The Sohma Litters *a Traditions Sequel*

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Chapter Twenty: Appologies and Explanations

Kyo's POV

"So, I just forgot?" Saki sat on our couch and stared at the coffee table. She was having trouble remembering, and we knew why , but could we explain?

"Let's just say you were convinced not to remember" I provided.

"Perhaps these will help you to remember or at least believe us. You wrote these letters to yourselves just before Yuuhi and Tsuki were born." Yuki handed them two sealed envelopes we had guarded carefully these last 3 years. The girls took them and read them. Ansa tossed the paper to me, with a wave of her hand.
Saki sat there holding the parchment tightly in her hand that slowly lowered to her lap.

"I think we need to meet these little boys, Ansa. If that is okay?" Saki asked Yuki. He smiled and nodded. I sat in the recliner as he made his way to the playroom.

"Remember, they don't know who you are. If need be we are willing to explain it to them, but for now they think that Yuki and I are their parents. Take it easy, okay?" I didn't really believe that I was asking this of my child's mother, but we had always known that the possibility of this day loomed. Yuki arrived in the hallway with three very loud and rambunctious boys, clinging to him protectively. He pushed them forward as I rose to allow him to reclaim the recliner. "Come on in boys. Don't be rude to our guests, they have been waiting to meet you." I took Kato's hand and he allowed himself to be pulled forward.

"This is Kato, Tsuki and Yuuhi. Boys this is Sohma Saki and Sohma Ansa." Yuuhi pulled Yuki's sleeve until he had gotten the proximity of his Okaasan's ear at the level he desired.

"Are they cousins? I don't remember them."

"Eh, they are very close relatives. I don't think you can say cousins exactly." Yuki stammered.

"Yuuhi, right? Come here boy." Ansa called over to him. Tsuki had made his way over to Saki and was bravely caressing her soft curly long hair. "Hmmm. you are a good size, aren't you. Why is your brother so skinny?" Yuuhi sized her up and prepared to level the city with his outburst.

"Tsuki is not skinny! He just let's me have his last cookie. I don't like people who talk about him like that." Ansa stared at him a moment eyes wide, then she smiled and said,

"Reminds me of you Carrot top. Temper, Personality and Volume. And what was your name, little one?" Tsuki turned from Saki's hair and regarded Ansa, Yuuhi continued to grace her with a scathing look as Kato had climbed onto Yuki's lap and was working up some mischeif as usual.

"I am Tsuki, Ansa-san. You have a very loud voice. Do you have a cold?" Yuki was about to die from embarassment, I tried to look shocked and Saki covered a giggle behind her hand.

"Come here. Yes, I see it. You look like your Obaasan*. See it Saki? She would have covered you with kisses and hugs." Tsuki was now enthralled. He climbed up on Ansa's lap without a second thought, and wrapped his arms around her.

"Do you know my Obaasan? I have never met her." The one relative Tsuki always wanted and none of us could produce one for him. Ansa's mother had passed on just prior to the childs conception. The only relative of that sort would be Saki's mother. If we decided between us to tell the boys.

"You wouldn't have, she has been gone a long time. But, she loved little boys with blonde hair. And black hair and redheads too, right Kyon?" I smirked at the memory of Ansa's mother. She loved to call me names even worse than the ones Ansa blessed me with. Tsuki wasn't finished with her though.

"What about boys with purple hair, like Okaasan? Did she like him, too?" Saki and Ansa both looked at Yuki in shock. They hadn't known about the name the boys called him, and were taken aback. Tsuki took this wrong. "She didn't like him? Then I don't like her. I love my Okaasan, and only like people who like him." Thus stated he climbed off her lap and crossed to Yuki climbing on his lap and planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Tsuki, Uotani-san liked me just fine. No one said that she didn't. Appologize to Ansa-san." The boy lifted his head out of Yuki's shoulder and gave Ansa a small nod, and "gomen" then he was lost in the veil of Yuki's hair once again. Yuuhi had stood his ground, deciding that he didn't like this tall blonde woman and that he wanted to make sure she knew it. I had a feeling it was time for some damage control.

"Yuuhi, have you said hello to Saki-san?" The boy turned away from Ansa and crossed the room to bow low to Saki. She was taken immediately by the child. He smiled at her and greeted her.

"Hajimemishite, Saki-san."

"Hajimemishite, Yuuhi-kun. I have heard a lot about you. Your . . . . Okaasan and I are old friends. I was wondering if you would do something for me. Would you show me how you change? I know that you do, but I have never seen it." Yuuhi looked over at me, and I nodded to him. He eyed Saki warily, and then proceeded to nod, only he had a condition.

"Okay, but don't let Kato get me, cause he was mad at me, and I don't like to have my feathers pulled." Saki's eyes went wide, and the boy climbed onto her lap, and wrapped his arms around her neck. Instantly she was seated there holding an immature black chicken. She petted it absentmindedly as he looked up at her. "Mmmm, you do that nice, but I have an itch on my neck and you're missing it." her hands went to the small neck and massaged a feather till it was soft in her hands. I crossed to her and took the child and his clothes and went to the room, his brothers followed and we sat and watched him as he waited for the inevitable change back to occur. I left them to dress and play, telling them dinner would be a little late, and did they want to go to McDonalds tonight instead. A round of 'Yeahs' and I was headed back to the girls and Yuki.

"So you see where the problem was. It only happens from the hug of another sex, not also cursed. Kyo and I would have let you keep on a relationship with the boys, but once you knew the ramifications, you decided that this was the best way. Better for the boys even, not to have you leave them later, when they would remember the betrayal." Yuki tried not to make the girls feel guilt, but we all had our crosses to bear.

"I agree with my choice Yuki-kun, but why now? What reason have you to tell us this?"

"There are 14 family members cursed at any given time. One for each of the 12 zodiac. One to be the head of the family, and carry the full force to alleviate the rest. And one for the betrayed. The cat. We find ourselves missing one." I supplied for them.

"Eh, Kyon? The cat, is that the missing animal?"

"No. You haven't asked us about Kato yet. Aren't you at all curious? Or did you think we had another wife in the background somewhere?" I scoffed. "Yes, you were curious. Well, I will tell you. Kato is the child of a cousin of ours. She herself cursed, found that a child without a curse of the opposite sex was not something she was capable of raising and passed the child on to us."

"Not without considerable guilt for her actions." Yuki added. "In the end it was too much for her." I could sense this was becoming too much for him. But, he needed to let it out so I kept silent as he continued. "For various reasons she wasn't very stable to begin with, and she eventually took her own life."

"She was close to you, Yuki?" He only nodded at Saki's question.

"An old girl friend, perhaps. And now you are in need of a new . . . . What was she a rat or something?" Ansa joked. A feeble attempt to lessen the tension.

"No, that would be Yuki. And the cat would be me."

"Rin was the horse. And she was actually Haru's girlfriend. I only knew her as a cousin, and a close one." Yuki looked older, I sat on the arm of the chair and attempted to support him. "Now, we have the obligation of bringing into being a new horse."

"And so you need us, huh? Eh, Carrot top?"

"Not exactly." She stared at me then. "The child will be born to a member of the Sohma family. There is no way to stop it, other than ceasing the entire families reproduction. And you can bet how long that will last. There is no time limit, the longest case so far was six years, from the death of a pig to the new being born. We simply feel that the best way to alleviate the problem of mishandled juunishi is to have them raised by other juunishi. So, we are willing to raise the next horse. For that we do have a need, but not both of you. You see only Saki is capable of bearing another child. Complications after Tsuki's birth have made you sterile, I'm afraid."

"I would never have asked. But it is important. Do you understand?" Saki stared at him blankly. "If you say no, then we will accept it. If you agree, and wish to raise the child, we would do whatever to aid you. Should it be a girl, it would be easier for you, even." He looked crestfallen, I couldn't take this much longer.

"Take your time, like I said there is no time limit. The family is currently attempting to hold off all conception until this matter is resolved. We shall accept your answer whatever it is." I lifted Yuki out of the chair. "I think you need to go lie down for a while." And I aimed him for the hall way leading to the bedroom. Once he was away, I turned to Ansa and Saki. "He is taking a lot on here. You don't remember, but he went through a lot before the boys were born, and the stress is a little much for him. Sometimes I think he got Projesterone, along with that pretty face."

"I will do it. I don't want to raise the child, tell Yuki that. It will be yours completely, just like Yuuhi. How can you be sure it will manifest in me?"

"You are alot like Yuki and Ayame's mother, all that wave business. Hatori told me about it recently. She bore only juunishi. So I think it will work. I would also like to talk to you more about that, for my research."

"If she does this, how will you deal with the memories. I don't think she wants to remember."

"We can arrange for that."

"Uh, huh. Saki we should get going, we got that appointment this afternoon." Saki rose and gathered her things to be herded out the door. Once she was at the elevator waiting, Ansa turned to me. "I will not forget this time, Kyon. For her sake, I want to retain my memories, and we will make up something believable. She missed your friendship these last few years. I won't have her go through that again, clear?" I nodded. We had missed them also. Then, she was gone and the door was closed. I sighed and leaned against it to support myself.

I returned to Yuki in the bedroom, he was curled up on his side and he opened his eyes as I entered. I sat next to him and softly ran my hand up his thigh.

"What did she say?" He asked. I smiled and told him.

"It's okay. She wants to do it. And we get the baby. Uo wants to remember this time. I think we should try telling Hatori the truth. He can work on the elders. They left. What is that look for?" He was eyeing me strangely. He raised up and placed a chaste kiss on my cheek.

"Thank you." I shook my head at that. "You are a good Otousan. Thank you for everything."

"Sometimes you are so strange, Yukito. Come on Rat, get some rest, I'll take care of your litter until you wake up." And I rose as he laid back on the bed. I knew his headache was back. Yuki had been suffering from migraines off and on for the past month, and I could see the lines of his brow wrinkle when they came. I knew I had to talk to Hatori about it. I was calling him anyway . . .

"Ha-san, just come over and see for yourself. It isn't right, the headaches and all." I was worried and Hatori seemed to sense it, and agreed.

* I know that Uotani lived with her father after her parent broke up, but I imagine she did see the woman, and as we get older we seek out people, perhaps it is a need for some deep inner closure or to find out if the person who rejected you truly loves you, but I feel if she did this, it would follow that she would spend more time with the woman as she got older and then if death did separate them, she would have thoughts like this. And even if the woman did leave her as a child, she is still maternal, and would love a grandchild.

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