. Let's wait and see, okay Eichi?" He tried.
"D'ya pwomis?" Ritsu nodded. "Otay, pwomissis is good. Wike Kyo-san. He pwomis, an he do. You pwomis, you do?"
"Well, yes, but we should talk to Kaasan about it, you know? And Karen too. "
"Tawen wikes kitties. She pets Momen awl de time. An kaasan wikes her, too."
"Yes, son. I know."
"Wets go ast dem, kay Toosin?" and the boy was up and heading into the room that Karen and Nancy used as their office at home.
Eichi broke through the threshold at a run, and Ritsu scampered to keep up. The child jumped onto Karen's lap long before his father could catch him. Karen held him and looked up at the panting Ritsu as he attempted to regain his breath. Eichi giggled at his own part in his father's discomfort.
"Eichi, what is going on here? Have you been giving your Otousan a bad time?" Eichi shook his head in deliberate seriousness.
"No, Tawen. I wad a good boy. Toosin said I hab to ast you if I kin dit a kitty. Wite Toosin?" Ritsu having barely caught his breath, nodded lightly.
"Yes, I did. You have to have everyone's permission. And I said you would have to wait until we came back from our trip to get a pet, Son." Karen laughed.
"Is that what this is all about? Oh, Eichi you do get some of the funniest ideas in your little head. I'll talk to Nancy about it when she get's back, okay?" the boy nodded and allowed himself to be handed back to his father. Ritsu put him on the floor and took his hand as they walked back to the door. Karen watched them go, smiling the whole time. She would never regret the decision to bring the energetic man into her relationship with Nancy. Their life had gotten ever so much more interesting since then.

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