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At the outskrits of kuoh town,a kuoh student named sai(oc) was in his room browsing through his computer.he was suspended from the school because he took pictures of the kendo club girls changing.he stopped at a video showing a tennis match in kuoh with rias and akeno as players.he brought his dick out as it stood hard on seeing akeno in small skrit showing her panties.he began to masturbate to the video wishing he could fuck her in real.while thinking about her he noticed a flash of light behind him.after the light settled down he saw akeno standing in his room.he wss scared that she saw the video and began closing it.suddenly he heard akeno saying naughtily "master i have come because you summoned me ".sai was confused and asked her sbout it.after explanation he understood that the flyer he got earlier can summon her if he wished hard enough.akeno turned to him saying "can i know your name master?".

Sai turned to her trying to hide his hardon and said "my name is sai.iam third year in kuoh high"."ok then sai-sama i will do anything you want since you summoned me" akeno said as she was trying to get laid with her summoner.she noticed him trying to hid his boner.she smiled slyly and got to him and kneeled before him saying "sai sama please show me your dick.there is no need to hide it ".sai was enbrassed because even though his dick is average its 3 inch girth.he felt a hand on his dick and saw akeno giving him a blowjob.he was about to stop her but she engulfed his entire length in her mouth.akeno bobbed her head up and down and was licking his dick inside her mouth.even though she was fucked silly yestarday,this is the fattest human cock she had seen.sai was immersed in pleasure as his wetdream was comung true.he felt his dick harden ss he began cumming in her mouth.akeno tried to swallow but failed resulting in him cumming all over her dress.sai opened his eyes and saw akeno completly covered in his cum.his dick again hardened at the sight.

Akeno noticed this and began stripping,she removed her clothes reveling a sexy black lingerie.sai bobbed his dick with his hand trying to get it hard enough for the slut.akeno got on his bed and spread her legs revealing moist panties.she slightly parted her panties showing her pussy and said"please master use me as you like.fuck me like your whore.please give me your dick.i need a big fat cock inside me ".akeno said moaning trying to seduce him.sai got his dick hard and took a camera and placed it so that it can flim him fucking akeno without her knowing.he got on bed and rubbed his dick on her pussy.he suddenly inserted his entire length causing her to scream as he began yo fuck her ruthlessly.he cant believe how slut akeno was.akeno was moaning loudly and wondered why she didnt do this knid of service before.after fucking for a while she felt his dick harden signaling his release.she was about to speak but wss cut off as he began cumming inside her.she arched her body at pleasure and fell back on the bed.

"That was fucking good master.i will be going then"akeno said trying to get to next assignment but was again dragged on to the bed.she felt a dick at her mouth and saw that he is still hard."come on slut you are not leaving this place untill my dick clams down and i made sure you are my bitch"sai said as he began to mouth fuck.well since she is in his room might as well make his bitch.he had all day yo fuck her.he flipped her backwards and began fucking her doggy style enjoying the pussy of the model student of kuoh.what he didnt know is a small bird watching him from the window.


At the church lucius was seeing akeno through the bird to check that if she is completly turned into slut or not.he was impressed at the fucking the student is giving to akeno.he told her to fuck every one who summomed either her or rias.he heard slapping sounds and saw the milf shizuka from yestarday banged in both holes by raynare and viser.he told raynare to bring the wife and daughter of the family to him this morning to church.speaking of which,je felt two tongues servicing his 10 inch dick.he looked down to see two heads one blonde and another brown.the blonde girl named is asia,a nun who arrived this morning.the brunette is the milf daughter named rei.both are of same age with small petite bodies.it was easy to completly dominate their minds since they are very innocent.he lifted the daughter up and placed her on his dick.she squirmed on top of him but screamed as she fell on his dick full length."ahhh oni chan fuck me.please fuck me like my mom.make me your bitch"rei moaned as she enjoyed his cock.she thought that boys are creepy but she never knew that a cock can be this good.she ride on him complelty enjoying his dick.lucius felt a tongue on his cock and saw asia lickinh both the mixed cum eagerly.he fucked rei for an hour cumming in her many times.reu slowly slid off the cock as she fell on ground complelty satisfied.he clicked his fingers as two strays appeared and dragged the small body of rei into the darkness.he felt a tongue and saw asia slurping the cum like tomorrow.

He saw viser dragging the cheating mom to her daughter as raynare was approaching him.he turned to her asking "how do you like my presnt raynare?".raynare smiled as she kissed lucius on lips engaing in a hot makeout session.after kissing she turned to him saying "i really like the present master.i will make sure to use to properly and as you mentioned i will keep it hidden from kalawarner ".lucius smiled at her and cummed on asia covering her in his cum.asia turned to luvius saying "thanks lucius sama you are really generous.thank you for showering me in this holy cum".asia began to pray in jer cum covered body.lucius screamed priests as some priests entered the basememt wearing only the top and leaving their cocks in open.asia was delighted on seeing the priests and runned towards them.she kneeled before them saying "oh priests please baptimise this sinner with the holy liquid.please purify this body".the priests surrounded asia and began to use her body in every way way possible.luvius saw asia complelty enjoying the gangbang she is getting.

Raynare saw the opportunity and began riding on her master applying and much as succubus power as possible to please her master.she thought of how generous her master was by giving her the twilight healing from the nun.she turned to him saying "master how are you able to remove the sacred gear without killing the host".lucius smiled slyly saying "ohh its hard at first but i am used to it,after removing the boosted i researched with mom and found a way to remove the gears without killing them.i removed nealry 10 to 15 gears from both males and females and gave it to the best in my army.in case of asia since her mind is innocent enough it was a very easy deal ti control her remove it".this morning asia arrived at church after he dismmised the devils and the sluts.he after sensing twilight healingin her made sure to have it immediately.after controlling her mind and after hours of showering in his cum.she turned into a slutty nun thinking that cum is holy water.

He saw the priests taking turns on fucking asia dry.the fun fact is that the priests are actually devils and criminals dressed as priests to convince the corrupted brain of asia.raynare cummed after sensing the increase in size of her masters dick rested on him."by the way master where is the gremory slut,i haven't seen her from the morning" raynare asked lucius thinking on where the gremory slut rias is.lucius kissed her on lips saying"domt worry I transported her to my personel dimension for the people there to enjoy and collect every type of cum in her pussy".raynare smiled naughtily as she drifted to sleep enjoying the warmth of her masters body and dick.



In lucius's personel dimension,iseei was fucking rias like a zombie as a fat old man was fucking her ass.meanwhile rias is givng a blowjob to kid barely in teens but has a impressive cock.its been three days in this dimension since she arrived and almost all the people from kid to adult and fat men and even women used her body a cum hole .she felt the dicks harden as the people began cumming inside her again.after arriving she saw that the time is differnet in this dimension.even though her body was disobeying her to pleasure,a very minute part of her brain was against it.she rested knowing that everyone in this city had fucked her already.she failed to notice two magicians preparing a teleportion circle for her.she was teleported before she siad anything.she opened her eyes trying to shied the bright light.after opening her eyes she saw a similar town to the previous one.but instead of humans thsi toen was full of monsters.she was scared on understanding why she was here.rias tried to escape to safety but was stopped by large paws pinning her to ground.she turned back and saw a dog demon thrice her size with s bulge probbing her pussy.rias tried to move but was a failure as the dog inserted his dick slowly inside her knowing he is fucking the sister of the wretched lucifer himself.he continued fucking her hearing her moans and she cummed constantly around his cock.rias cant believe the size but she was damn sure enjoying it.she failed to notice the monsters closing in on her planning to fuck her like a ragdoll.

Lucius after fucking raynare placed her on the bed.he summoned more priests to keep the dear nun occupied.he teleported to his personel dungeon.he moved further into it and heard moaning coming from ome of the rooms.he entered it and saw kiba,the knight of the slut rias peerage trying to hid his pleasure as a demon girl was sucking his cock.he cummed in her mouth while trying to control himself.he panted but got angry on seeing the master behing the scheme.lucius signaled the girl to leave them.he turned to the naked kiba saying "enjoying the girls i see.how was your first blowjob".kiba turned to him angrily  saying "even though how many girls you send i will not serve you.now tell me what did you do to my king you bastard."trying ti get free off the chains.lucius getting tried of thr usual bullshit said "i dont know why you are noble to a person who is betraying you from the starting.if i where you i will leave her before its late".kiba got confused and asked why."well i know your revenge on holy swords. But do you know really think that rias is going to allow you to takr your revenge.her allow me to show you the truth" lucius said as he began to implant false memories into kiba using his power.he was also using his mind controlling powers to alter his brain away from revenge and rias.he prepared memories such as sirzechs attacking the kibas church in fear of holy sword user.riss making a deal with her brother to leave a camditate to make him into her slave sincehe can be a holy sword user.sirzechs placing a seal on kiba so that he will slowly forget his revenge and will serve his sister to eternity.

After the flux of memories,kiba gasped for air at the strain on him.he got angry at rias for destroying his friends and making him her servant to prevent him from knowing it.he turned to lucius saying "please i beg you give me power to get my revenge on the lucifers for destroying my family.i know that iam not strong enough to take on them so please help me".lucius was glad that his plan worked and mived to the secong stage.he placed hus arm on kibas head and began to power him up.kiba screamed as his body became much masculine and he grew some height.the main thing is that his dick incresed from a wimpy one to a nearly 9 inch dick.lucius saw he output and was relieved that the transformation was success.

His plan was complete as he turned the loyal knight of rias into his servant.and also the first devil-incubus hybrid.he turned to kiba saying"i have turned you into semi-incubus.so you can recieve energy from sexual fantasies.to increase your power you have to fuck girls every day in deaubauchery".kiba slowly got up after listening to him and laughed satisfied with the changes.he heard lucius activating a circle and he found himself in a master bed room with a large bed in the middlr of room.lucius to clear his confusion said "this here is the most popular brothelin my personel dimensions.you will be fucking the girls here every day and everytime untill you increase your power" as lucius said that the doors opened revealing women from all age group standing naked in the room.the women vary from teens to milfs,mothers to daughters and even some hybrid devils moaning at the sight of two incubus.he montioned them as they dog piled kiba on bed to begin the fuckfest.lucius teleported as he saw kiba fucking a slutty mother in her pussy as the other ladies and pleasuring themselves.


At the church a rapist entered the church trying to confess his crimes and saw a beautiful bonde nun on the other side."oh lost sheep please confess your sins" asia said.the rapist thought for a second and told her on how he raped many girls and was feeling guilu for it."tell me nun.is it wring to fuck girls because i like it?" the rapist asked for conformation.the nun told him to come around.he got around and saw the nun spreading her legs showing him her pussy and told "come on child loose your lust here.succumbing to lust is not a bad thing.so fuck meto your content and let us indulge in lust".the rapist grew a grin and began rapping the nun on the altar commiting sins in the holy place fucking a nun.he saw some priests fucking his next door milf in one cabins baptising her in thier cum.he enjoyed the sinful fuck as he cummed inside the nun.



Koneko teleported into the club room at midnight after a trip to underworld amd noticed it empty.she heard slurping sounds and saw a figure sitting in rias place she swiched on the lights and saw a stranger sitiing on the chair.waht was bizare is that the queen of the peerage akeno was bobbed her head on his dick.koneko was scared at what was happening tried to move back but noticed another slapping sound.she turned her head and saw a mortifying sight of rias riding kibas dick moaning like a whore.and from her face she is enjoying it.koneko fell down trying to figure out what the bloody hell was going on after she left the place.lucius saw koneko ariiving but said nothing as he began to fuck her friends infront of her.koneko suddenly felt the power coming from the stranger as she became horny.she began to finger through her panties and thought that her behaviour is due to the heat cycle that she forgot.she moaned at the power rolling off him as she spread her legs showing him her soaking panties and gasping face asking for relief.



Far from kuoh,in the town of kyoto moaning was heard from the master bedroom of the inari shrine.in the bedroom two blondes are indulging in lust.the younger of the blonde was moaning into the pillows as her mother was fucking her in the pussy using her dick.the older blonde who was the mother if the young one continued to fuck her daughters tiny pussy enjoying the tightness of it.they are yasaka and kunou the mother-daughter kyubi duo of kyoto."ahhh mother fuck me hard.i love it when you are in heat.fuck your baby girl and fill me with your seed" kunou said moaning at her mothers cock.hearing her daughter moaning at her cock yasaka cummed inside her and fell on top of her daughter.she dismissed her cock into pussy and enjoyed the aftermath of hours of fuck maeathon with her daughter.she was glad that she decided to serve master lucius.yasaka activated the sela in the room as she detected another presense in the room.she was about to interogate but heard a gasp from her daughter.she also gasped as she saw two black tails entering her and kunou sliding in and out.yasaks turned to the intruder saying "helli kuroka nice to see you again after months".kuroka was a raven haired beauty with long black hair and two cat ears on her head.currenty she was naked as her tails was pleasuring the mother and daughter duo.

"Yess yasaka sama .i completed my training on sage arts" kuroka answered to the second in command of her master.she felt their pussies tighten around her tails as they cummed in her tails.yasaka turned to kuroka saying " com on to bed kuroka its been a while since we enjoyed in pleasure of each bodies.its a benifit that my daughter had also joined us.come on lets enjoy the night".kuroka smiled sexily and got on bed with the kitsunes.the bedroom was again filled wuth moans as the three yokai pleaured eachother using their masters gift.







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I will update my other stories soon.first naruto and then sao.

Next chapter will be turning koneko and the fall of occult club into debauchery.

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