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Koneko stood no chance as lucius applied his lust power.adding to her heat she just gasped as her juices fell on the floor.she looked at lucis wantingly as he caste akeni aside saying"come here koneko.serve your real king".

Koneko quickly kneeled by his cock as she marveled the size.akeno saw rias moaning as she joined her king.lucius saw the wonder face if koneko as he waved his cock saying"start serving me girl".koneko didnt wasted time as she licked his dick like a lollipop.due to her size and his dick size the action looked very hot.

Lucius lifted up koneko as he hovered her above his cock.due to her size he slowly lowered her on him.koneko gasped as his cock touched her pussy.she gritted her teeth as his dick stretched her small pussy.her pain lessened as his entire dick went inside her kissing her womb.

Koneko looked down as she saw his dick shape on her stomach.she sat up as she tried to ride his cock.he helped her by slamming his cock inside her.koneko moaned as her pussy twitched on his cock.she was unable to resist him as she cummed on his cock.

Lucius saw this as he cummed deep inside koneko saying"now you belong to me bitch".he kept the unconscious koneko on his cock as saw kiba fucking both rias and akeno.he knew that it will be a waste to share koneko with others since she is last of her race.

He summoned raynare as he handed her konekoand told her to train her as a member of his harem.raynare nodded as she vanished.

Lucius sensed the students in school as he made sure sona and her peerage were absent.he activated his powers as a massive seal appeared on kuoh school.he smiled waiting for aftermath.


Everyone in kuoh saw a light outside as it vanished quckly.the dismissed it but suddenly felt very horny.their sexual desire increased fastly as in minuted of time.girls chased anything with dick and boys chased vaginas.

Lucis strolled past the school as everyone fucked eachother continously.he felt refreshed as he recieved so much sexual energy.

Boys and girls along with teachers and sirs fucked eachother conpletly leavinf their humanity and indulging in lust.but as soon as they leave the academy their memories of that day dissapears.

Lucius peaked into a room and saw the headmistress fucked by a group of boys.he keft the school as he strolled to the auditorium.

He smirked as he saw the pervert duo fucking every girl in gym.the kendo club literraly worshipped the pervert duo for their cocks.

He got inside te auditorim as everyone waited for something.the curtain raised as a naked rias and akeni got on stage.the boys cheered as they began to kiss each other.

They were seperaed by boys as rias and akeno were aken by two groups.the two groups fucked their idols as rias and akeno moaned like sluts in heat.

He laughed seeing the sister if lucifer fucked by lowly humans as her womb was filled by human cum.the orgy contined as lucius slowed the time inside school as he teleported to his mansion.

Lucius saw a empty space outside his house as he transported the mother and daughter duo to hs personal dimension because he got bored of them.he felt hands circling him as raynare hugged her master naked.

Lucius kissed raynare lovingly as she led him to master bedroom.in his bed laid a pair kissing each other.koneko and asia kissed eachother while rubbing their pussies.he decided to return the twilght healing to asia as he kept her as his cum sleeve.

He pushed raynare on bed as they both were alerted by his presence.he activated his incubus powers as rayanre transformed into her succubus form.

Lucius pounced on them as he fucked his harem into submission.koneko slipped into sleep as she completly offered her body and soul to her new master.


Lucius woke up after two hours as he sensed something.he dressed himself as he teleported to kuoh.the scholl wide orgy still continued as it was near evening.he smiled as he sensed sona and her peerage.

Sona came to kuoh but sensed something wrong as she ran inside.she saw in horror as the students and teachers fucked eachother withot shame.

Her peerage was also the same as they stared in horror.lucius appeared before sona as she drew back from him.she sensed his power and knew she had no chance of victory.

She pointed her finger at the school saying"what have you done lucius.who the hell are you".lucis just laughed as he increased his powers showing them his power.




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