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The ball was in fall swing at the base of the Brave Witches. A small orchestra fills the hanger that has been emptied and set up as a makeshift ballroom for the event. The concrete floor has been swept, and tables have been set up covered in a white cloth with food on top. Several heaters have been set up to fight off the winter cold but even with those heaters and the hanger doors sealed tightly shut the air still carries a chill.

Throughout the hall, the members of the five hundred and second joint fighter wing mingle with guests and each other enjoying the food. Krupinski flirts with Sanya trying to get with her before the limited time the Orussian witch and her wingman Eila are staying at the base. The witches watching feel grateful Eila isn’t present or there would be trouble because she is very protective of Sanya. Eila meanwhile is in the medical room recovering after getting caught up in one of many accidents Nipa has every day. Sadako, Georgette, and Nao sit at one of the tables sampling and discussing several bottles of Gallian wine.

Squadron Leader Gundula Rall dances with Marshal Erhard von Manstein while Marshal Klaus Mannerheim dances with Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin the Brave witches second in command. Edytha Roßmann, the unit's teacher, looks like she is ready to call it a night. Earlier in the evening she stupidly let Krupinski talk her into a drinking contest and lost, now she is paying the price for her earlier mistake. Unsteady and barely able to keep her eyes open Edytha sits in the corner of the room struggling to compose herself.

All the while the two remaining witches stand at the side of the hall too nervous to join the party unfolding before them. Hikari has always been shy in front of a crowd but this time is worse than before. The main reason she feels this way is because of her dancing skills, she practiced with Gundula every night leading up to this ball and had gotten pretty good, but she never danced in front of anyone other than her commanding officer. That’s what’s stopping her, the fear of what people will think of her dancing. Nikka or Nipa as her friends calls her is staying in the background to, but she is hiding because of another fear. Earlier this day she somehow managed to break her striker unit twice in a row, and both Aleksandra and Edytha are still upset with her.

“It’s a nice night,” Hikari comments as she watches the dancers dance.

Everyone looks so beautiful out there as they twirl around on the dance floor. The soldiers all wear their dress uniforms while the none military personal wear tuxedo and dresses. Hikari is the only soldier on this base not in uniform. She was never meant to be here so never issued a dress uniform. When she told Gundula about not having anything nice to wear she quickly received an advance on her pay and even a day leave to go shopping for a dress.

Hikari was surprised at first but happily accepted what Gundula offered her. She received an offer from Krupinski shortly after, the womanizer of the base proposed going together where she would find the perfect dress for Hikari but the Fuso girl turned down the offer in a heartbeat. Hikari knows what tastes Krupinski has and was scared of what dress she would end up wearing if she let Krupinski came with her. Instead, Hikari went with Nao who needed to by a new winter coat after she tore her old one due to her crashing into a tree.

“It sure is,” Nipa agrees stealing a glance at the young Fuso witch beside her, it one of countless glance she stole this evening. “That’s a nice dress you bought; it looks beautiful on you.”

The dress Hikari ended up buying was a black dress that ends just above her knees. Her arms are exposed as a pair of thin straps only cover her shoulder and down the middle is a V cut that shows off the top of her chest. The whole dress is covered with pretty flowers which were the main reason she brought the dress; the flowers reminded her of her kimono she has back home and wearing it brought back so many good memories she couldn't resist buying it.

“Thank you,” Hikari says blushing slightly making her look even more adorable, her hands grip the bottom of her dress. “I wasn’t sure if I looked good in this thing.”

“You look gorgeous Hikari,” Nipa tells her. “The dress is perfect and really does suit you.”

That fact is another reason why Nipa is staying back away from the others. Hikari really does look cute, beautiful, or breath is taking whichever way you describe it the effect the Fuso girl is having on her fellow witch is still the same. Nipa can’t take her eyes off of her friend and can’t get certain thoughts out of her head.

Nipa herself is wearing her dress uniform, but that is enough to hide her problem. Her brown coat and pants do an excellent job of hiding the bulge and Nipa is grateful her dress uniform has pants because she would have been discovered already without them. But despite her problem going undiscovered it persists and grows more urgent with each glance she steals of her friend.

On the dance floor, the unit's commander is having similar problems only she can’t hide them quite as well as the Suomus witch can. Gundula is grateful her dance ends without the Marshal noticing, and she quickly excuses herself before someone notices. Gundula is wearing the same jacket she always does, but now it is embellished with medals, and a pair of pants accompany it. Unlike Nipa Gundula’s swelling is easy to spot because of her size and the tenting of her uniform has become hard to miss. Like Nipa she too has specific ideas flooding her mind and can only see one way out of this mess. Gundula walks over to the young witch who is on her mind and hopes Hikari will be willing to give the same help she did on the night of her first dance lesson.

“Hikari may I have a word in private?” Gundula asks reaching the Fuso witch but one glance at Nipa beside her she can see that she is not the only one in trouble right now. “You come to Nipa.” They quietly leave making sure no one spots them; it isn’t a hard job since everyone is either too drunk or too caught up in their dance to notice the three girls slip out of the hanger. Once outside and Gundula is sure no one is within earshot Gundula turns to face her subordinates. “Hikari would you be able to help me; I have that problem again?” Gundula looks at Nipa. “And Nipa looks like she is in need of help too.”

“You knew,” Nipa steps back embarrassed and shocked as she is discovered.

“I’ll be happy to help,” Hikari smiles at Gundula before she looks to Nipa. “I can help you too Nipa.”

“Both of us?” Nipa is surprised when Hikari nods.

“I’m ok with it,” Gundula adds. “So will you join us Nipa?”

It takes Suomus witch needs only a few seconds to make up her mind once she realizes they are serious about this. “I’m in.” Nipa answers and soon the group head to the commander's bedroom because out of all the girl's room it is furthest from the party and minimizes the chances they are discovered together.

Gundula locks her bedroom door so that they won’t be disturbed then turns to her two companions. She quickly walks over to Hikari leaning down to kiss the girl while Nipa meanwhile just stands nervously to the side unsure of what to do or what to say. She is quickly noticed by the other two, and they both turn to her. Gundula moves behind her and kisses Nipa gentle on the neck making her shiver while Hikari kisses her on the lips.

“Just relax and enjoy yourself,” Gundula whispers in her ear making Nipa whimper into Hikari's lips as her commander's hot breath tickles her sensitive skin.

Gundula’s hands quickly find the buttons of Nipa’s uniform and are soon joined by Hikari’s, and together they start to work seamlessly together undoing every button until the jacket flies open exposing Nipa’s white undershirt. The whole time Hikari’s mouth never leaves Nipa’s and Gundula’s lips and tongue is in constant with the Suomus witch neck traveling up and down enjoying the little jolts Nipa makes whenever she hits her pulse point. Gundula helps Nipa out of her jacket before throwing it off to the side then together she and Hikari lift of her shirt leaving Nipa standing in just her underwear. The Suomus witch blush and crosses her hands over her chest but the lips of her two comrades help her to forget about her embarrassments. Nipa doesn’t resist as Gundula gently moves her arms away then gropes her through the material of her bra. Nipa quietly moans at the contact and Hikari uses this moment to slip her tongue into Nipa’s mouth making the Suomus gasp then shiver as her hands run down her sides.

Together and without a word pass between them Hikari and Gundula strip Nipa of the last of her clothing. Gundula unclips her bra and throws it aside while Hikari pulls down her panties leaving them crumpled at their owner's feet. Gundula’s hands grasp into the flesh of Nipa’s breast getting a handful and squeezing the large orbs. Nipa gasps and pressing her chest into her commander's hands asking for more which Gundula is more than happy to give. Hikari meanwhile stares at her friends center finding beauty in Nipa’s wet folds and enjoying the sent of her arousal but then her gaze falls upon Nipa’s member. Nipa isn’t as big as Gundula and Hikari and nearly fit her length in her hand, but Hikari thinks its cut as she strokes it making Nipa moan louder and start to move her hips in time with Hikari’s strokes.

“Hikari…” Hikari’s name escapes Nipa’s lips making the young witch smile.

“Am I not good too?” Gundula asks lightly tugging on Nipa’s nipples making her cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“You're good too ma’am,” Nipa quickly replies feeling overwhelmed by the dual assault on her body.

“No ma’am’s,” Gundula tells her. “We are all equal right now.”

Gundula gets more gentle as resumes her rubbing and light squeezing of Nipa’s breast. Hikari continues to stroke her, and soon she feels her hand dampen. Hikari licks her lips feeling her mouth water at the sight of the pearly white liquid starting to come out of Nipa’s tip. She can’t help herself, Hikari moves without thinking and takes the head of Nips’d dick into her mouth. Nipa moans out loud as Hikari’s tongue runs over her tip collecting all the liquid Nipa releases.

“Ahh!” Nipa cries out ad Hikari’s mouth descends taking all of her in her mouth before withdrawing to the tip.

As Hikari continues to take Nipa into her mouth Nipa’s knees, give out, but Gundula wraps one of her long, strong arms around the Suomus waist keeping her up while Hikari repeats the process. Nipa can feel her commander as she presses into her back, she can feel Gundula’s large breasts against the back of her head can’t ignore the long hot member being gently rubbed against her back. Gundula’s hot breath is never in one place for too long proceeding a kiss or lick that warm puff of air is continuously traveling up and down Nipa’s neck and shoulder. Nipa can sense her commander holding back wanting for this moment to be all about Nipa, but the Suomus wishes to share her pleasure. Without saying a word Nipa’s hand finds Gundula’s shaft of meat gripping it through her superiors uniform.

“Nipa…” Gundula’s breath hitches as she feels the hand on her length start to rub her. “You don’t have to.”

“But…” Nipa too struggles to speak as Hikari continues to pleasure her. “I want to I… I!”

Nipa suddenly shudders, and Hiari can feel her dick twitch in her mouth before a warm bitter tasting liquid hits the back of her throat. At first, Hikari sputters and nearly spills the white juice, but she quickly adjusts finding herself liking the taste and swallowing it all.

“Are you ok Hikari?” Gundula asks as she sets Nipa down on her bed.

“Yeah,” Hikari replies letting the older women lift her chin, so they are I too eye. “It just took me by surprise.”

“That’s good; I’m glad you are fine with it,” Gundula says licking some of Nipa’s semen that has dripped down the Fuso witches chin. “Since you are ok then tell me this. Why are you not wearing anything under that dress?”

“You're not wearing…” Nipa can feel herself grow stiffer then she’s been alright at the picture in her mind of Hikari wearing nothing under her stunning dress.

“Because,” Hikari goes red in the face and if her commander hadn’t been holding her chin then she would have looked down too as she answers. “My normal blue swimsuit looked silly under this dress, and I didn’t have anything else to put on.”

“It will be a shame to ruining that dress,” Gundula changes the subject happy she got an honest answer. “Take it off, fold it then join us.”

Hikari can feel both Nipa’s and Gundula’s eyes on her as she starts to unzip her dress. She has to take a deep breath before she takes it off reviling that she did, in fact, has nothing on under her dress. Both Nipa and Gundula stare at her and Hikari only resists the urge to cover herself by remembering that both the young ladies before her has seen her naked before. Nipa has viewed her change countless times in the Sana while her commander has only seen her naked that night where she helped her with her dancing.

Fighting her embarrassment, Hikari folds her dress neatly and returns to her companions bare as the day she was born. Gundula pulls her down as she reaches the bed, so the younger girl is on her lap and kisses her. Nipa meanwhile just sits off to the side unsure of what to do while she watches them kiss. That is until Gundula and Hikari end their kiss. Gundula turns to Nipa tugging her arm and brings the Suomus witch in for a kiss while Hikari starts to undo her superiors jacket taking off her medals and carefully moving them out of the way.

“You don’t have to sit back and do nothing,” Gundula says breaking the kiss. “Just relax and enjoy yourself, what happens in this room will stay in this room so do as you please and forget about the consequences.”

“Ok,” Nipa replies before receiving another kiss and Hikari with Gundula’s help remove her commander's jacket and starts to pull up the undershirt beneath.

As the shirt is tossed aside, Nipa and Hikari start to kiss either side of Gundula’s neck as their hands move behind her back and unclip her bra. Once the garment is free and disposed of, the two girls begin to kiss downwards, and Gundula rests her hand's softy on top of the witches heads. Her fingers gently stroke their heads until the girls take a nipple each in their mouths those fingers tighten their grip almost to the point that she is hurting the girls, but neither Nipa or Hikari make a sound or stop what they are doing.

Gundula bites her lip, so she doesn’t make a sound. The Karlsland witch keeps her tight grip and feels her cock throb as the material of her pants and panties starts to feel too tight around her large member. It’s a great relief to her moments later when Hikari moves. While Nipa continues to keep Gundula’s chest company, Hikari moves lower her lips and hands find the top of Gundula’s length that sticks out from her pants. The Fuso witches fingers gently run down the member followed by her lips as she kisses and licks her way down until her hands come to the top of Gundula pants. Hikari’s lips stay on the rigid member while her fingers undo the buttons of her commanders pants quickly opening them and starting to pull them down along with her leader's panties.

Nipa pauses for a moment looking down at her commander's length she can’t help but feel inadequate because of the size difference between her cock and her commanders. The Suomus witch shakes her head pushing those thoughts away before she goes back to her commander's chest kiss the flesh of her breasts and sucking the nipple into her mouth. Hikari meanwhile strokes Gundula’s length and takes as much of her into her mouth as she can handle.

“You two work well together,” Gundula tells them before the first moan slips from her lips.

“Ahh!” Nipa yelps as one of Gundula’s hands find her length.

“Hikari…” The Fuso witch stops and looks up to her commander. “Are you ready because Nipa here feels like she is?”

“I…” Hikari burns bright red ashamed by the fact she is more than ready. All anyone has done to her is kiss her, but the Fuso witch can feel her lower lips soaked with her own arousal, and those juices roll down her thighs. Hikari couldn’t help it, ever since Gundula suggested they do this, she could help but think back to the way her superior made her feel last time and those thoughts left her soaked. “I’m ready.”

“Then lets reposition,” Gundula suggests, and both girls nod.

Gundula moves up on her bed, so she is sat with her back resting against the headboard, her legs are spread wide, and her member is standing up. Hikari is on her hands and knees in front of her face millimeters from the shaft of meat and her privet parts exposed to the Suomus witch behind her. Finally, Nipa is behind Hikari one of her hands on the Fuso witches back the other on her length as she lines herself up with Hikari’s entrance.

“Hikari?” Nipa asks. “Are you really ok with me doing this?”

“It’s fine,” Hikari replies before her mouth once again accepts the top of Gundula’s dick inside of it, and her fingers wrap what she can’t fit in.

“Don’t worry and just enjoy yourself,” Gundula tells her humming as Hikari starts to bob her head. “If she can fit me then she can fit you.”

Nipa is surprised and shocked to hear that. All the time she has known Hikari Nipa has thought the Fuso girl was pure and innocent. Here and now she learns that Hikari is able to handle a cock as huge as Gundula’s and earlier she sucked her own dick and drank the cum. Nipa wonders what more she has yet to learn about the Fuso witch, she would never have thought she would agree to be fucked while blowing the squads commanding officer.

Nipa lines herself up and pushes inside finding little resistance and soon her hips meets Hikari’s causing both girls to sigh in relief. Nipa starts to move slowly withdrawing before pushing back inside enjoying the feeling. Nips rests her hands on Hikari’s hips as she begins to pick up the pace expecting Hikari to ask her to slow down but instead all she hears is Hikari’s muffled moans as she continues to bob her head up and down.

Gundula’s start to thrust her hips upwards in time with Hikari’s bobbing head, her hands rest on the back of Hikari’s head forcing the girl to pick up the pace. This is a first for Gundula in two situations. She never has been with more than one girl at a time and never before has she had someone use their mouth on her length. All her past experiences in these situations have been a quick fuck just to solve a problem, but with Hikari, it somehow feels different.

Nipa she could have just quickly done the deed, but with Hikari, she wants it to be something more than just help. During their dance lesson after sex, she tasted Hikari and made her cum before she entered her whereas before she only used her finger to make sure her partner was ready. Before when their activities have come to an end Gundula and her partner would always go their separate ways, but with Hikari, she wanted to take her back to her room and sleep in the girls embrace. Gundula soon forgets that as she losses herself in pleasure and increases the speed and roughness of her thrusts.

Hikari meanwhile is starting to struggle as from time to time Gundula’s length reaches the back of her throat making her chock, and she struggles to breathe through only her nose. Nipa keeps stealing her breath as she with increased frequency keeps striking a spot inside the Fuso witch sending a jolt of pleasure through Hikari’s body with each contact. Hikari’s moans are muffled, and her voice vibrates around her commander's member. Hikari is beginning to feel like she would have to ask one of them to stop so she could catch her breath when she feels Nipa shudder behind her.

“Ohh!” Nipa cries out as Hikari feels her warm liquid fill her insides.

“Hikari,” Gundula not as loudly as Nipa reaches her end.

Warmth hits the back of Hikari’s throat as Gundula releases her seed into the Fuso girls mouth, but Hikari is unable to drink it all. Feeling like she is drowning Hikari has no choice but to pull back getting hit in the face by what Gundula released and had more of her white sperm land on her chest.

“I’m sorry,” Nipa says as she pulls out. “I shouldn’t have done that inside you.”

“I’m fine,” Hikari says licking her lips where Gundula’s seed is while wiping the rest off of her face with a swipe of her hand.

“Hikari, come here,” Gundula says, and Hikari moves closer. As soon as she is close enough, Gundula wraps one arm around her waist while the other grips her length. Gundula pulls the Fuso girl close and starts to rub her length through the girls slit feeling Hikari’s love juices, and Nipa’s seed begins to cover her tip. “Do you think you could take us both at once.”

“Yes,” Hikari nods before Gundula’s tip hits her clit making her moan out loud.

“Nipa, open the top drawer of the stand on the left of the bed,” Gundula turns to the Suomus witch while continuing to rub Hikari. “Take out the red bottle.”

“Gundula,” Hikari softly whimpers as Nipa moves to follow her orders.

“You haven’t had an orgasm yet have you?” Gundula asks, and Hikari shakes her head. “Don’t worry I’ll make sure you will soon.”

“Gundula,” Hikari moans her name as Gundula pushes inside and quickly fills her. Hikari goes to move, but Gundula stops her.

“Patient Hikari,” Gundula tells her. “We will start soon.” Hikari whimpers in reply and Gundula can feel the girls inner walls tighten around her member desperate for any kind of movement. Gundula looks and sees Nipa return with the red bottle she asked for in her hands. “That’s the bottle, put some of the contents on your finger and start to rub her here.”

“Is that ok Hikari?” Nipa asks as she watches Gundula lightly tap the Fuso girls on her rear entrance.

“Yes,” Hikari hums into Gundula’s neck.

Nipa opens the lid, and a sweet smell hits her nose reminding her of the scent of strawberries she used to eat at home before the wall. Nipa tips the bottle slightly and a red jell like substance drips on to her finger. Slowly and with some hesitation Nipa moves her now coated finger towards Hikari. As her hand gets closer, Gundula grips Hikari’s rear and spreads her checks making the Fuso girl sigh and giving Nipa better access.

The first touch causes Hikari to shiver as the cold jell touches her rear entrance. Nipa waits to give Hikari a moment to adjust before ever so gently Nipa starts to rub the jell around Hikari’s button. The Fuso girl hiss as the cold red jell is smeared over her rear. Soon the jell is all over her rear, and Nipa’s fingers slid effortlessly across the smooth skin. Watching Hikari closely Nipa starts to rub more around the Fuso girls button before gently probing it with her finger. Seeing and hearing no complaints about her finger Nipa slowly inserts it.

“Let me know if you want me to stop,” Nipa says as she pushes her finger in until its knuckle deep.

“Ok,” Hikari sighs burying her face into Gundula’s neck.

Nipa wiggles her finger around as she slowly starts to move it in and out making sure she spreads as much as the jell around inside of Hikari as possible. The Fuso witch moans into her commander's neck and Gundula can feel Hikari’s inner walls start to squeeze her member as Nipa’s finger moves around inside her. It takes all of Gundula’s will not to start thrusting inside her, but she holds back letting Hikari focus on Nipa giving the Fuso witch the time to decide if she likes attention back there. But Gundula can tell Hikari is enjoying it and judging from the sounds she hears and the way her buried length is being tightly squeezed it wouldn’t surprise her is Hikari would cum from Nipa’s finger.

Nipa pours more jell onto a second finger and slowly adds it making Hikari loudly cry out as her tight rear entrance is stretched around those two fingers. Nipa pauses for a second letting Hikari get used to her fingers before like before she starts to pull her fingers out then push them back inside. Hikari continues to cry out as Nipa moves her fingers. The Suomus witch slowly and gently stretches her rear tunnel opening and closing her fingers in a scissoring motion making Hikari moan and wiggle in pleasure until Nipa withdraws her fingers. Hikari lets out an almost disappointed sound at the loss of contact, but she shuts up as she feels Nipa line herself up with the tight ring of muscle.

“Can I put it in?” Nipa asks rubbing some of that jell on her length; she was already wet with Hikari’s juices, but she wanted to be sure.

“Go ahead,” Hikari replies nodding her head.

“Let me know if it starts to hurt,” Nipa says before pushing the tip of her dick in making both herself and Hikari gasp at the new experience.

Nipa pushes more of herself inside, and Hikari moans squeezing down on Gundula’s buried member harder as more and more of Nipa is inserted into her rear. Gundula groans as she feels her length being crushed and moves her hands up from Hikari’s rear holding the Fuso girls shoulders. Nipa places her hands on hips as she finishes fully inserted herself into her. Nipa pauses feeling Hikari tightly squeeze her dick not fully believe what is happening and half expecting to wake up in a chair at the back of the hanger. But as she feels the warmth of Hikari’s back, the rapid beat of both hers and the Fuso girls heart Nipa becomes more and more convinced that this is real and not just a dream.

Deep inside both, Gundula and Nipa feel their lengths being tightly squeezed and each others member resting against their own separated only by the flesh between both of Hikari’s inner tunnels. Hikari needs a moment to catch her breath as both her holes are stretched, and two bodies wrap around her. Hikari bury’s her head in Gundula’s shoulder and wraps her hands around her while Nipa hugs her midsection holding the Fuso witch close.

“Are you ok Hikari?” Gundula asks feeling the Fuso girls nails dig into her back.

“I’m…I’m fine,” Hikari gasps still adjusting to this new feeling. “It’s just… Different.”

“Let us know when you are ready,” Gundula says struggling not to move.

“I’m fine,” Hikari tells them. “You… You can start.”

Both Nipa and Gundula feel relieved and begin to pull out. It is awkward at first as the girls start, but they quickly find a pace where both of them can easily to move in and out. Soon everyone starts to moan and adjust to this new sensation. Hikari withers as the to rds of meat piece her moaning and squirming as both her lower holes are filled and emptied. Gundula and Nipa can feel Hikari as she tightens around their members and each other brush against themselves inside of the Fuso witch. Nipa is having an easier time and able to piston at a faster pace than her superior thanks to Gundula still having her back pressed against her bed's headboard but Gundula can still move enough to satisfy her needs.

“Ahh!” Hikari cries out her nails digging deep enough into Gundula’s shoulder to draw blood, but her commander doesn’t complain or tell her to stop.

“I’m…” Gundula can tell that both Hikari and Nipa are close, Hikari by the way her insides tremble and Nipa from the look in the witches eyes. “Ahh!”

“I’m going…” Both witches reach their ends together exploding as Gundula slows her thrusts, but the squad's leaders urge’s have become too powerful to be ignored or controlled. “Gundula.”

“Commander,” Both Nipa and Hikari are taken by surprise when Gundula pushes them back so Nipa is at the bottom and Gundula is on top with Hikari caught between them.

“I’m sorry,” Gundula tells them. “I have to..”

Gundula starts to thrust in and out picking up till she reaches a rapid pace making both Hikari and Nipa whimper moan and buck their hips. Gundula guesses Nipa can feel her rub against the Suomus girls length and she smiles at the knowledge that her actions are pleasing both girls. Hikari finds herself in utter bliss as Gundula thrusts into her. With Nipa, the Suomus witch could only hit one sweet spot, but with Gundula the massive Karlsland cock hits all her sweet spots making them sing and sending overwhelming powerful waves of pleasure through her body.

Hikari bucks her hips meeting Gundula’s thrusts and not believing how good Nipa’s dick feels still stuck in her rear. Nipa wraps her arms around Hikari’s waist as Gundula leans back and grips the Fuso witch’s thighs for stability as she increases her speed. Nipa moans into Hikari’s neck while the Fuso witch cries out loud. Gundula can still see the bruises on Hikari’s legs from the last time they did this, and she figures she may leave some more as her grip tightens but Gundula’s urge’s are too strong right now for her to care about something like that. Gundula just thrusts away even as the Fuso witch explodes beneath her.

“I…” Hikari’s body succumbs to the overwhelming power that has been building up inside her, and her body stiffens, her inner walls tighten, but Gundula doesn’t stop. “Gundula…”

Hikari breaths out the name but the women it belongs to either doesn’t hear her or doesn’t listen as Gundula continues to thrust away pistoning in and out of the young witch desperate to reach her own end and join Hikari in the bliss she just experienced. Hikari isn’t the only one affected by the units leaders actions as below her Nipa can feel Gundula to, and her arms tighten around Hikari as she feels her end approaching.

“Wow…” Is all Nipa can say as both Gundula’s thrusts and Hikari’s bucking hips stimulate her member.

“Gundula!” Hikari moans feeling her pleasure build again.

“Nearly…” Gundula mutters as she finally reaches her end and together with Nipa and Hikari she enters the world of blissful pleasure. Panting, sweaty and exhausted Nipa and Gundula pull out of Hikari, and all three girls lay on the bed holding each other too tired to move. After catching her breath, Gundula asks. “Do you two want to share my bed tonight?”

“Sure,” Hikari can barely whisper her response.

“I can’t move even if I wanted too,” Nipa answers and it isn’t long before they all find sleep wrapped in each other's arms with the sounds of someone else doing the deed too entering the room.

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