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The Tenth chapter of Domination! Many, many apologies for the long length between updates.

Warning; contains weirdness including BDSM, rape, Tentacles, Machine fucking, and other creepy things!

'This' means someone is thinking.

Italics alone means the name of something or someone, i.e. pokedex, hover bike.

Horizontal ruler (line across the page) means a page break or timeskip, may be a few minutes, may be a few hours...

-X- means a scene change, i.e. We start with Ash in the street, then we go to Domino in her apartment.

Disclaimer; I do not own Pokemon or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non profit-I am making no money from this.


Misty took another swig of her drink; a bottle of Volley town brandy, she remembered it all now, seeing Ash with a hooker masquerading as a nurse, being found out, being captured, brainwashed, used, violated. By the blond bitch that was now helpless before her.

Another swig, the room spun slightly, but she needed to calm her nerves for what she was about to do.

Kneeling before her was the woman known as Domino, tied up and stripped naked. Misty intended to interrogate her for information on Ash's recent disappearance. And get revenge for molesting her and mind-fucking her.

She sneered down at her; everything about this bitch annoyed her; the big tits, the sinister purple eyes, the evil bitchy smirk, the pornstar body. She had stripped the blond of her clothing and at first regretted it since the bitch had the body of a ecchi manga character as opposed to Misty's… more slender build.

On the cold, hard floor, the blond shivered, not from fear but due to the temperature of the room.

"What do you have to do with Ash's disappearance?" Misty demanded.

"Nothing. I was looking for him when you jumped me and I hit some kind of massive, incredibly dense and likely empty, ugly shaped heavy thing." Domino quipped as though she was in full control and not naked and bound on the floor. Getting angrier, Misty thought back to the countless cop shows she'd seen.

"And what is your relationship to him?"

"We're having amazing and often violent sex together."

Misty went red and nearly fell over. Damn drink.

"Oh, so easily embarrassed. Viirrgiiin?" The perverse blond practically sang.

Snorting, Dom looked up at Misty, not frightened but certainly embarrassed this flat, twiggy bitch took her down.

"Ash and I, or Mr big and I, as I call him coz of his maaaasive. Cock! Have been fucking each other for quite a while, I've ridden him on office desks, had him in bed, on floors, fucked him while he was tied up, we had a threesome in a shower once, we've done a lot of BDSM too..."

Misty felt angrier and sicker listening to the revolting bimbo.

"I'm not frightening you am I? Awww poor baby I shouldn't be exposing you to this*snort* since you probably haven't got past first base yet!" She giggled and Misty saw a veil of red, she wanted to put her foot in the over chested braggarts big mouth.

Misty slammed the bottle down on a nearby table, she smiled widely as she remembered something.

"You know three of my sisters are into the hardcore dungeon scene? And that I walked in on them once?" Misty suppressed the roil of her stomach at the memory of seeing her three sisters dressed up in leather whipping and punishing some effeminate looking unknown male.

"What? You're gonna spank and chide me till I spill my guts?" 'That might be fun...'

A terrible darkness appeared over the redhead. "Not exactly."


A few minutes later...

One of Misty's latest Pokemon, a Ludicolo had Domino restrained by Trap seed (a variant of Leech seed), following Misty's orders it adjusted Dom's body while her master set up an assortment of tools;

A Volt generator- designed to recharge electric type Pokemon after exhausting themselves in battle.

A binary flame gel; two gels that when mixed together created a heating coating hot enough to revitalize a Pokemon that required higher levels of heat such as Charmander and its evolutions.

Several metal spatulas placed in a cooking pan atop a lit cooker, the fat inside the pan bubbled and crackled as it heated up menacingly.

Domino was held in the air legs spread wide like someone from a tentacle hentai anime. Misty bit her lip and stared at Dom's perversely restrained body, the bounce and jiggle of her form infuriated her. Domino seemed to see this as she winked at her and mentioned 'A good diet'.

Misty responded by slapping her across the face.

Misty stepped away and purple eyes now full of rage followed her.

The Cerulean trainer deeper accessed her memories of once, when after leaving the Cerulean Gym in her sisters hands so she could attend a Water Pokémon race in the Orange Islands she returned to Cerulean early and found her three sisters giving a master course of BDSM to a man she had never seen before. She had watched breathless, peering through the slightly open door as her sisters did unbelievably perverse things to the naked stranger, and he thanked them for it.

It had ignited in Misty a fascination in BDSM.

Dom trembled with fury and embarrassment as she waited for the redhead bitch to pound on her. It was humiliating that she, a trained expert of infiltration, combat and manipulation was caught by some twiggy girl. Her muscles were tight with fear and pain.

Misty closed to where Dom could smell the alcohol on her breath.

Misty tipped a bottle of runny translucent liquid over Domino's tits. The liquid was cold and Dom watched it slowly stream down her breasts confused. The redhead picked up another bottle and squirted it onto Domino's tits to mix with the first.

Staring hatefully at Domino's explosively large bust she put her now gloved hands onto Domino's breasts and squeezed tight. The blond was amused that Misty's fingers sank so far into her tits that they disappeared. Misty was pissed off. The redhead moved one hand around and beneath Domino's rack tugging the mounds up so they molded over and around her hands. Then she began rubbing and fingering the voluptuous blonde's breasts as though giving her a breast massage.

'The fuck is she doing?'

Misty watched as she manipulated the blonde's much larger cleavage mashing the soft mounds together, then squeezing and pulling on them, trapping the nipples between thumb and forefinger and tugging hard as though trying to rip them from her body.

'Wha...?!' Domino's purple eyes widened. Her body began shuddering as her breasts began heating up. Her mouth widened to suck in air as her mammaries began tingling then burning painfully.

"Ahh. Ahh! What the fuck did you do?" Misty smirked and kept toying with her breasts as though they were clay.

"The gels, when mixed together are an exo-thermic gel- they heal fire types who need extra heat- the gel will heat your cow udders to..." She looked at the bottle, it had a very clear warning label to NOT use the gel on anything but a highly heat tolerant Pokémon. "... Wow that's a lot of degrees!"

"Y-you bitch!" Dom hissed as her face went red. Her boobs felt like they were being roasted on a bonfire. The heat increased dangerously and Domino's once fair skin went red as she dangerously overheated. Domino began gulping in air trying to find her center and block out the now searing pain in her tits.

"Painful huh?" Misty asked.

"Yeah, but not the gel. Your shitty massage. I know you've never touched someone to pleasure before... but you're groping me like a fucking Kingler and you're not so pleasant to look at."

Misty's eyes widened in fury. She squeezed down on her breasts as hard as she could imagining the reddening mounds to be water balloons she could burst.

Then she had a far crueler idea. She stepped out of sight of the pained blond for a moment.

Mimicking a scene she had seen from a movie she downloaded off the internet on a hidden and securely locked laptop, Misty picked up one of the spatulas from the bubbling pan. The gloves were off- literally and figuratively.

The vengeful redhead stepped behind Domino and sneered at the bounteous buttocks that were bared before her. She reared back with the dripping, dangerously hot spatula then smacked Domino over the ass with it. All pain in her now boiling hot mammaries was forgotten as the hit from the searing hot, flexible metal shocked the blond so much that her eyes widened in agony and her mouth widened so much her jaw nearly unhinged. She gathered herself together to unleash a storm of insults at the redhead only to be cut off by a second, harder smack.

Misty went on smacking her with the hot cooking spatula; pain piercing deeper and deeper into Domino's body. The former TR elite struggled to understand how this was happening to her. How she was being humiliated like this.

After the sharp shock of each collision of the spatula hitting her ass was the rush of searing heat into her rump.

Her body went ramrod stiff as the metal- hot as a branding iron dug into her skin then peeled off leaving Dom gasping with pain. Over and over again.

Finally Misty stopped slapping (it felt more like a full on bullwhipping) and placed the spatula back in the cooking pan. Domino involuntarily breathed out in relief when Misty picked up a second metal spatula from the opposite side of the pan.

Though she lacked the BDSM actresses' confident cruelty and sensuality, she pressed the searing hot spatula between the tied up blonde's legs- her inner thighs, terrifyingly close to her vaginal opening. Dom seized in pain and barely held in a scream as the utensil, it may as well have been a cattle brand as it hissed pressing across her meaty thighs.

Misty watched breathlessly as the blonde's voluptuous body spasmed in agony.


Elsewhere, Rainy Point Docks...

"It looks like a cargo hauler." Dawn remarked looking at a gigantic docked ship, the words SS Leviathan written on the side on its worn hull.

Her 'Partner' Cassidy replied without looking at her.

"Fake. It's a mobile lab and prison. Let's go."

With that, Cassidy fearlessly entered the massive vessel. Fretting briefly, Dawn followed.

After rescuing the blond from bondage and torture, Dawn had been told about an organization known as the Eclipse Group. Horrified, she had declared her intent to tell the police about Eclipse but her new ally had told her the group had an unknown number of cops in their back pocket. Something in the wounded blonds tone had made her believe her, especially since she had found her tied up and violated at the apartment of someone she already suspected of criminal acts.

Dawn respected Cassidy for being able to endure something so horrible and carry on with so much confidence, so she felt safe following her lead.

Even if she shouldn't...


Back at Misty's apartment...

"Qwilfish! Turn this bitch into a porno cactus! NOW!" The water type (another of Misty's new Pokémon) complied with its enraged master unleashing a barrage of needles into Domino's soft body.

Ludicolo had a degree of control over the trap seed, it had used it to modify Dom's restrictive bondage. It was now a kind of strappado style tie holding her arms behind her back, her ankles were secured together as well.

The blonde's screams were heard by neighbors who assumed it was a horror movie.

Misty giggled drunkenly. By the time her Qwilfish was finished, the trapped blond had organic needles piercing all over her ass and upper thighs, Misty had boasted of her ass being 'such a big target'.

Shuddering and cross eyed with pain, Dom looked behind her to see the effect of the attack; sticking out of her ass were white, long spines. The pain was incredible and she was sure they pierced her exceptional rump muscle and dug in deep.

'Fuck! It didn't seem to hurt this much for the Pokemon…'

"You look like a blowup doll that tried to fuck a cactus! Ha!"

"Y-you'd know about blowup dolls wouldn't you? Lots of experience using them to get yourself off!"

Domino sneered at her captor. Even though she had been introduced to Misty's latest Pokemon, an incredibly mean Qwilfish in the worst way possible.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU DAIRY COW?!" Misty screamed swaying slightly from the booze, she was now waving a large black device like a flashlight in her hand. It was a volt transmitter, a device designed to recharge electric type Pokemon.

It was basically a cleverly marketed taser.

And she stabbed it into Dom's pin cushioned ass, between the large quills stabbing into her ass. The sheer agony of the electroshock after the minor stabbing nearly made even the hardcore TR operative black out in agony.

"Domino, that's your name, right blondy?" Domino didn't know where the voice came from, she was drifting in and out of consciousness, her brain was malfunctioning from the hellish pain burning her ass and with her head lowered she could see her tits, the gel was bubbling and the flesh surrounding the gel had turned a very deep red color reminding her of when she spent too long in a hot spring.

"What were you doing with Ash?"?

"F-fuck you... bitch!" Dom thrashed in the ropes looking for escape, there was none. She tried to think of something to do, some trick to escape her bonds, but her mind was too seared by the pain.

"You're going to tell me what you were doing with Ash."

Before the blond could respond she was assaulted by lightning again, this time stabbing into her boiled tits.

"And you will pay for what you did to me and Dawn."

Dom groaned through teeth gritted tight enough to bite through steel as she was shocked again.

"You depraved-"

She was set ablaze by electricity again.

"Revolting-" Shocked again.

"Perverted-" Again.



"You will tell me everything about-"

Misty collapsed to the floor unconscious.

Domino stayed tensed for the next torture for close to thirty seconds before opening her eyes and staring down in disbelief. Both Misty and the psycho Qwilfish were out cold on the floor.


"Don't you look pathetic."

Domino forced herself to a position to track the voice, her limbs straining in the vine bondage. And she saw them;

Dressed in their trademark baggy black pants and halter tops with white elbow gloves, their eyes hidden behind shades and their unique and over the top hairstyles almost glowing in the rooms dim light were Annie and Oakley, master thieves and sisters and former member of Team Rocket best known for the attempt to steal the Soul Dew in the Johto City of Alto mare. The stylish taller women looked down on Domino who was held suspended, naked and spasming in extraordinary pain across her whole body.

The sisters, as usual looked flawless and beautiful. Domino didn't know whether she hated or loved her saviors.

Annie removed a Pokedex device and took a picture of the traumatized girl. She squinted at the digital photo she had just taken of the naked torture victim.

"Oo, nice maybe I'll put this on my PokeTwittter! Webpage."

Forget it, there was only pure hatred directed at the former TR comrade.

"I hate you." Domino growled.


It had taken several minutes for Dom to recompose herself; she had pulled the pin missile quills out of her body (with help), washed the burning binary gel off her charbroiled tits and redressed, even with a healing spray she had gotten from Oakley she was in extraordinary pain just breathing and wondered if the redhead would have killed her if the sisters hadn't shown up.

"So… who's the redhead who got you hot?" Oakley smirked.

"Seriously, you should be more careful when playing with toys." Annie added.

"You've been spying on me." Dom growled.

"No. Much as we love your spunky personality we were sent here by your former teacher and our new boss, Ms Kuroda." Annie stated toying with her massive twists of golden hair.

"You mean…?" Dom's eyes widened.

The sisters smiled victoriously.

"Over the past year a new organization has been on the move. It calls itself the Eclipse Group, it has absorbed research and materials from Team Rockets old operations, as well as all the other Team Whatevers; Plasma, Magma, etc. There's even rumors they've grabbed the shadow Pokemon tech that Cipher was messing with in Orre a while back." Oakley spoke while looking at the tools Misty had tortured Domino with.

"So these guys are trying to create stronger Pokemon?"

"They're also trying to create stronger trainers- they've grabbed your boytoy Ash."

Dom's stopped, she was only half dressed. She turned to the fallen Misty, still in psychically induced sleep.

"The Boss- no let's call her the Mistress, wants to talk to you." Annie said.

Dom winced as she responded.

"I'll go with you. But you need to help me rescue an idiot."

"You mean Ash? The Mistress wants to meet him too. No problem. Though is that concern I hear in your voice Dom? Not just another fucktoy then?" She smirked at her.

Ignoring them, Domino sneered down at the fallen Waterflower sister. "But first of all, I need to pay this bitch back…"

"I can handle that..." Oakley stated as she palmed her pokedex/phone and tapped in some numbers.

"Find lover boy, make twiggy here pay. We can kill two birds with one stone..."

Oakley pulled several strange outfits from out of somewhere.



No life or sound resided within the Dark room, only silence and cold metal walls polished to blur reflection yet not illuminating the room.

The only light shone from a single light upon a frightening and bizarre looking contraption shaped somewhat like a bench or closed coffin.

A thick steel sliding door whooshed open and two masked men carried the unconscious Anabel Destra into the room. She was placed on to the bizarre device belly down with her head placed into what looked like a masseuse holder. Her arms and legs were at the sides of the bench and fitted into strange sockets that covered her up past her elbows and knees.

A mask with attached breathing apparatus was placed onto her delicate features.

Her bare back and ass was exposed to the warm air and kidnappers eyes. Rings closed in on her arms and wrists and legs and ankles, trapping her inside the device. Tentacle-like arms rose up from the device- the limbs ending in flat rubber disc-like objects.

The tentacles placed themselves onto Anabel's back, lined up on top of her spinal cord. Flesh compressed as the devices pressed onto the girls back securing themselves via suction.

A pair of scientists were watching the procedure squirming in discomfort. Not because of morality, they found the machinery touching the attractive young woman's body highly arousing.

"Activate neural stimulation sequence." A scientist, somewhat overdressed in safety gear stated.

Anabel jerked as the devices on her back began manipulating her body's electromagnetic field delivering a bizarre tingling and heat all over her body. Despite being unconscious she was on some level, aware of the intrusion of her body's workings.

"Begin direct physical stimulation level two." The scientist stated blandly as he watched another rubber tentacle- this one with a head shaped like a cock rise from the machine and twist itself into Anabel's recently deflowered vagina. A second similarly shaped device entered the violet haired girl's asshole- easily penetrating due to its small size and the machines manipulation of her muscles.

Anabel twitched in her bondage then cried out as the two false cocks slowly expanded inside her body, stretching her vaginal passage and anal canal to highly uncomfortable sizes. They shrank down. Then expanded again to painful levels. Then they retracted giving momentary relief. Anabel gasped and sweated from the ordeal her body was taking.

"Phase two complete, begin phase three."

Yet more tentacles, these two with a bizarre rubber gloved robotic hand at their tips, rose from the machines bowels, grabbed hold of Anabel's petite buttocks bruising hard and parted the pale globes of the girls ass leaving her defenseless to the penis tentacles as they double penetrated her back passages, plunging deeply past her anus and vagina forwards past muscle, heading towards her womb and rectum. Anabel cried in pain and as if possessing sadism the machine hands cruelly twisted her captured buttocks pulling the petite cheeks clock and anti-clockwise.

Anabel's pain was only beginning though, as the false cocks invading her body began to vibrate powerfully and pump back and forth from nearly escaping her tight, gripping sexual regions to plunging unhealthily deep without remorse.

A tentacle on the clit on Anabel sent the girl into a minor seizure as it sent a small electric pulse into the small girl's most sensitive spot. Her body was overwhelmed; by a bruising pounding assault, the crushing, groping of her ass, an inferno being set in her clit while smaller but still deadly fire shot through her whole nervous system. The machine shook as Anabel's slender body raged against her restraints.

She would have screamed if she were able but a mask with a breathing tube in it plugged her mouth.

"Device scanning brainwaves.

"Nearly at threshold."

Anabel gushed sexual juices from her inflamed pussy and thrashed in pleasure.

The perverse machine continued to work at full pace, pumping the red-hot shafts in and out with the force and speed of a turbo-charged engine. Rubber hands- now no longer mauling her ass like play-do but slapping her with violent, frightening smacks and slowly increasing current through her body.

As Anabel's holes widened under the invasion- the intruders widened to match keeping Anabel locked in an escalating prison of pain. Anabel's eyes glazed over, her mouth locked wide open gasping for air as drool leaked out. All areas flaming with pain and ecstasy.


The device around Anabel's head activated- bright purple eyes went wide as her own consciousness was overshadowed- washed away by the thought and feelings of others; the fear of the scientists, the anger of the peon outside who wasn't a bigshot… joy, love, fear, ambition, flashed of images shot through Anabel's mind as her empathic abilities were hyper charged into telepathy that read the thoughts and memories of hundreds of people all around her…



Chapter 10 is split into three parts due to its length.

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