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The sky has turned a beautiful blue with little to none white fluffy clouds to fill it. The sun is high in the sky and as the witches of the 501st go about their daily routines to old friends lay side by side on a large double bed in their shared room after a tiring morning workout. Lynette Bishop and Tracy Phillips both native Britannian citizens defending their homeland have only just reunited after spending so many years apart. At school these two were inseparable but when the Neuroi invaded Tracy answered her countries call and left to join the military leaving Lynne alone although after the later enlisted the two friends were reunited as members of the 501 Joint Fighter Wing.

Together again and enjoying each others company, Tracy is starting to feel bad about lying to Lynne as to why she was assigned to the squad, but she ignores the feeling of guilt and continues her work as ordered. Tracy isn’t the only one to feel something more then happiness at the reunion as Lynne to is keeping something a secret even from her childhood friend. For some time now Lynne has known she cared for Tracy as more than a friend but being as timid and shy as she is Lynne never acting on these feelings, but once her powers have awakened Lynne found herself with a seconded secret, another one she had to hide from her childhood friend.

When Lynne first found out, she was a witch the fact overjoyed her because it meant she was the same as her sister, mother and the same as Tracy. That changed when she first started seeing Tracy as more than a friend. It started with just a glance of Tracy’s naked chest as she was changing clothes at Lynne’s house. One look that was all it took for Lynne to feel something grow beneath her clothes and a sudden rush of urges that shocked her.

When Lynne feels those things and the “Demon” as Lynne calls it appears the britannian girl feels like she has become a whole different person. Normally Lynne is shy, polite and pure but when her demon grows she finds her mind flooded with naughty thought and her body urging her to do things she normally would never consider. When Lynne finally worked up the courage to ask her sister about it all she was told in return was that it was normal for some witches to grow those things and she should enjoy it while it lasts because it will disappear when her magic fades.

But Lynne never wanted to use her demon or act on any of the urges it caused to well up inside her with is appearance. Until Tracy came back into her life that is. When Tracy returned to her Lynne found it extremely difficult to fight those urges, and her demon made an appearance more regularly causing Lynne to fear that one day she will be discovered. It doesn’t help that thanks to a burst water pipe Lynne and Tracy are sharing the same bed until the damage has been repaired.

Rolling onto her side Lynne’s eyes roam over her friend's body admiring the way the sunlight hits Tracy’s smooth body and highlights her curves. Lynne both hates and loves the fact that Tracy decided to strip to her underwear before taking a nap on top of the blanket. Lynne hate’s as she feels her demon threating to return but also she loves it because of how beautiful Tracy looks right now especially the way Tracy’s face looks so relaxed and peaceful as she sleeps.

Lynne can feel her demon start to grow, but she doesn’t resist it as she watches the steady rise and fall of Tracy’s chest. Lynne can feel her panties start to tighten and it isn’t until she feels the tip of her demon hit the bottom of her chest that Lynne is snapped out of the trace her friend's body put her in and starts to worry.

Lynne looks down and comes face to face with her demon. Unlike Tracy, Lynne chose to take a nap with her undershirt on which is now tented by Lynne’s Demon. Lynne is scared, scared of being caught like she is and scared that people will think she is a monster. It’s the size of her demon that has Lynne worried because when it stands up the tip rests just under her breasts and when Lynne takes care of it she finds her hand is barely able to wrap around the thing. Shirley is the only person other than her sister that nows about Lynne’s demon after walking in on her. Lynne is grateful that Shirley agreed not to tell anyone, but she doesn’t believe Shirley when she told her that she is lucky to be as big downstairs as she is upstairs.

Lynne sits up hoping that by some miracle she can make it to the bathroom undetected so she can take care of her demon in the only way she knows how and just thinking about it is enough to make Lynne blush a bright red. But her efforts are in vain as Lynne’s movements cause Tracy to stir. Frozen in horror Lynne prays to God that Tracy won’t wake up, but she should have known with the demon attached to her body that God wouldn’t listen to her pleas.

“Lynne,” Tracy sits up stretching out her limbs and looking to her friend.

“I’m sorry,” Lynne tries to sound like nothing is bothering her and right now her only saving grace is the fact that she has her back to her friend. “Did I wake you?”

“Yeah but its fine,” Tracy smiles. “I can’t spend all day in bed.”

“I need to use the bathroom,” Lynne says standing up and grabbing her jumper using it a desperate attempt to hide the bulge in her clothing, but because of the size, the attempt is in vain. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Lynne before…” Tracy suddenly stops, and her eyes widen. It takes Lynne several seconds before she realizes her mistake. Lynette Bishop turned to face her friend and revealed her hidden demon.

“It’s not…” Lynne burns red with embarrassment, but Tracy cuts her off.

“Your sister told me you had one,” Tracy releases. “She was drunk when she told me, so I wasn’t sure, but it looks like she was right.”

“You knew,” Lynne is taken back by the news. “It happens sometimes, but I can deal with it.”

“I can help you,” Tracy offers, and Lynne has to hold herself back know as her demon tries to compel her to take her best friend.

“But that would mean…” Lynne couldn’t complete that sentence, but Tracy seems to understand.

“I know,” Now its Tracy’s turn to blush. “But if it's with you then I am ok with it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Lynne says look down at the massive bludge in her clothing. “You won’t hurt me, Lynne, I trust you.”

“But I’m a different person when it appears,” Lynne warns, but Tracy seems unfazed as she walks up to her friend and takes her hands in hers.

“I trust you, Lynne,” Tracy tells her. “I want to help so can I?”

“Um…” Lynne blushes heavily but nods her head. “Ok.”

“So how…” Tracy began to ask, but Lynne cut her off.

Despite her demon telling her to do so, this is something Lynne herself has wanted to do for a long time. Lynne quickly closes the distance and kisses Tracy on the lip while at the same time pushing her friend back until they fall on top of the bed with Lynne laying on top of Tracy trapping her demon between the two of them. Throughout the movement, their lips never separated and as the kiss continues Lynne lets her demon have more and more control over her body.

The change of Lynne’s character becomes clearer by the second. As the kiss continues, Lynne grabs Tracy’s wrists and pins them either side of her head with a level of strength Tracy never knew her friend possed. Lynne starts to grind her hips, and Tracy can feel her friends concealed demon rubbing along her stomach as Lynne breaks of the kiss and moves onto her friend's ear. Tracy shivers as the first puff of hot air hits her ear, gasps at the first kiss and then moans as Lynne licks it.

“I see your ears are your weak points,” Lynne’s voice is more confident and possessive then before she continues to tease Tracy’s ear making her friend shiver beneath her.

“I guess,” Tracy replies before Lynne moves on and kissing down her friend's neck.

Lynne’s lips keep moving till they reach the top of Tracy’s chest an kiss the exposed flesh while her hands let go of Tracy’s wrists to undo her friends bra. Tracy doesn’t offer any resistance as she raises her back aiding in the removal of the garment. Once free Tracy’s breasts are set upon by Lynne’s mouth as she kisses and sucks all the flesh around the nipple before taking it into her mouth making Tracy moan. Lynne smirks as she continues her work for several seconds longer before releasing the nipple with a pop and smiling at the sight she sees. Tracy’s face is flushed, and her mouth is open panting for breath.

Deciding now is as good as time as any Lynne strips naked before straddling Trace’s chest and fulling one of her perverted demon induced desires. Tracy too caught up in a moment of admiration of Lynne’s naked body doesn’t even realize what her friend has in store for her until Lynne traps her member between Tracy’s breasts and starts to thrust in and out rapidly. Lynne’s hands roughly grasp her friend's breasts tightening their hold around her demon as she continues to pick up the pace losing herself in the feeling of being embraced by her friends chest.

Lynne closes her eyes and enjoys the sensation. Tracy’s breast is so soft and warm and perfectly engulfs her demon. For a moment Lynne even forgets her friend is there as she starts to moan and feel her pleasure building inside her. It isn’t until she feels a new warmth on her length that Lynne remembers she isn’t alone.

For a moment Lynne is confused but she doesn’t stop positioning her hips as her demon forbids it but after a few seconds her mind which has been corrupted by her demon and dazed by pleasure figures out what is happening. The warmth leaves behind a wet trail, and once Lynne notices that wetness it doesn’t take her long to figure out her childhood friend is using her mouth on her length.

“Tracy,” Her friends name softly slips from her lips as a squirt of white liquid shoots out of Lynne’s length. Lynne pulls back and stands up but is only gone for a second.

“Lynne?” Tracy confused and surprised as Lynne with an inhuman strength flips her over and positions her on her hands and knees. Wasting little time Lynne pulls down Tracy’s underwear to her knees exposing her friends moist lower hole to her eyes.

“Don’t worry,” Lynne assures her as she lines herself up. “It will be fine.”

“Ahh!” Tracy can’t help but grunt as Lynne’s substantial member is thrust inside her stretching her walls more than anything she had taken before and caused a bludge to appear on her stomach.

Lynne starts to pull out and like with her friend's chest Lynne quickly picks up to a rapid pace as her demon fully controls the movements of her body. Lynne’s hand's grip Tracy’s stomach her fingers digging into the flesh and she relentlessly positions in and out of Tracy’s lower hole. Even if she wanted to Lynne wouldn’t be able to stop herself as now her demon has a taste of her friend's flesh. Ever since she indulged her first perverted desire, Lynne found her demon obtaining more control over her and now that it's inside her friend Lynne doubts she could stop hip hips from hammering away until her needs are satisfied.

Tracy is surprised by how Lynne feels inside her as she bits her bottom lip and tightly grips the blanket. Tracy thought it would have hurt to take her friend the way she is, and she was ready to take that pain if it would help her friend but now she feels pleasure from it too. At first, it did hurt when Lynne trust inside but after a few seconds the stinging and aching turned into a pleasurable wave that consumes her body and builds inside her.

“Tracy can I?” Lynne doesn’t have to finish that question for Tracy to understand and she nods feeling her end rapidly approaching too.

“Go ahead,” Tracy tells her seconds before she and Lynne dive over the edge together into utter bliss.

“Umm… Tracy…” With her demon gone and her mind her own again the Britannian witch blushes and feels ashamed of her actions but also deep down she felt happy because she finally was able to be with her crush. Tracy looks at her friend blushing as well. “I’m sorry if I have done something I should have.”

“It’s ok Lynne,” Tracy assures her with a small smile. “But can you cover for me because I don’t think I will be able to walk for the rest of the day?”

Lynne blushes and nods desperately trying to figure out just how she can explain this to the others.

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