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Sat on sand Mio and Minna watches the rest of the girls relax on the beach from afar. Their eyes dart from group to group making sure everyone is having fun and staying out of trouble while the couple quietly talks to each other.

Eila and Sanya sit together away from the others, Minna worries that Sanya’s pale skin would burn in the sunlight, but she stays back seeing the Orussian witch smile and giggle at something Eila said. The two leaders of the Strike witch’s know those two like each other and thought they would announce they have become a couple, but instead, the two commanders continue to find the two girls are still the same as they always have been.

Trude powers through the sea while Erica sleeps nearby. Shirley cooks on a barbecue set with Lucchini hoovering around her. Minna can’t help but smile, both Trude and Shirley seems like loving older sisters but with different approaches to their younger siblings. Trude is strict and always wants the best out of Erica, Shirley is kind and continuously covering for Lucchini’s antics. No matter how they do it, there is no doubt that both girls care about the younger ones.

Perrine Minna can’t see, but thanks to her magic she can sense the Gallian witch is nearby no doubt watching Mio. It is no secret that Perrine loves Mio and Minna often discover her watching the Major from any place Perrine could find. Minna has kept quiet for the sake of maintaining harmony in her squad, but there are times when she thinks about yelling at Perrine and even times when she thinks about slapping the girl for stalking at her girlfriend.

Finally, Minna’s and Mio’s eyes fall onto the Britannia and newest witch to join their squad Yoshika and Lynne. Yoshika and Lynne play in the shallows laughing as waves hit them and splashing each other. Both Minna and Mio were worried about the two girls at first, but after a few weeks, those worries vanished when Lynne and Yoshika started to work together and together they significantly improved until they both became a vital part of the five-oh first. As they continue to watch, both Minna and Mio watch a different girl in the pair.

Mio’s eyes linger on Yoshika’s smooth, soft skin and the water droplets running down its surface. Her eyes also fall upon the lower half of Yoshika’s swimsuit where a tiny bulge is starting to grow, and Yoshika is either unaware of it or trying to ignore it hoping the problem will go away by itself if she doesn’t pay it any attention.

Minna’s eyes meanwhile fall upon Lynne more specifically the Britannian witch’s rather large chest. If Minna is being honest with herself, she has always been a bit jealous of both Lynne and Shirley because she has seen Mio’s eye wander to their breasts, Minna wonders if it’s a Fuso thing because she has seen Yoshika doing the exact same thing countless times. Lynne’s chest right now looks like it's about to burst out of her swimsuit, Minna overheard the girl say she was concerned with her swimsuit because she grew bigger recently and can’t believe Lynne’s chest is still growing while wondering if one day she will surpass Shirley regarding size.

“So do you think its true what Trude said about those two?” Minna looks to Mio then follows her girlfriend's eyes to the slowly growing bulge in Yoshika’s swimsuit. Minna is grateful she learned how to control hers because in her bikini there will be no hiding it. “You know what Barkhorn told us that day I was under your desk.”

“I’m still mad at you for that,” Minna replies blushing at the memory of nearly having an orgasm in front of one of her best friends thanks to her lover getting carried away. “But right now its hard to not believe what Trude said to us.”

“So do you want to try and get them involved with us?” Mio asks being blunt as usually while Minna just blushes deeper. “Didn’t you say after me you would choice Lynne to spend a night with and I said I would choice Yoshika?”

“We were drunk Mio,” Minna points out remembering how increasingly embarrassing the questions got with each drink they had that night. “I’m not sure I would want to, and I’m certain Lynne wouldn’t.” She doesn’t mention Yoshika, Minna has a feeling the younger Fuso witch would be more than happy to take part in what her girlfriend is suggesting. “We should just forget about it.”

“I’m going to ask?” Mio says standing up. “You want to spend a night with Lynne right?”

Minna shyly nods regretting telling her girlfriend about a dream she had of sleeping with Lynne, but at the time it didn’t feel right not to say anything. Minna just stands up and follows her girlfriend giving a stern warning.

“I will have to punish you if you try to force them into this and if you thought what I did to you for the desk incident was bad, then you haven’t seen anything yet.”

“Noted,” Mio shivers remember how Minna denied her an orgasm for nearly an hour. Minna had Mio masturbate in front of her while she did paperwork but would always stop Mio’s fingers from finish what they started until every last form was filled out and proof checked.

“I’m gald you understand,” Minna smiles as they reach the two newest members of their squad.

“Miyafuji, Bishop,” Mio says and instantly the two witch’s drop what they were doing and stand at attention. “Can you come with us there’s something we need to discuss.”

“Are we in trouble?” Yoshika worriedly asks as Mio starts to lead everyone back to the base.

“No your not,” Minna assures her. “But Major Sakamoto may be.”

As they walk, Minna wishes she wore a one-piece swimsuit like the rest of the girls as she tries to stop her member from making an appearance, that way she could at least hide herself. Yoshika meanwhile has been growing steadily harder and larger over the course of their day at the beach, and she is glad for now that her swimsuit is hiding her length, but the Fuso witch knows its only a matter of time before it becomes too big to hide.

Mio leads everyone inside the base and closes the door. She quickly checks to make sure they are alone before opening her mouth and making the proposal. Surprising Minna that she could keep her face free of embarrassment as she talks.

“I’ll get to the point, we know you two are a couple and have been having sex,” Mio tells them making both girls blush and gasp. “And we want to know if you would like to switch partners?”

“Mio,” Minna mutters feeling uneasy at how forward Mio is being.

“What do you mean?” Yoshika as both her and Lynne’s faces burn bright red.

“That I take you and Minna takes Lynne,” Mio explains without a hint of embarrassment in her voice or on her face.

“But only if you agree to it,” Minna felt like she had to cut in, she was beginning to worry her girlfriend might take Yoshika off without even hearing the girls response to the proposal. “If you don’t want to then we will go our separate ways and not speak of it again.”

“So it will be me and you,” Yoshika says looking at her Major. “And Lynne and Commander Minna.”

“It will,” Mio answers. “We know about your condition and Minna is the same as you.”

“Mio,” Minna hisses blushing at the last part, she can already imagine some forms of punishments she has in store for her lover.

“We shouldn’t hide things,” Mio tells her. “If they have to decide then its best they know all the facts about what we are purposing.”

“Can’t you at least so some restraint or humidity while speaking of this?” Minna requests.

“I can’t,” Mio with her trademark laugh. “It’s just not in my nature.” Mio and Minna turn back to the girls and sees them whispering to each other. “So do you want to or not?”

“Um…” Lynne mumbles unable to answer her face as red as a tomato.

“We…” Yoshika is just as bright in the face but able to at least give an answer. “Agree.”

“Ok,” Mio says wasting no time in taking Yoshika’s hands and whisking her away, but as she goes, she tells her girlfriend. “I’ll take my old room so feel free to use ours.”

“Ok,” Minna nods watching Yoshika be taken away. “Are you sure you want to do this Lynne?” Minna says looking at the Britannian witch nervously looking at the ground waiting for the next move. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“No… I… I want to…” Lynne replies looking up.

“Ok,” Minna says walking up and taking Lynne’s hand. “Let's go.”

 Futanari Minna and Lynne


Handcuffs, Blindfolds, Light Bondage, Vaginal Sex, Futanari

Minna’s room is neat and tidy with a mixture of both hers and Minna’s possessions placed on shelves. Minna leaves Lynne standing by the door and closes the curtains so no one can catch them in the act, she locked her bedroom door and with her window now covered she feels safe no one will see. Minna turns back to Lynne to see the nervous girl is just where she left her nervously fidgeting with her fingers. Walking over to her Minna takes both of the Britannian witches hands in her own.

“Lynne you can leave if you want to,” Minna gently says. “No one is forcing you to be here.”

“No, I want to ma’am,” Lynne replies sounding more confident.

“No ma’am’s,” Minna tells her. “Rank doesn’t apply here.” Minna lightly kisses Lynne’s cheek. “You are a beautiful young lady Lynne.”

“You’re attractive too co… Minna,” Lynne says before accepting a kiss on the lips.

“Are you sure you want to do this,” Minna asks one final time.

“Yes,” Lynne says looking her commander in the eye.

“Ok,” Minna leads Lynne towards the bed. “So how do you want to do this?”

“Can you just do what you normally do when you are…” Lynne couldn’t complete her answer before her cheeks redden, and head lowers in embarrassment.

“I’ll take the lead then,” Minna says as she gently raises Lynne's head before kissing her.

Minna wasn’t surprised that Lynne wants her to be in the lead when she first heard that Lynne and Yoshika were sleeping together she knew Yoshika would be in charge and when she dreamt of taking Lynne, she was taking the lead. Minna takes Lynne to her bed and lays the Britannian witch down on her back. Minna lays on top of her kissing Lynne’s lips once again only now she snakes her tongue inside the Britannian’s mouth. Minna stops trying to hide her member, a warm length of meat starts to grow poking its way out of Minna’s bikini bottom. Lynne can feel it grow to; she can feel its length, its width and its warmth against her stomach.

“It may surprise you what I normally do with Mio,” Minna warns her partner. “So if you want to stop then please tell me.”

“Ok,” Lynne nods her head.

Minna kisses her again only this time her and finds the shoulder straps of Lynne’s pink swimsuit pulling them down. Minna’s lips leave Lynne’s and travel down her skin tasting the salt of seawater that still clings to her skin and following the decent of Lynne’s swimsuit until the Britannian’s witches ample breast pop out. Minna kisses the flesh listing to Lynne hum her approval but missing her usual lover yelling her to hurry up and go harder. But part of her is enjoying how patient Lynne is being; it gives her time to explore and taste every inch of the Britannian’s flesh learning its secrets. But finally, Minna’s lips reach the peak of Lynne’s cleavage and takes Lynne’s nipple between them in a gentle embrace.

“…” Minna smirks at Lynne’s gasp knowing she’s found a weak point in Lynne’s beautiful body.

Minna continues to kiss all around the plentiful flesh of Lynne’s chest, and all the while Minna’s hands continue to pull the pink swimsuit from the Britannian’s body. It isn’t long before she is passing Lynne’s hips and the young witch raises her hips to allow the removal of the garment. Now bare as the day she was born Lynne can only whimper in disapproval as Minna sits back leaving her nipple wet and unattended. The gentle breeze causes Lynne’s breath to hitch as combined with the saliva of her commander the breeze chills her stiff peaks.

“Stay there,” Minna instructs as she goes to her bedside table where she opens a secret hidden drawer. Minna hopes Lynne really will keep this side of her hidden after today. Minna takes out two objects and returns to the Britannian witch. “Remember you can leave at any time.”

Lynne nods her head as she sees the two objects. Minna holds a pair of metal handcuffs and a black blindfold. The Britannian witch feels slightly nervous at the sight of those two objects but doesn’t tell her commander to stop.  Even as the cold metal closes around her wrists securing her arms to the headboard, Lynne doesn’t complain, and soon her vision is darkened as the blindfold is placed over her eyes. Minna kisses Lynne again once she is done fastening the blindfold and can feel the nerves running through the young witches body.

“Are you ok with this Lynne?” Minna asks as she breaks the kiss.

“I’m fine,” Lynne replies with a small smile.

Minna smiles to and kisses Lynne again. Minna’s lips start to trail down the Britannian’s body reaching her breast but not lingering long before she starts to kiss a path down Lynne’s stomach making the younger girl squirm, the closer she gets to the Britannian’s crotch. Lynne can feel her core start to burn and the closer Minna’s lips get and the as that burn grows so does the need Lynne feels for Minna’s lips to make contact there. But Minna’s lips deny her that urge.

Minna dodges Lynne’s crotch, and instead, she kisses her across Lynne’s inner thigs missing the way Mio would yell at her for this but also enjoying the way Lynne lets her explore her body. Lynne’s body trembles with each kiss and Minna can tell by the slight bucking of the Britannian girls hips where she wants to be touched. Finally after what has felt like an eternity for Lynne Minna gives in and rewards the girl's patients and trust.

Ever so gently Minna’s hands wrap around the Britannian witches thighs and carefully parts them. Leaning in close so that every breath she takes hits Lynne’s sensitive mound sending shivers down the Britannian’s spin Minna takes in the scent and sight. Lynne’s lower lips are moist, and Minna finds them a captivating sight. The flesh of Lynne’s folds looks so soft and welcoming while the liquid that coats them and drips down onto a growing damp patch on her bed looks like it will be a delicious treat for her to taste.

Slowly and half expecting Lynne to ask her to stop this and let her go Minna extends her tongue and lightly rests it against the bottom of Lynne private area. The Britannian’s body stiffens at the contact and awaits the next move of the foreign object. Minna meanwhile gets her first taste and feel of Lynne’s delicate folds. The sweetness of Lynne is defiantly different from the taste of her regular lover, but Minna doesn’t complain as she starts to move her tongue. Slowly the wet muscle travels upwards collecting the juices Lynne creates and making her partner squirm and moan under the touch. Minna continues to move until her tongue flicks her clit.

“Ahh!” Lynne hips violently buck as that sound leaves her lips.

Taking that as a sign to continue Minna takes the sensitive little button into her mouth. Concentrating on that spot Minna has Lynne bucking wildly and a string of moans and whimpers to leave the Britannian’s throat. Its times like these that Minna is glad she had her room soundproofed when she and Mio first became intimate. Safe in the knowledge that no one will discover her and Lynne Minna doesn’t let up, and soon she spots the signs of Lynne’s approaching climax. It’s a secret skill Minna is proud of, after all the times she and Mio have spent together she has developed a talent for telling when a girl is about to have an orgasm. But Minna denies her release, at the last minute she pulls back leaving Lynne hanging on the edge. Minna’s fingers quickly untie the string on her bikini bottom and frees her member.

“Min…” Lynne is cut off midsentence as Minna thrusts inside of her.

For a second Minna was hearing the first complaint she ever has from the ordinarily quiet witch then as the sudden intrusion hits her body Lynne is thrown into her orgasm reaching the climax she thought was denied. Minna fully inserts herself feeling every inch of her member being tightly squeezed by Lynne’s inner walls. Waiting for Lynne’s walls to loosen up on her length before she retracts herself until only the tip remains before pushing back inside.

Minna gradually picks up to a steady pass feeling the girl's insides quiver after her recent high, but she doesn’t stop or slow her pace. Normally with Mio, she would be moving a lot faster and never gave her that slight pause she gave Lynne before she started pumping her hips. But then Mio would be asking her to go faster and go harder as soon as she thrust inside of her girlfriend. With Lynne Minna could never picture the girl being like Mio in the bedroom, so she is going at a steadier pace with the thrusts of her hips.

Looking down Minna can see her length glistening in Lynne’s juices every time she pulls out and can her a wet slapping sound each time their hips meet. Lynne’s hips lift up an meets Minna’s with every thrust and each time she is fully inserted Minna hears Lynne moan. Minna can tell Lynne is getting closer again to reaching her release, she can tell by the changes in her subordinates breathing and the way Lynne’s inner walls strengthen they grip on her member that the Britannian witch is getting closer and closer.

With one more push, Minna sends Lynne over the edge, and for the second time, she can feel the Britannian witches inner walls squeeze down on her member. Minna continues to move her hips entering and reentering Lynne as the Britannian rides out her climax before with one final thrust she too reaches her end. Lynne’s second climax was too much for Minna to bare. The rubbing caused by her thrusting and the squeezing caused by Lynne’s inner walls combined to make a force of pleasure that sent the commanded over the edge and into her own ecstasy. Not one of the girls even registers the fact that Minna emptied her load inside of Lynne they are just too caught up in their own bliss to even notice.

“Lynne…” Minna pants catching her breath. “I’m… Going to untie you now…”

“…” Lynne just nods her head in response unable to form words.

 Futanari Yoshika and Mio


Futanari, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex

(Just a short section as Minna and Lynne are the stars of this chapter)

Mio’s old room has gathered from the lack of use it has seen recently, but neither Mio or Yoshika let it bother them. They quickly strip out of their swimsuits and Mio pushes Yoshika down onto her bed. Mio’s hand grips Yoshika’s shaft feeling the length and thickness as her fingers wrap around the tower of meat.

“Lynne’s a lucky girl having something like this to occupy her every night,” Mio comments as she starts to move her hand up and down along Yoshika’s length. “I’d be jealous if I didn’t have Minna.”

“Ha…” Yoshika can only giggle nervously before Mio starts to increase the speed of her hand. Biting her lower lip is the only way she can keep herself quiet as Mio continues to move her hand.

“Don’t worry,” Mio tells her as she starts to rub herself with her free hand. “No one will hear you if you make a sound.” Mio’s old room may not have the soundproofed walls as her new room, but it is far enough away from anything on the base that no one will hear a sound that escapes the room. “Don’t hide your voice Yoshika.”

“…” Yoshika just nods still remaining silent.

Mio just moves forward lowering her head and taking Yoshika’s length into her mouth.

“Ahh!” Finally, the first sounds leave the younger girls mouth as Mio starts to bob her head up and down.

“That’s better,” Mio comments pausing for a moment before going back to pleasuring both herself and Yoshika.

Mio can already feel her arousal leak from her pussy and roll down her thighs. Mio finds her fingers slick, and effortlessly they glide across her sex bringing enough pleasure to satisfy her needs as she focuses on Yoshika. The younger girl grips the bed sheets and does her best to stay quiet but more and more frequently sounds of her own pleasure escape through her lips. After a few minutes, Mio forces her release and Yoshika shoots her seed into her commanders waiting mouth. Mio willing drinks down the white liquid not spilling a single drop.

While she recovers, Yoshika doesn’t notice Mio move until she feels the tip of her dick resting against Mio’s wet folds. Mio quickly impales herself taking all of Yoshika inside of her making both girls gasp and bring Yoshika’s attention back to her. Not needing much time to adjust to the feeling of being filled and giving Yoshika little time to recover from her climax Mio starts to move her hips riding Yoshika’s cock while rapidly building to a fast pace.

“Ahh!” Again sweet pleasure filled moans leave Yoshika’s mouth and are like music to Mio’s ears as both girls find themselves building to their own climaxes. “Sakamoto!” Yoshika calls out tittering on the edge of release. “I’m going!”

“Me too!” Mio replies and seconds later she reaches her first climax of the night soon followed by Yoshika’s second. A few seconds pass with both girls catching their breaths. Still feeling Yoshika hard inside of her Mio asks. “Do you want to go again?”

“Yeah,” Yoshika answers before Mio starts to ride her again.

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