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Rias Gremory,the heiress of gremory household and the sister of lucifer is currently on floor moaning as her pussy was hammered by her master as she lapped the pussy of her rival sona.

Lucius was just using rias to replenish his magical powers.The person named ras is less than a bitch in his eyes.He was glad that sona was enjoying her time.After teleporting all the humans into ther houses and getting rid of hypnosis was taxing for him.

He didnt care about humans but he didnt want lucifer and church coming to kuoh to investigate.He tried to gain power by fucking rias since she has more power than others but it was not enough.

After filling her womb he pulled back as he kicked her to the side.Rias got a split personality due to fucking.One is a slut who enjoys cocks  and other want to escape from the torture.It was amusing to see both sides fighting with eachother.

He dispelled the orgy at school because he has no power to sustain it from outside.He turned to raynare and sona saying"I will be going to kyoto for a while.Please continue our plan".

Lucius disspeared in a seal as sona used her magic to grow a monster cock.She turned to raynare saying"Say sister how about using this slut as stress relief".Raynare nodded as she also grew a cock as they aproached the still shivering rias.Raynare turned her head saying"How is things at your end kiba?".

Kiba sat on chair naked as his large cock was lodged inside millet.Her stomach was bulged due to immense cum kiba deposited.He grabbed her face saying"Dont worry mistress raynare.Iam teaching this slut how to atleast act normal infront if others after her break down as whore".

Rayanre nodded as she lifted rias into the air both sona and her slammed into both her pussy and assholes.Ras let out a shrilling scream as both fucked the fallen heiress like a rag doll.

Some feet away from them,akeno was tied in a lewd way to the celling as many fallen angels took turns fucking her hanging body.Akeno was more aroused at getting fucked by race she hates the most.The orgy continued as sona wished for lucius to be safe.


Lucius was going to kyoto for one reason-Sexual healing.He can go to koneko but she cant handle his full force also she cant recover his magic power to full.Only four peoplr can fill him.Those are ophis,kuroka and yasaka.He grimaced as he tried not to remember the fourth trator.Also its been many months since he visited his wives.

As he enterd in yokai realm the guards allowed him because he helped them many times to fend off against ither supernatural.As he walked many women bith married and unmarried blushed as his very presense made them go into heat.

He approached the main bedroom as he heard moaning from it.He opened the door and saw both kuroka and yasaka fucking kunou.They both were in deligh as they cummed inside kunou as she fell on bed.

They stopped their actions as they saw him.Lucius found himself on ground as all of them hugged him in glee and started a fourway makeout.

After kissing each of them he explained what happened in past months.After finishing he said that"So what about it girls ready for a sex marathon".

Kuroka nodded as she ponced on lucius but was stopped by yasaka sayibg"Stop kuroka.We know that you are a sex fiend so let me and my daughter start then you can join".Lucius chuckled as kuroka pouted in unfair but he agree to yasaka as he laid on bed.

Yasaka traced her body along his saying"Lay down master i will take care of you".Lucius moaned in pleasure as yasaka lowered herself on his dick.He was in heaven because yaska was still tight than most if the girls in his harem.

He held her hiso as the kyuubi slammed herself on her husbands cock.She moaned saying"yes this is it.I missed this cock for soo long.Now fuck me husband.Show my pussy who is the alpha again.Break my pussy".

Lucius can hold on any longer because of her tightness as he cummed inside her womb.He didnt held back as torrents if fertile cum entered her womb filling it.Yasaka removed herself as kunou took her place saying"I have been waiting for this for soo long papa".

His dick stood at her dialogue.He didnt have a blood relaion with kunou but after taking her virginity she mentally made him her dad.Having fucking his own psuedo-daughter made him go full erect and more aroused.

Kunou was laid on bed as lucius slammed himself inside her.She screamed saying"Yes papa fuck me.Iam your slutty daughter.My body soley exists to be a holder for your cock.Fuck me papa.Fuck this whore of a daughter.Impregnate me with a child papa".

Lucius grinned crazil as he hammered inside his daughter.Kunou was already broken as her tongue hanged out making a ahegao face.He slammed himself deep isnise her womb as he cummed inside her.Her eyes widened as she said"Wow soo much cum.Iam going to get pregnant with papas child".

He drew back as suddenly all the three yokai but him on shoulders.He moaned as a lot of energy appeared around him.He activated a deal as all of them were teleported in his dimension with time difference from real world.

He opened his eyes to see yasaka and kunou grinning at him crazily as they pounced on him.Kuroka watched in lust as lucius began to break both mother and daughter duo sexually.

The fucking continued for 7 days as both yasaka and kuniu fell unconsious on a puddle of cum as their bodies twitched in pleasure with bulging stomachs.

He turned his head saying"Are you ready kuroka because their limit is over and iam still horny darling".Kuroka nodded as she approached her husband.She was always reserved for last because she is his first and favourite wife in his harem because lets say the last time they stared fucking it took 3 years for them to stop.They both are literal sex fiends.

Kuroka increased her powers as her body became slightly big as her boobs grew in size along with her ass.She is the worlds first devil/nekoshou/succubus hybrid.Turning from one race to another just increased her sexual appeal more.

Lucius stopped her saying "I have a gift for you kuroka".Suddenly boosted gear appearedon his arm as he boosted his cock.Kuroka watched in glee and lust as his cock grew to a amazing size of 18 inches.

He smiled at her saying " Let's enjoy ourselves kuroka".She kneeled at his legs as she hugged his cock between her breasts.Her tongue came out as she licked his whole length making it moist.She want to give him a blowjob but the monster was too big.

She kneeled down saying "Come on master.Your naughty pussy is waiting for some cock".Lcous grinned as he slowly inserted his cock inside her.He began cumming as he inserted inside her extra tight pussy.He was glad that his cum lubed her pussy.

His wmtire cock disspeard into her as kuroka was moaning in pleasure.He can feel the inside of her womb as he started moving.He drew his length back as he slammed inside her again gaining a mewl from kuroka.

Any supernaturals will be physically harmed by his length but kuroka achieved the power of arc succubus and was closing to full succubus queen.An image of a silver haired woman flashed in his mind as he shooked the thought sisde.

No matter the length of cock succubus can take in even a cock the size of human.It willonly increased their pleasure exponentially.

Kuroka saw his expression and said"Forget about that bitch master.Just concentrate on fucking me and recover your power".

Lucius slapped her ass hard as he increased his pace.Kuroka screams of pleasure increased as her husband destroyed her tight pussy.She screamed in pleasure as she cummed on his dick as large amounts of fertile cum entered her womb directl.She pulled from his cock saying "That was awesome master.But you know my stamina right".

Lucius grinned as his dick stood again as both of them pounced on eachother in primal lust.

The fucking contined for a year as lucius sent off yasaka and kunou to kyoto.He asked kuroma to train koneko in sexual arts from now on.They both disspeared as lucius was about to start his main plan to conquer underworld.


Kuroka took koneko away to train her as he gathered all rias peerage because  he know that her marriage with riser is approaching.This was his only chance to start his revenge so he have to be carefull.

He saw millet riding his normal cock as he said "open your wings slut".She nodded as two wings emerged from her.One was her black featherwd wing but the other was jet black devil wing.He comanded sona to force rias into accepting millet into her peerage as pawn.It seems that she costed 3 pawns.

After cumming inside her he said"Act as normal instead like a slut".She nodded as kiba dragged both akeno and millet to his room.Kiba was really god send because he managed to impregnate nearly 15 girls from human world with either succubus or incubus inside them.He was glad that his race will continue again.He can do better but he want powerful mates to impregnate.

Last time he heard both yasaka and kuroka were pregnant so he was concentrating on making sona and raynare pregnant.

He looked at his guanlet gear as he grinned thinking about the outcome of his plan.First he have to use his newly acquired power to break a heavenly dragon.



Hi guys.How is the new chapter.

I think this will be my last chapter before exams.After this it will be pure luck if i update any chapter.

Dont worry iam getting new ideas for future chapters.I currently have a story waiting to be posted.

Its story is similar to dxd but without cock blocks and extra sex.People forgot that devils do contracts based wishes.Iam taking that into context.Sure issei will have a harem but the story will be different.Everyone do sex like it is normal as breathing in supernatural community.

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