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Sona tried to withstand the pressure lucius is giving.He smiled saying"Nice to meet you sona.My real name is Lucius asmodeus,an incubus".Sona paled hearing the name as she know exactly who he is.She and her peerage began to grow horny as she struggled to control herself.

She stood up shakily saying"I will not give in lucius".She fired a blast at him as he simply flicked it with a finger.She turned to her peerage saying"Get away from here and contact my sister fast".She was getting happy that her peerage stood up to escape.

But suddenly a immense force slammed them to the ground.The girls in the peerage pounced on the sole male saji as sona watched in horror as her peerage lost themselves.She was cumming but she stood up to him.

Lucius appeared before her saying"Congrats on resisting my power sona.Thats why i liked you.How about this,join me and i will spare your peerage".Sona looked at him saying"No i wont.I will not betray my family.We would rather die".Lucius began to laugh saying"You are really an idiit sona.Do you think your family will support your dream?".

Sona grimaced knowing the truth.Lucius put a finger on her head saying"Sleep".He catched sona as he also knocked her peerage unconsious and teleporting them to a seperate place.He left the school to his personal room.

In his room koneko was on bed moaning as raynare fucked her with a cock.She looked pregnant due to raynares cum.He placed sona on bed as raynare cummed inside koneko again.She drew back her 11 inch cock as it dissapeared.She was about to play with sona but lucius stopped her saying"Not now raynare.She will come o me herself.Wait a moment".


Sona woke up as she saw herself in clubroom.She checked for lucius as there is no record on him.Sona figured that she is seeing a world in a perspective.

She saw rias turning issei containing boosted gear into a devil.She saw herself playing a support role as rias got all the credit.

She saw rias beating her badly in a rating game.She saw herself crying in a room as she noticed how powerless she was.

She saw herself stating her dream loud as devils laughed at her humiliating her.She saw her sister shooking her head as she seems dissapointed at her dream.

She saw elders banning her idea as she stubbornly created a school.She was horrified that her sister ordered the school to be closed calling her dream a void one.

She saw issei and rias defeating powerful enemies as she just remained at the sideline.She saw herself living in a shadows named rias and serafall.

She saw herself trying to build the school again but this time her parents exiled her as she was marked as a stray devil along with her peerage.

She cried as her peerage was killed one after another by ruthless devils.She saw herself getting captured by devils as they presented her to the new maou issei as a sex slave.

Sona mind broke as she saw her future.Lucius illusion made her to experience every feeling as the walls ariund sona broke down.He saw a crying sona as he said"Thats your future sona.To be lived in a shadow.To be ridiculed for your dream.Come on sona join me in my revenge and i will make your dream possible.You will be my queen as i trample the underworld".

Sona turned back as she took his hand in her as the illusion broke.


Lucius saw sona wakinh uo as he ordered raynare to take koneko to another house.He grimaced as he saw the broken face of sona.He said"so what is your answer sona".Sona turned to him as she spread her legs open saying"go on use me as a slut.It doesnt matter as i will be a sex slave at theend of my life whatever i do".

Lucius smiled as he kissed sona on lips.She felt energy entering her as he drew back saying"I wont treat you like a slut sona.I may get revenge on your family but icant destroy a person with a potential like you.You are not like the whore rias,you are more powerful and beautiful than you think.Like i said you will be my queen as I trample the underworld".

Sona was mesmorised at his voice as she kissed him on lips.Lucius smirked as he returned the kiss.He gently kissed her on neck as sona mewled in pleasure.He slowly removed her shirt and skirt as she covered herself.

He held her hands saying"like i said yiu are more beautiful than you think sona".She moaned as he kissed her small boobs paying more attention to them.He trailed downwards as he kissed on her panty.He slowly removed it seeing a moist pussy.He gave it an experimental lick as sona shuddered.

He licked his lips saying"delicious" as he attacked her lower lips.Sona was moaning in pleasure as lucius entered his tongue inside her.She was about to cum as he drew back.

He dropped his pants as sona gasped seeing the size.It was a grand 13 inch as it towerwd above her.He kissed her reassuringly as he poked her entrance.He gritted his teeth as he slowly entered her marveling her tighness.He felt some barrier as he pushed forward breaking her hymen.

Sona screamed in pain as his large dick tore through her.She gasped as it opened her womb slightly.He kissed her as he slowly began to move as the pain turned into pleasure.

Lucius slowly picked up his speed as sona wrapped her legs around him in pleasure.Walls around her mentality broke down as she fell into lust.Lucius moaned due to tightness saying"come on sona.Accept it.Be my wife and i will make all your dreams come true.Submit to me".

Sona cummed as the pleasure was too much for her as she said"Yess lord fuck me.Impregnate me.I love you.please i willbe by your side untill death.Now shut up and fuck me with that Big Fat Cock Lucius".He smiled as he increased his speed further.

Her eyes rolled back as he slammed into her.He gritted his teeth as he cummed isnide her womb filling it.Sona screamed in pleasure as her insides were filled to the brim by her lords cum.She felt something changing as she grew some height.Her boobs gained a cup as two tails emerged from her body.Finnaly two horns emerged from her head.Lucius smiled at her saying"How is the present sona.You became a devil-succubus hybrid.Now you are more beautiful than rias".

Sona kissed him on lips saying"Thank you master lucius.Now i will return the gratitude".Lucius was thrown on bed as as sona rode herself on his cock.He smiled to himself as his plan worked as he gained another ally and wife.Speaking of wives he have visit his queen and bishop in kyoto.


After hours of sex,lucius was drained as sona dominated him.It seems that she liked to play dominatrix.His dick stood again remembering her in dom outfit.Sona kissed him saying"What are you thinking my lord".He saw sona wearing a simply bra and thong as she left her wings and tails outside.He was rather impreesed that sona got two tails instead if one like raynare.

The tails represents their power level.Raynare will gain her second tail in coming days.He turned to her saying"I left your peerage in another house.i spared them so yiu can do whatever you want with them".Sona smiled as she took the address but turned back saying"Can i give saji a reward.I want to thank him for showing love on me from starting".Lucius nooded as sona left the place.

Lucius sat on bed as he gathered his power from his dimension.Suddenly viser appeared before him saying"Trouble my lord.It seems that kalawarner has betrayed us and planning to attack you using her own army".He grimaced as he vanished along with viser.


Sona appeared as she saw her peerage sleeping.She git to saji as she remived his pants.Saji woke up as he saw sona removibg his pants as he stopped her saying"Kaichou what happened.What are you doing?".She kissed him on lips as saji aroused due to her succubus status.She drew back saying"Relax saji.This is your first and last reward from me.Just sit there and enjoy".

Saji got horny as sona straddled him kissing him furiously.She drew back as she began to suck his cock.It may not be as big as lucius but still a 7 inch one.Saji was unable to control himself as he cummed allowing sona to drink all his cum.She gulped the amount as she drew back as she kneeled before him saying"Dont use my pussy.It belongs to my master.My other hole is free".

Saji nodded as he entered her asshole.Sona moaned in pleasure as his dick entered her asshole stretching it.Lucius didnt fucked her ass as she wanted to give it to saji.

Saji moaned in pleasure as he moved in and out her ass.Sona moaned saying"Yes thats it saji.Move faster.Fuck my asshole harder.Cum inside me.I want cum".Saji groaned as he cummed inside her ass.Sona moaned in pleasure as she cummed from pussy feeling the cum in her ass.Saji fell back as sona kissed him saying"That was good saji.Relax untill i prepare your second gift".

Sona turned to her female peerage as she created a 10 inch cock inplace of her pussy.She smiled at them saying"Now time to wake my peerage".


Lucius grimaced as somehow kalawarner managed to gather a army to attack him.He also noticed that kalawarner has became more powerful than before.She used a special spell that makes everyone she fucked into her mindless slaves.Raynare stood by him asking"What is your plan master".

Lucius moaned as he dumped another load inside sonas pussy.Sona came back after she fucked every female in her peerage.She asked him to turn them into succubus as lucius turned saji into a incubus like kiba and the girls into lower succubus.

The entire was the harem of saji as sona gifted them to him.Lucius and saji fucked all the female peerage .

Sona moaned in pleasre as power entered her through his cum.She stood up saying"Thats enough master.I got enough power for the fight".Lucius felt drained as he supplied raynare and sona with immense amount of his power through cum.They vanished to outskrits as he saw a small army approaching.


Kalawarner saw her former master as she screamed saying"How is this master.I,now has the power to kill you.Aftet i kill you,i will take your powers and make every one my bitches".Lucius groaned saying"this is the wrong with power hungry ones.Sona its your turn".Sona nodded as she leapt to the army.

Kalawarner saw the sitei heiress standing before her army.She smiled saying"move away sitri princesz.Iam more powerful than your pathetic self".

Sona smiled smugly saying"My name is sona asmodeus bitch.Take this".Kalawarner stood there as nothing happened.Suddenly her army screamed as their own blood pierced through their bodies.She was shocked that an entire battalion was killed by a single one.

She suumoned another group saying"Now counter this.How can you handle humans".Sona grimaced as she disn want to fight innocent humans but lucius calles her saying"thats enough sona.Its raynare turn".Sona jumped to her master as raynare flew above the army.Lucius saw that the new army is made if many humans that kalawarner made into mindless dolls using their lust.

She created hundreds of light spears as kalawarner watched in horror wondering how she got the power.Raynare attacked the army as the spears pierced the earth making a barrier around the humans.Both lucius and raynare activated her powers as the people were teleported to there places cured by kalawarner mindcontrol power.

Kalawarner was sweating as lucius approached her.She tried to beg saying"Please master.Its my fault forgive me.I became power drunk,i never intended to rebel against you.Please spare me".Raynare had enough as she aimed a blast at her head saying"Shut up whore.Yiu were my friend but you betrayed me.You even dared to attack master lucius.I will kill you now".Lucius stooped raynare as kalawarner was happy that she survived.

Lucius turned to raynare saying"Dear raynare.I have a plan that is more fitting than killing her".Ranare nodded as lucius teleported them to his personal dimension.

Kalawarner saw a dungeon as she heard moaning from inside.Her eyes widened as she saw mitlett fucked by two orc-goblin hybrids.Mitlet looked pregnant as they cummed inside her.They drew back as mitlett fell on floor.

Suddenly her stomach as she gave birth to a small orc.Kalawarnar watched in horror as a small orc came from her pussy.Lucius stopped them as he said"sorry guys but i mitlett has a mission.But dont worry i have a substitute".

Lucius dragged mitlett outside as he kucked kalawarner inside the cage.He smiled saying"In this cage your powers dont work.Those are special orcs who can impregnate any being once the cum inside.The ones standing behind ypu are mitletts 99th and 100th sons.The small one is mitlett new 101 son".Kalawarner was horrified as the new irc dragged her by hair.She screamed in pain as it slammed itself inside her.

Lucius saw kalawarner getting raped by the new orc as it grew in size.These special type if orcs grew during sex as kalawarner wiggled feeling his small dick grow into monstrous length inside her pussy.

The new grown orc groaned as he cummed deep inside her as it drew back.Lucius entered the cage saying"You are a succubus righg.feel your womb".Lucius picked her hand as he placed it on her womb.

Kalawarner grew pale as she felt the orc cum successfully impregnating her.Lucius closed the cage again as he turnes to orcs saying"Guys fell free to treat her roughly.She has a more impressive body than previous one.Oh kalawarner i expect healthy orc kids by the next time i visit".He left the cage as they heard screams if kalawarner from the dungeon.

Sona turned to him saying"you are soo hot in there master".Lucius smiled as he suddenly fainted.

Raynare and sona got panic as they took him to the healer in his dimension.





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