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This is the "woman dominates male" fic i wrote about. Enjoy.

'This' means someone is thinking.

Disclaimer; I own nothing, i am making no money from this.

Ash Ketchum, wandering Pokemon trainer and future pokemon master was on top of the world; the Pallet town citizen had decisively won his first masters league match half an hour ago so despite how tired he was nothing in the world could possibly bring him down...

Except the fact that Pikachu wasn't with him, his starter Pokemon had been injured during the awesome battle, while the electric mouse would make a full recovery he would have to stay at the Masters league Pokemon centre over night. Ash would have stayed at Pikachu's side but he had received a message stating that a representative from the Masters' League office needed to see him urgently.

After walking around a while (he still couldn't read a map) he stumbled onto the Masters League office by accident. 'I still have 10 minutes until the meeting starts. What luck!' He thought as he checked that this was the right building.

Ash entered the building a computer map said was the heart of management for the Master league; a shiny, futuristic, ultramodern multi storey office building. After introducing himself at reception he was told to go straight in to room 19 on floor three where the rep was waiting for him.

Floor three, room 19...

Ash stepped inside the warm, comfortable looking office. Behind a large oak desk with a strange black flower in a vase on it sat an attractive blonde woman doing paperwork.

Her bright purple eyes looked up and she smiled warmly at Ash. After a second the light bulb went on and Ash remembered where he had seen this young woman before; "You! You're that weird acrobatic girl... Duh-Domina! That worked for team rocket!"

The Black tulip/agent 009/Domino stood up and brushed imaginary dust off her sophisticated, well tailored suit.

"It's Domi-no." She corrected. "And formerly of team rocket, my former boss Giovanni has been arrested for a multitude of crimes, fortunately before this i saw the error of my ways and reformed. I'm a good girl now." She preened.

Ash seemed unconvinced at that, but he had been taught to have trust and faith in people until proven otherwise.

"Anyway... why you're here... we have a problem, an investigator in my organisations employ has uncovered evidence that someone has been using Pokemon performance enhancers in this masters league championship." The idea shocked and horrified Ash, such enhancers were illegal and dangerous for a Pokemon's health.

While she didn't show it, Domino was really turned on by Ash's distress. 'Time to stick in the knife.' "My information says you are a suspect in this matter."

The aspiring Pokemon master exploded. "What! I would never have anything to do with something like this."

Ash Ketchum could only stand there dumbfounded, shocked and appalled. This Domino... or whoever had just told him that he was under suspicion of using performance enhancers on Pokemon- even being accused of such a thing could get him kicked out of the masters league. If it was proven he was guilty he would lose his trainers license, might even face jail time. He looked at Domino, the evil witch had a look of concern on her face, Ash wasn't buying it.

He again exploded, pointing angrily at her. "I know what you're doing! You made up these charges didn't you? Team Rocket's trying to get your hands on Pikachu again aren't you?" He began looking around expecting Jessie, James and Meowth to appear in some ludicrous disguise.

Domino looked shocked. "Not at all, if that was the case you would be out of luck, you see i can help you, i have ... some pull with the guy investigating these crimes."

"Yeah, he's your boss. The Team Rocket boss i mean." Ash yelled back seething.

"Not quite. How do you think i got this job so fast?" She pulled out a photo and handed it to Ash.

He gawked comically; turned red, yelped, then dropped the picture. "You're... sleeping with the guy in charge of the master league?!"

Domino seemed amused by Ash's childish response. "It got me a well paid job. The job market is terrible, the economy is in freefall and do you think Giovanni gave me a severance package when i quit his organisation?" Ash thought about the recent economic troubles that had plagued the world... it was less disturbing than thinking about Domino riding the head of the Masters league.

"Mmm... back on track, i can get you in the clear with the League boss. However, i want something from you in return. Compensation if you will."

Ash looked nervous and slightly green. He could guess how she would get him in the clear with the boss. He didn't trust this Domino... but he also couldn't stop thinking about everything he- his friends- his Pokemon had done, worked hard, and sacrificed to get to this point. He couldn't just throw it away.

"What do you want?"

Domino sauntered over to Ash. The wandering trainer trembled (mostly with anger but he remembered how fast and strong she was and didn't think he could take her in a fight).

She whispered in his ear and Ash immediately went red and frantically backed off hitting the wall behind him. "N-no way! I'm not... Why do you!?"

"You've become quite the stud. I'm quite the lonely-" She motioned to her body, its curves obvious even through the snappy business attire. "-and lovely, woman. So why not?"

"Why not?! Be- because... uh." Ash stammered, he really didn't know how to deal with this.

The blonde didn't give him a chance to regain his bearings. "Are you gonna run off? Will you be all ungentlemanly and try to beat me up? I don't think so. Take your clothes off." She spoke in a sing song voice. She moved in closer getting up in his face Ash backed away to the door, frantically he tried to open it to escape.

She held up a key, Ash gaped as she placed it inside her red silk bra. "The door is locked, not so much to keep you in, but so no one will come barging in. I told my secretary that we're to have absolutely no interruptions. You can scream all you want; the walls are soundproof and- (giggles) i like screamers. So, do I leave you to the wolves or do you show off your impressive body?"

Still staring gobsmacked Ash still couldn't do more than stutter."I...I..."

"Hurry up, please, I'm a busy woman." Ash closed his eyes, winced, gulped, breathed deeply, then began to strip in front of this manipulative bitch. First he took off his shoes. His black jacket was next followed by his white t-shirt.

Watching carefully Domino was impressed by how well built he had become since their original meeting. Ash's jeans were next leaving him in his underwear. He stopped there when he became aware Domino was pretty much molesting him with her eyes. She sashayed over to him giggling schoolgirlishly, "You're quite the specimen aren't you?" She crouched in front of him, grabbed Ash's boxers with both hands and yanked them down revealing a limp but impressively sized cock.

Ash tried to back away incensing Domino- she grabbed his large cock with an agonising vice like grip bringing Ash to his knees in front of her.


"Don't fight me again, Sweety, or you can leave now and risk getting thrown out of the masters league, losing your trainers license, even facing prison time. You know how people hate Pokemon abusers don't you?"

No response, Ash was in tears from the crushing hand on his testicles.

"WELL?" She demanded.

"Y-yes..." Ash gasped out through gritted teeth.

She appropriated Ash's underwear, not that Ash saw this; he couldn't open his eyes thanks to the extreme pain of having his cock crushed in Dominos hand. She let up on the pressure.

"Will you behave?" She asked suddenly changing to a sweet, friendly voice. Even through the pain, horror and humiliation of this situation Ash wondered how Domino could sound so innocent when crushing a naked guys' cock in her hand. 'Maybe she's bipolar.' He thought.

"Yes, I'm sorry."

She released her death grip causing Ash to gasp in relief."That's a good boy, now relax."

Ash only had time to blink before Domino crouched in front of him and grabbed his cock again- gently this time. She began pumping it slowly. The dark haired trainer grit his teeth and groaned from Dominos ministrations, his body jerking from his very first handjob.

She stared at Ash's member as she expertly serviced it, studying it from several angles."Very impressive, long and thick. Every girls dream."

Ash stuttered incoherently, trying to think of something to say to this... person.

Ash yelped- almost screamed as Domino opened her mouth and took half of his cock into her hot, wet mouth. She giggled around his member as Ash bucked into her face instinctively.

Ash's mouth gaped and his eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head as Domino commenced swallowing his cock right to the point of having his balls touching her chin then pulling back slowly to the point where only the tip of his cock was surrounded by her hot mouth.

Not realizing what he was doing Ash wrapped his hands around Dom's head threading his hands through her long golden hair.

Domino put one hand on Ash's solid abs to control her motions even with Ash's strong hands holding her head.

"Aaaahhhh!" Ash couldn't help but pull Dom's head as close as possible, cramming as much of his cock down her throat as physically possible.

He came hard, Ash Ketchum's first ever ejaculation was down the throat of a kneeling crazy bitch blackmailing him.

Holding onto a table to steady himself he took in the amazing sensations for a moment... then remembered what was happening. He looked down at Domino who was still sucking on his now limp cock- she looked... hungry? Like this was a 5 star meal.

Ash backpedalled in blind panic. He tripped over his jeans left on the floor and banged his head on the floor getting a giggle from the crazy blonde.

Lying dazed on his back he gasped in pain as Domino grabbed his cock again bringing him to a sitting position with her death grip. Sitting next to him Dom began stroking his cock again wanting it hard. "W-wait. Wh- what are you...?" Ash stuttered.

The 'Black tulip' put a hand under Ash's shoulder and helped him back to his feet while still rubbing him. Soon he was hard again.

"There we go!" Dom sang running a finger along the length of his shaft. Ash still could only stare in disbelief.

She pointed at the desk she was sitting behind earlier. Ash noticed the black flower had been moved. "Sit on the desk."

Ash obeyed and sat on the large, strong oak desk, he kept his legs together trying to cover his cock with his hands. The blonde bitch stepped in front of him and gently put her delicate looking hands on his. She smiled at him, her teeth so pearly white it almost hurt Ash's eyes to look at it.

"Be a good boy and move your hands." She pouted childishly. Ash grimaced-then submitted, letting the rocket elite take his hands away exposing his manhood to her again.

"Uh- Domino? Is that your name?" She nodded in reply. He was about to ask a follow up question when he was cut off by Dom attacking his mouth, her hands wrapped around his head holding him in place. Through the shock Ash identified that she tasted weird, 'probably from the sperm she had swallowed idiot,' but her smell was sweet and spicy like some exotic flowers. 'Why am i thinking about this bitches smell? I'm getting as crazy as she is!'

Finally breaking the kiss, Ash was as dazed from it as the blowjob (which didn't make sense). Dom kissed him on the cheek- then went lower to his neck, then collarbone, then the nipples.

With a very talented tongue Domino licked around Ash's right nipple before taking it fully into her mouth and sucking on it. Ash watched her do this- he was frozen even though this was not close to the most perverse thing she had done to him.

She played with Ash's nipples a little while longer before changing tactics and stepping back studying her prey.

Placing Ash's hands together again on his chest Domino gently pushed the Pokemon trainer back until he was lying flat on his back on the desk, his legs dangling over the side. She told him to move a little adjusting him to how she wanted him. In this new position only the legs beneath his knees dangled over the desk edge.

"Lie still." Ash gulped, he has never felt this vulnerable in his life.

Domino circled the desk studying the submissive Pokemon trainer; he was very well built. "You look like quite the stallion. How many girls have you had?" Ash's eyes grew wide and she looked at him with anger and embarrassment.

"What does that have to do with anything?" He shouted. Domino smile turned evil and Ash knew he had made a mistake.

"N-none!" He quickly replied. Domino blinked. "None? Not the redhead waterflower sister or that girl with the short skirt?" Ash shook his head. Domino gave a satisfied grin, not only was he hers for the near future she was going to take his virginity. 'Delightful.'

"Don't worry, i'll go easy on you for your first time."

She began to disrobe, having none of the problems Ash had earlier.

Ash closed his eyes, not caring about the key in Dom's red bra that could have got him out of there.

He felt sick, frightened. He had to protect his dream, his friends and his Pokemon by submitting to this depraved bitch, he had no choice.

"Ash. Look at !" Domino ordered.

Ash obeyed and saw Domino standing in front of him completely naked. She was breathtaking.

He had accidentally seen Misty naked once but it wasn't like this; Ash estimated Dominos breasts were at least 3 times larger than Misty's, below the huge breasts she had an hourglass shape. Her body couldn't be criticised as meaty or scrawny. Overall she looked like a perfect blend of femininity and athleticism.

Ash flinched when skilled slender fingers touched his skin. One hand gently rubbed circles on his toned belly while the other played with his nipples. Ash tried desperately to ignore the sensations of the blondes touch, but it was something he had never felt before, something he didn't understand. Domino watched the expressions on her subjects face happy with herself. Their eyes were locked when the blonde stopped stroking Ash's stomach and grabbed his cock with her scary strong grip again.

"Ahhhh!" Ash sat up only to be shoved back down by the blondes surprising strength.

Taking her violet eyes from his, Domino began stroking her hand up and down Ash's now erect 10 inch cock, slowly. Ash gasped as the smooth slender, strong hand pumped his cock expertly.

"Wha..? Oh! What are... oh, wait! Not again! Oh! Oh! Ughhhh!" She flexed her fingers around the large shaft getting wet herself from Ash's reactions.

Locking her violet gaze with Ash's darker eyes- Domino, without reason opened her mouth wide and once again swallowed Ash's dick in a single try- she sank right down to the base when he was rock hard. Despite this being the second blowjob of the day Ash stared at her wondering how this was even possible.

Domino reared back leaving a trail of her saliva drenching Ash's cock. Then she swallowed him again, she repeated this pattern keeping her eyes locked on Ash's as he struggled to keep his eyes from rolling into the back of his head and passing out. Domino bobbed up and down first slow then fast, almost violently fast in fact.

Ash was struggling to remain conscious from the voracious assault she was inflicting on him.

"Uh-ah, Domi, i'm gonna...aaaaahhh!" Finally Ash cried out and came into Dominos mouth sending sperm straight down her throat into her stomach, without hesitation the supposedly former Team rocket member swallowed every last drop.

Ash blinked and bizarrely felt like apologizing. "Don't worry. You lasted longer than i expected." Ash didn't know how to feel about that.

She again Domino grabbed Ash's cock and for the forth time that day commenced jerking him off. "I hope you still have some left in there."

"Please, i... you..." Ash struggled to find something clever or commanding to say but couldn't think with the hot blonde expertly jerking him off. She quickly got him hard again. While Ash leaned back lost in what the awesome woman was doing she opened a desk drawer and pulled something out. Ash yelped and sat up as something cold was wrapped around his cock tightly.

He blinked Domino was... tying a strap around the base of his cock?

"Gah! OW!" He hissed as Domino fastened the black strap securely around his cock. The black rubber was so tight it cut off blood flow and might even bruise. "Wha... what is that mumff" Ash's confused babble was cut off by Domino once again kissing him on the mouth. Weirdly her mouth didn't taste so strange this time.

When Ash went purple from lack of oxygen she finally broke the lip lock, licking her lips she smiled down on him.

"There, how's that feel?" She pointed at the strap while stroking his face affectionately with a finger.

"It hurts, take it off!"

"Hmm, in a minute." Her fingers played with his cock a moment teasing him.

With impressive grace Domino vaulted up onto the desk, she now stood looking down on Ash lying between her legs. Ash looked up and saw the wetness between her legs and her violet gaze, the rest of her face was hidden by her impressive rack.

"I did you, now you return the favour."

"Wha...ummf!" Ash was cut off yet again, this time by Domino crouching on the desk and sitting on his face. Dom saw his panicked and confused eyes between her legs. "You lick, suck and gently nibble my private parts, i mostly like tongue." She supplied.

Ash made a face, grimacing at the strange smell and liquid dripping from between the blonde's legs. He couldn't move as Domino had a firm grip of his head by his hair. Experimentally he reached out with his tongue and tasted Dom's body, as soon as he did his tongue shot back into his mouth; the taste was... new, strange, but not unpleasant. He reached out again and licked what he figured to be the source of the sweet liquid coming out of her.

"Mmmm. That's the way." She responded. Without any finesse Ash just continued to lick the woman straddling him; he licked around her entrance then later experimented by penetrating her folds with his tongue- this got a better result from the crazy blonde.

Soon Domino began to slowly buck on top of Ash's face, panic showed in his dark eyes.

Not long after, with a gasp she came onto his face, most of her juices being swallowed by Ash's hungry mouth, he found much to his disgust that he liked the taste of... whatever this was.

After making certain he had swallowed every drop of her release Domino stood up towering over the stunned Pokemon trainer.

She stepped back now standing above his waist.

"Brace yourself. And do your best." She winked at him. Gently she dropped to her knees, she put her hands on Ash's chest bracing herself, she took a deep breathe and impaled herself on Ash Ketchum's huge, leather bound cock.

Instinctively Ash grabbed Dominos thighs squeezing hard. 'Seems my boy's getting into it.' She thought. Dom smiled from ear to ear as her hips widened to allow Ash entry.

Ash started hyperventilating as his bound member penetrated her, nothing had ever touched him like this- she was the first. There would be a lot of firsts for the 18 year old trainer in the near future. Ash arched up off the desk eyes wide, body shaking violently as feelings like nothing before rippled through him. Finally Domino was fully seated on Ash Ketchums enormous cock.

Gently Dom pushed herself up off the large bound cock, Ash didn't stop her. As she slowly pulled herself off him, his cock scraping and dragging along her super tight inner walls, his cock hit a small gathering of nerves. Dom's eyes widened and her mouth formed a huge 'O'. Domino knew she had found a gem here; a physical specimen who was completely unspoiled. She was going to have fun with this one for sure.

She got to the point where Ash's huge rod was an inch from leaving her then he sat herself back down fully. She repeated this. Again. And again. And again.

Dom felt a rush of power as she established a pattern of bouncing up and down- the thick wooden desk actually creaked under the strain, not that either person heard it. As Ash fell back to the desk staring into Dom's violet eyes, he forgot why he was here, forgot about Pikachu, about everything.

Ash gripped Domino's hips so hard he might have worried about hurting her, he stared mesmerised at the stunning blonde; her shining violet eyes, her large round breasts slapping up and down. He tried to focus on her beauty not the unimaginable pain coming from his cock; not just the strap strangling his manhood but also Domino's vaginal muscles which seemed to be as strong as the rest of her. Despite the pain he was in he couldn't remember ever feeling so... good. He was glad Pikachu wasn't here to see this as Domino continued to essentially rape him.

Suddenly Domino began to rut at a frenzied pace, so fast her body blurred and her tits bouncing up and down made an audible sound. This unfortunately made Ash even more aware of the agonising pain in his dick. Dom's moans of pleasure were actually vibrating out of her due to the brutally hard and fast fucking she was giving him.

Stopping bouncing Domino changed tactics; first she looked down to where they were intimately joined, she raised an eyebrow when she saw Ash's cock had gone purple at this point.

She took her hands off Ash's chest and placed them on his legs and began a slow grind moving her hips back and forth, Ash gasped at one particularly sharp thrust forward.

After several painful, energetic minutes Dom helped Ash sit up, the blonde grabbed his head and guided it to her breasts.

"Taste." Obediently and frantically he began sucking and licking on her nipples. She shifted position and locked her ankles together behind his back as she continued to ride the boy now sucking on her tits.

After another agonising minute of this Ash broke; "The strap on my... take it off...please!" Domino smiled sweetly at his pleading. She couldn't blame him; his cock probably felt like it was on fire by now.

Ash's protests became increasingly desperate as he began to buck his strong hips in time with Domino's thrusts. The blonde smiled even wider at the 18 year old trapped in the grip of her powerful legs.

Continuing her brutal ride Domino affectionately stroked Ash's face. The Pokemon trainer arched into the caress, she reached down with her other hand and gave the part of Ash's cock beneath the black strap a squeeze.

"Gaaaahhhh!" Ash yelped, tears in his eyes. Grinning Domino expertly worked her inner muscles around Ash's cock. He froze as a slender hand wrapped around the accursed strap choking his cock, with nimble fingers she undid the black rubber and pulled it away freeing his tortured cock.

The wave of sensations overwhelmed Ash. "Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Oh god!" Ash's balls clenched up then exploded; a fountain of cum launched from his abused member and straight up into Dominos body as she continued to ride him.

The river of cum flooded her; drenching, burning yet soothing all at once. The team rocket elite felt her womb filling with cum, both the rider and the ride felt ecstasy with mouths wide open in silent screams. Even as Ash's balls exhausted their impressive supply of seed Domino continued to buck on top of the Pokemon trainer wanting to draw the experience out as long as possible.

"Aah! The perfect end to a perfect evening don't you think?" She smiled down at the stunned trainer in her arms. It was now dark outside.

Realizing what he had done, Ash came back to his senses and looked around in horror and humiliation. Dom's inner muscles gave a few final squeezes around the trainers spent, softening cock as Ash tried to extricate himself from Dominos near bear hug on the desk now covered in sweat and fluids.

"Now, now don't be like that, you practically begged me to fuck you. I knew you were perfect, a man whore; a perverse stallion waiting to be unleashed."

Ash sputtered."I-i didn't want..."

"Yes you did, you went with it, and you came into me. Hard."

Ash finally got the perverse blonde off him his soft but still impressively sized cock popped free, Dom kept her legs closed to keep the bucket full of cum from flooding her desk. He rolled off the desk and fell to the floor; his legs too weak too support him.

Domino lounged on the desk a moment watching him struggle. She patted Ash's head like he was a pet. "I'm sure you're tired from all the work you've done today; winning your first round, then coming here and pumping a few gallons of grade A seed into me." She patted her belly, which Ash found nauseating.

"Feels good."

"Y-you're crazy!" He shouted. Dom smiled even wider at that.

"Seriously stud, get used to it." She stepped onto plastic sheeting to the sides of the desk; Ash hadn't noticed it before.

Ash gawked in disgust as Dom jammed some kind of tube inside her body; it was attached to a harness system that wrapped around her waist, Ash figured the purpose of the device was to keep his cum inside her, though he couldn't figure out why she would want that.

"It's to stop your jism from staining my nice carpet." She supplied like she was discussing carpet samples.

Domino went over her first session with Ash; his physique was very impressive- the huge cock- always a plus, he lacked experience but it was too soon to write off his technique or finesse- she was getting wet again just thinking about him.

The dildo, plug, whatever it was kept the bulk of Ash and Dominos juices inside her, but a trickle squeezed past the edges, it was a remarkable amount of semen he produced, her womb was full almost to the point of expanding and felt heavy from the fluid she'd milked from him.

"I think that's enough for today." The supposed reformed Rocket announced. Gingerly Ash staggered around the room. His legs were shaky and he almost fell over a couple of times.

The Pokemon trainer's cock was still purple- an ugly looking ring formed around the area Dom had cruelly wrapped the black strap.

Ash Ketchum staggered around the room for his clothes, noticing that Domino had already redressed in her snappy business suit. He dressed himself quickly not wanting to spend one second longer of the psycho bitch studying him like a lab project.

Domino stepped into his personal space and showed him a piece of paper. "I'll get right on clearing your name with the chief investigator. It'll be difficult though, i could use daily, at least weekly support." Ash dreaded the saccharine smile on her face.

He looked at the paper; it had an address on it. "My apartment, be there on time, and we can... discuss the investigation." Ash took the paper knowing whatever this manipulative bitch had planned, there would be no discussion. She put her hand on his chin and forced him to look in her eyes, loving the fear and despair, yet excitement she saw.

"See you tomorrow evening." She sang.



I think Domino should have Pokemon of her own- anyone got any suggestions? i.e Sentret, toxicroak, Lairon, etc.


These are ideas for future stories;


DARK ANGEL: A DARKER GAME= Anyone remember the Dark Angel video game for PS2? I got it mint condition second hand for 4.99 and i'm still convinced i got ripped off. So to put a positive spin on this i'm planning a perverse rewrite of the game (think reality of Lara's legend).

DARK BUSINESS- Based on a review i got for Nightfall in that this has Max working as either a mercenary or a Manticore agent. Plot requires max to have sex or commit some perverse act in every chapter, i.e. Max kills a crime boss by posing as a hooker or inappropriate maid.


ROUGH SEX= How would Lara Croft willingly have sex? Violently would be my guess- to me Lara seems like a person who rejects conventions (like being an adventurer instead of doing what most British royalty seems to do- either nothing at all or get pictures taken of them drunk and lacking underwear)- rather than gentle lovemaking expect masochistic physical brutality.

UNTITLED= I came up with this from playing Tomb Raider Anniversary- why did Natla offer a position of authority of her new Atlantean world to Lara? My twisted take is that Natla is from an alien race that has females impregnate other females (chooses Lara as superior human specimen), BDSM, tort, humil, femmeslash.


AZULA'S SUITOR= Another entry for the idea of a female dominating a man- Ozai declares Azula must find a husband to carry on the family line- who can survive the horror?

UNTITLED AZULA DOM FIC= A response to an e-mail regarding water mistress about it being difficult to believe Azula would be submissive to someone else- this fic has Katara as Azulas slave- femmeslash.


CASS IN CONTROL 1- Cassandra Cain (Batgirl 3) – Cass has a normal life- except for the fact that she plays dominatrix to a masochistic teen.

CASS IN CONTROL 2- Separate fic- Cass blackmails a criminal Lieutenant- she doesn't want money or information though...


DOMINATION= I can probably get 8-10 chapters out of this; including one for sex in multiple position, one for BDSM, one for a threesome or gangbang, one for bestiality (involving pokemon)...

BATTLE MISTRESS= Abilityshipping- Ash dominated by Anabel (very different persona from canon- more dominatrix-y), BDSM, mind control, M/F.


SNIPPETS OF SEVEN= I have countless ideas for this ranging from rewrites of episodes like day of honour to original chapters with xeno.


UNTITLED 1= Rayne held prisoner by GGG, badness ensues.

TENTACLES= Originally a Buffy fic, but i figured this had probably been done to the slayer a dozen times before so transferred it to Bloodrayne.


SEXUAL MISADVENTURES OF LANA LANG= basically a rewrite of canon stalkers (there are so many) with sex in them, like bug guy in season one goes through with his plan of actually mating with Lana.


These movie fics will probably be femdom (Kate Beckinsale looks too good in leather).

UNTITLED= Selene having rough, superstrength sex with Michael Corvin.

DARK QUEEN= Selene/OC survivor BDSM.


PERSPECTIVES= 3 ways to have sex (a) sex from couples viewpoint (b) Flicking between cameras observing them (c) One guy with camera (or x-ray vision and a camera watching them)

DEMON WHOREHOUSE= Hookers with fangs, claws, tails, multiple arms, etc.

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