The Sohma Litters *a Traditions Sequel*

BY : Anna
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Chapter Twenty-Four: Broken Bad.

Kyo's POV

Two weeks later, I arrived at the hospital to bring my lover home. He was almost ready when I arrived and was impatient with himself for his inability to find his sock. He had it on the bed, and the sheets had disguised it from him. I crossed the room and reached out to calm him. Handing him the sock, I suggested.

"No more dressing on an unmade bed? You're wearing your hair down?" he nodded.

"Until it grows back at least. And I am not vain. I just don't want to advertise it, okay?"

"Fine with me. Are you ready, here let me get your bag?" The surgery had required a small section at the back of his head be shaved, and though it was thinner on that side his other hair covered it perfectly. Just as he managed his shoes, the nurse arrived with a wheelchair. I took it from her, and moved it so that he could find it with ease.

"Do I have to? I'd really rather walk."

"Doctors orders, if you fell we'd be stuck with you longer. It's not all that bad, come on." Yuki slid into the chair and she retrieved it as I collected the bag and a vase of flowers from the side table. We were off.

At the car, I opened his door, and put his bag and things in the back as he rose from the wheelchair and carefully moved in. Once settled the nurse gave her goodbyes and closed the door, Yuki had once again gone silent and we drove home without another word spoken. I couldn't think of anything to break the silence.

Then, when I had parked, Yuki spoke. I jumped from the sound; it had startled me out of my own thoughts.

"You have been very patient, Kyo. I know this is as hard for you, as it is for me. And I haven't been making it any easier." he was speaking of the scene he had made when the hospital therapist came in to set up his appointments, and he insisted he didn't need them. I had other arrangements anyway, so I wasn't too concerned about it.

"Hard for me? I think you are forgetting whom you are talking to. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me, just get well and I'll be great." I reached out to brush my knuckles across his cheek. He flinched. I had forgotten to warn him. His hand rose to take mine and pulled it to hold it against his face. I hated how cool and clammy his cheeks felt. "Come on, let's go home." And with that I rose and rounded the car, to open his door and grab his bag out of the back seat. I pulled his hand to the crook of my arm as I closed the door. He held fast to me and waited for me to move out. This was to become a familiar habit in the months to come.

"Okaasan! You're home! Otousan said you were coming." Kato yelled as we came through the door. The boys had missed Yuki in the past few weeks, they were not old enough to visit at the hospital, and questioned me every night about when he was coming home.
"Okaasan, are you better now?" Tsuki asked, watching Yuki intensely.
"I made you a present, Okaasan. Do you want to see it?" Yuuhi put in. Yuki sat on the sofa and smiled at the boys. I suppose he was seeing them in his mind, and they were very cute at this age.

"Yes, yes. I am home boys and I am better, no more headaches. I love presents, Yuuhi. What is it?" Yuuhi pulled out the picture he had drawn and displayed it in front of his Okaasan. My heart broke just about then, they had no idea what to expect when I told them that Yuki had lost his sight. And now they would have to see it for themselves. Yuki felt the paper touch his wrist and tried to find it with his hands. Yuuhi just stood there, not knowing what to do. Tsuki grabbed one of the flailing limbs and put the picture into it. He tipped his head as he watched Yuki touch the paper with his fingers and tears slid out of his vacant eyes.

"Otousan said you lost your eyes, Okaasan. I can see them, but they don't look like your eyes anymore. Do they hurt you?" Tsuki asked as he touched Yuki's cheek just below the first tear.

"No, Tsuki. They don't hurt. They just don't work anymore. Everything is dark, like night. Only without the stars and moon. It's very lonely, and a little scary, but it doesn't hurt. Don't worry. But, you boys will have to help me. I need you to keep the toys, especially the hard pointy ones, off the floor. And no knocking over furniture. I can't see it so I may hurt myself on it. Do you understand?" The boys nodded solemnly. "I am afraid I can't see your answers either, maybe you should try talking to me, as much as you can. That would help me the most."

"We will help you, Okaasan. We want to. When will your eyes start working again?" I couldn't help but feel that lump in my throat again. Yuki breathed in carefully, before answering his son.

"Yuuhi, I don't think that they ever will, darling. They are broken good. No fixing them." Tsuki climbed up in Yuki's lap and reached around his neck.

"That isn't broken good, Okaasan. That is broken BAD." Two kisses later, "I wish they could work, but I will help you till someone can fix you."

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