Stripping the mask

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Kyoya was ropable. He was already stressed to breaking point trying to organise the latest Host Club activity. To make it worse he was in damage control mode thanks to the twins and their latest prank.  The club budget was already stretched to its limit and now he had to find money to buy gifts for the offended guests.

Needing help he had tried calling Tamaki but the blonde was not answering his phone. 

“Moron is probably absorbed in his piano again” he grumbled to himself, “for the love of... That does it! He’s not getting out of this one!” with that the raven haired male grabbed his beloved black note book and left for the second Suoh mansion. 

When he arrived he was surprised to find the staff didn’t come to the door. It was completely silent. No sound of piano. Nothing at all. This surprised the Ootori because Tamaki was never one to keep his activities a secret. Frustrated and angry he left. Trust the Suoh heir to disappear right when he was needed. Kyoya could feel an eruption of volcanic proportions brewing but outwardly managed to only appear slightly annoyed. The mask of the calm, cool Ootori could not waver after all.

More and more Kyoya found himself feeling like he was drowning. He loved the challenges he faced every day, but the pressure to be perfect at everything was so immense that even he was finding it difficult to cope at times. He would have let lose at home, but since he had bested his Father he felt he had to keep a stony face even in his own room lest he show weakness . He had to have complete and utter control at all times. He couldn’t afford any slip ups.

It didn’t help matters that when Kyoya tried to sleep that night he had yet another thing on his mind. What the hell was Tamaki up to? An unfamiliar pang gripped his heart when the possibility of Tamaki having a secret love came to his mind. He tried to tell himself he didn’t care what the idiot blonde did with his love life but he fell asleep with that pain still troubling him. This only made him all the grumpier the next day.

”Why didn’t you answer your phone yesterday?” He demanded when he finally got Tamaki alone, “The least you could have done is called back. That’s common courtesy. I could have really used your help! I can’t do every damn thing by myself.”

”Oh Kyoya I’m so sorry!” Tamaki looked truly apologetic “I had... An appointment...It took longer than I thought” 

Kyoya noticed the hesitation and adjusted his glasses.

”What kind of an appointment? It’s not like you to be so secretive. Especially with me.”

”Just an appointment Kyoya. It’s nothing serious. It doesn’t have anything to do with school or club so I didn’t bother telling anyone” Tamaki looked guilty as all hell, playing nervously with his fingers he looked anywhere but at Kyoya.

”Well... Whatever that appointment may have been you could have still responded later.”

”You’re right... I apologise” Tamaki mumbled “I won’t fail to call you back again.” 

With that Tamaki rushed from the room.


A few weeks later Kyoya noticed Tamaki acting fidgety just before the end of club. He also noticed that when the blonde left he didn’t go in the limo but got a taxi. Even though he told himself it was none of his business, Kyoya followed the taxi to a nondescript building. This had Kyoya concerned. Was Tamaki taking drugs? That was the only reason Kyoya could think of for him being in that part of town in an apparently abandoned factory.

Getting out of the taxi he had hired, he quietly followed Tamaki into the building. They went down some stairs and into a basement. What he saw there made the Ootori freeze. Inside the basement was a whole BDSM dungeon. Suspension rigging hung from the ceiling, whips and various other floggers lined the walls, there were various ropes as well as cuffs on the tables along with candles. Kyoya also assumed various other items were contained in a huge chest not far away from where the candles were. There in the middle of the room was a young man Kyoya knew from his fathers meetings. The Ootori couldn’t believe the well behaved young business man would be kneeling almost completely naked before Tamaki Suoh but that was what he was doing.

“What the hell?” Kyoya breathed to himself whilst being sure not to be discovered. What on earth was going on here?

“Welcome master” the businessman murmured to Tamaki, his eyes downcast.

”Did you prepare like I requested?” Tamaki asked, already completely changed into casual clothes.

“I did Master” was the reply.

“Good... Up off the floor. I want you to extend your arms out for me ready to be tied to the two loops up there...” 

“Yes Master” the businessman did as he was told.

”Such a good slave...” Tamaki stayed surprisingly expressionless as he retrieved rope and looped in through the rigging. He then carefully tied the ends to the wrists of his apparent slave. Kyoya noted the blonde seemed to know what he was doing. He did fancy knot work that distributed the pressure nicely and he also made sure everything was in the right position as to not hurt the wrist. He then did the same on the other wrist before tying the ankles to anchors on the floor.

”Now... Remember the safe words?” He asked softly.

”I do. Red to stop. Yellow to back up and Green to keep going Master”

“Very good. I’m going to blind fold you now... You fired more people today didn’t you slave... You should be punished for putting people out of work”

”yes Master... I bought out a family business too...”

”That is terrible! I will have to punish you very severely” Tamaki said firmly. Kyoya was astounded by the change in Tamaki. There was a harshness and coldness he hadn’t imagined the blonde capable of.

The businessman was blindfolded and then Tamaki went over to the whips and floggers.

”Master?” The businessman called meekly

”Shut up! You’ve been speaking without permission since I arrived!” Tamaki snapped “Now... What should I use? Hmmm...”

Kyoya’s eyes widened. Was Tamaki really going to use one of those whips or floggers? He couldn’t believe it. Remaining hidden the Ootori couldn’t make himself look away. This was not the Tamaki Suoh he knew.

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