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The third part of the Tenth chapter of Domination! Apologies for the long length between updates.

There is no sex in this chapter, I have decided to split the characters into different groups doing different things, that way I can spend one chapter focusing on Ash/Domino and another on Dawn and Cassidy for example, it should make chapters less complicated and hard to write.

'This' means someone is thinking.

Italics alone means the name of something or someone, i.e. pokedex, hover bike.

Horizontal ruler (line across the page) means a page break or timeskip, may be a few minutes, may be a few hours...

-X- means a scene change, i.e. We start with Ash in the street, then we go to Domino in her apartment.

Disclaimer; I do not own Pokemon or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non profit-I am making no money from this.

Annie was wrapping the naked Anabel Destra up in a bedsheet, the purple haired girl had been drugged with something. Meanwhile Oakley (after a brief detour to record Misty's defilement) had hacked and copied files from several computers and took pictures of the Shadow Pokémon conversion labs aboard ship.

An alarm went off. So loud it set Annie's teeth grinding.

'Wonder which idiot set off the alarm...'


"Oh fuck..."

Domino and Ash stood staring at Eclipse boss Crace with the biggest and most menacing looking Pangoro they'd ever seen standing at his side.

Ash looked nervously back from Dom with her recently called forth Drapion and Roselia to the one called Crace.

'Damn it, I've got no Pokémon on hand and that guy looks like bad news...' He did indeed, the figure was of average height in a grey business suit but had menacing burnt orange eyes and slicked back light brown hair with a look of calm despite Domino threatening him with two Pokémon to his one. The fact that the usually frightening and domineering Domino looked uncertain worried Ash.

"It's been a long time, Domino." The stranger looked calm, even slightly pleased to see the Black Tulip again. "You've grown even lovelier than the last time I saw you."

"So you're in charge of Eclipse." Domino accused, hoping the Pokémon she grabbed from Giovanni's personal stock when Team Rocket went down really were the cream of the crop.

He responded sounding almost proud. "I am Eclipse. A new and better way of achieving the goal your... Mistress first laid out years ago."

"You know him?" Ash asked, trying to buy time so he could think of a strategy that didn't involve Pokemon.

"Unfortunately yes, Crace here was a great trainer in his day but continually a runner up, beaten by everything from bad match-ups to facing off against friends. So eventually he quit and did mercenary work for various groups including Team Rocket."

"And I remember working with you fondly... in fact I'm willing to offer you a job... as my personal assistant..." While the tone was flat without any crass inflection Ash didn't like how he said that, or anything else about this guy.

"Nobody here is going to work for you!" Ash shouted.

Crace snorted at the shorter Ash. With a nod of his head the massive Pangoro charged right at him looking to turn the trainer into paste with a Slash attack.

Domino's Roselia leapt in and cut the attack off with a Poison Jab.

By its side, Drapion hammered the panda-like Pokémon with Poison Fang. The Daunting Pokemon winced then batted at the Ogre Pokemon with another Slash.

Roselia retaliated with a Shadowball so close to Ash he felt it in his skin. Ash blinked. That had never happened before, he sensed static electricity from electric type attacks but this...

The Pangoro however twisted like a contortionist and dodged the ghostly cannonball. Domino ordered a Poison Sting from Drapion that the acrobatic Fighting/Dark type again dodged.

"My Pokémon are Shadow Pokémon created from research salvaged from Cipher. Their powers exceed those of normal Pokémon, your walking bouquet and oversized bug are insignificant."

Domino was about to yell for Crace to go fuck himself when Ash pulled her over to him and whispered in her ear. Domino resisted the urge to judo toss him into a bulkhead and listened.

"You need to cut that Pokémon's speed before winning..." He hissed. Dom scowled but listened. While she had trained with above average Pokémon obsessively since TR's defeat she didn't have the experience a trainer like Ash had.

Not that she was going to tell Ash that...

Crase watched unbothered as they continued to strategize.

"Roselia! Flash!" The Thorn Pokemon became a living strobe light in an attempt to blind its nimble opponent. It didn't work as the Pangoro covered its angry eyes with a massive paw. But Ash's plan had accounted for that;

"Drapion! Earthquake!" The giant purple scorpion drove its pincers into the deck plating and the whole corridor twisted and lurched in a scream of tortured metal and snapping supports and popping bolts.

As instructed by the Domino/Ash team up, Roselia had jumped an avoided the dangerous ground move, the enemy had done so as well- and jumped right into Roselia's latest Shadowball.

Roaring in rage, the shadow Pokémon fought through the ghostly energy and blasted the grass type away with a low powered (by its standards) Focus Blast.

Still in motion, Drapion launched a sludge bomb, the now-smoking Pangoro twisted in mid-air but it wasn't aimed at him but the floor beneath and the beast landed in a puddle of sticky sludge and found itself stuck.

Crase raised an eyebrow at the indirect move.

A dazed Roselia attacked with Toxic Spikes, the attack was blocked by a Protect.

As soon as the brief protective shield expired, Drapion blasted the Pangoro with a Hyperbeam that hit dead on target.

Going off Ash's script, Domino leapt across the now ruined corridor and came down to spin kick Crase- the leg hit with bone crushing force and sent the shocked boss flying.

All were stunned except Domino's Pokemon which blasted Pangoro in the back with a sickening Crunch attack.

Crase raised a hand- and revealed a trump card he had always kept hidden, he was an Aura user. His very spirit energy reached out and gripped Domino by the throat and picked her up off the floor.

"You're as spunky as ever." Crase held Domino up by her throat.

Ash stared wide-eyed, frozen in shock at the scene as Domino struggled, feet kicking at thin air.

The corridor was twisted into ruined metal, shards sticking up, burst pipes spewed water and steam through the ravaged passageway. Sparks sprayed from exposed, torn electrical wiring and alarms wailed. Ash noticed none of this. Only the trapped, choking Domino.

Ash stared remembering.

'This is the woman who blackmailed me, this is the woman who made me do... bad, creepy... wrong things, who threatened to get me tossed out of the Masters League... this is... this is...'

Time seemed to stop as Ash swore he could feel Domino's life force fading in her enemies grip. Domino stopped struggling and went limp.

Ash's eyes opened in a scream or roar as something in between an inferno and a lightning storm exploded from every cell in his body. Muscles bulged, veins widened, nerves were set ablaze, body chemistry went berserk as blue energy exploded through him.

Crace blinked as around Ash things started shaking, screws rattled, debris bounced around. A blue aura erupted from the spasming Ash, flowing and flickering blue and white, illuminating Ash's eyes and face.

'What is this? This isn't normal Aura energy!'

The energy and influence increased, metal bending like cheap plastic under unseen aura forces. Shards of metal and plastic flew around Ash like a cyclone.

Ash's face contorted, veins bulged, eyes glowed like a transformation. His body vibrated and soared in temperature as energies erupted and fuelled his cells. His muscles bulged beneath the wetsuit. Psychic pokemon for miles around sensed the new power source-unstable and dangerous. Energy pulses entered the ships electronics and lights, computers and panels across the ship sputtered out or straight out exploded.

If Domino were conscious the world would have seemed to explode in light and noise. Crace dropped her as shards of metal, glass and plastic tore at him slicing pieces off him. The shards ignored the fallen blond woman but cleaved into Crace and the Pangoro like demon possessed daggers.

The Eclipse Group boss looked down at the breathing but unconscious blond on the devastated deck and chose to retreat, a prophetic wise move as moments later one of the surges of power emanating from Ash's awakened Aura powers fed into a nearby Shadow Pokémon converter machines setting off a chain reaction, some so powerful they blasted several holes in bulkheads.

With those final surges Ash blacked out falling to the deck in a heap, energy drained.

Said Shadow converter machine had been emptied of its occupants by Annie and Oakley, who stepped out of the newly created rupture in the steel walls to find both Ash and Domino, and two Pokémon lying out on the deck.

"We need to get out of here!" Annie wisely shouted as liquids, including oil and hydraulic fluid sprayed everywhere igniting fires as the ship died.

"Dibs on the stud in the kinky wetsuit!" Oakley not so wisely shouted.


On the deck Crace boarded a hastily loaded Sky Hunter helicopter, the massive transport helicopter was being loaded to its alleged 18 ton capacity and he found himself annoyed at how cramped the interior had become thanks to the panicked loading of key equipment, personnel and prisoners. Speaking of, he noticed to his interest that two new guests were on the chopper. Lying strapped down to hospital beds drugged unconscious were the forms of Dawn Aurore and Cassidy formerly of Team Rocket.

'Well at least I won't be bored for the next few days...' He smiled cruelly, tracing a finger down one of Dawn's long legs.

The rest of Eclipse evacuated like the proverbial Rattata from the not so proverbial sinking ship, some fled on hover bikes, motorboats, mini-subs, jet skis and water and flying Pokémon.

On the back of a Gyarados, Georgio held onto and spoke soothing words to the still unconscious Misty Waterflower, and the angry Machiko wondered if she could get away with having her Gyarados eat the annoying buffoon and claim he died in the Leviathans sinking.

Annie and Oakley (plus passengers) meanwhile escaped via flight on the backs of Skarmony and Salamence respectively.

"I think that went well don't you?" Oakley smirked at her sister as she held onto her Skarmony with one hand and groped the unconscious Ash's butt with the other.



It's explained in this chapter that Domino got her Pokémon from Giovanni's personal collection when Team Rocket went down.

It's canon that Ash is an Aura user, he just decided not to explore his abilities, so it isn't established how powerful they are.

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