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Everything was normal at the base of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. Trude yelled at Erica to wake up, Perrine stalked her crush, Major Sakamoto, as the Fuso witch trained and Lucchini sleeps in her tree. Everything was normal, everything until Lynne knocked on Yoshika’s door. It was odd that she didn’t get an immediate reply. Usually, Yoshika is up already after falling out of her bed. Lynne was expecting to hear a thump or a response, but all she gets in response was a deafly silence.

“Yoshika, are you in there?” Lynne asks as she knocks again.

… Nothing, just more silence.

“Yoshika,” Lynne speaks louder and clearer as she knocks harder against the wood of Yoshika’s door. “Yoshika, I’m coming in.”

Lynne opens the door still only getting silence.

“Lynne wait!” Yoshika calls out finally replying but it’s too late.

Lynne enters the room to see a sight she would never forget. She sees Yoshika sat on her bed, that isn’t unusual but the fact that Yoshika is as bare as the day she was born is unusual. That isn’t what makes the sight unforgettable, what makes this moment memorable is Yoshika’s new addition. Sticking up from between her legs is a long thick shaft of meat.

Lynne’s face burns red as she stares at Yoshika’s shaft, she freezes and doesn't know what to do or what to say. Yoshika freezes too. She too turns bright red as she stares back at her friend. No one apart from her family knows she can grow a part of a man; she was careful to keep it a secret from everyone. Know her secret is out; her best friend saw her man part.

To make things worse, Yoshika still has a hand on the shaft of meat. Lynne walked in at the worst possible time, right when she was taking care of her problem. Her mother told her what to do when it gets hard as it is right now. Lynne walked in right when she was about to relieve herself, now she is embarrassed, frustrated and wishing to die right now before this situation can get worse.

“Yoshika…” Lynne says breaking the awkward silence. “What… what is that?”

“Lynne um… this is…” Yoshika looks down no longer able to meet her friend's gaze. “A… a penis.” Yoshika finally looks back up still embarrassed and uncomfortable. “I don’t know why I have it, I was born with it, and it gets hard like this sometimes. When it's like this, I have to… I have to rub it.”

“You were masturbating?” Lynne burns brighter as she asks that.

“Yes,” Yoshika nods.

“Does that help?” Again, Yoshika nods. “Then I will help you.”

Yoshika stares in disbelief as Lynne takes off her night dress, as it hits the floor Lynne steps out of it becoming naked just like Yoshika. Lynne steps forward until she is right in front of Yoshika, Yoshika still stares and feels her cock throb as she gets and eye full of Lynne’s breasts. This situation is even worse than when she bathed with her friend, naked in the bath Yoshika had to use all her self-control to keep herself from getting hard in front of everyone. Here Yoshika can’t focus enough to control herself, the closeness of Lynne’s breasts, the knowledge of what Lynne just told her and the need her body has for release is too much for Yoshika to handle.

“Lynne,” Yoshika says. “You don’t have to.”

“But I want to,” Lynne tells her. “To be honest, I have always thought of doing these sorts of things with you Yoshika.”

“Lynne…” Yoshika gasps as Lynne’s soft hand gently takes hold of her shaft.

“You said rubbing it helps, right? So, does it help if I do this?” Lynne moves her hand slowly up and down Yoshika’s dick. A soft moan escapes Yoshika’s lips as nods her answer. “I don’t know what I am doing. I never did anything like this before, tell me if I am doing it wrong.”

“No Lynne, this is great,” Yoshika replies as Lynne continues to stroke her. “But you don’t have too.”


“I told you it's okay,” Lynne says. “I want to Yoshika.”

Yoshika is torn. Lynne is her best friend, and here she is doing something no friend should do, Yoshika wonders can they even still be called friends if they are doing something as like this. But Lynne is her friend, her best friend and right now her best friend is stroking her secret body part. On the one hand, this is a dream come true, like Lynne she to dreamed of being in a situation like this but on the contrary, this is Lynne, her best friend that is touching her in this way.

“But, Lynne,” Yoshika continues to protest. “This is…”

“I know,” Lynne murmurs not stopping her stroking. “But I want to help.”

“Lynne if you keep this up I won’t be able to hold back,” Yoshika warns gripping the bed sheets trying desperately to stop herself from jumping her friend and taking her right now.

“Yoshika its ok,” Lynne replies continuing the movement up and down Yoshika’s shaft which is now starting to dampen as pre-cum leaks from the tip. “If it's with you then I am ok with whatever happens,” Lynne then makes Yoshika’s struggle for control harder when she uses her breasts on her trapping Yoshika’s man par between her to large orbs. “Does this feel better?”

“Yes,” Yoshika moans as Lynne starts to move her breasts up and down.

“Good,” Lynne says. “My sister told me that men like this, I wasn’t sure it was true.”

“Lynne…” Yoshika watches Lynne lower her head. “Lynne!”

Yoshika couldn’t help but yell as Lynne licks her tip sending a shockwave of pleaser crashing through her body. Lynne licks all around her tasting her flesh and the pearly white pre-cum that leaks out of Yoshika. Yoshika is in heaven, Lynne is making her feel so good. This feels so much better with Lynne then when she touched herself. It only gets better, Lynne takes Yoshika into her mouth destroying the little self-control Yoshika has left.

Yoshika surprises Lynne by suddenly flipping the girl over. Lynne is now laying on her back on Yoshika’s soft bed. The Fuso witch straddles her friend. She places her dick between Lynne’s breasts before she grabs hold and squishes them together. For Yoshika, it feels great, like a warm, soft blanket surrounds her shaft. For Lynne it's just as good, Yoshika’s fingers brush against her nipples makes her softly moan and quiver.

“I’m sorry Lynne, I can’t hold back,” Yoshika says as she starts to roughly thrusts between Lynne’s breasts.


“Yoshika, it’s ok,” Lynne replies as she watches Yoshika’s shaft relentlessly piston backwards and forwards between her breasts. “I don’t mind if you…”


Lynne is unable to continue as a gasp escapes her lips. Yoshika’s thumbs rub against her stiff nipples cause pleasure to shoot through her body, at first Lynne thought it was by accident but when Yoshika does it, again and again, it becomes clear the Fuso witch is doing this on purpose. Lynne has always found her breasts to be very sensitive, so even the slightest touch is enough to make her gasp and moan.


“Do you… like this?” Yoshika pants as she continues her thrusts. Lynne nods her head as she closes her eyes losing herself in this feeling. “Good… I want you to feel good too Lynne.” Yoshika becomes more eradicate with her thrusts as she feels herself reaching her peak. “Lynne… I’m about to…”


“It’s ok Yoshika,” Lynne replies still lost in her own pleasure.


“Lynne!” Yoshika calls out the Britannia witches name as she thrusts one last time and releases her seed. A stream of warm pure white liquid hit Lynne in the face. Everything is silent for a few seconds before Yoshika releases what she has down when she sees Lynne’s face. Instantly Yoshika jumps off her friend and hands her a towel. “I’m sorry Lynne, I shouldn’t have down that to you.”


“It’s ok Yoshika,” Lynne tells her as she wipes her face. “But it didn’t solve the problem you have did it?”


“No,” Yoshika answers looking down at her still hard member. “It didn’t.”


“Then let’s continue,” Lynne says.


“Lynne,” Yoshika looks carefully at her friend. “Are you sure you want to?” Lynne nods her head blushing once again. “But if we do this…”


Lynne stops Yoshika; the Britannia witch silenced the Fuso witch with a kiss on the lips. The kiss is quick and gentle, but it's enough to convince Yoshika that Lynne really does want to continue.


“Yoshika,” Lynne gently says as she breaks the kiss. “Let's continue.”


“Ok,” Yoshika replies with a nod of her head. “But let me know if you want to stop.”




The two witches fall backward onto Yoshika’s bed as their lips meet once again. This time the kiss isn’t over within seconds. It’s longer but still gentle like the last. Their lips join as if they were made to fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. Soon Yoshika takes things further. When Lynne opens her mouth to let out a gentle, soft moan, Yoshika slips in her tongue. Lynne doesn’t resist it and meets in with her own tongue as Yoshika starts to explore the insides of her friend's mouth. The moment their tongues meet both girls moan enjoying the feeling of each other, they just close their eyes and let the feelings wash over and consume them. But all too soon the kiss is over. Panting for air the two witches stare lovingly into each other's eyes.


“I’m going to start now Lynne,” Yoshika informs her friend.


“Go ahead Yoshika,” Lynne replies with a nervous smile.


Yoshika slowly lowers her gaze towards her friend's private parts feeling her face burning hotter and hotter the close her eyes get to their destination. After the longest journey in Yoshika’s short life, they fall open Lynne’s women part. Yoshika can’t help but stare and think it is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Yoshika already knew Lynne takes care of herself down there, so she isn’t surprised when she only sees a few stray hairs that Lynne missed, all the witches stay bare down there since their lower halves are exposed all the time. But Yoshika is surprised to see how wet Lynne is down there, Lynne is glistening in the faint light seeping in behind her curtains.


Yoshika isn’t sure if Lynne is ready yet, she knows the science behind sex from working in her family’s clinic, but she has never had sex before. Hesitantly Yoshika reaches her hand out towards Lynne. Slowly she creeps it closer not knowing what to do. Finally, she makes contact with the warm wet lips of Lynne’s pussy. Lynne moans at the contact arching her back and pressing herself into Yoshika’s hand desperate for more. Using the tips of her fingers, Yoshika gently rubs Lynne’s lower lips making Lynne moan and squirm. More liquid leaves Lynne as Yoshika strokes her and when her finger brush over a bundle of nerves Lynne practically screams.


“Lynne I’m sorry,” Yoshika quickly apologizes as she retracts her hand worried she might have hurt her friend. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”


“Yoshika it’s ok,” Lynne answers. “You didn’t hurt me, in fact, it felt really good.”


“Ok,” Yoshika says as she starts stroking Lynne again.


Lynne sighs as Yoshika’s fingers touch her again. Yoshika’s feather light touch feels amazing to Lynne as it sends shock waves of pleasure throughout her body. She moans and calls out Yoshika’s name from time to time. Whenever her fingers hit that bundle of nerves, Lynne’s body jumps up off of the bed getting so loud Yoshika is afraid someone might hear her and walk in on them. After about five minutes Yoshika takes the next step. She lines up her finger with Lynne’s entrance, she looks up at her friend silently asking for permission, and when Lynne nods her head, Yoshika slowly pushes inside her.


Both Lynne and Yoshika gasp, Lynne at the intrusion and Yoshika at the tight feeling and the way Lynne’s inner walls squeezed her finger. Yoshika keeps her eyes on Lynne’s face as she starts to move her finger in and out of her friend looking for any signs of pain or discomfort. She knows Lynne is the kind of person to hide her feelings, she seen her doing that when she first arrived at the base all the time. But when she watches Lynne close her eyes and throw her head back, when she hears her friend moan and when she feels how much wetter Lynne is getting she can’t help but feel proud that she is the cause of all this pleasure Lynne is feeling. She can’t help but wonder if Lynne felt like this when she was pleasuring her.


“Yoshika!” Lynne cries the Fuso witches name as Yoshika adds a second finger.


“Are you ok Lynne?” Yoshika asks again; she has never done this before not even with herself.


“I’m fine Yoshika,” Lynne tells her. “Please continue.”


Yoshika does just that. She starts to slowly thrust her fingers in and out of Lynne’s pussy, but she gradually picks up the pass. Yoshika is enjoying this. The Fuso witch loves the way Lynne’s voice sounds as she says her name repeatedly, the feeling of Lynne’s loves juices as they cover her hand and the way the insides of her friend feels. Yoshika has never found anything as satisfying as making Lynne feel this good. Yoshika smiles feeling happy that she can make Lynne feel this way, she picks up the pace as she remembers the way Yoshika reacted when she touched a particular spot. Stopping her movements for only a second Yoshika repositions her hand so that she can tell us her thumb to rub against Lynne’s bundle of nerves. Almost instantly Lynne becomes loud enough to make Yoshika worry that someone will overhear them and burst into the room. Acting fast and doing the only thing she can think to do Yoshika kisses, Lynne. Lynne’s moans are barely heard against Yoshika’s lips.


“Shhh Lynne, we need to be quiet,” Yoshika warns her friend, but she doesn’t stop the movement of her fingers or thumb. “Someone might hear us.”


“I’m so… sorry,” Lynne replies doing her best to hold in her moans of pleasure. “It just… feels so good.” Yoshika smiles into the next kiss hearing that. “Yoshika… I’m… I’m about to…”


The next thing Yoshika knows Lynne’s body has stiffened and her inner walls feel like they might crush her fingers. Lynne’s love juices flood out of her soaking Yoshika’s blanket beneath her. Yoshika withdraws her hand and watches as Lynne calms down. Yoshika smiles feeling proud of what she did but also because Lynne is the most beautiful person in the world. The Britannia witch glows in the aftermath of her orgasm, and when she smiles at Yoshika, the Fuso witch nearly collapses with a nose bleed.


“Was that good Lynne?” Yoshika asks once she is happy that her friend has returned to her.


“That was incredible Yoshika,” Lynne answers. “Thank you but that didn’t solve the problem.”


“You're right,” Yoshika says looking down at her rock hard throbbing member. “Do you still want to continue?”


“Yes,” Lynne replies nodding her head. “Let's continue Yoshika; I said I wanted to help you with that.”


“Ok,” Yoshika says. Yoshika leans back and lines up her dick with Yoshika’s entrance; she rubs up and down Lynne’s slit coating herself in the juices that are plentiful there. Happy her member is wet enough Yoshika probes Lynne’s entrance. “I’m going to put it in now Lynne if that ok.”


“It’s ok,” Lynne reassures her.


With that Yoshika pushes the head of her dick inside of Lynne. Both girls gasp as she enters. Yoshika waits a second making sure Lynne is ok before she puts more of herself inside. Slowly she inches her way in stopping whenever Lynne needs her too and being careful not to hurt her friend. She can already feel and see blood, and it makes Yoshika want to cry knowing she is the one that drew that blood from Lynne. It takes about ten minutes, but she finally is inside of Lynne. Yoshika stays still enjoying the feeling of Lynne’s inner walls as the massage her member while Lynne does her best to relax and adjust. Yoshika is big, and right now Lynne is feeling every inch of her.


“Yoshika,” Lynne sighs. “You're so big.”


“I’m sorry if I’m hurting you, Lynne,” Yoshika replies doing all she can to stop herself from thrusting in and out of her friend.


“It’s ok Yoshika,” Lynne tells her. “It doesn’t hurt as much anymore; you can start moving if you want to.”


“Are you sure Lynne?” Yoshika questions.


“Yes, Yoshika,” Lynne answers. “I’m sure.”


“I’m going to start moving, tell me if I am hurting you,” Yoshika says as she slowly pulls out of Lynne until only the tip of her dick is inside before thrusting back inside. “You feel good Lynne.”


“You to Yoshika,” Lynne replies before Yoshika repeats the process.


Yoshika continues to go slow for a few more strokes before she loses the small piece of control she had that was holding her back. She rapidly picks up the pass until she is slamming into Lynne as hard as she can no longer worried for her friend as her urges and needs take her over. For Yoshika, this is the best feeling yet. It's way better than Lynne’s breasts, mouth, and hand. It’s a million times better than her own hand. Lynne’s so warm inside and the way her walls squeeze and pull her dick deeper in is amazing. Yoshika can’t think of s better word to describe the feeling it is just amazing. For Lynne, the pain is starting to fade away and is rapidly being replaced by pure pleasure.

Yoshika continues to piston her hips thrusting as fast and hard as she can into her best friend enjoying the feeling and hopping her friend is enjoying this as much as she is. Yoshika can tell Lynne is close, she can feel her friend’s inner walls start to tighten around her but Yoshika knows she is still far from close. She continues to thrust until she feels Lynne explode beneath her an even then she continues to thrust. Despite her friend’s walls crushing her dick Yoshika doesn’t slow down feeling her own end coming closer and closer bring brought sooner thanks to her friend’s orgasm.

“Yos… Yoshika!” Lynne can barely breath and Yoshika isn’t giving her a chance to catch her breath as she continues to pump in and out of her. “Yoshika!”

“Lynne…” Yoshika says. “I’m about to… Lynne!”

“Yoshika!” Lynne also calls out as Yoshika cums.

White hot liquid shoots out of Yoshika’s shaft and into Lynne’s womb sending the Britannia witch into another orgasm and her most powerful one of the night. Lynne can barely take in and by the time her orgasm ends Lynne’s body is numb and she can barely stay awake. As both girls regain their senses Yoshika is the first to notice. Her dick is now gone thanks to Lynne’s help.

“Lynne… it worked, it’s gone.” Yoshika says as she collapses onto of her friend. “Thank you, Lynne.” But Lynne doesn’t respond, Yoshika looks up to see the Britannia witch fast asleep. “I love you.”

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